Episode 47(unedited)

“Your woman seems not to understand what’s going on here. I saw confusion in her eyes a while ago . Is there something…” Doctor Iyk was saying in a whisper when Kehinde interrupted him.
“So you were actually looking into my woman’s eyes,what were you looking for in her eyes? you wanted to seduce her abi?” The excited Kehinde joked throwing both of them into an uncontrollable laughter that caught the two women’s attention and they loosened up and turned to look at them standing at a distance whispering words into each other’s ears.

“Kenny, come’on trust me for once. I’m already a changed man,though not yet into the born again stuff like you. But I will join you soon…” Iyk was talking and Kehinde quickly cut in.
“Stop this your ‘I will join you soon’ story. You have been saying it; that was the same thing you told me the last time I preached to you before we finally lost contacts. See, at this critical period of your life that you are already confused and tired of the state of everything, only Jesus has the power to put your life in order and bring it into a perfect shape. Look, you won’t regret giving your life to Christ Iyk…” Kehinde used the opportunity to preach to him again.” Kenny, I really desire to be like you seeing how blessed you are, look at the kind of woman God gave you; she is not just beautiful, she’s godly, respectful, highly gifted and she loves your mother..” He continued and Kehinde’s head and shoulder grew higher as Iyk praised Sade before him with high regard.

“My fear actually about the born again stuff is that am afraid it will be too difficult for me. I mean, isn’t the born again life difficult ?” He asked searching Kehinde’s eyes worriedly.
“Difficult ? Your strength is not needed Iyk; once you receive Jesus as your Lord and saviour, you will receive instant grace and power to live a victorious Christian life without struggles. Look at me now, was i not even worse than you back then on campus? But God’s grace have been upholding me since that time I made up my mind to follow him. Just do your own part which is receiving Christ into your life first and leave the other things for God to handle..” Kehinde explained and Iyk nodded his head with understanding.

“Kenny, I think you are right. So what are the requirements for receiving Christ?” He asked with willingness.
“Nothing much, just your heart. A willing heart is all that is required…” Kehinde was still talking but he didn’t allow him to finish up what he wanted to say.
” I’m willing Kenny, ready to receive Christ.” He said and took a step closer. Kehinde looked back and saw the two women discussing what only them and God knows, then he quickly turned to face Iyk.
“Let me lead you to receive Christ Iyk.” He said with excitement in his eyes, not knowing how to express himself seeing a quadruple miracle happening for him in less than two hours. First was the healing of his mother whose crisis occurrences had defiled medical solution, the stress less acceptance of Sade by his mother who had vowed that she would never accept Sade as daughter in-law, the sight of seeing Sade minister a song under the power of God to effect instant healing and now his friend Iyk whom he spoke into womanizing way back in the university now ready to receive Christ as Lord and saviour.

With tears of joy, he held Iyk’s hands and led him to say the salvation prayer after which he hugged him tightly and dished out prayers on him. The two women turned with smiles on their lips to watch the sight of them clung to each other in prayers.
“My son Kehinde, he so much love God.” The queen said thoughtfully.
“I’m so proud of him.” She continued and Sade kept smiling from ear to ear as she looked from the thoughtful queen to the men who were having nice time.
“Me too, he has affected my life positively in every area.” She chipped in calmly.

Kehinde finished praying for Iyk and wiped off the tears on his eyelids, then they walked up together to meet the women.
“Mother, how do you feel now?” He asked his smiling mother.
“I’m healed my son. I’m healed! The Lord healed me through Sade’s song and hands.” The queen said turning to look at Sade who stood up and remained at a spot as all eyes turned to her. She suddenly became embarrassed on seeing all of them looking at her and she bent her head feeling shy.
Kehinde looked into his mother’s eyes and saw satisfaction, he swallowed hard feeling extra love for Sade then left his mother’s bedside and walked up to Sade who was still feeling shy. He stop right in front of her as doctor Iyk and the queen watched him to know what he wanted to do.

“Sade.” He called with a voice full of emotions and her heart began to beat faster not knowing what to expect.
“I didn’t prepare to do this here in the hospital; not even today or tomorrow but I knew that this day would come. I’ve known you for at least six years, and for every single second, minute, hour and day of the six years I have suppressed my love for you. But right now, I can’t suppress it anymore and I guess…” Kehinde was still talking and Sade lifted her head in shock with her mouth widely open as tears began to pour out. Her legs suddenly became frozen and too heavy for her as her eyes came in contact with his emotion filled eyes
“It’s not true, it’s not true!” She cried out and made to run out of the ward but Kehinde held her back. But she kept struggling to break loose from his hold as her head couldn’t carry the unfolding of events.

