*Tempted To Fall

(episode* 1)

Temptations often comes in different forms and can be avoided if we simply stay far away from what tempts us; but how difficult can it be if the tempter is a person in your inner circle and someone very close to you? Worst still, your wife’s best friend? Believe me when I say the easiest way a person can destroy you is when they come into your life in disguise as a friend or loved one. It’s quite difficult for an outsider to hurt you, but very easy for someone who is close. This tale is filled with betrayal, temptations, hurt, pain and disappointment so buckle up and join me as we go down the memory lane of a man by name Vincent.

Several years ago in a busy city lived Vincent and his beautiful wife ‘Natasha’. They got married after few years of courting and were excited at the thought of starting a new family together. Natasha loved and adored her husband with all her heart. They lived an average comfortable life and were contended with what they had as a family. Money wasn’t an issue in their union because they both had decent jobs and earned good salaries.

A year after their wedding, Natasha took in and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Joy like never before filled the hearts of these newly weds and everyone shared in their happiness.

Being a proud father of a lovely baby boy, Vincent was highly pleased with his wife and made sure she never lacked anything she needed. He made every effort to be there for her and his child and also provided their needs.

Despite the fact that everything seemed to be going perfectly well initially in their marriage, things gradually began to change and take a different turn when Natasha stopped taking good care of her outer appearance. She hardly attended to her looks, she wore any dress that was in sight whenever she wanted to go out and hardly visited the saloon to get her hair done. The only thing Natasha gave more concern to was her child and husband.

The sad thing about the new development was that Natasha lost herself at the expenses of being there for her family. She probably felt she was doing her husband and son a good thing by neglecting herself for their sake, but didn’t know that she was indirectly pushing her man away.

On the other hand, Vincent didn’t do too well as a caring husband that he was. When he noticed that his wife wasn’t taking proper care of her outward appearance because of her family, the least he could have done was to communicate the truth to her and reposition her towards the right direction; but instead, he was mute and only harboured the disappointment within.

After maternity leave, Natasha returned back to work and to her normal life before the birth of her child. It wasn’t easy for the nursing mother to adjust back into the work setting but her beloved best friend ‘Dora’ was there to make things a bit easy for her.

Before the ‘MRS’ title got attached to Natasha’s name, Dora has been there in her life as they have been friends since Fresh Man year in the university. Dora was Natasha’s ride or die partner; they loved each other just as they loved themselves and were always there for one another at all times. Both ladies were in their early thirties but the difference between them was that Natasha was married while Dora wasn’t.

As a married woman, Natasha gradually drifted apart from Dora but they always tried to catch up on everything whenever they were together. Dora was a typical extrovert and more lively and outspoken than Natasha was. After the baby’s delivery, Dora was one person that helped Natasha with work related activities back at the office since they both worked in the same firm.

“Yummy mummy, how’s my God Son?” Dora asked on Natasha’s first day back to work. “He’s fine, I thought you said you were coming over last weekend, what happened?” Natasha inquired, “My dear, I was caught up with a lot of activities last week and couldn’t make it. Don’t worry, I must definitely stop by this weekend” Dora replied. They tried to catch up on the happenings in each other’s life and retired back to work after a while of reuniting.

Being a good friend, Dora assisted Natasha with work related activities that day and also covered up for her when she went to pick her son from day care. Their friendship looked genuine and highly supportive but will it remain that way for long? Well, we will find out as time goes on.
It happened that Dora paid Natasha an unexpected visit that weekend; It was on a Sunday afternoon. Felicia was in the kitchen cooking when the door bell rang; “Hey babe, please can you get the door?” she shouted on top of her voice to her husband who was in the living room at the time. “Ok!” Vincent tiredly said and got up from where he sat. He walked to the door and opened it only to see his wife best friend standing there looking extremely beautiful. “Hi Dora, I didn’t know you were coming over. Welcome, please come in” he warmly said, “Oh sorry about that, It’s just that my work wouldn’t let me live a bit; so glad to see you” she responded and majestically walked inside the living room.

With Dora seated, Vincent went to inform his wife that her friend was in the living room. Out of excitement, Natasha hurried up with the cooking she was doing and finally went to see her friend who had been chatting with Vincent for a while. “See who decided to come to my house today, my dear you look great” Natasha happily said when she walked into the living room. “My dear, I know it’s been a long time coming and certainly something I should have done a while ago but you know how work can be at the office” Dora chipped in and they both laughed.

