Episode 59(unedited)

“You want to bath alone?” He asked,trying to understand her reasons but she just said
“Yes” and kept quiet without looking at him.
“Alright, go ahead and bath alone if that’s what you want.” He said and climbed over the bed.
“No, you go and bath first while get myself ready.” She replied and he smiled dryly then climbed down from the bed and entered the bathroom.
“Please, help get my towel and soap..” He shouted from the bathroom and switched the showers on.
“You know you would need them but entered the bathroom without collecting them.” She shouted back to him.
“Yes, I want my wife to bring them to the bathroom for me.” He said laughing, then continued.
“Please hurry up, I’m waiting for the soap.” He said and she grudgingly collected the towel and soap,walked gently close to the bathroom door and stretched her hand out for him to collect the them.

“Here they are.” She said from outside the door.
“Come inside please, am in the bathtub and I can’t climb down now.” He replied laughing inside his heart as his plan was to pour water on her and then pull her into the bathtub to bath with him.
“Brother Kehinde, you have to climb down o, because am not entering that bathroom either.” She said, pretending to be angry.
” Sweetheart, there’s no snake inside here. Bring the soap for me to bath before cold enters my body. I’m freezing here o.” He said,faking seriousness.

“Oh…! Brother Kehinde, you are looking for trouble o. Why didn’t you carry this thing along with you in the first place.” She angrily entered the bathroom, looking away from him and just as she was about handling the soap over to him, he grabbed her hands instead and stirred the water violently wetting her body in the process.
“Haba! Brother Kehinde look at what you have done now.” Not expecting that he would pour water on her she flared up,then continued.
“Please, leave my hand.” She struggled to break loose from his hold.
” Sorry my love ,since you are already wet,just join me let’s bath together.” He said trying to pull her into the tub.
“Leave me, brother Kehinde leave me alone.” She struggled and he had to release her seeing that she was determined not to bath with him and she hastened out of the bathroom.
Few minutes later, he came out from the bathroom smiling but she wore a frown.

“I’m sorry sweet, was just trying play with you. You can now go and have your bath.” he said trying to touch her but she stood up and started walking into the bathroom with everything she needed. He turned around and looked at her again as she entered the bathroom,finding it difficult to understand why she was acting strange.
He swallowed hard then continued to clean his body, applied his favorite roll-on and perfume then climbed over to the bed. He lay on the bed, pressing his phone and waiting for her to come but it took like eternity for Sade to come out of the bathroom.
“Sweetheart, are you still there?” He asked teasingly with a raised voice.
“Yes.” She responded.
“Do you need my help?” He asked, laughing to himself.
“No!!!” She replied almost immediately and he bursted into a loud laugh. It was getting to almost an hour that Sade entered the bathroom and he was beginning to feel sleepy, but he kept struggling to stay awake but his tired body couldn’t struggle much longer as he surrendered to the power of nature and slept off…

Jumoke’s phone rang at some minutes past 9pm and she picked it up with a smile.
“Hello, good evening pastor Mike.” She said calmly. Mike had collected her number from the church mummy and since then, they had been talking over the phone morning, afternoon and night. Though she was yet to know his intention but she always felt happy hearing his voice and always longed for his calls.
“Good evening sister Jumoke, how you?” He asked at the other end.
“I’m fine sir.” She replied.
“So, how did your brother’s wedding go? So sorry, i planned driving down to meet you there at the reception venue but the power of God came down mightily in the program during my ministration and we ended up staying longer than expected. Thank you for praying for me.” He said with a smile and she blushed.
“Glory to God for that.” She said then continued.

“The wedding was a huge success. I actually met an old school friend kept me company all through and I enjoyed every bit of my stay with him.” She replied smiling.
“Oh! A him?” Mike asked feeling a little bit jealous.
“Yeah. Doctor Iyk by name. We were together back then in the university and…” She was talking but Mike’s whose heart was racing faster didn’t hear one bit of everything she was saying.
“He’s married too?” He deliberately asked trying to get more information about the old school friend who had kept the woman after his heart company.