“Please, hear me out first.” Kehinde whispered into her ears as doctor Iyk and the queen watched them engulfed with emotions.
“Ah! No brother Kehinde, you are not serious, you are pulling my legs.” Her tears gushed out.
“No, I’m serious. I love you Sade, I seriously do.” He said emotionally trying to look into her eyes but she quickly avoided his eyes and closed her eyes tightly.

A hand tapped Kehinde from behind and he turned to see doctor Iyk.
” Maybe you guys should talk in my office, she seems very shy here.” Iyk said suggestively and he nodded his head then collected the keys from him.
“Sade, please let’s go somewhere quiet and talk…” Kehinde said still holding her as Iyk walked back to engage the queen in a discussion.
“I can’t face you brother Kehinde, please let me go home.” Sade begged with her eyes still closed.

“Don’t do this Sade, just give me the chance to talk to you. If actually you respect me as you usually say, then show me that respect now before my mother and my friend who are watching us. Please come with me.” He said almost in a whisper then pulled her forward for a walk and she followed him with out looking up…


“Sade, please lift up your head and look at me.” Kehinde begged as they took their seats opposite each other in Iyk’s office.
“Brother Kehinde, please go ahead with what you want to say. I don’t think I can look into your eyes.” She said.
“What’s the problem, why can’t you look into my eyes? ” he asked observing her reaction.
“Why didn’t you tell me all these while, why?” She said in convulsive grasps.
“Look Sade, there’s no way on earth I could have expressed myself to you then. First, I met you when you were already in courtship, then just when I was expecting your wedding card, the unexpected happened and from there you lost your spiritual life which was what made me take interest in you in the first place.” He breathed down, then continued
” Talking you into another relationship immediately when you were still struggling to get back to your feet spiritually would have been the most wicked thing for me to do because there’s no way a correct revival can take place in the life of a person who is under emotions and besides, it could have been difficult for me too. Secondly, I needed time to be sure of what I was feeling for you, I didn’t want to start up a relationship with you out of pity or take advantage of what happened to you. But as each day passes by, I find my love for you getting stronger.” He explained, paused for a while and silence permeated the office.

“Sade,” he broke the silence and she answered still avoiding his eyes.
“Look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me as much as I do.” He said and her heart flew into her mouth.
“Brother Kehinde, please take me home.” She jumped to her feet and made to walk out of the office but he outsmarted her and rushed to the door then lucked it up and pocketed the keys with a smile on his lips.
“Sade, am not a masquerade. Stop this thing you are doing let’s talk as adult.” He said laughing as she stole a look at him.
“Allow me to go please, what do you want from me..” She asked rhetorically he found the question interesting.
“What I want from you?” He asked jokingly,
“Very simple, I want you to look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me.” He said and walked close to her. The sound of the beating of her heart could be heard as he walked closer to her and held her hands in the most loving way.
” Sade, please marry me. ” he said in the most simplest way and her eyes widened in a greater shock. She looked down at herself to see if there’s anything special in her that could have attracted him and then fixed her eyes on his as words failed her.
“I’m not expecting an answer from you right away, you are free to take as much time as you like to pray and think over it. But I want you to know that I have spent six years of my life waiting for this day, please don’t keep me waiting for ever because you have so much become part of my every day life and I would definitely fall sick without you in my life…” Kehinde was talking and Sade who couldn’t imagine it stood stiff staring at him.
“Could this be a dream?” She thought within herself as she tried to hold back the tears in her eyes.
“Come let me go and drop you.” He said and began to unlock the office door.

Sade entered the parsonage in tears just when the church mummy was returning from her journey.
“Sade, you have been crying” the church mummy said on seeing her.
“What’s the matter? Did someone die?” She asked looking from her daughter Bukola who came to hug her to Sade who was in tears.
” Nobody died mummy, it’s brother Kehinde.” She said.
“Brother Kehinde, yes what happened to him?” She queried and asked her daughter to excuse them.
“He..he proposed to me. Mummy, he asked me to marry him.” She said still finding it difficult to believe it.
“So,what’s there that warrants crying?” The confused church mummy asked.
“No mummy, no one would have ever told me that brother Kehinde will leave every other young girls out there to come for me and I would believe it. He was there all along seeing my errors,I didn’t know anything could have made him to love me” She explained tearfully and the church mummy understood her point.

