Tempted To Fall

(episode 6)

When a person genuinely loves and put their faith/trust in you but you pay that person back by betraying him/her in return, it actually just shows how unworthy and undeserving you are of their love and trust. Vincent and Dora’s betrayal to Natasha simply showed that they didn’t deserve her loyalty and love as a friend or wife. Most people might want to single ‘Vincent’ out of the whole drama because he didn’t actually get intimately involved with Dora; which is true, but why entertain something you don’t like or want to be a part of? Why did he allow Dora to play and mess with his mind for long when he could have just ended everything by telling Natasha the whole truth? It just goes far to show that he secretly enjoyed everything and would have had a piece of the ‘Home Wrecker’ if locked up in a room with her. Being indecisive is a decision and it’s apparent that Vincent made a choice to be harassed by Dora.. Period!

That fateful evening was probably the day God wanted to bring all their dirty deeds to light. It was time for innocent Natasha to be aware of what has been going on right under her nose. That day would make or break so many things in the life of the couple and all we can do is hope that no permanent damage is done.

As Natasha stood there dumbfounded and looking entirely confused, Vincent walked out of the shower just in time to see her looking shocked while holding his phone. Immediately he saw her like that, his heart dropped as he walked closer to her. “What’s it? Why do you look like someone who has seen a ghost and why are you holding my phone?” the confused man curiously inquired but no reply was forth coming.

The fact that Natasha looked lost as she silently muttered some words that Vincent couldn’t hear properly, got him very scared. He moved closer and tapped her shoulder in a bid to get her attention and that was when she finally spoke out. “So this is how you pay me back for everything I have done for you? Isn’t this Dora that I see her nudes on your phone? I might behave dumb but I sure know I aren’t stupid or blind. So you have not only been cheating on me but you decide to do it with my best friend? Vincent why?” Natasha soberly said as tears fell off her eyes.

On seeing that there was serious fire on the mountain, Vincent had to act fast just to cover up the story a little bit. “Babe I can explain, that isn’t Dora I swear” he lied but Natasha clearly wasn’t ready to believe his lying self. Without even trying to argue, she opened his phone and immediately dialed the number that sent the nudes.

As the phone rang, Vincent’s heart dropped because he was scared to the brim. He silently prayed all the prayers he knew how to pray, just for Dora not to pick up the call but ran out of luck this time around because the reverse was the case.

After ringing for a while, the call connected and the first thing Natasha heard was “Do you like the photo? I just wanted to give you something sexy to look at this night because I’m very sure my friend would be putting on grandma clothes”. Immediately the person was done talking, Natasha already knew that voice and needed no seer to tell her that it was the voice of her friend of over seven (7) years. Devastated and shocked, she called out her name just so the home wrecker would know that she had been busted. “Dora so it’s truly you? Wow!” Natasha said and before she knew it, the call ended.

When a person from your inner circle betrays you, it hits differently than when someone not too close to you hurts you. What did Dora gain by doing what she did? Was her 7 years old friendship with Natasha not worth letting go of any envy or lustful desire she had for Vincent? Why jeopardise a friendship as priceless as that without thinking twice? To be honest, Dora didn’t try at all and deserved whatever was coming her way.

With the Cat finally out of the Bag, Vincent had no other option than to come clean and surrender. “Babe, please let me explain” he soberly said as he watched tears fall uncontrollably from his wife’s eyes. At that moment, Natasha was still trying to digest the bitter truth that her husband and best friend have been having an affair. There were just so many thoughts in her mind as she broke down in tears. After about a minute of crying bitterly, she finally managed to vent her anger.

“Why did you do this to me? After all I have done for you and our family? I let go of myself just to hold us all together, I forgot my needs because I was too busy taking care of your needs and that of our son, I ignored myself just because I was too busy giving you and our son my undivided attention, I lost myself just because I was too occupied in the world that revolved around only you and our son. I don’t deserve this Vincent, of all the people you could have cheated on me with you chose my best friend. Why so cruel and heartless? What else do you want from me that I haven’t already given to you? After all my sacrifice, you weren’t still satisfied? Why Vincent? Why?” Natasha soberly said.
As Vincent watched his wife break down in front of him, his heart shattered and at that moment, it dawned on him that no lustful desire was worth his wife going through such mental breakdown. He was greatly hurt and didn’t even know where to start explaining himself from.