“Married? Not at all, he’s still a vibrant young bachelor. Why did you ask?” She queried noticing his tone.
“Nothing ,” He said,breathed down then continued.
“Jumoke, I’ve been thinking of asking you this question, I hope you don’t mind?” He said, determined to start up something with her before going back.
“What’s that?” She asked inquisitively.
“I don’t really know how to put it, but are you in any serious relationship?” He asked, rubbing his forehead with the other hand and silence followed…

Kehinde woke up at some minutes past 12am to find Sade sleeping a little distance away from him on the large bed. He frowned at the sight of the clothes she was putting on, she wore a skirt and blouse to bed and he couldn’t understand where she got that choice of bed wear from.
He drew closer to where she was lying and touched her cheek,then her waist and she woke up and pushed him back from her.

“Baby,it’s our honeymoon. Let’s add spices to it.” He said but she replied.
“I’m tired.
” okay, I understand you stressed a lot yesterday. Let me massage your body,it will help you body bounce back easily. “he said but she didn’t respond so he took her silence for an approval then took a kneeling position on the bed and made to pull off her blouse, she quickly pushed his hands away.
” Brother Kehinde! ” she shouted and jumped down from the bed.
“What’s the problem?” The confused Kehinde asked…

Episode 60(unedited)

“What’s the problem?” The confused Kehinde asked but she wouldn’t say a word.
“It’s alright my dear. Sorry for disturbing you.” He said after some minutes of silence and climbed back to the bed,cover his body with the duvets and slept off.

She entered the bathroom and wash her teary face, then joined him in bed avoiding bodily contact with him.
Kehinde woke up as early as 4am for his quiet time and made to touch her again but stopped in order to avoid her tantrums. He climbed down the bed entirely,went and sat on the single cushion in the hotel room and started praying. She was woken by the sound of his heartfelt prayers and couldn’t sleep anymore so she sat up on the bed watching him.

“What’s wrong with me?” She asked herself silently. “God!” She bewailed with her eyes tightly closed.
He continued in prayers and sang diverse spirit filled worship songs along with the prayer. At exactly 5am, he summarized his prayers and on standing up to go wake her for morning devotion, he saw her sitting on the bed with her eyes tightly closed and tears pouring down to her cheeks.

“Sweetheart, what’s happening? Did I do something you don’t like?” He asked and held her hands then knelt down beside her bedside.
She opened her eyes and quickly wiped off the tears in her eyes and she shook her head negatively.

“Please talk to me. What’s bothering you?” He pleaded but she was not ready to talk.
“I’ll be fine.” She said in brief and hardened her face.

“Can we do family devotion together?” He asked, trying hard to avoid anything that will make her angry and she nodded her head in the positive.
“Give me your hands.” He requested as he climbed over the bed and she did. Angry in his spirit, he closed his eyes tightly and started praying with much ardor and fire in his belly, rebuking whatever spirit behind Sade’s sudden strange attitude and she sat there crying her eyes out.

“Amen!” were the only words coming out of her mouth with whimpers.
He continued in the prayers so intensely for close to an hour that he was sweating profusely under the air condition in the room. After the prayer, he wiped off his sweat with a face towel ,then picked up his bible and began to teach the word of God from the scriptures. She felt relieved after the bible and told him that she wanted them to check out of the hotel and he agreed, though he wanted them to stay in the hotel for at least one week.
They arrived Kehinde’s duplex in the evening of that day and he showed her around the house.

“This is your house, whatever you want me to do, eat, say here is what I’ll do ma.” He said teasingly and she smiled.
“So,what’s my wife cooking for us to eat. Your baby is very hungry.” He said and rubbed his tommy funnily in a way that made her laugh.
“What do you want to eat?” She asked laughing.
“Jollof rice with moderate pepper.” He replied, then continued.

“And I’m going to stay with you in the kitchen to learn how to cook.” He said laughing.
“Since we are back to the house, we have to go and bring Toyin to the house. I’m missing her already.” He said and walked out of the kitchen to get his phone which was ringing and she stood in awe watching him as he was walking out.
“Though I’ve not been treating him fine, he still acting nice.” She told herself thoughtfully.

Kehinde made up his mind not to make any sexual advances towards her again until she is ready herself, so he cracked jokes to make her laugh and showed her more care without touching her for the whole of that night and the next day. He deliberately wore shorts in the house all through, revealing his fair hairy chest and legs even during the bible studies and prayers until the third night, when he was fast asleep that a feminine hand touched him.