“I understand your point my dear, but you see; there’s nothing wrong with you. The man meant for you will still come for you regardless of your mistakes if only you remains faithful to God with your body and that’s what you did. You are more special to him than every other girls out there because you returned back to God.” The church mummy explained.
“Mummy, do you know that Kehinde is Oma oba(a Prince)?” Sade asked and the church mummy’s eyes widened in surprise.
“A Prince? A Prince of which Kingdom?” The church mummy asked with special interest.
” His father is the Oba of Ile Odua kingdom and he is the only son..” Sade was still talking when the church mummy cut in.

“You can’t be serious, Ile Odua is my neighbouring kingdom. How on earth did you know that?” She said in disbelief.
“His mother, the queen told me.” She said, then continued.
“I was with her few hours ago at the hospital where she was hospitalized.” Sade explained confusing the church mummy more.
“The Queen? Ha! Sade you are confusing me o” she said looking at her like someone who was hallucinating,so Sade took her time and narrated everything that happened at the hospital to her.
“The queen,that beautiful woman was in the hospital with you today?” The church mummy asked with her mouth opened agape and Sade nodded in the affirmative.
“Kehinde never carried himself like a Prince. I knew there was something very unique about him but just couldn’t place my finger on it.” The church mummy said thoughtfully then looked up at Sade.
“Sade, saying that you are lucky is an understatement,you are blessed among women. Do you know that this oba we are talking about is the first Christian oba of that kingdom? He came and abolished the worship of fetish gods in that Kingdom and gave Christians free lands to build churches. He has a large heart and very humble in nature. The oba’s family is a blessed family and every other clans envy his leadership style…” The church mummy began to give Sade stories about the oba.
“Hope you have accepted the proposal?” The church mummy asked looking serious.
“No mummy, I couldn’t say anything…” Sade was still talking and she rebuked her sharply.
” what are you waiting for? Do you still need a prophet to tell you that Kehinde is the man?” She shouted at her in a funny way.

Sade couldn’t contain the joy in her heart as she paced around in her room waiting for the night to come so she could send Kehinde an acceptance text message. She began to construct her text message and at exactly 8:30pm ,she forwarded the text to him.
Kehinde read the text message and smiled to himself, then send a text message back to her.

“I didn’t propose to you with a text message,
I was with you in person, looking into your
eyes; so if you want to accept my proposal,
don’t accept it over the phone or through
text message, I want to see you look into my
eyes and say ‘yes’ to me just to be sure it’s
a ghost that’s saying yes to me.
When you are ready to look into my eyes
and say, ‘yes’ , let me know so we can
meet specially for that.
Once again, I want to let you know that
I love you beyond words.You are my world!” The text read and the hairs on Sade’s skin stood up with strong emotions…


Episode 49(unedited)

Sade clung to her phone tightly smiling and read the text for the umpteenth time feeling on top of the world.
“Who am I lord, that you are being mindful of
Who am I lord, that you are thinking about
Thank you Lord, for being mindful of me,
Thank you Lord, for thinking about me…” Sade found herself singing a new song and dancing alone in the room all smiles.

“Kehinde, won’t you bring Sade to the house to see us before we leave?” The queen ask the next morning as she came out from the kitchen to join Kehinde in the parlor.
“No mother,” Kehinde replied without looking at his mother who had formed a frown look.
” I will come with her and specially introduce her to you and my father in my next visit.” He continued then lifted up his head and found her wearing a frown.
“Mother, what’s the matter? You aren’t happy.” He asked and sat up properly.
“I want to see her before I go tomorrow. I don’t know when you next visit would be.” The queen murmured angrily.
“Mother, Sade can’t come to my house now. I will bring her home for you when we are ready…” Kehinde was trying to explain but the queen insisted that he bring her for her.

“Mother, I’m sorry I can’t break my principle now. I don’t bring women to my house and I won’t start now.” Kehinde said and maintained a straight face.
“Is Sade another person to you? I thought you said you want to marry her?” The queen nagged in response. As they were still arguing, Sade’s call came in and he quickly picked it up not minding his mother’s nagging voice in the parlor.
“Brother Kehinde, good morning sir.” She greeted with a calm voice.
“Good morning ma.” Kehinde replied jokingly.
“I’m not ‘ma’ o brother Kehinde.” She said with a shy tone.
“How is mummy feeling today?” She asked.

