Episode 36(unedited)

Sade remained in the room for over three hours praying in tongues while the birthday celebration continued in the parlor. Kehinde, Jumoke and Toyin arrived just when Temi was about cutting the birthday cake. They quickly joined in singing the birthday song for the celebrant with others while Toyin ran over to meet her mother in the room.
“Iya mi! ” she called and ran into her mother not minding her mood.
“Bother Kehinde bought for me ice cream and plenty things…” She said, showing her mother the Sheraton bag in her hand.
“Okay! Go ahead and enjoy yourself.” Sade said in order to dismiss her from disturbing her quiet time.
“Come let’s go to the parlor o, bother Temi is cutting big cake.” Toyin informed her,holding her hand.
“Don’t worry, I’m coming out soon.” She said and Toyin, sat down and started digesting the ice cream. When Sade saw that she would not be able to concentrate having Toyin in the room with her, stood up, entered the bathroom and washed her face and powdered it before leaving with Toyin to the parlor.
“Where did you go brother Kehinde?” The church mummy questioned him after the cutting of cake and Jumoke came from behind and knelt down before the church mummy.
“Good evening mummy.” She greeted on her knees and Kehinde looked away and the church mummy hugged her excitedly.
“Look who i have here, my beautiful daughter Jumoke!” The church mummy said in excitement and drew her into a tight embrace.
“So you arrived here and instead of coming to register your presence with me, you followed Kehinde out abi?” She said jokingly and Jumoke apologized.
“Am sorry mummy,when I arrived here, you were having a very hot prayer with someone in the room, so i followed Kenny out to buy ice cream for little Toyin” she explained respectfully and the church mummy kept smiling at how soft her voice sounds.
“It’s okay my dear. Good to know that my daughter knows my son Kehinde..” The church mummy was still talking when Sade and Toyin walked quietly into the parlor. She and Kehinde who was trying to put himself in order exchanged glances and she smiled.
“Jumoke, do make your self comfortable. I will be right back.” She said and told Kehinde to follow her.
“What’s your plan? Hope you are aware Sade would be going back to the village few minutes from now?” She asked him immediately they reached the balcony.
“Really? I thought she would sleep over.” He replied feeling bad.
“That was why I asked you to be here by 2pm. You shouldn’t have gone out brother Kehinde. She needs to go back home because of tomorrow’s farm work…” She explained and he swallowed hard,then quickly cut in.
” can I drive them to the village? ” he asked,looking pleadingly into the church mummy’s eyes as if his life depended on it.
“This is past four Kehinde. Before you reach her village, it would be dark and it’s not advisable driving back from that village in the night.” She explained but he wasn’t satisfied with her points.
“Mummy, I understand your points but …” He said.
“It’s alright brother Kehinde, I see your mind is already made up. Let me call her to get ready so you can take them home immediately.” She said and left him at the balcony to call her. She sent someone to call Sade while she packaged Noddles, clothes and food items for them to go home with.
“Kehinde would go and drop you and Toyin in the village.” She announced when Sade entered the room.
“Call Toyin and get her ready. It’s already getting late and you are to go with these things here.” She said and squeezed some naira notes into her hands.
“Thank you so much mummy. I can’t thank you enough ma.” She said kneeling down.
“We thank God. Sister Sade get up and get going.” She said hastily, then remembered something.
“That reminds me, Sade! Kehinde complained you have not been picking his calls. Look, I don’t know what he did wrong but believe me, brother Kehinde is one person in the whole world you shouldn’t be angry with. He stood by you and believed you even when many of us didn’t believe you. Overlook whatever he did to you and pick his calls…” The church mummy continued.
“Mummy, he didn’t do anything to me. Just that I felt he was disturbing me with his constant sermons during those periods I was not thinking right. I will apologise to him ma.” Sade explained calmly and the church mummy nodded in satisfaction.
“Please watch out against that scavenger of a man called Olori. Don’t give him any chance again and don’t collect anything from him again. Because the money and gifts you collect from him weakens your ability to say no to him.” She advised her and she nodded her head agreeably before walking out of the room.
When they were about leaving, Jumoke walked up to Kehinde and requested for his number, because they actually lost contacts and the church mummy observed his uneasiness and reluctance in releasing the number to Jumoke. She suspected something fishy between the two of them and quickly came up with an idea of sending Jumoke on errand in order to relieve him but she succeeded in collecting the phone number before the church mummy could send her for the errand.
Toyin jumped into the back seat while Sade and Kehinde sat at the owners and driver’s seat respectively and he gave the church mummy an exciting wink before driving off.