As both ladies chit chatted, Vincent excused himself and gently walked away. As he walked out, Dora stole glances at him and couldn’t help but admire his jaw-dropping physique and charisma. Unable to hold back her attraction towards Vincent, she unknowingly voiced out. “Your husband is really looking good, I must confess. What have you been feeding him my friend?” Dora playfully inquired and Natasha blushed; “It’s God’s doing my dear because I have lost it since I had my baby” she replied.

Due to Natasha’s statement about ‘losing it’, Dora immediately picked interest and probed further. “What do you mean by ‘you have lost it’? Is everything OK back here?” Dora curiously inquired. At first, Felicia didn’t want to talk about her personal life to her friend, but had to do so regardless because Dora wouldn’t stop probing her to talk. “Well, it’s just that I don’t feel attractive anymore and I have been suffering from post patrume depression of late. I hardly take care of myself like I used to and my husband hasn’t touched me for a while now. I’m so scared of losing him to someone else and honestly don’t know what to do about the condition I have found myself in” Natasha soberly said.

With that being said, Dora tried to comfort her friend by telling her that everything was going to be alright. I believe Dora could have done more than just comforting Natasha. She could have suggested a way out of the depression and also help her friend to regain back her self confidence. Well, I guess it’s because she probably had an ulterior motive and finally saw that weakness as leverage to execute her evil deeds.

Just so you know, Dora has always had eyes for Vincent and harboured a little envy in her heart for Natasha. Dora usually felt that Vincent would have chosen her that fateful day he met Natasha because he saw her first. Despite all efforts to try and accept the hard truth that he was now married to her best friend, she just couldn’t move on completely. Regardless of all the secret pains and envy, that didn’t stop Dora from still being a good friend to Natasha.

Now, we all know that the mind controls a huge percentage of our actions, so it inevitable for that tiny harboured pain not to control Dora’s actions. Little wonder why she couldn’t offer actual solutions to Natasha’s depression issues, but rather comforted her with mere words without any form of action to back the situation up. It’s just a matter of time before that tiny envy grows into something big and eventually consumes her.

It was such a beautiful friendly meeting at Natasha’s house and it was sadly time for Dora to take her leave because it was getting dark outside. “I have to go home now, we have a long day tomorrow at the office so I better start preparing” Dora said, “How do you intend going home? Should I get you an Uber?” Natasha inquired and Dora accepted the kind gesture.

Coincidentally, Vincent was heading out to run some errands when his wife asked if he could help drop Dora off. “Babe please help drop my friend off, she is leaving now too” Natasha innocently said, “Sure, where would you be alighting?” he asked Dora and she told him to drop her off at a very popular junction close to her house. Both ladies bid each other ‘Goodbye’ as they parted and smiled while at it. Shortly afterwards, the car zoomed out.

While in the car, Dora tried to strike a conversation between herself and Vincent. “It’s really been a while, how have you been for real?” she asked, “I have been good, there have been ups and downs but we thank God” he replied, “What ups and downs? Can you share?” she continued. Vincent paused for a while because he didn’t want to share his personal life issues with his wife’s friend. He told her not to bother but she kept persisting that he talk. “Don’t worry, it’s all good” he chipped in after much persistence.

Deep down in Vincent’s heart, he couldn’t wait to get to where Dora was going so he could drop her off. After over 20 minutes drive, he finally got to her destination and stopped the car for her to alight. “We are here now, it was nice seeing you today” Vincent nervously said as he tried to avoid eye contacts with Dora. She looked towards his direction and smiled mischievously. “What are you afraid of?” she asked in a seductive tone, “Nothing, why asking?” he inquired, “I feel you are scared of the possibility of something happening; something you have thought of and probably want” she bluntly replied.

Those words pierced Vincent’s heart and rendered his ability to reason properly powerless. He turned for the first time and looked right into Dora’s eyes. As he sat there trying to put his words together, she leaned forward and whispered “I’ll always be here for you” into his ears.

Immediately Dora did that, she winked and opened the car door. She alighted and walked majestically as she entered her street. Vincent sat there dumbfounded and speechless, he couldn’t take his eyes off her as she walked away.