“Natasha I promise that I didn’t get intimate with your friend. She has been harassing me for a while now and I kept everything to myself just because I didn’t want to ruin your relationship with her. Everyday, she sends me a nude picture and I have succeeded in blocking over two of her numbers just so she can leave me alone but all to no avail. I haven’t touched her I promise you, please believe me even though my story might sound too good to be true” he soberly said.

At that moment, there was honestly nothing Vincent could do or say that would make Natasha believe any word that came out of his mouth. I mean, how was he going to convince the devastated lady that he hadn’t got intimately involved with a lady that was comfortable enough to send him nude photos? it was apparent that Natasha wasn’t buying into her husband’s half baked story and she didn’t hesitate to show her disapproval in what he was saying.

“I don’t trust any word that comes out of your mouth. So I am now a grandma right? How would Dora be comfortable enough to refer to me as ‘Grandma’ if you didn’t give her the audacity? So all these while you haven’t touched me is because you now see me as a grandma? You have totally forgotten that I am this way just because of you and our son. What happened to communication amongst couples? Why didn’t you lead me back towards the right direction when you realised that I was drifting apart? You promised to be there for me till the very end and yet you couldn’t even handle the slightest crisis that hit our marriage. I would ask you one question and I want nothing but the truth; are you still attracted to me like you were the very day you said ‘I Do’ to this union and promised a lifetime journey with me?” she soberly asked.

Finally, the moment of truth had come for Vincent to tell his wife that thing he had been holding back for a long time. He sadly looked into her eyes and dropped a bitter shocker; “No, it just isn’t the same anymore” he sadly revealed.

That shocking revelation shattered Natasha’s heart beyond .She smiled bitterly and sadly shook her head. “I can’t deal with this heart break with you in my face everyday so I’m leaving with my son since it’s now clear that we are two strangers living together in disguise of marriage” she said and stormed out of the room.

Immediately Natasha left the room, Vincent pursed her to stop her from going anywhere. “We can talk this out babe, just calm down please” he pleaded, but it was already too late because her mind was too broken to give their marriage a second chance. Since it was already getting dark, she was able to pack few things but Vincent wasn’t about to let her leave the house with their son. “Babe you are blowing this whole thing out of proportion, don’t you think? I didn’t say I was leaving this marriage or did I?” He curiously inquired but Natasha wasn’t ready for any emotional blackmail. “I can never be managed by a man I have given my all to. I need time alone to find myself again and decide if I still want this marriage or not. Please do yourself a favour and don’t stop me from leaving” she soberly said.

That night wasn’t funny at all as Natasha had already made up her mind to walk away from their marriage for sometime. After all said and done, she still left that evening with her son. Vincent knew where she was going to but couldn’t go with her. That day was highly devastating for the couple.

Vincent was very angry with Dora to the extent that he could have gotten into a serious quarrel or fight with her if she was present that day. The fact that he didn’t know Dora’s house saved her that day because he would have been there that night to create a big scene.

After that evening, Natasha totally went off the radar. She took a leave of absence from work just because she wasn’t ready to confront the heartless betrayer ‘Dora’ yet. Vincent knew where she was residing but couldn’t step his feet inside that place.

It took Natasha over 2 weeks to partially put herself together. Those two weeks consisted of sleepless nights, constant crying, heartache, hurt and regrets. She felt devastated for losing herself in the course of her marriage. She tried to find herself again and after being sober for a long time, she finally decided to take actions to bring her true self back.

After going back and forth, Natasha finally decided to do something that she had been scared of doing for a long time. One morning, she woke up early, entered her car and zoomed off. When she arrived at her destination, she walked towards the receptionist counter. “Good morning ma’am, you are welcome. How may we help you?” the receptionist greeted.

Natasha smiled faintly and confidently replied; “I’m here to register for gym class”

Tempted To Fall

(episode 7)

Change isn’t a rosy transformation because it requires high level of determination and a permanent ‘Goodbye’ to your comfort zone; this is one of the reasons a lot of people fear ‘Change’. Natasha knew very well that her recent negligence to the things that concerned her mental and physical well being was affecting her marriage but she paid deaf ears and refused to do anything about it. Why wait till something is broken before you fix it? What happened to fixing that issue immediately you identified the problem? It’s sad that Natasha allowed things to escalate the way it did before she realised that she needed to find herself again. Anyways, it’s better Late than Never!