Halfway into the journey,darkness began to set in Toyin slept off at the back seat and Sade broke the long silence that had permeated the atmosphere in the car.
“Brother Kehinde,” she called almost in a whisper having lost her voice as a result of the long screams and cry. He turned and looked into her eyes in response, then turned around to concentrate on the steering.
“I’m sorry I’ve not been picking your calls. I didn’t just know what came over me. Am deeply sorry, do forgive me.” She said looking down at nothing.
“It’s alright Sade, I thought maybe I did something wrong to you..” He said looking straight at the dark road ahead.
” No , you did nothing wrong. And thanks for your prayers.” She said and silence followed. After another one hour drive, they arrived at Sade’s family house at exactly 8:45pm but Sade insisted that it wasn’t safe for Kehinde to drive back that night. Her parents joined and pleaded with him to sleep over and leave first thing in the morning, so Kehinde agreed but whispered something into Sade’s ears…

“I will sleep in my car please.” Kehinde whispered into Sade’s ear and her parents decided to give them space.
“Why? Brother Kehinde, we have a spare room where you can sleep comfortably” she said pleadingly.
“Sister Sade, I’m sorry I didn’t plan to sleep over. I only agreed to sleep over because you insisted I do. Don’t worry, I will be fine in the car, I’ve slept in the car several times…” He was trying to make her agree with him but she cut him short.
“My parents won’t be happy to see you sleep inside the car when we have a vacant room.” She said with displeasure in her eyes.

“See, they won’t know I slept in the car if you unless you decides to inform them.” He said and continued immediately with another topic in order to divert her attention.
“I really wanted to discuss something serious with you but it didn’t work out as planned because the meeting you had with mummy took the whole time. All the same, I was very happy to see you experience God afresh in that indoor meeting with her. So, will it be possible for us to talk outside here this night?” He asked smiling in a way that reminded Sade of the way their friendship used to be, how he smiled when cracking jokes and just as expected, she forgot the previous matter.