When Dora was out of sight, Vincent shockingly held his chest and manhood and wondered to himself; “What just happened?”.

Tempted To Fall

(episode 2)

There’s a popular saying that when temptation comes knocking on your door, the best thing to do is ‘Flee!’. When it comes to temptation, there shouldn’t be any room for negotiation because any minute you waste trying to overcome or manage the situation is highly risky; as you can lose the battle and yield to the temptation. The most deceptive thing about temptation is that it most often looks harmless till you are overpowered and the deeds gets done. This simple reason is why you should flee at the slightest detect of a negative temptation.

For all we know, Dora hasn’t done anything yet that was cable of raising eye brows and suspicion yet but clearly, she was up to something evil and her actions said it loudly. Why on earth would a lady whisper such seductive and manipulative words to her best friend husband’s ears? What did she truly mean by telling Vincent that she was going to be there whenever he needed her? Why stir up smoke if you have no intention of starting a fire? It was clear that Dora wasn’t a good friend after all, as she was using the weakness of her dear friend ‘Natasha’ against her.

I believe if Natasha hadn’t confided in Dora about the ups and downs in her marriage due to the birth of her child, she wouldn’t have put up such nasty attitude towards Vincent. It’s apparent that Dora figured that their marriage was going through a rough path and that Vincent wasn’t finding his wife as attractive as she used to be, so Dora figured it was the best time to strike. Too bad we can’t trust a lot of people these days; as there are so many wolves in sheep clothing.

After that awkward incident in the car, Vincent was lost in thoughts for a while before putting himself together and driving off to his initial destination. That incident was a little secret he hide from his wife for reasons known to him. It could be that his reasons for keeping mute was because he didn’t want to jeopardise a long time relationship between Natasha and Dora, or it could also be that he had started developing some feelings for the desperate home breaker. Well, we will definitely find out as we read on.

The next day at work, Dora was a bit nervous, as she felt Vincent might have told Natasha about what transpired between them the night before. Her conscience kept pricking her and her plams were sweaty all morning as she waited for her friend to report to work so she could confirm her fears.

“See our yummy mummy, how are you dear?” Dora asked immediately her friend walked into the office that day. Natasha smiled and extended her greetings too and they both exchanged nice compliments towards each other. As they conversed, Martha indirectly observed her friend’s actions to see if there would be anything fishy but there wasn’t. Her heart automatically calmed down when there wasn’t any sign or suspicious reaction from Natasha to prove that Vincent spilled their little secret.

What a relief Dora felt knowing that what happened the previous day in Vincent’s car was between both of them. Matter of fact, she began to conclude that he actually wanted her the same way she wanted him. The fact that Vincent concealed their little secret, went a long extent to prove to her that he wanted more.

Now to be fair, it was kind of too quick for Dora to conclude yet that her best friend’s husband wanted an affair too and was in the same page with her. For all we knew at this point, he probably kept quiet because he was trying to save his wife’s relationship with her best friend and not necessarily for any ulterior motive. Until proven otherwise, Vincent was still a faithful husband to Natasha.

After a hectic day at work that fateful day, Dora got into a friendly conversation with Natasha but had ulterior motives for every question she asked. “About what you told me yesterday, has there been any improvement between you and hubby?” Dora asked and Natasha sighed in disappointment; “My dear, I wish I had good news but sadly, things are still the same. At this point I feel like I have lost him completely” she sadly said.

Deep down in Dora’s heart, she was a bit happy because the more Vincent drifted apart from Natasha, the higher her chances to have a large piece of him. In order to still play the role of a supportive best friend, she gave her shoulders for Natasha to lie on and also used sweet words to calm her down. “Don’t worry, everything is going to be alright.hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more and exciting stories. You know men and how they behave. He would surely come back to his senses sooner or later, just give me some time and everything will come back as normal” Dora said.

When Natasha hinted that she was going on a diet to see if she could shade off some weight, Dora quickly kicked against the idea and advised her friend to live freely by eating whatever she wanted. What a friend!

You see, a friend close by can hurt you faster than an enemy far away. The fact that Dora was hiding under the shadow of friendship to carry out her evil scheme was beyond heartbreaking. What sort of a person would kick against a weight loss dieting that is intended to benefit her best friend and maybe bring back the lost spark in her marriage? It’s sad that Natasha couldn’t see through Dora to tell that she actually didn’t have her best interest at heart.