“Are you alright?” He asked when he opened his eyes and saw Sade sitting up.
“Yes…No.” She replied trying to pull herself together.
“Yes,no. Which should I take?” He teased her ,looking into her eyes.
“Brother Kehinde, I’m sorry about my recent attitude. Just that I feel very insecure about my body.” She said bending her head and he was taken aback and looked at her again.
“Your body? What happened to your body?” He asked her sitting up properly.
“Uhm… I feel body would not be attractive to you since I have breastfed a baby before. I’m no longer…” She began to complain bitterly and he had to cut her short.

“Hey, hey..Stop Sweetheart.” He hushed her, then continued.
“I didn’t marry your body. It’s you, your soul am married to not your body. Look, even if you had never breastfed a baby before, you will still breastfeed me and my kids,and there’s no way your body can remain the same. If I don’t find your body attractive because you breastfed only Toyin, it means that I would not find you attractive after breastfeeding my own kids also. Even if I had married another girl who had never breastfed a baby, her breast would still fall.” He began frankly, drew closer to her then continued.

“No woman remains the same after her first issue. But a man who loves God will love his wife faultlessly just as Jesus loved his bride,the church which was full of spots and wrinkles; he loved her still and gave his life for her. Listen to me, When old age comes and you start having wrinkles, it won’t be your body that would make me to keep loving you, it’s your soul and that’s what attracts me in you from the first time I met you. I love you the way you are my wife…” He said smiling and she became shy but he was determined not to touch her first until he is sure she needs him.
“Thank you brother Kehinde.” She said smiling from ear to ear.

“Please, stop calling me that name ‘brother Kehinde.” he said feigning annoyance then continued.
“There’s nothing romantic in that name.” He said then lay down and turned his face away from her.
“It’s her turn to make the move towards me, I would just lie down here and wait for her.” He said laughing in his heart seeing the desire in her eyes.
She sat down looking at him and praying her heart that he make the usual advances but he didn’t, and the next thing she heard was the sound of his snoring. Kehinde deliberately began to snore with his eyes tightly closed as if he was truly sleeping in order to zero her mind from expecting him to come for her. She lifted her hand to touch him several times but quickly dropped it and he kept laughing in his heart waiting for a touch which finally came after few minutes of her struggling. He opened his eyes and turned his face to look at his shy wife and the rest is history…

The Honey moon is over jare

Episode 61(unedited)

Two weeks after their honeymoon, Kehinde was praying and writing down things about a very pressing burden which woke him up as early as 2am while his wife was still fast asleep.
“Lord, how do you want me to go about it. Where do you want me to start and what’s the message?” He was asking God earnestly in prayer when suddenly Sade woke up and sat down on the bed thoughtfully.
Though his eyes were tightly closed in prayers, he felt it that his wife had woken up, so he looked towards their bedside and found her in thoughts.
“Darling, are you alright?” He asked and stood up from where he was sitting at the study table to join her.
” I had a dream.” She replied.
“Tell me about it.” He said and sat down very close to her.
“In that dream, I had covered a along thorny distance then found myself on a new path. On this new path, the journey was easy and seemed more meaningful as I saw myself joyfully picking up broken pitchers along the road with me on that journey.
” what do you intend doing with those broken vessels?” a grey headed old man in white asked me.
“I don’t really know sir. I just felt like carrying them along with me, perhaps they may be useful to me someday.” I replied the old man.
“No, their usefulness is not only for you but basically for God’s glory. You are only meant to mend the broken pitchers along with your husband through the wisdom of God, your gifts, your lifestyles and resources.” The man told me.
“How on earth can these be mended? There are broken beyond repair sir.” I said in disbelief and he smiled.
“There’s no broken vessel that’s beyond the repairing grace and power of God. These broken pitchers you see represent the thousand of young people you will meet in this new phase of your life, they are wounded, broken, confused and tired of the kind of life the kind of lives they have been living and are waiting for a saving touch. Remember, you were once a broken vessel but God used Kehinde to mend and beautify you; so now that you have been strengthened , you must join him in the ministry of mending broken people and strengthen them. All that’s expected of you is to make yourself and marriage available as an instrument for their mending.” The man told me.
“But how do we go about it?” I asked in confusion.
“Start from your house.” The man replied almost immediately, then continued.
“First, let your lives and marriage showcase Christ to the world around you. You are to reach out to young people, bring them closer and feed them. They are famished but not for physical food, you have the water and your husband the solid food and you both are to feed them with balance diet. Go ahead and pick more..” The old man urged me then turned back and left me.
“Oh! Thank you Jesus for confirming your words to me and answering the questions I’ve been asking.” Kehinde said excitedly and she looked at him wondering what’s he’s talking about.
“Darling, you know I’ve lived a rough life in the past and sometimes I wish I can restore the wasted years. I have been having this desire to reach out to young people for a long time but I don’t know how to go about, so this morning the burden became too much that I couldn’t sleep anymore and I was just praying and asking for direction when I noticed that you are awake.” He explained to her feeling elated.
“You see why you are my rightful wife? You are my purpose partner and helper.” He said and hugged her tightly, kissed her for head repeatedly and ran back to get his hardcover journal where he had written so many things about the burden and she just sat down there smiling at him.
“Look here, I’ve been writing about this vision since 2010 till date. But God have just used you to give me a clear picture of what and how he want us to do it. My beautiful wife, thank you once again for marrying me.” He said beaming with smiles.
“Darling, you know what? Sometimes when you appreciate me like this, I begin to wonder why? I should be the one thanking you, first for not giving up on me when everyone gave up on me, for allowing God use you to restore me back, for taking away my shame and honouring me among women..” She started, breathed down then continued.
“When I call you my crown, I mean it from the depth of my heart because you brought me victory and honor. Whatever is expected of me to do to see that your purpose which have also become my purpose is achieved, I will join you to do it. Baby,I renew my vow again to love you, stand by you, fight for you and run this race with you now and always till the end of our sojourn here on earth. Thank you for marrying me, you are the best husband in the world.” She said and drew closer into his arms in a hug and…

