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Episode 31

I saw my father in a beautiful flower garden. He bent down and was tendering a freshly grown Allamanda flower. I stood beside him for a while watching him as he carefully uprooted it from an old small flower vase and transplanted it on the ground.

” I have finally found a fertile spot where my tender seedling will grow”. He said with a smile and straightened up from his position to face me. I smiled back while I wondered when my father became an horticulturist. He smiled at my thought again.

“I have been an horticulturist from inception. Even before I left the planet you are still staying for now. Before I took my leave, then, I left some great tasks with some people like you to continue the good works until they come to meet me here and as they are going about my business over there, I keep watch, water and nurture their spirit from here” He answered. He looked back at the Allamanda flower and shook his head. I watched as the Allamanda flower, transformed into a blossoming leafy plant because the soil around it was very soft, dark and full of nutrients.

“You see, this particular seedling has been planted a long time ago. It refused to germinate despite my effort but with my unrelenting will not too long, it began to grow. Can you see the spot where I just transplanted it into, if the flowers does not allow the harsh weather of life that bring flood of diversion dislocate her from this location, this soft soil spot will make it grow well and makes it blossom and alluring. It will also take it to the promised Land”. He said.

“Promised Land?” How can a flower get to the promised Land” I queried.

“Mummy”. He called me softly.

“Now, this is my dad”. I thought. He used to called me that pet name when ever he wanted whatever he wanted to say to me to sink down into me.

“…… remember the night you turned 18…..? I nodded.

“You made a request that you wanted a man like me…..? He asked.

“True dad….but it was only a thought. I didn’t tell you now! How come you knew. My father neglected my question.

“That night, your heart’s desire was granted, daughter, you cannot get somebody like me because no can be like me…I am who I am….but I have given a man after my heart, don’t miss him”. He said authoritatively.

“Is this my father?” I queried but once again, he refused to show interest in my question.

He looked intently at me and began to laugh but the the laughter became very loud and sounded like the sound of many waters and I began to shake hysterically.

“Mama…..Mama!” I felt someone’s taps. I opened my eyes to meet Matha beside me on the bed looking so worried. I got hold of myself and looked at Matha.

Matha was not only my roommate but an adorable spiritual daughter, because she was also one of my converts. She was a fifteen year old part one student of Laboratory science. A spoilt little rich though, but had a good and soft heart. It was not hard for me ( by God’s grace) to mould her properly in the the will of God. According to her mother, Matha was a product of Pre marital affair. It became necessary for her to come see me when she noticed a lot had changed for good in the life of her daughter, who got spoilt probably because she was an only child. She came to campus to thanked me specially. After she left, the Lord instructed me to take care of Matha very well as she was going to be a part of my future. Since then I never joked with her. Her spiritual and moral upbringing became my responsibility. I practically played a motherly role her life. That was why she quickly joined others in the fellowship to call me ‘Mama’.

“Mama, what’s wrong? Are you having a nightmare?” He asked in a concerned tone. I heaved a sigh of relief and assured her that all was well with me. I encouraged her to go back to sleep. As she reluctantly went back to her bed, I flashed back to the events in my dream. Definitely, the father I saw in the garden was not my earthly father. It was my heavenly father, the ancient of days and father of all fathers.

” My sweet, loving and caring father, thank you for your love upon my life”. I prayed silently.

Then the INTERPRETER came to me. He gave me meanings to the vision. He said the tender flower I saw with the gardener was me. God had spent lots of time and effort in placing me in his convenated purpose but I had been defiant to his will. I started responding when I got born again and started living a holy life. Since then the flower had been flourishing. The transplanting process was another phase in my life which will unfold if I accept Charles’ proposal. He told me without mixing words that Charles was the man after God’s heart and his will for me.

“…..and the promised Land” I probed further. But he became silent and gently moved away. I knew his character, he would never go beyond the lane of God the Father. What God did not reveal his Spirit will not interpret to me.

I pitied those who says thus says the Lord when he has not said anything.

“Charles…….promised Land….. anyways, Lord, I am ready, wheel me to wherever you wish and I will follow you…all the way Lord…..all the way.” I let out a deep sigh.