It’s extremely refreshing knowing that Natasha was deliberately taking a step at a time to regain herself again. That gym class she was about registering for was a Big step towards her recovery journey. If she put in the work and stay dedicated, it’s just a matter of time and her Banging Hot Body will be back. That decision alone meant that she was ready to leave her comfort zone for a Change to take place. What a relief indeed!

Fortunately, Natasha was able to register for the gym class and training commenced with immediate effect. She was assigned to a good coach that knew the right exercise for every physical problem. He was highly motivational and was a source of strength to Natasha whenever she wanted to give up. In just two weeks, results began to show and it encouraged her the more to remain dedicated.

While Natasha was living her best life and finding herself gradually, Vincent was greatly troubled and wasn’t at peace. He wasn’t happy with the fact that he hadn’t seen his son and wife for over a month. He always stopped by at Natasha’s office everyday just to see if she would show up but she never did.

Whenever Vincent visited Natasha’s office, he usually bumped into Dora and it was always an awkward experience. Each time he set his eyes on the woman that was behind his misery, the rage he felt within would worsen. To be honest, if not for the fact that Vincent was a gentleman, he would have given Dora the beatings of her life in one of those days. In order not to create a scene, he usually respected himself and just ignored her.

On the other hand, Dora was also going through intense guilt like never before. The fact that her evil secret was now in the open was what made her sober. If Natasha hadn’t found out about their secret affair, I bet Dora would still be sending nudes to Vincent. She was now remorseful because she realised that she had lost both her best friend and also any chance of making Vincent hers. it was a total loss for the home wrecker because she lost on both ends and was left with no one to fall back on. It’s apparent that Dora didn’t think her actions through but it was too late to retrace her steps.

Another thing that got Dora more worried and scared was the confrontation that was ahead, between Natasha and her. The nervous lady kept praying for that day to never come because she didn’t know how she would face her best friend whom she betrayed.

Any day Natasha didn’t show up for work, Dora would take a deep breath and say a silent prayer of gratitude because she wasn’t ready for that dreadful confrontation at all. She was always absent-minded during work hours and hardly ever concentrated on work activities. Each time she bumped into Vincent, she would hide her face in shame and ensure to leave that area fast to avoid further eye contacts. Unfortunately, it was just the beginning of Dora’s misery because more was coming.

While Vincent and Dora were battling with their conscience, Natasha was greatly regaining her self worth, dignity and physical appearance. It was already up to a month since she started her fitness journey and mental health therapy and it was amazing how tremendously well she was doing. Her body looked snatched and her glow was unrecognisable.

To be honest, Natasha had done well and needed accolades. The beautiful thing was that no one had seen her yet; except maybe her family members. Her new growth and glow was kept a secret because she needed enough time to completely digest everything before revealing to the world.

Regardless of the good new developments going on in Natasha’s life, she was still bothered and worried about what decision to take as regards her marriage. Despite the fact that she wanted her marriage to work, she still felt betrayed by the two people who were supposed to have her back. It was going to take a while for Natasha to finally decide on what she wanted to do with Vincent and Dora, but for the meantime, she was enjoying her glow and snatched body.

Finally, it was time for Natasha to return back to work after over 5 weeks of being absent. She still wasn’t ready to return to her matrimonial home but was ready to go back to work. All the while she was away, Vincent still hadn’t seen her nor his son but he knew they were staying in a two bedroom property Natasha secured a while ago as an investment. He wanted to pay them a visit so bad but couldn’t do so because Natasha blocked all access to he had to her. It wasn’t an easy time for the confused man but he still had a little hope in his marriage but I guess he was in for a serious shocker by the time he sees the new Natasha.

The main reason Vincent wasn’t going after his wife and kid the way he rightly should have done was because of the loss of interest he had for Natasha due to the lost spark in their marriage. However, he had no clue that she had snapped back and was looking even more healthy, beautiful, snatched and hotter than ever. If only Vincent knew what had been happening behind closed doors, then I believe he would have put in more effort to get his family back. Well, the big reveal was about to go down and no one saw it coming at all.

The D-day finally came and it was on a Monday morning. On that day, Dora came in early for work and was seated in her office when she overheard people happily greeting and praising someone at that entrance. Curious to know what was happening, she walked down to the entrance to find out what was going on.