Days passed by and so did weeks and everyday, Dora planned of a way to get one step closer to having a bite of Vincent. She loved him to a fault and couldn’t help but admire the man that clearly belonged to someone else. Whenever she suggested on coming over to Natasha’s house to visit her God Son, something unexpected would happen and the plans will eventually get cancelled. It seemed as though God wanted to protect Natasha’s home but you know what they say about the devil working extremely harder to bring down God’s children, but one reassuring thing is that the will of God always prevails in all circumstances.

After several failed attempts to visit Natasha’s house, luck finally came knocking for the desperate home wrecker. Turns out that Natasha had an important meeting to attend to outside town one fateful day. Prior to that day, she called her supposed best friend and pleaded with her to help pick her son from day-care and take him home. Vincent would have done that but was also tied down with work meetings and wouldn’t be able to make it to the daycare on time. On seeing that it was the perfect opportunity to see and be alone in the same space with Vincent again, Dora gladly accepted the task.

By sharp 1pm that day, Dora hurried down to Natasha son’s day care to pick him up. The little boy was just 17 months old and needed to be taken home as soon as possible so he could eat and rest. Before then, Dora had already taken permission from her boss and told him that she might not be returning back to work later that day. With the little boy out of day care, they headed home straight.

Dora already had a spare key to Natasha’s house; the key was given to her earlier that day. She opened the door and quickly fixed lunch for the little boy to eat. After eating, he fell asleep and Dora took him to his room to lay down properly. With the toddler asleep, she retired to the parlour to rest and see a movie.

About an hour into the movie, the door bell rang and Dora went to open up the door. She knew deep down that it was Vincent but pretended otherwise so she could act surprised when she sees him.

On the other hand, Vincent knew that Dora was going to be around because Natasha informed him earlier that she would be picking their son from school. Immediately the door opened, he smiled faintly towards her. “Hey, how are you?” he managed to ask, “I’m fine, how was work today? You look tired and stressed, now let me help you with that bag” she said and collected the briefcase he was holding.

When they entered inside the house, Vincent asked of his son and Martha told him the little boy was fast asleep. He went to check and was relieved when he saw his son sleeping.

With Vincent back home, it was expected for Martha to leave but she wasn’t showing any sign of leaving just yet. She even went as far as fixing something for him to eat. “Come and sit dear, I prepared something for you” she said with a smile on her face, “Oh thanks, don’t worry I’ll eat later” he replied as he walked to the dining table where the food was set. He indirectly gave her signals that it was time to leave but she ignored them.

As the atmosphere gradually became awkward, Dora figured it was time to act fast for what she wanted. She was putting on a T-shirt and plain trouser, so she unbuttoned few of her buttons and exposed her cleavage. Vincent was quietly sitting in the living room when she walked in and sat very close to him on the same couch. He took a deep breath because the temptation right in front of him was enough to make him fall.

On seeing that Vincent was tensed and uncomfortable, Dora threw her legs across him and sat in a triangular way; facing her breasts directly to his face.

Before Vincent could say anything, Dora moved her chest and brushed her breasts on his face. “Ssshuu, just relax” she seductively said.

Tempted To Fall
(episode 3)

There’s nothing more confusing and difficult than trying to overcome a temptation you secretly crave for. In as much as Vincent didn’t want to commit adultery with his wife’s best friend ‘Dora’, he secretly craved to have a taste of her. Deep down, Dora knew that his defence was weak and there were high chances of him giving in to her advances because according to Natasha’s recent story of her dying marriage, they hadn’t made love as a couple for months so what better time to strike than now. The mood was set that fateful afternoon but would the deed be done? Well, fingers crossed!

After whispering those seductive words into Vincent’s ears, Dora looked into his eyes and anxiously expected a reply. “This is totally wrong and I think it’s best you take your leave Miss” Vincent said and tried to free himself from her grip. “Hey, don’t tell me you don’t want me because I know you do. Listen, let me take good care of you because I can clearly see that my friend hasn’t been up to the task of late” Dora seductively said but he wasn’t buying into the temptation at all. Matter of fact, he wasn’t interested and wanted the home wrecker out of his house.