Jumoke’s call woke them up that morning as early as 6am.
“Oma oba, good morning sir.” Her voice was heard over the phone as he received the call with the left hand and Sade’s head rested on his right arm.
“Good morning Jumo, how are you?” He replied.
“Am fine, how is sister Sade?” She inquired.
“She is fine. Are you alright?” He asked almost immediately.
“Yeah, am fine.” She replied then continued.
“But I need your help and guidance. I have two marriage proposals before me right now but I don’t know which to accept because I seems to like the both of them within a short period of time.” She revealed calmly and he sat up properly helping Sade to rest her head on the pillow.
“Jumo, are they born again?” He asked for a start.
“Yes, one is a Pastor based in the US and the second person is Doctor Iyk your friend.” She replied shyly.
“Jumo, that’s a good development. I will be the happiest person if Iyk my friend happens to be the will of God for you in marriage. But you have to put your emotions on hold for now because you must get it right maritally. We have to pray first to hear what God has to say about the both of them before you release your heart to anyone or accept any marriage proposal.” He counseled her carefully and she responded positively.
“Okay, how do we go about the prayers?” She queried.
“Uhm… Let me discuss with my wife and see how we can join hands with you in prayers.” He said then continued.
“But for now, just pray and ask the Lord to open your eyes to know whom His will for you in marriage is. He surely speak to you.” He concluded.
“Thank you oma Oba.” She greeted him.
“Is she awake let me greet her?” She asked and he handed her the phone.
“Sister Jumo, we must drink your coke and fanta this year o.” Sade teased her over the phone.
“I pray so o, please you people should be praying for me o.” Jumoke replied laughing.
“Yes dear,we have been praying for you and soon God will perfect all that concerns you.” Sade assured her and they talked about other things before ending the call.
Kehinde and Sade discussed and agreed to invite her over to their house in order to pray with her and also strengthen their relationship with her.
Two days later,Jumoke visited them for the prayer and they held hands together in prayers after they had had quality time of bible study…

Episode 62(unedited)

Kehinde and Sade shared their vision with the church mummy and her husband who prayed with them and assured them of their supports and they mapped out their vision strategies on how to reach out to young people then arrived at sending invitation to churches,starting from their branch churches; one on one invitation,and through the social media platforms.
The first meeting they held with young people in the home housed about twenty youths who had strong yearning for see more of God in their lives with doctor Iyk and Jumoke in attendance. Sade led in a hot praise and worship, jumoke in opening prayers and doctor Iyk did the administrative work of showing them where to seat as they came in while Kehinde preached the word in what looked like an interactive sermon during which those young people were availed the opportunity to express themselves, share their secret struggles,fears, challenges and ask questions openly and the three friends were shocked to their bone marrows as they listened to what many of those young people were revealing about themselves. Yet, some of them who were more matured in age kept to themselves and were not willing to open.