“Alright then, come inside and eat before the discussion.” She said and started walking into the house hoping that he would follow her behind.
“Uhm.. Wait a minutes” he said thoughtfully, then smiled in a funny way before saying what he wanted to say.
” Why don’t we eat together outside here, I like the fresh air here.” He said trying to hide his lack of interest in eating the food. He already knew that she would get angry if he refuses to eat the food, and his plans will be ruined.
“Okay o, I will bring the food out here for you but I won’t eat with you. You will eat alone.” She said in finality and walked out fast before he could protest.
“Rara o.” He shouted in low tone and relaxed his back on the wooden chair he was sitting on. Soon, she came out from the kitchen with a plate of jollof rice which the church mummy packaged for them.
“This rice smell nice.” He said looking at her.
“I know you may not like to eat the amala and ewedu saup my mother prepared, so I decided to fetch Temi’s birthday rice which mummy packaged for us for you..” She explained.
“Hope you didn’t tell your mother that I don’t like her food,because I didn’t say so o..” He said and collected the spoon,then frowned in a funny way.
“Where is your own spoon?” He asked and she started laughing.
“Brother Kehinde,don’t feel like eating anything tonight. I feel this inner panting and hunger for God, I don’t know how to go about it yet but I feel this yearning in my heart for more of God.” She explained with all seriousness in her eyes.
“That’s part of what I wanted to discuss with you Sade. Though, you haven’t discussed your encounter with God in mummy’s room with me, but I strongly believe that God is giving you another chance to make a difference.” He said and dropped the spoon in his hand,then continued.
“You see,your backsliding took place gradually and almost became worst when you finally forsook the spiritual exercises you used to do before; things such as personal fasting and prayers, your quiet time, fellowshipping with brethren and even singing. Sade, you stopped doing all these things when you conceived Toyin because you felt there’s no point doing them anymore. You felt, that after all God’s mad at you and won’t hear you anymore, but that’s not true.” He said with frankness, adjusted himself on the seat then continued.
“Look, the yearning you are feeling inside is God calling you to come up higher from where you are right now. He wants you to return back to those personal spiritual exercises you used to do before. He wants to see you spend more time with Him in prayers, study of His word and worship. Sade, you are empty, he wants to fill you afresh and the only place he can fill you is when you draw closer to Him in these areas I have mentioned. I don’t know what the sermons in your church here looks like, but you also needs to be hearing quality,soul lifting messages. The Bible says, ‘Faith comes by hearing the word of God’. I can as well send some video and audio messages into your phone to listen to…” Kehinde kept on and on, switching from preaching to advising and Sade responded with open heart so much that they didn’t know when it was midnight.
“You can start by deciding to go on a fast tomorrow, even if it’s 6a.m-12pm. You may encounter difficulties owing to the fact that it’s been a long time you fasted,but just trying. I will also join you, then by 12pm ,I will call you so we can pray together and then you can eat. Is that okay by you?” He asked searching her eyes and she nodded positively with excitement in her eyes.
“Also, we can do online bible study together on WhatsApp, and then pray over the phone.” He said suggestively and she squeezed her face in confusion.
“Which one is online bible study again?” She asked, smiling halfway.
“This is how we would do it. We would choose a passage in the Bible and study it, then when we come online, you will share your own revelation and I will share mine then take up an action plan from the study..” Kehinde explained and she found it interesting as she nodded her head with interest.
“I like that brother Kehinde, that way I will be able to also learn how to sit down and study to get revelation from the scriptures again. Hmmm.. Thank you so much my friend” she said excitedly.
“One more thing,Sade what’s your plan concerning your songs album and Masters?” He asked looking intently into her eyes and watched as she lowered her head in defeat.
“Brother Kehinde, I don’t know. I just want to rise up from my fall first, though I still have this fear that people will criticise me if I go into singing a…” She was lamenting and he shushed her.
“Leave people out of this Sade, when you rise and and begin to perform excellently, people will forget your past and would even make you their role model.” He said and she looked up at him in a striking manner.