The struggle to be free form Dora’s grip began but it didn’t seem as though she was going to let go anytime soon. In as much as Vincent secretly craved to have an affair with her, he still didn’t let his heart or emotions overpower his will power and mind. At this junction, it’s safe to say that he was winning the battle to overcome the temptation that was right in front of him and was a faithful husband to Natasha after all. However, it might be too early to conclude because he could snap and change anytime. Fingers crossed!

After about 6 minutes later, Vincent finally freed himself from Dora’s grip; “I want you to leave my house this very moment, I said Leave!” he flared up and this was when Dora caught the signal that he wasn’t playing and truly needed her out of his house. On seeing that her evil plans was headed to the drains, she shamefully buttoned up her T-shirt, got up and headed for the door.

As Dora got closer to the door, she shamefully looked back at Vincent who was following her behind to lock the door. She took a deep breath and said; “Please I hope this stays between us and never gets to my friend’s ears?”.

On hearing that statement, Vincent looked at Dora in disgust and shook his head. “You still have the guts to refer to my wife as your friend? I mean, which friend tries to seduce and sleep with their ‘supposed’ best friend husband? You are a confused woman and it’s not your business if I tell my wife what happened or not. Please leave my house!” he said and finally walked the home wrecker out of his house.

If there was a way the ground could open and swallow up Dora that day, she would have loved it so as to reduce the shame she was feeling at that moment. Not in a thousand years did she ever believe that Vincent will turn down her advances. For all she knew, he was starved of intimacy and hadn’t made love to his wife in months. She wondered how a man going through all that would turn down an offer like that.

The whole situation was really annoying and disgraceful at the same time for Dora because she never expected a ‘NO’ from Vincent. Aside feeling bad, she was also scared of the possibility of Natasha finding out the truth of what transpired that day. At that moment, Dora wasn’t too convinced that Vincent would keep their little secret. The way he discarded and walked her out from his house was enough to make the home wrecker scared.

Due to the guilt Dora was feeling, she kept calling Natasha on the phone every now and then just to check up on her. As a person with a pure conscience and heart, Natasha didn’t suspect that anything was wrong and only saw Dora’s constant calls as a caring gesture; without knowing that she was calling only to see if Vincent have spilled their little secret.

While Dora was tensed all day, Natasha was home with her family. When Natasha returned home that fateful day, Vincent welcomed her with a warm hug before she went to check up on their son who was fast asleep. After checking on her son, she went back to the living room where her husband was seated. “Hey babe, when did Dora leave?” She asked, “Few hours ago, I guess” he replied.

Deep down in Vincent’s heart, he wanted to come clean and tell his wife that her friend has been making passes at him but just couldn’t bring himself to actually spill the shocking revelation for reasons known to him. I bet he wasn’t aware that secrecy strengthens sin or temptation. Maybe he didn’t want to ruin their relationship since he knew how far they had come as friends, or maybe he secretly wanted a piece of Dora and didn’t want to ruin his chances of ever getting it. There were series of thoughts in the confused man’s mind but he managed to scale through that day without spilling the disheartening news to his wife.

Days passed and Natasha was still in the dark and wasn’t aware of what has been happening between her husband and best friend. At work, Dora pretended like a good friend as usual despite all the betrayals she had done in secret.

As days passed, the guilt Dora was feeling vanished and she returned back to plotting on how to get Vincent fall for her evil agenda. Due to the fact that he walked her out of the house that fateful day, she didn’t want to visit Natasha’s house again because she was scared of the unknown.

It’s been over two weeks since that incident happened and up until then, Vincent hadn’t contacted Dora in any way. At first, she felt he would give into her advances and contact her, but all hopes died after two weeks of no contact.

Little by little, Dora began to catch the signal that Vincent truly didn’t want to have anything to do with her. It was a hard bone for her to chew but that didn’t mean she was ready to back down on her quest to make Vincent hers. Just when one felt the home wrecker would take a break from her evil schemes, she proved us all wrong and took her desperation to a whole new level.

It happened on a Saturday morning that Vincent was having a family time with his wife and son. They were in the parlour watching a movie and after a short while, Natasha got up to attend to what she was cooking in the kitchen. With wifey gone, the boys continued watching the movie.

After about 11 minutes later, Vincent’s phone beeped and he picked it up to check his notifications and found out that it was a WhatsApp message. He reluctantly opened the message and was dead drop shocked by what he saw. It was a full nude photo of Dora with just a little part of her face showing.