Immediately Dora got to the entrance, she became more confused as she got closer to the scene. She kept arguing within herself that it wasn’t whom she thought it was. When she got closer enough to confirm her doubts, her mouth was left wide open and her palms instantly became sweaty. Lo & Behold, It was no other person than the New Natasha.

Immediately Dora fully walked into the entrance, Natasha turned and their eyes jammed. At that moment, Dora wished the group would just open and swallow her up because the shame was too much for her to bear. “Natasha, is this truly you?” she shamefully asked.

Without hesitating, Natasha gave her a befitting reply. She smiled faintly and said; “Not the Natasha you used to know”.

Tempted To Fall (episode 8)

The best pay-back revenge is SUCCESS. When people undermine or degrade you, the best way to react is to become a better version of yourself. Crying yourself to sleep over any negative situation you face will only make you weak and incompetent to face the battles of life because believe me, these battles are inherent and will always pay you a visit every now and then. In this life you have to be very tough and strong because challenges isn’t for the weak at heart. It’s OK to break down when you face negative crisis, but make sure to get back up with a renewed enthusiasm to face that problem head on.

When Natasha found out about the betrayal done by her husband and best friend, she could have continued wallowing in pain till eternity and would have probably played the blame game but that wasn’t the case for the grieved woman. Instead of being bitter, she channelled all the pain she was feeling towards a better course. This life never gets fair but we can determine how we react towards every situation and also ensure to make the best out of it.

Finally, the long awaited dreaded confrontation was about to go down and I bet Dora wasn’t ready for what was coming her way at all. That reply Natasha gave her was just the beginning. It took the shameless home wrecker a while to fully digest the shocking reality that was right in front of her. Not in a thousand years did Dora ever imagine such ‘Banging Body’ on Natasha, so it definitely took her by surprise. Dora was jaw-drop shocked and had to take a minute to fully warp her head around everything.

“Welcome Natasha…erm, ermmn we didn’t know we were coming in today, you are looking very beautiful my friend” Dora nervously said. One look at Dora and everyone present could tell that she was highly uncomfortable and tensed. Since their colleagues had no idea of what was going on, they quickly waived the awkwardness and dispatched to their various duty post.

With everyone out of the scene, the two ladies were now the only ones remaining. Natasha’s happy countenance instantly vanished and tears clouded her eyes afterwards. “Why Dora? Why on earth did you betray me like that? I trusted you with all my heart and loved you like a sister, how could you do a thing like that to me? After all these years of friendship, you decide to be a fool, snake and a hypocrite. Get the hell out of my face you shameless slut; I have a paying job to get to unlike you that goes around sending nude pictures to people’s husbands for free” Natasha angrily said and stormed out of the office entrance without even giving Dora any chance to say anything.

Immediately Natasha walked out, Dora stood there looking completely devastated and lost. She held her chest as she struggled to catch some breath. The receptionist who was at the other end, eavesdropped on their conversation. The lady heard everything and walked back to her duty post after Natasha had left. She kept giving Dora side eyes till the devastated home wrecker caught the weird stare and walked away too.

That day was the beginning of Dora’s reputation downfall because gossips started flying around the office that she sends nude pictures to married men and also tried to snatch Natasha’s husband. It was just a matter of 2 days before the gossip got to everyone’s ears and the fact that Natasha and Dora wasn’t in talking terms all of a sudden, further proved the rumours right.

Ever since Natasha resumed work, Dora had been Trying to have a private one on one talk with her, so as to explain everything and also apologise but all to no avail. Natasha didn’t even want to be in the same space with Dora, talk more of having any conversation with her or whatsoever. The betrayal stripes and pain were still very fresh to Natasha so she didn’t want to complicate her healing process.

After about a week of work resumption, words got to Vincent that his wife was back to work. He was very happy and relieved when he received the information. He couldn’t wait for the next day to visit her office so they could see after over two (2) months of being apart. There were so many thoughts on Vincent’s mind because he didn’t know how Natasha would react when she sees him. Despite being scared of the unknown, he still gathered the courage to face his wife once and for all so they could determine the fate of their marriage. It was a long shot but worth trying!

Towards evening period the next day, Vincent set out to Natasha’s office. As he drove down there, his heart raced non-stop but he still managed to maintain a positive attitude. The fact that Dora also worked there worsen everything for Vincent because he knew that his wife was definitely not in talking terms with her. Regardless of everything, the worried man still maintained a positive attitude.