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Episode 32

Charles kept quiet through out our ride from the fellowship center to his house. His face showed that he was desperate to know what my response to his proposal would be. He became more nervous immediately, we got to his room. He made me faced him and began to probe my mood. The whole room was silent even the sound of a pin could be heard.

I finally loose the rope that tied up his heart when I spoke up.

“Yes Charles, I will marry you. I have no doubt that God has chosen you for me” I said.

I saw him heaved a sigh of relief and his moody countenance was becoming brighter than before.

“Do you really love me….or you just only accept me because probably the Lord has instructed you to do so?” He asked quitely.

“… Charles…look at me….there is not enough word that can be used to describe

how deep my feeling for you is …you are my fertile land” I said smoothly, smilling all through my speech as I kept my eyes locked with his.

I knew he didnot understand what I meant by fertile land. He just stood there staring at me in wonders. I was sure he had envisaged that he was going to go for another rounds of arguments with me over his proposal, but was surprised that things turned out to be more easy than he had expected so he became dumbfounded.

“Are you for real?” He asked. He released me from his hold and was looking at me with an amazing look.

I knew that he didn’t mean to ask me that kind of question so I didn’t bother to respond to it.

“Wao! ….I never thought it would be this easy….” He confirmed my thought.

“…and what’s the meaning of “my fertile land?” He asked amidst excitement.

“That’s what God called you and I believe him” I stated.

He knelt down and began to praise God. As he was singing songs of thanksgiving I flashed back to how Charles had been playing a ‘hide and seek” game with me on the phone. Though, we had been calling each other on phone but he deliberately avoided any of our discussions

to be led to his proposal. It was obvious he preferred to hear my response when he sees me face to face, but thank God my positive response had allayed his fear.

Charles brought out a tiny white gold ring from his trousers’ pocket and slided it on the third finger of my left hand. It fitted so well on me. I drew him up and hugged him. It was a long hug and at the end of it he planted a light kiss on my lips. It was so sudden and I loved it but it sent a strange message to my body and I became nervous.

“Abike…calm down, you don’t need to be nervous over anything. This is a new beginning. It’s a beginning of a new journey together, but this time it will not lead us to destruction but by his grace it will lead us to the promised Land.

“Promised Land”. I repeated.

“Yes your promised Land. God told me there is a place he is taking you to and he wants us to embark on the journey together”. He explained.

This was a confirmation of God’s hands in our relationship.

“Did he tell you anything about the promised Land?” I asked, hoping to hear some information about it.

“No, he did not…..but we need to trust him because he is able to perform what so ever he says”. He concluded.

He went back to the East the following day. I saw him off to the garage and immediately his bus left the garage I called Amaka who was still doing her national service in the North.

“Amaka, Charles proposed and I said Yes!” I announced.

Amaka screamed. Her screams attracted the attention of people around her because I was listening to their voices at the background. She explained to them that her best friend had just been engaged. I heard them shouted in excitement at the other end. Amaka put the phone on speaker and everyone of them congratulated me. I responded to their pleasantries with equal joyful mood. She switched off the phone as I asked after David and their wedding plans.

“David is well. We spoke this morning on phone and our wedding plan is going steadily….. I can’t wait for this service to be over…” She said excitedly.

“I am happy for you, Amaka.” I said sincerely.

“Yeah, I know my sister. I am equally happy for you too. Finally, God has brought a lasting joy into your life.” She responded.

We chatted for a while before I hung up.

The next two months brought an end to the national service and after the passing out parade, Charles came back to inform me that he had been offered a job in the company where he served. It was a good news though, but it was met with mix feelings. We were going to miss each other but we later comforted ourselves that it was a rare opportunity that God had given us and we needed to appreciate him. So we blessed God and expected a brighter future together.

Before he left, he disposed some of his belongings to people after he has allowed me to pick things that were of interest to me. He returned the keys to his apartment back to the landlord and told him he was done with his rentage.

He promised to always check back on me on a monthly basis but that was unrealistic because most time his work schedule never permitted, but so far, we never missed out on ourselves. We called each other on a daily basis and sometimes we used to hold Bible studies together on line. I had never forgotten the fact that Charles was my father in faith because he was always ahead of me when it comes to spiritual stuffs. But he promised that he would never be a giant in spirit and left me as a dwaft. So he was regularly feeding me with the word.