At that point, Vincent’s heart raced and his hormones began to play with his emotions. The picture was highly seductive and the poor starved man couldn’t help but shamelessly stare at it continuously.

Unable to hold back the burning sensation that overtook his whole body, he looked up at the ceiling, held his manhood and muttered “God please help me”.

Tempted To Fall (episode 4)

There’s a limit for everything and so with temptations. When tempted, if you don’t act fast to terminate the source of that temptation, it’s just a matter of time before you succumb to it. The best way to weaken the strength of sin is to expose it by telling someone. If Vincent had told his wife about the whole incident, it probably wouldn’t have gotten to the extent it was already at. The fact that he kept everything a secret was the reason he was still dealing with Dora’s advances. Too bad it had gotten to the extent of receiving nude photos from the home wrecker.

Immediately Vincent viewed the nude photo Dora sent to his WhatsApp, his blood became hot and his emotions were triggered. As a man that he was, his manhood began to play funny games which in turn set him in the mood but the only thing missing was that Dora wasn’t close by at that moment. Fortunately, he quickly came back to his senses and hurriedly deleted the photo from his phone and blocked the number that sent it.

Few minutes later, Natasha walked into the parlour to inform Vincent that food was ready. “Babe, come and eat” she said and he carried their son to the dinning table where they ate like one happy family; but were they truly happy? Because while the eating was going on, the only thing on Vincent’s mind was the nude picture Dora sent a while back. He kept thinking about the photo and just couldn’t get his mind off the Hot Banging Body that was in that picture. It was an emotionally draining day for the young man but he managed to scale through.

After that day, Vincent’s cravings for intimacy became unbearable for him. Most nights, he would go to bed in full preparation to touch his wife but something would turn him off immediately he tries to make advances towards her. It could be Natasha’s big tummy, her unkempt looks or her unromantic responds to his subtle advances. Vincent’s mood usually dies once he tries to make love to his wife and the whole thing began to get tiring for the desperate man.

In this case, it’s hard to throw blames at one party because they were both at fault and were the reasons the spark in their marriage was slowly dying. The least Vincent could do as a husband that he was, could be to point out to Natasha what he wants her to change and help her work on it, than to totally avoid her or play dumb. For crying out loud, she is your wife and life partner so why ignore sensitive issues like this that have the capabilities of ruining your marriage?

On the other hand, Natasha also wasn’t helping matters by neglecting herself the way she was doing. How can a once attractive lady totally forget herself to that extent? It’s quite understandable that people deal with a lot of stress after child birth, but not to the extent of forgetting their true self and letting go of the ‘Babe’ they once used to be. Natasha would have tried to work on some important aspect of herself so as to save her marriage from losing some intimate spark. At this point, all we can do is pray and hope for a quick revival to save their marriage before Dora makes a permanent entrance into their home.

While Vincent was dealing with his hormones, Dora wasn’t making matters any easy for the starved married man. She kept sending nudes to him in the afternoon period, knowing he would be at work and not with his wife. The harassment continued and eventually became unbearable for Vincent that he had to call and warn Dora one day. immediately she picked up, he went straight to the point. “Stop this now, stop this Dora! Do you want to ruin my marriage? What is all this for crying out loud? I don’t want you period! Leave me the hell alone” he furiously said.

When Vincent was done talking, Dora chuckled over the phone and probably shook her head in a laughable manner. “Are you done talking?” she asked and burst into laughter. “See I have not even started with you. My heart belongs to you and I won’t rest until you are mine. I know you want me too, I can swear that you are dying to rip my clothes off right now. Those nudes are nothing compared to the full package you will get when you see that body in real life. Call me when you are tried of lying to yourself about what you want. I love you” she said and ended the call.

When the call ended, Vincent was left dumbfounded, confused and more starved than he was before making that call. There was just something about Dora’s audacity that drove him crazy and made him more confused on what to do. At that point, it was going to take only the grace of God for Vincent to overcome Dora’s advances towards him.

The fierce battle to overcome temptation continued till Vincent finally lost and was defeated. One fateful day, Vincent woke up feeling highly starved of intimacy. He wanted to make love to his wife that very morning so bad, but we all know their marriage was going through a rough phase that made them feel unattractive towards each other.