” yes!” He said when he saw the surprise in her eyes,then continued.
“Sade, the world is waiting for your rising. Don’t let the past keep your back on the ground…” He wanted to speak further but she cut in.
” Brother Kehinde, it’s not easy here in the village. No studio, no.. Nothing.” She complained.
“Okay! Do you want to come back to the city now?” He queried and watched her as she struggled with whatever she wanted to say.
“I.. I want to but it’s not possible right now. I’ve exhausted all my savings and i don’t want to inconvenience mummy with my burdens and that of Toyin..” She explained painfully and looked away from her.
“How much are we talking about here. I mean how much do you need to get your own apartment and everything you and Toyin would need in the house?” He asked casually.
“Ah! Brother Kehinde, don’t worry o. You have already done more than enough for me and Toyin and I don’t want to bother you more…” She said in dismissal and he started laughing.
“Sister Sade,I didn’t say I would give you the money o. I just wanted to know how much you need so we can start praying and trusting God for it. Or don’t you Believe that God can provide it?” He asked cunningly and she dismissed her thoughts and nodded her head agreeably.
“Take your time and estimate the amount you need and when you want to leave this village,then let me know tomorrow so that we can start praying about it.” He said and yawned as he glanced through his wristwatch.
“Jesu! It’s already 2am Sade, let me release you.” He said and she opened her mouth on hearing the time.
“Brother Kehinde, do you know what? The word of God is sweet, see how we became oblivious of the time and became lost discussing spiritual matters..” She said excitedly and he nodded his head thoughtfully.
“Sade, you are going to lead us to worship God,then pray briefly before going to bed.” He said and her heart skipped.
“I can’t lead in prayers yet brother Kehinde, I’m still…” She wanted to give excuses.
“No excuses please, just start with worship songs first.” He said and maintained a straight face, so she started searching her head and mind for songs and finally came up with a song. She continued the song with a shaky voice for about ten minutes and it was quite obvious that she had no confidence in herself, so Kehinde decided to switch into tongues in order to intercede for her. She went off key as she picked up another song and struggled over it for few minutes then decided to join Kehinde to pray. He increased the intensity of his tongues so his voice was heard all over the compound.
Sade’s mother woke up and peeped through the window to see who it was that was praying in her house at that ungodly time of the night. She saw Kehinde and Sade praying, then rubbed her eyes and went outside to ease herself. When she was done, she decided to sit down on the mud pavement closed to the entrance door to pray along with them.
The prayer continued as Kehinde prayed louder in tongues, trying to stir up Sade’s spirit then thankfully, like a bolt of tornado she picked up and started blasting in tongues,
“Gbigidm!” Kehinde heard something fell to the ground and opened his eyes which had been tightly shut. He found Sade on the ground,clung to the wooden kitchen seat praying in tongues violently. He remembered the words of his pastor those days, when he was still very young in faith.
“Brothers, do not pray with a sister alone in a secluded place, and even if you are praying in an open place alone, summarise the prayers if she falls under the anointing. You may not be able to handle what follows alone..” The Pastor usually warn them during their Young Men’s Time Out meetings.
He suddenly began to reduce the velocity of his voice in order to summarise the prayers, though he felt the presence of God strongly in the atmosphere. Just when he was making up his mind to end the prayers, Sade’s mother walked up from the pavement where she was sitting and began to do the work of an usher as she tried to hold Sade from injuring herself. He decided to end the prayers with a worship song in appreciation to God.
After about forty minutes of trying to hold her at a place, Sade’s mother got tired of holding her as she struggled and continued in tongues rolling on the sandy soil. Kehinde observed the frustration of the woman and walked up to them, placed his hand on Sade’s forehead and said with a loud voice;
“PEACE!” He shouted, and she became calm but continued speaking in tongues slowly and crying at the same time. The night started brightening up gradually into day and on checking his time, it had clocked 5:15. He requested for water to wash his face and when his Sade’s mother made to leave, Sade stood up and ran into Kehinde’s arms crying.
” I had an angelic visitation.. ” she cried, holding him in a tight embrace and her mother stood aside watching them Kehinde also held her…