Therefore, my knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the scripture kept increasing day in day out. Courtesy of my un rellenting mentor. But inspite of my deep insight in the word and my high level of spirituality, the Lord had warned me not to take up the position of the fellowship president.. He said I was chosen to be the prayer power house for his fold. I had to explain and give reasons in several meetings before the executives and the members could leave me alone.

I didn’t believe that it was until I was made the president before I could be a leader. I had been a leader in the humble position that God has placed me. Despite the fact that I refused to be chosen as the fellowship president, they still called me the fellowship “mama”. It was an honour that made me wanted to know more about spiritual things because many of them saw me as their mentor, role model, confidant and counselor; morally and spiritually.

I found myself shouldering loads that were beyond my age if not for the help of the INTERPRETER what would I had done. So it became my prayer point on a daily basis to God, to give me sufficient grace to continue in his strength.

My relationship with Charles flourished as the year increased. Anytime he came for a visit, he always put up with my fellowship president who most time was always around to keep us company.

In a twinkling of an eye, the years rolled by. I finished writing my final examinations and went back to take over from my friends who had been holding forth at the Holy Fire Sisters’ camp. But when I got there, what I saw rendered me speechless.


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Episode 33

Charles was around, so he took me in his new car to the camp. But what I saw at the camp was beyond my imagination. In just less than seven months , the camp had been transformed into a scene of beauty and success.

At the entrance, I saw a big flex with one of my pictures boldly printed on it with an inscription which read “Welcome home Mama”. That was not my main attraction though, rather the giant gate and the beautifully painted concrete fence that was built round the camp came as a big surprise to me because I didn’t leave even a map of such construction before I went to campus. I wondered if we had not gone to the wrong location. I shouted and looked back at Charles who was not as equally amazed as I was. He kept on laughing at me and this made me suspected that he was aware of it before then.

Pastor and Pastor Mrs Williams were already at the gate to welcome me. They led me into the compound and I found a replica of the couple’s magnificent church building on the camp site. The only difference was that the church on the camp was smaller in size than their own worship center in the city of Capitol (one of the biggest urban cities in the Central) and that was due to the size of the land available, I guessed, but still, it was very much a great edifice to behold.

With so much gladness, I embraced the two honoured children of God and appreciated them for a job well done. My mind crawled back to when God, after sessions of prayers and fasting, instructed me to called them to come and stand in for me. I gave him series of reasons which could prevent them from having time to stay on the camp for that long period of time. For instance, like their tight schedules due to church programmes and activities, or abroad trips which was more often, but he insisted I call them. I had also doubted if they were going to accept my invitation to leave that beautiful city to come and stay in the slum but they received and accepted my invite with joyful submission and it was so amazing how God had used them mightily in the progress of his work on camp.

“Truely, God never makes mistake” I exclaimed.

“It wasn’t you that brought us here, Abike, it was God himself and who are we to neglect the call of our creator” Amaka confirmed.

They took me round the whole compound. A three bedroom bungalow had been erected to serve as the mission house. The sisters’ rooms were also reconstructed into a room and a single room toilet and bath for more comfort. The big kitchen and reception hall were still under construction. The whole buildings were on deck, providing the opportunity to build more story buildings on them.

Some of the sisters had been sent for internships in some companies and other relevant business establishments through Pastor Williams recommendations. Some of them with the call of God in there lives were moving on steadily with their courses at The Williams Bible College. While some had gone for their tutorials in readiness for their entrance examinations at various levels. The few sisters that were available on the camp welcomed me with great joy.

The couple led me to where I used to use as my office and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I entered. The room was beautifully renovated and was tastefully furnished. They gave me some of the documents to go through. I saw a record of funds that I had generated before I went away and some other cash and building materials donations raised by the Williams but when I looked at the receipts of services and stuffs that were bought for the construction project the expenses were far greater that the funds and other donations received so it was obvious that the major financiers were the Williams.