When Vincent opened his social media handles later that day at the office, the first thing his eyes saw aroused his urges the more. The poor man tried to put himself together but completely lost it when a message from Dora came in and it was a new nude photo.

It felt as though the devil was truly out to ruin Vincent’s marriage that fateful day because everything that revolved around him at that moment was something that made his condition worse. The young man kept fighting back and forth till he lost the battle completely and finally gave in to Dora’s advances.

After about an hour of staring at the nude picture that was sent by Dora, Vincent finally texted her back for the first time. “Where are you now?” he texted, “At the office, do you want me?” she texted back, “I want to see you today; what time and where do you want us to meet?” he texted, “let’s meet by 4pm at Candela Hotel, are you cool?” she texted, “Yeah I am cool, I will book a room for us so we can talk” he texted, “There wouldn’t be any time for talking because I will be too busy dealing with you tonight. See you!” she finally texted.

What an awkward text message between two people that were about to betray a good woman that hadn’t done anything to deserve such betrayal from both her husband and best friend. Sadly, it was already a sealed deal expect rapture took place to stop them.

The most disheartening thing is that Dora saw Natasha immediately after sending those messages to Vincent. They work together at the same company and she sees her supposed best friend everyday. How can Dora’s conscience be at peace and how does she sleep at night? So sad!

Finally, it was time for the scheduled meeting. Vincent arrived at the hotel before Dora and booked a nice expensive room. Shortly after he arrived, Dora called to informed him that she was at the lobby. He gave her the room number to meet up with him.

Immediately Dora entered the cozy room, she walked towards Vincent’s direction like someone that had a serious mission to accomplish and needed no distraction. Before he could even open his mouth to greet her, she shut him up with a passionate kiss and whispered into his ears; “Are you ready for me?”

The atmosphere was thick with burning sensations all over. Vincent took a deep breath and replied ‘Yes, I am all yours!”

Tempted To Fall

(episode 5)

These days, it’s hard to completely trust anyone because you don’t know who is plotting your downfall. This simple reason is why a lot of people have walls around their lives and also have a very tight inner circle with few trusted people. Who would have thought that a trusted best friend like Dora would do a thing like that to a genuine and loving friend like Natasha. What was in Vincent’s body that Dora couldn’t find elsewhere in another man? Why snatch your best friend’s husband when there are so many other man walking the surface of this earth that she could go after? It’s quite disheartening to realise that Dora didn’t hesitate to ruin her best friend’s home. Too bad!

That evening at the hotel was going to determine the fate of Natasha’s marriage. If Vincent and Dora succeeded in having an affair, then we are sure that will be the downfall of Natasha’s marriage because Vincent will now have an alternative option and also something to compare his wife to; which I believe we all know how dangerous having a better alternative is.

As the atmosphere got thicker that evening, Dora was ready to devour Vincent than he was ready for her. After those words left the starved married man’s lips, she smiled and continued kissing him passionately. As her succulent lips locked with his own, she began to remove his clothes in haste. In no time, Vincent was ripped off his clothes; remaining only his underwear. While Dora removed his clothes, he also removed hers and just as they were about to go completely naked, something we could call a ‘Miracle’ happened.

Immediately they were about to finally take off their underwear, a call came into Vincent’s phone. While the phone rang, he wanted to check who was calling but was too distracted to pay any attention to his phone. It was when it rang for the forth time that he was able to unlock his lips from Dora’s own and locate the phone. One look at the caller and his heart dropped; it was no other person than ‘Wifey’.

Regardless of the fact that Vincent was highly engrossed in the affair he was having with his wife’s best friend, he was disciplined enough to not neglect his wife’s phone call. “You can’t pick that, come here because I haven’t even started with you” Dora said in a slightly pissed tone, “Just give me a second, let me discard her” he replied and immediately picked the call. “Hello” he coldly greeted, “Baby, where are you? It’s our son” Natasha said in a panicked tone. Her tone alone was enough to bring Vincent’s stray sense back into his head because it sounded as if there was fire on the mountain.

At that moment, Vincent became tensed and quickly sat up. “Why do you sound worried, what happened?” he nervously inquired, “It is our son, he has been running very high temperature since he got back from school and hasn’t been able to eat anything since then” Natasha soberly said. Immediately she said that, Vincent jumped up from where he sat and rushed to where his clothes laid on the floor to pick them up. “I am coming home now so we can take him to the hospital. Dress him up so we don’t have to waste anytime when I get home” he said and ended the call.