Brother Kehinde, please make the hug brief. Mama Sade is watching o.

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Episode 38(unedited)

” Tell me about it.” He said calmly and gently loosened himself from the tight and held her hand to seat down on the wooden chair, then her mother entered inside the house and came out with a bowl of water for him.
” ese ma.” He said, stood up and collected the bowl of water from her.
“I saw them, the angels.” She began,
“They were massive in stature, beautiful and glorious in appearance. Brother Kehinde, the sight of them going to and fro in holiness is even more beautiful I can’t explain it.
I saw them, they came forth from a high and mighty throne with sealed packages and handed them to me.
” Grace! Grace! ” they said to me each as they gave me the packages. My heart was overflowing with joy unspeakable and a new song dropped on my heart which I started singing with an angelic voice. Brother Kehinde you need to hear my voice, I sang so differently and had angelic backups. I can still remember the wordings and rhythm of the song .Let me sing it for you brother Kehinde.” She said and straight away, she closed her eyes and began to sing the new song she received so melodiously that Kehinde didn’t know when tears began to drop from his eyes as he watched her sing perfectly in tune with her eyes closed. More amazing to him was the sight of Sade singing in tongues in between the wordings of the new song. His hands instantly as goose bumps covered his hairy body.
“Brother Kehinde, you are crying?” Sade said and stopped singing when she opened her eyes and saw him in tear.
“Huh?.. No.” He said and quickly wiped off the tears in his eyes that had flowed down his cheeks.
“Sade, you have no idea how happy I am seeing you sing again. Seeing you sing before me this morning reminds me of the first time I saw you minister in songs at your parish, I felt the presence of God and so did everyone.” He said with all seriousness, then continued.
“The packages you saw them giving you and the ‘grace! grace!’ shows that God has restored back to you everything that were lost and have also given you greater grace. Can’t you see you sing even better than before?” He asked and she nodded in the affirmative.
” My dear, get a new book and write down the song; more songs are coming,just be sensitive and give attention to them once they drops in your heart or in your dreams. You can record them with your phone while trying to sing them…” He kept talking and stopped when he saw that the day has broken very well and she might need to do some chores.
“Sister Sade, we shall talk better on phone. Let me get going now.” He said and jumped to his feet. As he was about opening the door of his car, he remembered that the church mummy had mentioned that Sade was meant to go to farm with her mother, and he knew that they won’t be able to go anymore because of his prayer and discussion which ended very late. He dipped his hand into his trouser pocket and counted out some thousand naira notes, walked up to Sade’s mother and squeezed it into her hands.
“I’m sorry I interrupted your farm work today. Please manage this for me.” He said as he gave the woman the money and she leaped for joy on seeing the mint .
“Ah! ese o brother Kehinde omo mi.” She thanked him laughing and advertising her green teeth as she danced. He laughed in satisfaction, knowing that he has averted a possible quarrel between mother and daughter with just a token.
“You didn’t even tell me that brother Kehinde is a Pastor. He is so anointed..” Sade’s mother said laughing as she tied the money at one edge of her wrapper.
“Maami, brother Kehinde is not a Pastor. He is just a brother in one of our branch churches in the city.” Sade replied, dusting her body.
“Ah! He should go and become a Pastor o. His anointing has outgrown the brother level.” The woman said entering the kitchen as Sade bursted into laughter.

On his way back to the city, a particular strange number kept calling him which he suspected could be Jumoke’s. He ignored it and later set the phone on silent then continued with his journey. He arrived home very tired and famished, but had to first call Sade to inform her that he arrived home safely. He quickly rushed into the bathroom, had a quick bath and made for himself a cup of tea before resting his back for a nap.

“You must marry me, Kenny you must marry me. You can’t use me and dump me for another woman…” Jumoke fired at Kehinde in the the dream and he snapped out from his sleep to see his phone buzzing close to him. He quickly picked it up on seeing Sade as the caller forgetting his dream.
“Brother Kehinde, there’s trouble o.” She said fearfully immediately he picked up.
“Trouble? What happened?” He asked and sat up properly on the bed.
” It’s Olori o, he came around to look for me in our house and I told him I can’t continue with the relationship again and he got angry and started threatening me. He said that I can’t back out of the relationship after all that he had spent on me and my family and that he must marry me…” Sade narrated over the phone crying.
“He is not serious and he can’t do anything to you…” Angry Kehinde blurted out.
“Brother Kehinde, he is serious o, that man is diabolical and can go to any length to achieve his selfish interest..” She explained.
“Sade, I said he can’t do anything to you. Tell him to calculate all the money he spent on you and your family and we would pay him back.” He said angrily.
“No, he said he is not collecting money. That I must marry him.” Sade explained still crying.
“I don’t know how I got myself into this mess..” She began to lament over the phone.
“Stop that Sade.” He said then continued
” look, I think it’s high time you leave that village. Stop crying, let me speak with mummy first. I will get back to you shortly.” He said and ended the call, then searched for the church mummy’s phone number…

Episode 39(unedited)