At around 4pm, Vincent arrived at Natasha’s working place. Since everyone knew that he was married to her, they allowed him into her office without first calling to inform her that she had a visitor. Despite the fact that majority of the people in that office were aware of what was going on between Dora and the couple, they kept mute and pretended as though they knew nothing. A Broadway show was about to go down that day but I guess no one saw it coming.

At around 4:16pm, there was a knock on Natasha’s office door and she reluctantly told the person to come in. Immediately the door opened, there was pin drop silence afterwards. Natasha’s heart dropped when she set her eyes on her estranged husband and didn’t know when tears clouded her eyes as she stared at him in total disgust.

On the other hand, Vincent couldn’t believe his eyes at all because the woman he was seeing didn’t look like the Natasha that walked away from his house few months back. His mouth was wide open and the shock in his eyes were highly evident.

Just as Vincent was about to go down on his knees to rain apologies to his wife, the door opened and someone majestically walked in.

They all looked to see who it was and Lo & Behold, it was no other person than ‘Dora Dora’.

Tempted To Fall (episode 9)

Semi final


No matter how much we try to avoid certain situations, it sadly still occurs and most times we find ourselves unready to face it. In as much as Natasha has been avoiding any interaction with Dora like a plague, it still happened regardless and the fact that Vincent was present, made the whole situation even more tensed and complicated. The confrontation of a lifetime was about to go down but it’s quite apparent that non of them was ready for it at all.

Immediately Dora entered Natasha’s office, Vincent got up from his knees and stood opposite his wife’s desk. When Dora saw both of them together, she instantly became tensed and began to panic. “I didn’t know you have a visitor, I think I will come back later” she said.

When Dora said that and wanted to leave, Natasha immediately chipped in and stopped her. “There’s no need leaving because you are already here” she said and Dora stayed back. The atmosphere was tensed and awkward as everyone tried to avoid eye contacts. Vincent was really uncomfortable but had to take the lead and break the silence. “I’m glad you both are here so I can clear myself and be justified. Dora, please tell my wife all that happened and also tell her if we ever made love. Please talk now and ensure to say nothing but the truth” he soberly said.

After keeping mute for a while, Dora took a deep breath and began to explain. “Natasha, firstly I want to say ‘Sorry’ to you and also acknowledge that I messed up big time. It all started back when we were still in school, I have always loved Vincent and greatly envied your relationship with him. I felt he was rightfully mine because he saw me first before approaching you that day but somehow became yours. Since then, I found it difficult to completely let go because I still had hope that one day he would be mine. When I realised that your marriage was gradually hitting the rocks, I saw it as an opportunity to strike and take what rightfully belonged to me. Vincent never requested for my nudes and have never led me on. At a time, he almost gave in but God stepped in and stopped whatever could have happened that day. Vincent loves and respects you so much because if he didn’t, then he would have fallen easily but that wasn’t the case. I am very sorry Natasha and would give up just anything to receive your forgiveness. I know you might never trust me again and I take the blame for that but sincerely need your forgiveness. Please my friend” she soberly said.

When Dora was done talking, Natasha shook her head in disbelief and strongly held herself from crying. Dora’s revelation was quite shocking and disheartening. In as much as Natasha was still very angry and hurt with her husband and Ex best friend, she somehow felt sorry for Dora for reasons unknown; probably because she could imagine what her supposed ‘best friend’ went through emotionally all those years.

After digesting the information properly, Natasha finally spoke up; “So all these years you were never truly my friend? I am asking because if you were, then you would have gotten over your feelings for my husband and wish me well rather than try to break my home. Friends are meant to build each other up and not tear each other apart. I understand your feelings was involved in all this but did you ever for once think about me? Did you think about my own feelings and also how my child would feel if you took his dad away for your own selfish reasons? If the table turned and I was in your shoes, I would never hurt you the way you have done to me. For crying out loud, there are so many men walking the surface of this earth so why didn’t you get over your feelings for my husband at least after we got married? This is the height of betrayal and I don’t ever think things would be the same again for us. I don’t hate you and have forgiven you but I just hope you truly forgive yourself when it finally dawns on you that you lost a good friend and sister that can do absolutely anything for you. Just so you know, I have requested for transfer and will be leaving this branch next week. I wish you all the best and would appreciate it if you leave my office now” she sadly said.