“She is stronger than me now. Can’t you hear her voice?” He said smiling and the queen suspected that he was speaking with Sade from the way he was smiling from ear to ear over the phone.
“Is that not Sade you are talking with smiling like someone who just won a new contract? But am telling you to bring her hear and you are claiming what I don’t know…” She continued with her nagging and began to walk up to where Kehinde was sitting. Sade could hear her voice at the other end and when she heard the queen mentioned her name,her heart skipped and silent followed as she kept quiet in order to hear what the queen was saying clearly. When Kehinde noticed that she was silent and probably was hearing what his mother was saying, he quickly stood up and ran outside on barefoot leaving his nagging mother.
“Hello.. Hello sister Sade.” He said and the call ended. He quickly called her back but she refused to pick the call.
“Maybe he has told his mother about my past and she now hate me.” Her tears began to pour out immediately.
” My past has come to ruin my blessing. Lord, please have mercy, mercy lord!” She broke down in tears and Toyin heard her cry from the kitchen.
“Mummy! Mummy, you are crying.” Toyin ran up to her and held her.
“Toyin, am fine.” Sade said with her face buried in her hands and her phone kept ringing. After so much efforts to get her mother to stop crying, she stared at the phone ringing and carefully with the help of her phonics knowledge and Yoruba studies pronounced the first and second name of the caller.

“Bra..ther” she pronounced it silently and then quietly collected the phone when the last ring tone ended and sneaked out of the room and answered the next call.
” Brother Kehinde. ” she slide the receive symbol and said quietly trying to regulate her voice.
“Toyin, how are you?” Kehinde asked his heart pounding.
“I’m fine but my mummy is crying. I don’t know what happened to her.” She said and looked back to ensure that her mother was not coming.
“She is crying? What happened to her?” He asked as his heart beat increased.
“I don’t know, I was washing plates in the kitchen when suddenly I heard her crying and asking for mercy…” Toyin explained lowering her voice.
“Asking for mercy? Did she go anywhere?” His mind traveled far to where only God knows and fear gripped his heart.
“No, she was speaking with someone on phone before..” She replied.
“Is she in the house with you now?’” He asked and rushed into the parlor to pick his car keys.
“Yes. Brother Kehinde, please don’t tell my mummy I spoke with you o. She warned me never to answer her calls.” Toyin said pleadingly and looked back again.
“Alright, I won’t tell her Toyin.” Kehinde said hurriedly and entered his car without telling anyone he was going out.

He arrived the parsonage and went straight to the pastor’s house to look for the church mummy. He explained to her how he was speaking with Sade over the phone and how the call ended only for him to call back to be informed by Toyin that her mother was crying.
“Crying Ke?” The church mummy said casually as she took her time to look at Kehinde over and over again.
” Let me go and check on her.” She said and left the worried Kehinde behind to check on Sade. She met her crying on the bed and Toyin sitting beside her crying as well.
“Sade, why are you crying?” The church mummy queried and after a short while, Sade expressed her fear to her after recounting how she heard the queen mentioning her name with an angry voice.
“And who told you that the queen hates you. Come’on, stop acting like a loser. You should have picked Kehinde’s call and know why she was mentioning your name. Oya, put your self together and come with me, brother Kehinde is waiting for you in the sitting room.” The church mummy said with a commanding tone and Sade’s heart skipped.
They soon arrived the sitting room and the church mummy left the parlor for both of them to talk…


Immediately the church mummy left, Kehinde turned to face her and she turned her face away moodily.
“What’s the problem, did I do or say anything you didn’t like?” He asked confused at her reaction and she kept quiet.
“Sade, you are hurting me with your silence.” He said getting worked up after a brief silence.
“Your mother hates me, she doesn’t want me.” She blurted out in tears and he was taken aback by her statement.

“My mother? That’s not true, where did you get that from?..” He was still talking and she cut in.
” But I heard her,I heard her calling out my name in anger when we were talking. ” she argued and Kehinde bursted into a provocative laugh which got her more irritated.
“Come’on Sade, yes she mentioned your name. But she was actually quarreling me because she asked me to bring you to the house so she could see you before leaving and I refused. So when you called and she saw the excitement on my face, she started attacking me for denying her your face.