Immediately the call ended, Vincent wore his clothes in haste and completely forgot that Dora was even there. The shame and disappointment on her face was beyond imaginable. “So you are just going to leave me hanging like this?” she shamelessly asked. Without hesitating, Vincent replied; “Yes I have to, my family needs me” and zoomed off immediate afterwards, leaving the home wrecker there all alone.

It’s baffling how a person will choose to settle for a ‘Side Piece’ when they have all the potentials to be the centre of attention and the centre of their partner’s heart. You see how no one can take the place of family in a person’s life? Why didn’t Dora’s motive prevail despite how thick the atmosphere was before Natasha’s call came in? How come all of a sudden, Vincent realised that his family came first and he was willing to let go of everything just to be there for his wife and son? With these being said, you might want to rethink before settling as a side piece to a married person or become a home wrecker.

With Vincent out of the hotel room, Dora laid back on the bed and fell into deep thoughts. She was extremely hurt and felt stupid at that moment. “Such insult; I have suffered in his life because of love” she said and shook her head in disappointment.

While Dora wallowed in disappointment, Vincent was already halfway in his destination. In 20 minutes time, he arrived home and took his family to the hospital. Their son was admitted because he had high fever and needed proper treatment. Due to that development, they all had to spend the night at the hospital.

All through that night, Vincent’s conscience kept judging him. Whenever he looked at Natasha, the guilt increased. Dora didn’t help matters because she kept calling and he would decline the call. On seeing that the desperate lady wasn’t ready to back down, he switched off his phone so that Natasha wouldn’t suspect what was going on.

The next day, their son was discharged and they headed home. Vincent didn’t really communicate with his wife at the hospital and even as they drove home because he was dealing with his conscience. Despite the fact that he knew deep down that he broke his marriage vows to his wife and was probably feeling guilty, he still somehow missed his short lived romance with Dora.

The fact that Vincent didn’t completely have his way with Dora made him feel like he was losing on both ends. Feeling guilty for something he didn’t really do, worsened the situation. At that point, he somehow began to realise that Natasha deserved more than being back stabbed by her husband and best friend. For some strange reasons, Vincent began to see the need to retrace his steps and possibly never return to his sinful ways again.

Days passed and the harassment from Dora continued. At random times, she would send nudes to Vincent and it began to scare him because the chances of Natasha finding those nudes were high. He blocked her on two WhatsApp lines but the harassment never ceased.

The more Vincent drew away from Dora, the intense the harassment became. I believe this could have been the perfect time for him to come clean and reveal the dirty secret to his wife but he still kept everything all to himself.

Well, you know how they say every secret has an expiry date? well so with this one. The bird was finally about to be let out of the cage without the owner’s knowledge. A thief could steal for a long time but would be caught one day. It was time for Natasha to find out the betrayals that had been going on behind her back. That fateful day finally came one evening.

It happened that Natasha was tidying the house one evening because that’s basically the only time she normally have to do some cleaning due to her tight work schedules. At the time she came into her matrimonial room to tidy it up, Vincent was busy taking his bath and didn’t hear her come in.

As Natasha arranged the bed, Vincent’s phone light came on as though his phone just finished ringing. Initially, she ignore the phone and was busy with her cleaning, but was later drawn to it after the light came on again.

Anxious to know who was calling, Natasha picked the phone up and realised that it was actually ringing but was on silent. She looked at the number that called but it had no name. Just as she was about to drop the phone back, it beeped. Still holding the phone, she anxiously looked to see what the message was all about because she has low-key been suspecting her husband of infidelity since he hadn’t touched her in a long while. Despite being suspicious, I believe she wasn’t ready for the shocker she was going to get that evening.

Immediately Natasha opened the message, she almost collapsed when she saw two nude pictures. The face of the sender didn’t show but her tattoo and the side of her face showed.

As Natasha stood there heartbroken with tears falling off her eyes, she kept looking at the tattoo as though she had seen it before. After about few seconds of refreshing her memory, it finally dammed on her where and in whose body she had seen that tattoo.

Dumbfounded and highly shocked, she soberly muttered “Dora?”