During the prayer, Kehinde raised so many matters of concern among the youths and analyzed them so much that many of them who were guilty broke down sobbing and he used that opportunity to make an altar call and to his surprise, almost all the hands went up and he joyfully led them to Christ.
Those present were encouraged to invite their friends while coming for the next meeting as refreshments was passed round for them.

“This is a serious ministry,” doctor Iyk told kehinde with seriousness in his eyes as the young folks left one after the other.
“I couldn’t hold back my tears listening to their revelations. What can we do to reach out to more young people?” He asked zealously and the two women joined them and he shared with them the strategies they had planned out
“We can as well organize Christian picnics and timeouts with printed handbills and post banners at strategic places. We can also reach out to secondary schools and campuses with relationship and career seminars to arouse more people’s interest..” Jumoke suggested and they all found her suggestions amazing.
They immediately began to draft out plans on how to penetrate the schools and everyone contributed in the plan. When they were done, Kehinde excused himself with Iyk for a private discussion leaving the women in the parlor.

“How far with you and jumo?” He asked him.
” Nothing much, she is yet to respond to my proposal but we’ve been communicating on the normal.” Iyk replied.
“Did you really sought the face of God before proposing to her?” He asked feeling concerned.
“Well, I didn’t really pray that much. I feel there’s no need since we’ve known each other for years and secondly, she is born again. Do I really need to pray that much again?” He asked with a confused look.
“My brother, it’s a wife we are talking about here not a girlfriend. You don’t choose your wife as a Christian the same way you chose girl when you were in the world. I will advice you to go back and seek God’s face and confirm things first. You seems to be in haste, please calm down and get it right this time around…” Kehinde began then continued.
“Jumoke is a nice girl but she might not be the right woman for you and vice versa. Allow God to direct you in choosing a wife my brother…” He advised him after which they entered back into the parlor to join them and after few minutes, Iyk picked up his car keys and announced his departure.

“Jumo, how far with you. Has the Lord not said anything yet?” Kehinde teased her immediately Iyk left and everyone started laughing.
“Uhm… Not really, I don’t even understand.” She replied shyly.
“What’s it you don’t understand?” He asked showing interest.
“I actually had a dream I don’t understand but am still praying for more clarification though.” She said casually.
“Share the dream with us, perhaps we can trust God to reveal the meaning to us.” He urged her.
“In that dream, I followed Iyk on a journey to somewhere but along the line, I became very tired and couldn’t carry myself anymore. Iyk opted to carry me but unfortunately, my weight was too much for him and he had to drop me. He tried carrying me again but we both fell on our backs ,then I woke up.” She narrated, laughing with Sade but Kehinde pondered on the dream with a serious face.

“Then, there’s this other dream I had concerning pastor Mike but I can’t remember it anymore. I’ve been trying to remember it but can’t.” She chipped.
“Go back and pray, let the Holy Spirit rewind the dream for you again. You can’t forget vital dreams just like that.” He instructed her and she agreed.

Two weeks later, Sade launched her first music album which won the heart of many people as public transporters purchased and played them in their buses; churches began to sing her songs during worship sessions and her songs fast became household songs.
churches began to invite her for ministrations in and outside the state within the three months of the album release and it influenced their youth ministry positively as she became a public figure whom everyone wants to associate with.

Their living room became too small as more young people throng in for the weekly meeting, many of them sat on the floor comfortably and some stood on their feet…


Episode 63(unedited)

Sade woke up one beautiful morning with a feeling of nausea then sluggishly dragged herself out of the matrimonial bedroom to join her husband and Toyin in the parlor for morning devotion ten minutes after Kehinde had called her to join them for devotion. Mid way into the devotion, she suddenly had a strong urge to vomit and she ran into the washroom to relieve herself throwing her husband and daughter into confusion and he had to bring the devotion to an abrupt end.

“Darling, are you alright?” Kehinde asked, joining her in the washroom.
“Yeah, just having this feeling of physical unwellness.” She replied as she washed her mouth and face,then suddenly began to throw up again and he helped her to support her body on him.
“Maybe, somebody is pregnant.” He said teasingly.