At that moment, it’s safe to say that Dora and Natasha’s relationship had finally come to the end of the road. It was a sad parting indeed but it had to be so because their friendship will never be the same again after that incident. There’s no way Natasha would trust Dora ever again after what she had done; it was a permanent scar that would take Forever to heal.

Unfortunately, Dora had to leave the office after Natasha was done with her speech. It was a shameful exit but it had to be done because any other action or interaction made by Dora about the issue might trigger a harsh reaction from Natasha. She shamefully walked away, so as to give Vincent and his wife the privacy she interrupted

With Dora gone, Vincent locked the door to avoid any other interruption and fell on his knees afterwards. Tears slowly fell off his eyes as he looked into his sober wife’s eyes. Natasha’s heart had soften by then so Vincent figured it was the best time to make amends with her and also ask for her forgiveness. “Babe, I am so sorry for everything and I take full responsibility and blame. I should have been a better and supportive husband to you but failed woefully when you needed me the most. I’m so sorry that I wasn’t there for you at your lowest point. Please forgive me and give us a second chance for the sake of our son. Please I beg you” he soberly said.

There were just so many thoughts going through Natasha’s mind at that moment. Despite the fact that she wanted her husband back, she didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. She was still going through a journey of self recovery and didn’t want anyone to temper with her growth or peace of mind. With this in consideration, it’s apparent that Vincent had a lot of work to do than the heartfelt speech he gave on his knees.

After being speechless for a while, Natasha finally managed to say something. “I honestly can’t deal with you right now and would appreciate it if you leave too. For the first time in a long while, I am finally putting myself first so I wouldn’t want to jeopardise that priceless practice and feeling. I miss my family and want us back but don’t think accepting you back is the right action to take now. Please leave my office because I am about to round up for today. I’ll tell our son you sent your greetings” she calmly said. Without arguing much, Vincent pecked her on the cheek and sadly walked away.

With Vincent and Dora gone, Natasha broke down in tears. She sobbed bitterly for a while before closing for the day and heading home. It was such an emotion filled day for each of them and it made them sober. Dora burst into tears immediately she got home and Vincent was down all through the remaining hours of that day; same with Natasha’s too. It wasn’t an easy development for everyone to digest but the deed was already been done.

Just as mentioned, Natasha was transferred a week later to another branch in town where she wouldn’t be bumping into Dora everyday. The best way to heal from a heartbreak or betrayal faster is to totally cut off from that person and avoid places you can see or bump into them. This helps your healing process and also saves you the stress of having reopened wounds each time you see the cause of your pain. Natasha made a good decision to go away from anything that constantly threatened her peace and healing.

Days turned to weeks and Vincent still hadn’t gotten his family back. It was greatly eating him up because he missed his family more than words could say. Unable to bear the loneliness and pain any longer, the desperate man paid his wife an unexpected visit one fateful night.

It happened one day that Vincent was restless all through because he missed his family dearly. As evening drew near, he couldn’t take it any longer so he got into his car and headed straight to Natasha’s house. When he arrived at the small bungalow estate, the gateman let him in because they knew who he was. After gaining access into the estate, he walked straight to his wife’s bungalow and knocked on the door.

As Vincent knocked, his heart skipped several beats because he didn’t know the reaction he will get from Natasha when she eventually opens the door. After three (3) knocks, the door opened and she was shocked to see her husband standing there.

Before Natasha could fully express her surprised state, Vincent held her by the waist and hurriedly planted a passionate kiss on her lips.

Tempted To Fall

(episode 10)
Last episode!

To err is human but to forgive is divine. No relationship is perfect and completely without flaws and down times. Before committing to any relationship, bear it at the back of your mind that things will not always be rosy because life can be unpredictable. With this in check, you will be prepared for whatever uncertainty lies ahead. It’s quite unfortunate that Vincent wasn’t prepared for the down times of his marriage; hence the reason he couldn’t support his wife through her vulnerable and bad times. Also, Natasha didn’t come prepared too because if she did, she would have equally put in effort to restore the spark in her marriage after child birth. It’s apparent that the both of them where at fault but it’s highly commendable that they were finally working on their marriage.

The passionate kiss Vincent gave his wife that fateful evening was unexpected but Natasha had no will power to stop it. To be honest, she had missed her husband equally and wanted him so bad; just as he wanted her too. They kissed passionately for a while at the door entrance before finding their way to the soft couch in the living room.