“Ah! ah! The Olori of a man want to die abi? He should not near my daughter o.” The church mummy shouted over the phone looking at her husband who was also listening to their conversation because the phone was on loud speaker when Kehinde called to inform her of the latest development.
“I think Sade needs to leave that village. I don’t see any reasonable thing she is doing there and she has her degree…” The Pastor told his wife with a lowered voice looking concerned and she gave him a supportive look before speaking further with Kehinde.
“But brother Kehinde, what’s your opinion, I mean what do you suggest we do now?” She asked in order to know his own plans.
“Mummy, I don’t really know… But I don’t think that village is still a safe place for sister Sade, she needs to come out and find something reasonable to do with her life…” He said, counting his words carefully to avoid being misunderstood.
“But, is there any arrangements for where she would stay?” The church mummy cunningly asked smiling silently as her husband looked up at her with a ‘what are you saying?’ expression on his face, because there are empty,unoccupied rooms in the personage and Sade can comfortably stay in one of them with her daughter. She waved at her husband to calm down,
“Daddy, I want to know whether he has other plans.” She whispered into her husband’s ear,removing the phone faraway from her mouth and the Pastor smiled at her criminal sense of reasoning.
“No arrangements yet. I just said I should inform you about the latest development, and know what next to be done in order to enhance Sade’s safety…” He said calmly sensing that the woman was trying to get words out of his mouth.
“Okay, let me discuss with daddy first and I will get back to you.” She said and dropped the call.
“Why are you looking at me that way?” She asked her husband and started laughing.
“I wonder why you are not an inspector in the police force. What were you trying to hear from my son’s mouth?” He said jokingly.
“Ah! Anything o. I don’t want to take chances again o. Do I know whether he wants to accommodate her in his house?” She said maintaining a serious face then started laughing again.
“No, no, that Kehinde you see is a disciplined young man. He won’t even think it.” The Pastor defended him and his wife eyed him in a funny way.
“Ah! I don’t understand how you suddenly became very fond of brother Kehinde o, that young man just won your heart without any struggles…” She teased her husband.
“Yes o, I love disciplined young men and I have studied him carefully and found him worthy of my trust. That’s by the way, can you now go ahead and call Sade let’s hear from her?” He asked rhetorically, then continued.
“And please stop looking at me that way. You haven’t been doing your bed ministry lately, I won’t interrupt you from saving Sade’s soul o, but when you are through with her, come over to the bed and save mine too.. ” The Pastor said, lying back on the bed and looking into his wife’s eyes in a funny way.
“Pas…tor!!!” His wife called him and at the same time laughing hard.
“Yes, woman of God!” He replied, then continued.
“Pastor needs to be ministered to, hot ministration o.” He said smiling in a naughty way.
“Ah! Man of God, stop being carnal.” She teased him,still laughing.
“Carnal ke. How can I be carnal when I married a spiritual woman that has the power both to minister to my spirit, soul and body? It’s a spiritual thing jaree! I have been given the license under the constitution of heaven and you are the only woman of God that can minister to me with holy hands. Do and come over here my dear..” He said laughing and the church mummy fell off the bed laughing hard.

“Hello, sister Sade. How are you?” Kehinde spoke with Sade over the phone after finalizing with the church mummy.
“I’m fine brother Kehinde.” She replied with a calm voice.
“Good afternoon sir.” She greeted almost immediately.
“Yeah, did mummy call you?” He asked almost immediately.
“Yes, she called me in the morning few minutes after I finished speaking with you. He said I should get my things and that of Toyin ready that you are coming to pick us first thing tomorrow morning.” Sade reported.
“Yes, that’s it. I will drive down there very early so I can come back in time and attend to some office calls.” He said and she cut in.
“Brother Kehinde, thank you very much for speaking to mummy on my behalf. What could I have done with out you?” She said and he quickly interrupted her.
“Ah! No o, sister Sade. I didn’t speak with mummy on your behalf, God granted your desire of coming back to the city. Isn’t God faithful?” He asked rhetorically laughing.
“Yes, He is. But I still want to thank you..” She said and he quickly cut her short.
“Sister Sade, leave me jor! ” he said and she joined him laughing.

Kehinde drove down to Sade’s village very early the next morning and arrived before 6:30am when Sade was bathing Toyin. He asked to be shown their luggage which he began to park into the car immediately while Sade and Toyin get themselves prepared for the journey.
“Sade!” Olori’s voice was heard from the backyard when they were about entering the car to leave for the city.
“You can’t run away from your shadow, can you?” He said with a threatening look and everyone turned and found him standing akimbo.