The fire of the holy ghost was kindled within me and I was greatly provoked in my spirit to bless them. They had done something that God should use to take away the reproach in their lives that money could not remove. I was led to raise a single prayer point after which I prophesied into their lives.

“I declare double bundles of joyful gifts that money could not buy into your lives and home…. receive now in Jesus name” I declared. The Williams and everyone present chorused a very loud “amen!”

They officially, handed over all the vital documents to Charles and me after they had given us in details all the necessary information we needed to know in the documents and the on going project. The rest of the day was fun filled as the sisters had organized a small welcome party for me.

“Charles, are you aware of what has been going on on camp since?” I asked as I looked round the beautifully decorated spacious living room of the mission house. The room was equally tastefully furnished. I fell in love with the beautiful decorations that were well arranged on the wall.

“Why did you ask, my lady?” He bowed down for me in an ammusive way.

“….. because I noticed that you seemed not as surprise as I was when we saw the progress going on on the camp this morning”. I declared.

“Okay….well, to be sincere, let’s say I have been part of the project from inception.” He confirmed my suspicions.

“….Ahhh…you have been part of this great thing and you never at least gave me a hint if it.” I replied.

So Charles could keep anything away from me. He saw the mass of surprise that spread all over my face and spoke to defend himself.

“Now, don’t take it personal. We only wanted all these to be a surprise package for you. Abike, I can’t hide anything from you, it’s only that this one was exclusively arranged to honour God in your life and to let you know that we are part of this great commission. I agreed with the Williams not to inform you so as not to spoil the fun.” He explained.

I kept mute and started reflecting on what the gardener said about Charles leading me to the promised Land. This was a good sign that we shared same vision. Apart from spiritual things, I had noticed that in almost all things I and Charles were compatible. My eyes were blinded to these realities, before, all I see was how boring he sounded and other things I had thought I couldn’t condone in a man but thank God, he opened my eyes to continue to see so many beautiful things about him.

“Are you angry with me for not letting you into the plan?” He asked. I could see that he wasn’t comfortable with my sudden silence.

“No dear. I love it and thanks for your support all the way.” I replied.

I led him to take a seat on one the cozy double seaters. I picked the t.v. remote control that was lying on the table aiming at switching on the television set but I caught Charles staring steadily at me.

“What?” I asked with a light smile.

I dropped the remote control.

“Mama.” He called with a proud tone.

“……can you beat that? Abike, you are already a mother to hundreds of children even before we are married. Can you now see that whether we have our own biological children or not we are never going to be lonely throughout our entire lives…..” He paused and held my hands.

“…. Abike, promise me…promise me that no matter what happens to any of our expectations in our marriage, you will never be unhappy because your sadness will kill me. I want us to prepare sincerely for better and for worse….” He paused, obviously waiting for my response.

“Well, Charles, I have since known that I serve a God, who sits in heaven and does whatsoever pleases him. But I also know the thought he has towards me, it is the thought of good and not of evil and he will surely give me my expected end.” I stated with an assuring smiles.

There was a moment of silence. Each of our hearts was caught in a web of a deep thought. I felt an inrush of emotions running through my veins. I was feeling a strange urge in me and I could see that Charles was feeling the same way too. He gave me an alluring smile and held me tightly to himself. My instinct told me we needed to stop petings but my feeling was not willing to let go off him instead I clutched on to him more tightly.

Nothing else matters now and in a moment we were lost in our lustful desires.


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Episode 34

It was the night if my graduation day. I sat down in front of my dressing mirror reflecting on the day which had been so eventful.

I graduated with a first class honours and as the best student the falculty had produced since inception. I was presented with many gifts for being the best at this and that. It got to a point that it seemed I was the only graduating law student present. The official ceremony ended and I had pictures with all my invited guests, after which we all headed for the mission camp where the reception was held.

I saw Amaka moving up and down happily with her slightly protuding belly. She was on top of the occasion, making sure that all our guests had their belly filled up to satisfaction. It got to a stage that I had to signal to her to take things easy because of her condition but she eyed me amusingly and moved on with her services excitedly. Anyways, it wasn’t her fault, she needed to show gratitude to God for blessing her because she was six months pregnant. The month she and her husband left the camp was the last time she ever saw her menstruation. God had decided to answer them after almost three years of waiting for the fruit of the womb and the scan test had revealed that she was pregnant with a twin according to my declaration.