I’m sorry, you misunderstood it.” He explained and watched her breathe down a heavy sigh of relief.
“Then, why did you refused?” Sade said feigning annoyance.
“Uhm… Maybe it’s because you are yet to accept my proposal.” He replied giggling at her.
“But, I told you yes already.” She argued casually.
“I know you received my text too. As far as am concerned, that text did not come from the beautiful lady I proposed to eye ball to eye ball.” Kehinde said teasingly.
“Okay, yes brother Kehinde.” Sade blurted looking the other way and laughing.
“Ah! That’s not for me o. When you are ready, let me know so I can come closer and look into your eyes.” He said trying to feign seriousness.
“What’s the difference, please don’t start brother Kehinde.” Sade said feeling uncomfortable.
“Well, maybe I should be on my way. I just wanted to be sure you are alright, that’s why I came in the first place. Have a nice day!” He said coldly and jumped to his feet to leave.

“Brother Kehinde, please don’t go.” She said pleadingly and stood up to follow him and it gladdened his heart but he needed her to yield to his offer.
“No, don’t worry sister Sade,” He said cunningly,then continued.
“I can wait till when you are ready, it’s nothing at all.” He said and made to open the door even though there was no desire to leave within him.
“Okay, alright!” He Sade said from behind making up her mind to do what he requested for.
“I’m ready.” She said and took a long deep breathe.
“Hope I’m not forcing you to do it. See, I don’t mind waiting till I start growing white hair.” He said trying to hype her as he turned around to face her.
“I said, am ready.” She said and blinked her eyes when their eyes met.
“Okay! Just take your seat comfortably.” He said and she sat down watching him as he squat before her.

“What?” Sade blurted out in embarrassment.
“What is what?” Kehinde said trying hard to hold back the laugh bubbling inside him as he watched her face.
“Can you now go ahead and look into my eyes please?” He asked rhetorically still feigning seriousness.
“My knees are hurting, can you make it fast?.” He said in order to discourage her from arguing further. She then adjusted herself and blinked several times before finally fixing her eyes on his alluring eyes. She forgot the yes she wanted to say and sat there in her seat melting in emotions.
“I love you brother Kehinde.” She ended up saying instead of the expected, ‘yes’.
“So? Will you marry me?” Kehinde, having seen what he wanted to see in her eyes asked.
“Yes! Yes, I will.” She said,followed by drop of tears. He held her two hands into his and said,

” Thank you for accepting to marry me Sade. One thing I promise you today is, you will never regret marrying me… ” he was still talking when the church mummy who had been standing at the door way watching them cleared her throat just to draw their attention and they both looked up to her direction and found her beaming with smiles.
“Congratulations to the love birds.” She teased them as they all laughed.
” I’m proud of you two. Please, don’t let affliction rise the second time is the only counsel I have for you both as you both begin your courtship today. Brother Kehinde, you are such a darling.” She praised him, then continued.

“Come’on, you both should come over here and give me a big big hug.” She said and opened her hands wide to receive them into a hug.
“You are always free to use this place when ever you want to discuss anything privately.” The church mummy said excitedly giving them access to her house and they both appreciated her.
” I cut the Kehinde’s love vow short, let me go and get drinks for this special day and leave him to complete his promises.” The church mummy teased him before leaving for the kitchen.
Kehinde smiled and turned to face Sade who was all smiles,held her hands warmly and drew her into a hug…


Episode 51(unedited)

Their courtship began properly as the two love birds were always on phone communicating tirelessly making plans for their home, unborn children (Toyin included), possible financial investments, spiritual lives and ministries.
During one of their spiritual outings on the mountain, they had quality time in prayers, studied the scriptures adeptly and took their action plans then sat down to evaluate their lives spiritually, career and relationship wise.

“Brother Kehinde, you don’t want me to know where you are living yet?” Sade asked as they sat down to talk.
“We can even pray and study together at the comfort of your house.” She said suggestively and he smiled.
“I really want to bring you to the house but you see, I’m just trying to be careful because I don’t trust myself with you and I alone in the house. But, that shouldn’t bother you, before our wedding, I will bring you to the house with other of my friends.” He replied looking into her squeezed up face.
“What do you mean by you don’t trust your self?” She queried and he smiled.
” I mean, I don’t want to lose control and eat what am only meant to eat after wedding.” He said smiling in a naughty way and she got the message.
“But, we have already made up our mind to abstain from sex till the wedding night. We can both exercise self control no matter what…” She pushed further and he quickly cut in.