“I will get you a pregnancy test pouch.” He said massaging her back gently and she managed to force out a smile.
“I just can’t wait to confirm it.” She said breathing heavily, then continued.
“Sweetheart, this is our fifth month together as husband and wife, I’ve been worried sick not getting pregnant. I will be the happiest person today if it shows positive.” She said leaning on him.
“Really? You never told me you were worried. ” surprised at her revelation.
“Do you know I don’t even remember we need to start having babies? I seems to be carried away by purpose pursuit and fulfilment these past months. Having you and Toyin around me, I used to think that we are done having children…” He was still talking and she cut in.

“How could you think such a thing, Toyin is not your biological child and she can’t take the place of your own children no matter how you love her. Besides, I want to fill this house with children” She said laughing.
” you can’t be serious, we agreed to have two more. I want my wife to look younger for me. ” he said feigning seriousness.
“Please, can you get me the pouch before going to work? I can’t wait anymore.” She said pinching him hard.
“Aarrh!!!” He shouted and Toyin was standing at the door unknown to them spoke up.
“Sorry Dad.” She said smiling from ear to ear knowing that they were not expecting to see her in the washroom.
“Thank you my baby. Sorry I left you in the parlor.” He said on seeing her.
“Monitoring spirit Toyin. I know you have been eaves dropping to hear what you and your daddy will gossip with.” Sade said laughing.

“You can now go and do your morning chores and prepare yourself for school because I don’t have any single strength left in me to prepare you today.” She said looking at her humorously.
“I wasn’t monitoring you o, I just wanted to know if you are alright. ” little Toyin said in the defensive.
“Yeah, we weren’t monitoring you oo..” Kehinde chipped in and they all bursted into laughter.

The homemade test was later confirmed positive and Sade’s joy knew no bound as she sang different praise songs, danced to it alone in the room and in the kitchen, knelt down at every given time to thank God for the gift of fruitfulness. She kept calling her husband on the phone over and over again to come back in time for the celebration as she had taken her time to prepare his favorite food.

“I think you were right when you told me to go back in prayer concerning that proposal stuff, am beginning to see so many signs that Jumoke is not meant for me, i made that proposal out of desperation.” Iyk opened up to his friend Kehinde after one of their programs with the young people.
“Really?” Kehinde said as he turned to face him very well.
“What makes you think so?” He asked.
“You know am still growing in the faith and sincerely speaking, Kenny am enjoying my relationship with God very well now than ever. He’s been teaching me patience and other virtues. My brother, God is seriously dealing with my life in such a way that I don’t expect. If I marry her with out this dealings God is giving me, the marriage will collapse. The Lord made it clear to me that I won’t be able to carry the weight of her purpose because my spiritual life is still at the baby realm and I have no spiritual stamina. Guy, marriage is the least of my problems now, I’m enjoying God so much now, I just want to know Him more..” Iyk expressed himself gleaming with excitement in his eyes.

“Wow!” Kehinde exclaimed and breathed down a heavy sigh of relief.
“I knew it from the onset that you two weren’t meant for each other; but you know, it’s better the way you confirmed it yourself because there’s nothing I could have told you then that you would believe.” Kehinde explained and Iyk started laughing.
“Yeah, at a point I was beginning to think you don’t want me to have her because she is your ex but now I know better. Thanks man, you’ve always been my man from day one.” He said then continued almost immediately.
“So,what do you suggest? Should I meet her and tell her not to bother anymore?” He asked searching Kehinde’s eyes for a saving response.

“Ah! No, don’t do that. She also saw a similar thing about you in a dream two months ago,though she don’t seem to understand the meaning yet. But I already planned telling her you are not the right man for her. So,just leave that one for me to handle,and you can as well reduce the way you used to call her often.” Kehinde replied smiling.
“Nna, you don’t need to tell me to reduce the way I call her, I’ve already done that. Tomorrow will be one week I called her last. In fact, I hardly remembere anything safe my Bible, my job and how to move this young peoples forum further..” He said clapping his two hands together in finality and Kehinde couldn’t help but laugh at him.
“Thank God for God!” Kehinde exclaimed in excitement.
“Yes, my brother!” Iyk responded.
“That reminds me,the information I got last night was that Chioma died while giving birth two weeks ago.” Iyk said sadly.
“Giving birth?” Kehinde asked, ” did she remarry? ” he queried.
“I don’t know, my mother called to inform me last night and I didn’t bother to ask all of that. I feel for her though.” He said looking away and Kehinde pat his back in consolation.
“It’s well my brother. It’s well!” He said.