“What an awesome God we served” I praised with my breath.

Charles was no exception. He was seen here and there basking in my reflected glory. Brother Bello (Papa) my fellowship president who still had three years more to go in the university as a medical science student was among the members of the high table. I noticed an attraction between him and Rekia called Racheal (her baptismal name). I smiled and prayed it turned out good. I knew she was going to detail me about the whole thing when the opportunity comes.

“Oh!” I exclaimed.

I just remembered a scene I saw on the graduation ground earlier on in the day. There was an usual reaction between Charles and Madam Kemi Gold (Matha’s mother) when I introduced them. I didn’t know what it was all about because barely five minutes later Madam Gold came to inform me that she needed to attend to an urgent and important call from her shop immediately and left even without waiting for my approval. That was strange because the same woman had promised and got set to follow me to the camp and spend some days there with me for prayers and counseling. This quite baffled me.

I had wanted to ask Charles after the party but I forget because he was in a hurry to leave with the Williams to the Capitol city despite the fact that he knew the place before and was going to follow them in his own car but he did not want to take any chance because of what happened the other night. If not for the grace of God, we would have fallen into the sin of fornication.

That night, I was trying to control my urge but Charles was too deep in the mood to get hold of himself and if not for the timely loud sound of the big alarm clock from the church auditorium that jolted our memories back to realities it would have been disastrous. It was as if someone came in and hit our heads with a big bell.

I pushed him away and hurriedly ran into the smaller sitting room that led to the bedrooms and intentionally locked the door. I knelt down to pray thanking God for his grace. I afterwards moved on to plead for forgiveness and asked for his mercies upon us. I rounded it up asking for sufficient grace to abide by his faithfulness. I also heard Charles praying like a mad dog from the living room and after praying for about three to four hours, I slept off.

Charles message alert woke me up the next day. He apologized for what transpired between us the previous night, he put all the blames on himself and promised that it would never happen again. He encouraged us to to be more careful in the future so as to avoid such uncontrollable emotions. He said we needed not to be ignorant of the devices of the devil because he knew the only way to get us and to destroy God’s beautiful plans for us was to destroy our smooth and cordial relationship through sin. He later informed me that he had left for the East because of an urgent call from his boss to return immediately for an important assignment.

I quickly went into the living room to confirm the message which was true because Charles was no where to be found. I knew he ran away for his dear life! I was amused and relieved at the same time. I called him immediately to confirm the receipt of his message. I also apologized to him and prayed for sufficient grace to keep us both in his will. I wished him good luck and journey mercies and hung up.

Few minutes after, I felt the presence of the INTERPRETER. He was silence for some seconds before he spoke into my spirit. He said he had to congratulate me for passing a test from the TEMPTER. He warned me to he careful so as not to soil my garment which might send him away from me because he couldn’t stand any form of filthiness. He further told me that it was possible for me to graduate from the earthly law school but not from the law school of the spirit.

“Therefore, expect more tests as you move on in your spiritual journey..” He concluded and left before I could respond to his speech.

I held on to his advice because I knew my life depended on it. Since then I never encouraged Charles to be alone with me in the mission house and we were also careful with our choice of words anytime we were together. Though this didn’t mean that we deprived ourselves of professing our undieing love to each other but most times we did that on phone.

By divine arrangements, I was posted to one of the Central towns’ magistrate court to do my national service and so it made it easy for me to move on with the ministry.

Meanwhile the second day of my graduation met Charles and I in his car outside the mission camp compound. I wanted to know what he had with madam Gold. His attitude towards her was malicious and definitely there must be a reason behind it. He kept quiet for a while.

I watched him struggled with a feeling of bitterness and depression as I mentioned the woman’s name. Charles was never like this and I told him so.

I asked if we could drop the topic and leave it for some other time if he was not ready to talk about it but he opened up.