“Sister Sade, please don’t go there. Though we already made up our minds, the flesh did not. See, I’m a weak man when it comes the flesh and we may not be able to resist each other. So,let the sleep dog be..” He explained and she kept quiet and he observed her sudden moodiness.
“What’s the problem?” He asked but she was too lost in her own thoughts to hear him.
“Sade!” He called a bit loud and jolt back.
“What were you thinking about? Is it about coming to the house?” He queried searching her eyes.
“No,brother Kehinde I was actually thinking about your reasons for keeping your house off limits as a meeting place for us. I’m just realizing that that was where Kola and I started getting it wrong, we had so much confidence in ourselves that we would be able to resist each other because we thought ourselves to be matured Christians who can exercise self control and visiting each other’s rooms would do us no harm. Well, it didn’t do us any harm for the first six months until we started hugging;hugging longer than expected and pecking on the forehead and and then kissing mildly which gave birth to deeper one and then the falling upon each other.” She said narratively then continued with a sad expression.

“Kola was a very good Christian and so was i, but we were both naive in our reasoning; we lacked the principle of keeping boundaries. Had we applied this principle of not staying alone behind closed doors, we couldn’t had yielded to that temptation that landed us in trouble…” She began to lament bitterly and he quickly cut her short.
“Uhm.. Sade, please let the past be in the past. Thank God we have learnt from the past mistakes,it’s time to apply the principle of no staying alone in secluded places to avoid soiling our testimonies.” Kehinde said and brought up another topic for evaluation.

“Kehinde, next year is too long, what are you waiting for? If it’s money, don’t worry, your father and I are ready to sponsor the wedding, marry Sade for me…” The queen quarreled Kehinde during one of his visit home.
‘Mother calm down, allow me to court my wife very well.. ” Kehinde jokingly replied.
“What are you courting? You think I didn’t hear when you said you have known her for six years?” The queen tackled him and he bursted into laughter.
“Mother, so you were actually eaves dropping while I was wooing my woman?” He said laughing and held her hands.
“Leave me jor…” The queen queen pushed him away mildly, beaming with smiles.

“See mother, Sade is going to release her music album few months from now and i don’t want her to combine it with the stress of wedding preparations. We can wed after the album release…” Kehinde was still explaining but the queen would have none of it.
“Foolish son of a wise mother, don’t you know it’s better you wed her before the album release? She would bear your name in her first album which would add to your profile.” The queen reasoned with pride.
“Okay mother, if that’s what you want, I will discuss it with her and get her own opinion.”

“That’s actually what I want, I want us to wed before the album release.” Sade told him when he discussed the idea with her and straight away, they both chose the month and dates respectively.

“Oma oba, tell your wife to send me her size, am getting her a beautiful wedding gown from the UK’s.” Kehinde’s elder sister told him when he sent the dates to her and Sade could not contain the joy in her heart.
“Is this me?” She kept asking herself silently seeing the kind of love the royal family were dishing out on her.

Three months later, they had an elaborate traditional marriage with both the high and low in attendance…

Please, I don’t want to rush this episode. I will post the white wedding and honey moon episode tomorrow.

Episode 52(unedited)

Kehinde felt disturbed and couldn’t concentrate on the scriptures as he sat on his study table with the bible opened before him as he remembered his reaction towards Jumoke when the kiss incident happened in his office. He became guilt stricken as he felt he had wronged her deeply then the thought of calling her or possibly meet with her to ask for her forgiveness and as well invite her to his wedding clouded his mind but the idea of meeting with her at that critical period he was preparing for his white wedding with Sade didn’t go down well with him.
He picked up his phone and began to dial her number which rang several times but she didn’t pick the calls.

Jumoke kept staring at her phone which rang repeatedly but she couldn’t bring herself to answer the calls as she didn’t know exactly what she felt for Kehinde, whether hatred or just a normal anger.
“Why is he calling me now, what else does he want from me? Did he think am not aware that he has done his traditional marriage?” She asked nobody in particular as she stared at the buzzing phone.
“I’m now the loser, I lost my virginity and also lost him. I’m the loser!” She broke down in tears and pushed the phone far away from her.

Kehinde’s peace of mind deserted him as he stood up from the reading table and pace his room still calling her line, determined to continue till she pick up her calls. As he was trying to redial her number again, Sade’s call entered and he picked unknowingly.
“Hello, brother Kehinde.” He heard Sade’s voice slightly and his heart skipped.
“Hello,” he responded and composed himself.
“Sorry dear, I mistakenly dialled your number.” He said coldly not really in the mood to speak with her.
“No, you didn’t. I’m the one who called you” Sade replied smiling.
“Alright. What’s happening?” He said casually then kept quiet and she noticed his cold responses.
“Bro..ther Kehinde, are you alright?” She queried feeling disturbed at his mood.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” He said expressionlessly,then continued.
“Was actually busy with something when your call entered. Can we talk later please?” He said and there was silence at the other end.
“Hello, hello dear.” He said and looked into his phone which was still reading but Sade was not talking, then he ended the call and threw the phone aside in frustration.