As the atmosphere became thick and overwhelming with diverse feelings and emotions, Natasha knew that the deed was about to go down. Are you aware of how long she had been longing for Vincent’s touch? It’s been over 10 months since they made love last, so just imagine how starved they both where. The only thing that was on Vincent’s mind that night was to intimately bond with his wife again. After a long while of romancing and kissing the living day light out of each other, they finally gave in and made love.

What a relief indeed that these two lovebirds finally renewed the dead spark in their marriage. Just when it felt as though all hope was lost, they came back stronger than ever to save their dying marriage. After this trial, it’s apparent that there’s nothing again that can tear them apart.

After a wonderful reunion with intense pleasure, they laid on the couch gasping for breath. Their baby was fast asleep so the couple were able to have an alone time with each other. As they cuddled, Vincent raised Natasha’s chin up and looked into her shiny eyes. “Baby, I still feel like I need to apologise to you over again because I messed up Big time. You deserve better than what I did to you and I don’t think I will forgive myself anytime soon. I am so sorry my love and I want my family back. Please come back home with me, everything just feels so empty without you and my son” he soberly said.

Immediately Vincent was done talking, Natasha held him tighter and laid her head on his chest. “I thought I lost you. It was the worst ten (10) months of my life when we drifted apart and were almost like strangers in the same house. I knew something was wrong and I somehow knew what the problem was but just needed someone to motivate and support me through it all. You and Dora were the right people that could have helped me find myself again but you both failed. I felt lonely and depressed most days but had reasons to smile whenever I looked at our son. Shared on whatsapp by Martino. I miss my family too and will be more than happy to go back to my matrimonial home; just promise to never give me another reason to leave because that might be the final trip of no return. Hold me tight and never let go of me as I promise to hold on to you forever too” she gently said.

When the two love birds were done reaffirming their love for each other, they sealed it with another passionate kiss. It was such a beautiful day with a positive outcome. Vincent had to spend the night at Natasha’s house because he needed to bond with his wife and son again. What a relief at last!

The following day, Vincent packed their luggage into his car and zoomed off to their matrimonial home, while Natasha prepared her son for daycare and took him with her as she left for work. Before leaving the house, she locked up everywhere and informed the estate security officials that she was leaving. They bid her ‘Goodbye’ as she drove off that fateful day after Vincent had left earlier.

While Natasha drove to her son’s day care, she kept blushing and singing for joy to the Lord for restoring the spark in her marriage again. Whenever she fantasised about the love making that happened the night before, she would smile faintly and blush afterwards. It was truly a thing of joy for the married lady that hadn’t been touched by her husband for over ten months. It wasn’t a pleasant period for her but she was now happy the torture was over.

Throughout that day at work, Natasha wore a wide smile and had a happy countenance. It didn’t take long for everyone to notice the beaming glow in the happy lady.

Later that day, Vincent picked his son from day-care and stopped by at Natasha’s office to give her lunch. That little gesture doubled her happiness and made her heart glad. That day was the beginning of a new dawn in their marriage.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and their marriage union waxed stronger and became more blissful. Natasha was committed to her fitness routine and never missed a gym session for one day. Her body suddenly became goals and hotter than ever. Vincent felt so lucky to have a wife with full package. He had eyes for only his wife to the extent that no other lady meant anything to him. Their once dying marriage surprisingly became an envy to many and remained that way.

What happened to Dora? Well, she moved on but things never remained the same because she couldn’t forgive herself for losing such a rare friend like Natasha. Unfortunately, Natasha and her family completely cut ties with Dora. They never spoke or contacted her again since they had that confrontation in Natasha’s office. Dora was forgiven long time by the couple but she never completely forgave herself. Hopefully, someday she genuinely changes her ways and find the courage to forgive herself and move on. Until then will she find total peace of mind.

A relationship isn’t a bed of roses. It requires two matured people who are willing to support and love each other no matter what life throws at them. No relationship is perfect so cherish the stripes of your own and strive to make it better.

Having friends in our lives is a priceless feeling because we all need someone to lean on every now and then, however, always ask God for the spirit of discernment to detect who loves you for real and who is hiding in sheep clothes. Always advice yourself first before you seek advice from others because you can never lie to yourself but can be deceived by another person.

Finally, whatever happens in life, never let go of your true self and take a different identity regardless of any circumstance because You are all You Have Got!


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