Kehinde spoilt Sade and Toyin silly with love and lots of goodies everyday as his wife’s baby bump began to grow noticeably. Many young girls began to pray for a husband like him as well as the young men among them who desired to love their wives like him when they eventually marries.

When the church mummy and her husband saw that Kehinde’s house was no longer containing the youths ,they released their branch church building for them to use for their weekly youth programs since it was not held on the church weekly activities days. Their programs from thenceforth became power packed as deliverances were being conducted on many of them who were under demonic influences and so did their numbers increased rapidly.

“Sister Jumo,what’s happening. What’s going on? Please talk to me.” Kehinde who was worried at her moody state all through one of their programs asked her in a private discussion.
“Oma oba, I don’t know. I don’t understand what’s happening to me.” She replied sadly.

“What exactly is happening?” He asked.
“Look at me, we were praying about the two marriage proposals but I don’t even understand what’s happening anymore…” She said with bias.
“I still can’t get the point Jumo.” He pressed further.
“They have both stopped calling me. I even tried reaching pastor Mike several times since the last time he travelled back to his base but his number hasn’t been going through, except once that he called to inform me that he arrived safely. Iyk himself doesn’t seem to be interested in me anymore. Oma oba, am just tired of this life…” She lamented bitterly… TEcH59t

Episode 64(unedited)

Kehinde kept quiet with his eyes closed and suddenly drifted into the spirit as she went on and on lamenting about several ordeals in her life.
“Jumo, there’s an embargo on your destiny and you are the one who exposed yourself to it .” Kehinde spoke up with his eyes looking into hers intently as if looking for something and he saw the uneasiness in her reaction.

“How?” She asked innocently.
“There’s something about your life you are not telling me yet. I don’t know what it is but there’s a secret habit you are holding unto so tightly that has opened you up to a demonic embargo maritally.” Kehinde revealed and her heart beat began to race faster, but she put up a bold face trying to cover up.
“I don’t understand what you are talking about.” She said avoiding his eyes.
“Well, since you don’t understand what am talking about, let’s forget about it.” He replied in dismissal then made to leave.

“Oma oba…” She called him back.
“Can you give me some time to put myself together?” She asked looking at him pleadingly.
“Put yourself together for what? This is your life and destiny we are talking about here. Jumo, what’s there you can’t share with me?” He asked getting upset.

“I..i, it all started after you left me that i..” She began and paused and covered her eyes in shame.
“I started pleasuring myself whenever I had the urge to have sex.” She revealed, sweating profusely as her tears mingled with the sweat to form a flowing water down to her mouth.
“You masturbate?” Kehinde asked with a low but a surprised tone.
“When you left, I refused to enter another relationship, hoping that I will meet you again. But I started having strong sexual urges and because I didn’t want to get involved with men, I decided to satisfy myself with my hands and it started like a normal or temporary act until it got to a time that I found myself doing it frequently whether I had an urge or not. I tried stopping it, but the more tried to break loose from the habit, the deeper I found myself in it. I began to have series of dreams where I had intercourse with a particular man who looks like you when approaching me but when once he is done having sex with me, his face will change into an unknown huge and dark man. Each time I woke up from having such dreams, the next thing that follows is a strong urge to have sex and I had no choice than to help myself.” She began, breathed down and continued.

“It was this habit that brought me closer to God as I sought for solutions on how to stop it. I had met Mummy for counseling and she led me to Christ as I was yet to give my life to Christ, she also prayed for me then counseled me on what to avoid and what to do whenever I felt like doing it again. It worked as I followed her instructions but occasionally in my dreams, the man with your face still comes around,trying to lure me into sex with him and I would struggle and fight with him until he gets tired and leave. I didn’t masturbate again for a long time despite seeing the man in my dreams until last year when I got to meet you again. ” she bent her head in shame.