Madam Gold happened to be his father’s ex-mistress. He told me that she even had a daughter with his father which should either be sixteen or seventeen years old by his calculations. But the family got to know about it six years ago. His mother took the news so badly because she never imagined that her husband could ever cheated on her after so much love they had shared. The thought of her husband having an affair with another woman while professing love for her was too much for her to bear. She refused to forgive her husband despite all efforts made by the children and every concerned members of their extended family. She stood her ground. Therefore, in response to her uncontrollable anger she sued for a divorce on an account of infidelity. She won the case over his father and the court split his father’s properties into two for them. His mother thereafter, travelled abroad with his two kid sisters and left him and his twin brother with their father. That was how a sweet fun family became a sour grape taste and the once family that was always the envy of other families became a shadow of itself. His father, seeing that his family had scattered was shattered so he decided to resigned from his company and returned to the West to see if he could gather up the pieces of his life.

“….and Abike…… I tell you since then, life has never been the same again. I lost my twin brother in a ghastly motor accident that occurred on their way back home. Though my father survived but he is on a wheelchair up till now….” He said, sniffing all through his speech.

But it was alarming! Because he never told me about his dad’s condition. Sometimes he used to talk about his sisters who lived abroad but never mentioned they went with their mother. Though he had promised to take me to his dad after my national service, I never knew there was more to it.

“To think that Matha is your step sister!” I muttered but he heard me and asked who Matha was.

I told him that Matha was my roommate. It was amazing why they never met through my stay in the hostel. They always missed each other where ever he came visiting me. Matha was also on errands when Charles came to join us on the graduation ground so he saw the mother first and I knew that it was Matha’s mother that made her not to return to the ceremony because she sent what Amaka sent her to pick through someone else. Had it been they had met earlier on, Charles would have connected her with Madam Gold because they resembled each other very much.

I didn’t know how to go about the situation. It was really a pain in the neck. I wished the INTERPRETER was there with me and immediately, I felt his presence but he did not speak into my spirit, he possed it and in no time I went into the realm of prophesy. The INTERPRETER told Charles directly that he should get rid of bitterness, depression and unforgiving spirit.

“If your fiance could forgive people who directly offended her through your counseling while not you who were offended indirectly and being her counselor. My son there is a mystery behind the whole incident and if you allow me to take control of this, you will laugh last. Truely, I am unstoppable, but you can prevent me from walking with you in this case if you do not clear your conscience against Kemi.” He concluded and I opened my eyes to see Charles crying like a baby and saying “Yes Lord, yes Lord”. He narrated to me amidst tears what the INTERPRETER said to him.

I praised the Holy Spirit of God for making the task easier for me because I knew Charles would never disobey the voice of the Lord. I was rest assured that his own side had been settled. He went into the auditorium to have a quet time with God while I stayed back to call madam Gold repeatedly but she refused to pick my calls. I later put a call over to Matha.

“Matha, please can you see me at the court tomorrow by 2pm?” I asked with a mix feelings but she answered me in affirmative.

The following Monday, I waited for Matha at the Magistrate court hoping that she wouldn’t disappoint me because it was getting to 2:30pm already. But at a time when I wanted to quit waiting, I heard a knock and both mother and daughter entered my office.


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Episode 35

I was not expecting madam Gold in my office that afternoon but she said she came with her daughter because she knew that

I had called her because of what transpired between her and my fiance.

She apologized for behaving the way she did at the graduation ground and also explained that she left her phone in the bedroom while she was in the kitchen cooking but didn’t call back after she saw the missed calls because her daughter had informed her that she was invited by me to my office. So she decided to follow her since she would be in the best place to sort out the issue on ground. She didn’t waste time in going into her own side of the story.

” I met Mr Samuel Egunjobi; Charles father, when he was newly transferred by his company from the North to the Central branch as the branch manager, despite that they just posted him to the North. I learnt that his transfer became urgent because he threatened to resign his appointment if the company refused take him away from the North which was becoming insecured for him and his family because of the unending religious conflicts then. Mr Sam as we fondly called him was a very nice gentle man. I was their regular and loyal customer. Infact I was one of the major distributors of their cosmetics products.

One day, I had problems with my voucher and some other documents that I was using for my business transaction. I decided to see Mr Sam about it but I was told he wasn’t in the office. I told the secretary that I couldn’t wait any longer because my customers were at the shop waiting for their supplies. The secretary called Mr Sam on my insistence on seeing him urgently. Her boss instructed her to direct me to the chairman’s office.