Sade looked into her phone and saw that he had ended the call and she became angry.
“What was that he was doing by this time of the night that is more important to him that he couldn’t spare at least three minutes to talk to me?” She murmured angrily to herself in the room. She expected him to call back and apologise or even explain things to her but Kehinde didn’t call back. She kept checking her phone over and over again till midnight but didn’t see any call, missed calls or even a text. Her anger grew more and she made up her mind that she would not call him either.

Kehinde kept calling Jumoke’s line repeatedly but she still refused to pick the calls. She quickly typed a text and sent to him then switched her phone off and lay down on the bed wiping the tears on her cheeks with a white handkerchief.

“Please, let me be. Leave me to nurse my wound. I’m good enough to be disvirgined but not for marriage; Kenny you disgust me, I hate you with passion. Please stay far away from me and stop calling my line. Go ahead and enjoy your new wife.”. The text read and it broke his heart and he quickly dialled her number again but it was switched off.

” Jumo, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. If you hate me, I quite understand with you, I know am not worthy of your love and time anymore but please just give me the chance to explain things to you. My heart is not strong enough for this trauma, please pick my calls.” Kehinde texted her back and waited for some minutes before dialling her number again but it was still switched off. He knelt down and tried to pray but couldn’t focus on anything, so he just went to bed and rolled from one side of the bed to the other till the early hours of the morning before sleep decided to pay him a friendly visit.

Sade woke up very early in the morning and rushed to her phone to check whether Kehinde finally called back or sent a text but there was nothing like that. Her heart began to burn within as she fought hard the tears that was about falling from her eyes and she hardened her heart not to call him or even pick his calls when he calls. She transferred her aggression on Toyin who was still sleeping by shouting her out of her peaceful sleep.
“Come’on, wake up for morning devotion!” She shouted and hit the bed hard and the innocent little girl jumped up from the bed.
She sat down with a frown,trying to put herself together before starting the devotion. After a short while, she raised a song and Toyin quickly joined her to avoid further attack. Because of the state of her heart, she couldn’t sing nor pray for long, so she paused and grudgingly picked up the devotional booklet and opened to the place meant for that day’s reading and the topic for that day was;

“#Topic:Anger: a weapon for personal destruction:

Text:James 1:19-21Her heart beat increased as she read the bible passage and her eyes kept going back to the topic over and over again as she read the commentaries.
” I’m I wrong being angry with brother Kehinde? Will my decision not to call or receive his calls destroy my relationship and ruin things for me? ” she kept asking herself silently as she continued with with the commentaries.
She finished reading the commentaries but couldn’t explain them to Toyin because of the battles going on in her mind

At this point, what do you think?
Do you see any danger sign?
Could it be that Kehinde still love Jumoke?
Is Sade’sanger justifiable?

Episode 53(unedited)

Kehinde was woken up by the buzzing of his phone and he stretched himself sleepily before picking up the call.
“Doctor Kenny, good morning sir.” The voice at the other end said calmly and he quickly removed the phone from his left ear and glance into it to confirm the caller but it was an international number.
“Hello.” The female voice said when she did not get a response.
“Yeah…hello Toyo, how are you?” He said calculatingly.
“Really? So you still have my number?” She asked with an angry tone.
“Why not , I still do.” He said and readjusted the pillow under his head.
“Kenny, do you know you are wicked? You are very wicked,so you were getting married and couldn’t invite me. I never knew you hate me this much…” She started ranting over the phone and he had to interrupt her.

“Come’on Toyo, it hasn’t gotten to that yet. What we did was just the traditional marriage which came too sudden than I planned, and besides, it was done in the village which may not be very convenient for most of my friends. My plans was to invite you and many other of my friends to the white wedding which will take place here in the city… I’m so sorry Toyo.” He explained calmly and there was silence at the other end.
“Hello Toyo baby,are you there?” He said trying to make a joke out of her seriousness.
“Kenny, leave me jor. You always have a way to calm my hot blood with your sweet mouth. I already planned to finish you with my mouth this morning.” She said smiling.
“Oh! Thank God your blood is calm now. Toyo baby, I’ve really missed your face o. You decided to abandon me abi?” He teased her laughing.
“As if you really wanted to see me, finally the lucky girl have taken you away from me…” She said trying to be emotional and he quickly cut in.
“Toyo, where are you presently? You have to sew asoebi for me o.” He teased her laughing.