“I started lusting after you and desired to have you back to myself by all means, so that man started coming to me seductively wearing your face and I couldn’t resist him as I was always deceived to think that it was you in real life. I began to have sex with the man frequently in my dreams and that was how I started masturbating again. Kenny, I don’t like the fact that am doing but It’s difficult for me to stop now. I’m not even enjoying it but I can’t do without it, I feel like am a cursed fellow.” She broke down sobbing and silence permeated the atmosphere.
“You are not a cursed fellow my dear.” The speechless Kehinde broke the silence.

“And I want you to know that I can’t come to you in the dream to make out with you. Like you rightly said, my face was only used by a demon to harass you sexually and it’s because of the lust of your heart. Lust when it becomes obsessive, when given a room can mature into many unthinkable things that will damage the destiny of the inhabiters.” He continued ,

“Jumo, you can be delivered by the power of God but you must guide your heart, the thoughts that comes in, the things you watch and listen to. When you have urges, it’s normal and it cannot kill you;it will fizzle out after some minutes if it is not pampered or fed with pleasure…” Kehinde calmly spoke extensively to her and she felt a bit relieved that he was not angry with her.

“So, what do I do now.?” With a worried stricken face she asked.
“Though I’ve not met him in person, I’m so convinced that pastor Mike is your husband. But because of your indulgence to masturbation, that strong man has gained ground in your life spiritually and possibly could be the one fighting your destiny with Mike. Can you now see why you always forget all the dreams you have concerning pastor Mike?” He asked with his eyes widened and she opened her mouth in shock.

“Yes! Each time you have a reasonable dream, that strong man wipes it off your memory and there’s no way you can remember it except through divine intervention.” He explained further and observed her shaking in fear.
“Don’t be afraid Jumo, you will be set free now and no demon can stop your marriage with pastor Mike.” He assured her and suddenly a ray of hope flashed through her mind and he could see the reflection on her face.

“Thank you Oma oba.” She said kneeling down as he began to dial a number.
“Darling, please I need your attention here. Can you spare me few minutes…” He was still talking and Sade cut in teasingly as she turned towards their direction and saw Jumoke kneeling down before him.
“Alright pastor, I will be right there.” She replied laughing as she excused herself from the youths she was addressing and walked up with her protruded stomach to meet them.
Without telling her the details of all that Jumoke shared with him, he told her to stand in for them to pray for her, knowing he deliberately called his wife’s attention just for security purpose.

He lead Jumoke to rededicate her life afresh to Christ before the prayer which lasted for just ten minutes and she was on the floor under the power of God.
“You are free my dear, get ready for your wedding because pastor Mike would be calling you soon.” Kehinde said breathing heavily as he wiped off the sweat on his forehead.
“Amen!!!” She responded thankfully.

Two days later,Mike called Jumoke and was grateful that her number was going through.
“Hello sister Jumoke, how are you?” He asked and couldn’t wait for her response before tendering his complaints.
“I’ve been trying to reach you for over three months but it’s not been connecting. What’s happening, I hope you are alright..?” He asked many questions at the same time and she was surprised because her phone have been receiving other people’s calls.

“Good day sir,” she greeted then continued.
“Maybe, it’s network sir. My phone has been receiving calls and I also tried reaching you but couldn’t reach you.” She explained politely.
“Nope, I don’t think it’s network. What network interrupts a person’s call for four months? I was almost going crazy here…” He argued.
“I’m so sorry about that.” She said with a soft voice and he stopped talking.

“Not angry with you sweetheart, just that I’ve missed that sweet voice.” Mike said before realizing that the word ‘sweetheart’ had gone out of his mouth. Surprised, she covered her mouth with her palms when she heard the name he called her.
“I believe that by now, you must have gotten all the confirmation you need concerning me and my proposal. So what’s your response?” He asked.
“Yes, is my response.” She said smiling from ear to ear as she heard him screaming in excitement.

“You’re gonna start preparing your papers straight away because am not gonna leave my wife behind for anybody in Nigeria. I’m coming back with you same day with me.” He said in excitement and they started their wedding plans immediately.

Five months later, Mike traveled down to Nigeria for the traditional and white wedding which took place the same day. Three weeks after their wedding, her papers were ready and pastor Mike traveled back to the Dallas with his beautiful wife for their honeymoon proper.

Sade gave birth to a set of twin boys and their marriage and ministry blossomed from glory to glory. Their bond remains unbreakable till this day as they both travel within and outside the country together for ministrations, affecting lives and moulding destinies with the wisdom and power of God.

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