I adjusted my dress as I was being led. It was an opportunity for me to meet the famous Western philanthropist, the CEO of Addavison group of companies Chief Adisa Daniels Adele. I freezed as she mentioned “Adele” but I quickly got hold of myself so as not to distrupts the flow if the story lines.

“Mr Sam introduced me to his boss as the company’s best customer….” She continued.

“….the Chief who was then in his early sixties rose up to greet me. I was won over by his humility and friendly nature. I discussed my business issue with the two gentle men and the mistakes on the voucher and other documents were corrected. We later discussed a little more and within few minutes into our conversation we got acquainted. One thing led to another and we became bond. I had always been having problems with relationships with young men because all of them were after my money and prossession and not genuinely in love with me. I had experience much disappointments. from young men which made me got tired of going into relationships. So at thirty eight , I was still single. When Chief professed love to me, I think I to go for an elderly man who was equally rich was not a bad idea. I and chief Adele started dating. During our better days, he used to fly to the Central from the West two or three times in a month and would always spend at least three to five days with me before returning to his family. I got pregnant the fourth month into our relationship. Chief Adele was very happy to hear that I was pregnant for him. He took good care of me during my pregnancy period and increased his visits to the Central. The problems began when I gave birth to a baby girl. Chief started giving me excuses of not having time or family pressure for not coming to visit me and our baby. He later warned me never to call his phone number again. I was devastated. Becoming a single parent was never my bagain with Chief though I knew he was a family man, at least I would have been contented with becoming his second, third or fourth wife so far he was committed to me and my child. He sent Mr Sam to give me a check of ten million as a paid off money. I wanted to proof stubborn at first by rejecting the money and claiming to but Mr Sam warned me against it if I didn’t want to vanish into a thin air. I accepted my fate and moved on with my life and my baby. But Mr Sam never left us. He became a father to my daughter and was seen with us on a regular basis. He was a disciplined and responsible man, because he never ask me out even for once but his presence in our lives as a male figure gade us a sense of security. I didn’t know how his family got a hint of it because I was living in this town while Mr Sam and his family were living in the Capitol city where the company was situated. Hell was let loose! I was aware if the court case and the verdict given by the judge but what baffled me was why Mr Sam refused to open up to his family about the paternity of my daughter and he also warned me sternly never to reveal my daughter’s identify to anyone if I value my life and tgsy of my daughter’s.

“…. that’s why Matha is bearing your maiden name “Gold” and not “Adele”….I put in and she nodded.

No wonder God said there was a mystery behind the issue and that Matha was going to be a part of my future.

“During their challenging period, Charles and his sister traced me to my shop and come often to fight me so because of this I relocated my shop and since then I had not set my eyes on him until three days ago that I saw him at your graduation. I left early because I did not want his trouble because he never forgive me for destroying the peace of his family…”. She concluded.

“Madam Gold, are you aware that Mr Sam had a fatal accident which condemned him onto a wheelchair. He also lost one his children, Charles’ twin”

“Holy Moses!” She exclaimed. She put her hands on his head and increased her wailings.

I comforted her and Matha who had been weeping ever since her mother began her story. It was very obvious that she was hearing the history surrounding her birth for the first time in her life time. I pitied her.

I looked up and prayed silently for God to come and intervene. Then I felt the presence of the INTERPRETER. He told me not to reveal my identity until I get to the root of the matter. He also told me it was high time I left for the West because they were already waiting eagerky, for my arrival.

Someone might wonder why Matha didn’t know my surname as closed as we were. During my registration I deliberately dropped my family and stick to my father’s name to avoid too much of attention like my previous schools.

Charles called me on phone to know the outcome of the meeting but I told him that until we see face to face because such information should not be disclosed on phone. I told him we needed to get to his father as soon as possible so. He promised to take two weeks leave from his company. I also wrote a permission letter to the officers in charge of the national service to give me two weeks to attend to a domestic issues that had to do with my life. They granted us both the leave and the Sunday of the following week met us on the high way leading to the Western region of my dear country.

To be continued…

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