“Kenny, I’m presently out of the country but will definitely come down for your wedding. At least to show you that I still love you regardless of everything…” She said still sounding emotional.
“Oh! That would be so kind of you. Toyo, I will remain eternally grateful for that.” He said feeling very grateful.
“Yeah, Kenny you deserve much more. You are such a nice man and sometimes I wish I met you earlier than I did. But, that’s not necessary anymore, my Mr handsome have been taken.” She said and forced out a smile showcasing her beautiful set of teeth which made her even more beautiful.
“Ouch! I’m blushing.” He said at the other end laughing and she joined him to laugh.
“Funny you,” she said while laughing then continued.

“Please Kenny, don’t hesitate to let me know if you need my help in any way and keep my own asoebi for me.” She said with a low voice.
” Toyo baby, I will do just that because I truly appreciate this your call. ” he replied with excitement in his voice.
“Let your wife hear you calling me Toyo baby there, she will just break your head for you.” She said laughing as she has always enjoyed him calling her that name.

Sade kept trying to reach Kehinde but mtn kept telling her that the person she was calling was busy on another call and she became angry.
“I’ve been trying to reach him for the past fifteen minutes now but he is busy speaking with another person.” She murmured and then suddenly, fear gripped her heart when she remembered the text message Kehinde showed her from one of his ex-girlfriend on their traditional marriage day.

“I will never forgive you Kenny, my blood will
continue to haunt you every day of your life
and you will never know peace in your life.” The text message read.

“Maybe he is speaking with her,yes that Jumoke of a girl, he is speaking with her..” Sade heart burn hot within her, followed by drop of tears.
“No wonder he wasn’t in the mood to talk to me yesterday. I knew it from his reaction that he l love her, Kehinde used to long for my calls and voice, but since that yesterday he has changed considerably and don’t want to hear my voice anymore. He wants to go back to his vomit..” She thought within her as hot tears flowed down freely.

“Kenny, I’ve got to go. See you next week when I arrive Nigeria for the big occasion.” Toyo said after about twenty minutes call and they bade each other good bye.
He dropped his phone with a dry smile and saw Sade’s missed calls, and quickly returned the call when he remembered that he didn’t call her back yesterday before sleeping off but Sade refused to answer the calls. He called her two more times and when she didn’t pick up, he concluded that she was busy and probably not with her phone. He climbed down the bed and walked to the kitchen to find something to eat as he didn’t remember eating anything before going to bed last night.

As he sipped his cup of tea, he kept thinking of possible ways to get Jumoke to forgive him and renounce her words in the text message she sent to him, but couldn’t find one in his mind. He found himself dialling her number and this time, it was ringing but she wasn’t picking up.
“Mummy!” An idea dropped in his mind.
“Yes, I think I have to involve mummy now. That’s the only person Jumoke can listen to..” He thought and quickly searched for the church mummy’s number.

” Brother Kehinde, I was just about calling you. How are you? ” the church mummy asked.
“I’m fine but not really fine o mummy.” He replied coldly.
“What’s wrong oma oba?” She said then continued.
“Sade just left here crying and telling me that.. that that…in fact come over to the house let’s settle whatever the matter is.” She said conclusively.
“Crying? Why is she crying?” He asked in confusion.
“Oma oba, just come over to the house first.” The church mummy replied.
“Uhm… Mummy, please I will first check in at the office before coming ma.” He said pleadingly and she agreed to wait for him.

Immediately the church mummy ended the call, he dialled Sade’s number again and she picked it up in anger.
“Are you done flirting with your ex-girlfriend? You think I don’t know you have been talking with that Jumoke of a girl? Is she the first to lose her virginity?…” Sade blurted out angrily over the phone and it got him angry.
“Don’t you dare refer to Jumoke that way again! Don’t try it ever again!” He fired back at her to her amazement.
“What did you tell the church mummy?” He queried trying to control his temper but she angrily ended the call.

“Sade, don’t push me into doing what we would both regret later.” He sent her a text then threw his phone on the bed and entered the bathroom to have a cold water bath.

To be continued