“Yes, even a man’s shadow do leave him.” Kehinde answered on seeing him.
“Stay away from this matter young man, I have no business with you.” Olori fired at him angrily.
“Sade you are my wife and you cannot run away from me to anywhere. You belong to me!” He said and her parents, lowered their head in shame.
“I’m not your wife neither do I belong to you.” Sade blew hot at him.
“Every dime I spent on you and your family espoused you to me.” He said domineeringly.
“You lie! ” Kehinde fired at him, then turned to face Sade,
“Sade enter this car let’s get out of here.” He said, trying hard to control his temper.
“It’s either i marry Sade, or no man will have her.” Olori threatened and Kehinde gave a scornful laugh.
“Sister Sade, I said get into the car.” He urged her and entered the driver’s seat and waited for the crying Sade to join him in the car while Toyin was already at the back seat watching the drama. Sade’s parents sat at a place unable to talk with their head still lowered down to the earth as Olori kept releasing threats.
“You all will pay for this…” He threatened, pointing from Kehinde to Sade’s parents as she entered the car and Kehinde zoomed off immediately…

Olori i beg park well. Pas…tor!!! Which one come be ministration on the bed na?

Episode 40(unedited)

Sade cried in fear all through the journey and Kehinde allowed her to have a good cry. They arrived the parsonage few minutes past nine, and he offloaded the luggage and rushed to the office as his attention was already needed at the hospital.
Sade and Toyin were shown their room which had been neatly swept and given a clean touch under the church mummy’s instruction and they settled down after arranging some of their things. She sent Kehinde an SMS to apologise for the embarrassment he got from Olori and also pleaded with him not to give up on her. He called her immediately and assured her of his unwavering support, then promised to speak with her later in the evening because he was busy with so much work on his desk. On dropping the call, a nurse ushered in a patient for medical consultation and on lifting his head was Jumoke standing before his desk.
“Jumo!” He said in shock, and quickly put himself together.
“Wasn’t expecting you here.” He said, trying to act serious.
“Why? Are they patients you expect and those you are not expecting?” She said smiling but he looked away maintaining a straight face.
“Can I at least sit down? Kenny I paid for the consultation.” She said, searching for his face.
“But Jumo, you and I know very well that you are not here for any consultation. Please, this is an office, can we discuss whatever it is you want outside official duties?” He said with a mean face.
“Are you asking me out of your office?” Jumoke asked and broke down in tears. The Kenny she knew even when he was an unbeliever cannot bear to see a woman cry, so she felt that crying was the only tactic powerful enough to get him to give her attention.
” hey! Jumo stop that. You know I hate to see you cry.” He said sitting up uneasily on his seat.
“You know what? Let’s hang out by 4pm today so we can talk properly. I’m not comfortable discussing…” He was trying to talk but she cut him short.
“No! Kenny no, you just want to dispose me..” She cried the more and he became more embarrassed when a female nurse entered the office and found Jumoke crying profusely.
“Please, leave!” He ordered the nurse out with out looking at her or bothering to know what she had to say and she ran out immediately.
“You see what I’m saying? You just embarrassed me and your self before this student nurse now. We can’t talk here Jumo.” He explained but she would have none of it.
“Alright, what is it you want us to talk about? Go ahead and talk about it.” He said and relaxed back on his chair.
“Kenny, you ditched me with the excuse that you were born again and needed to build your new found faith. You told me that we can’t continue for the time being and I understood with you and gave you time to build. But you abandoned me totally, you left after graduation without leaving a trace and took a part of me along with you. Kenny you shattered my world,if not that I met Mummy who spoke to me in a counseling and led me to Christ, I don’t know what would have become of me.
Ever since you left my life, I’ve been unable to love any other man let alone start a relationship. I kept having this feeling within me that I would still find you, I traveled home several times and visited Oba and your mother, and they welcomed me with open heart thinking we were still together and it further convinced me that God had been keeping you for me. But hearing you the other day telling me that you already have a woman in your life you are considering to marry, is even a heavier blow.
Kenny, I gave you my virginity to prove my love for you! You are the only man I’ve ever known and loved since I was born. Please, don’t leave me… ” she broke down in tears and went down on her knees begging him.
“Jumo, stop this. You are embarrassing me, get up to your feet!” He said and rushed over to help her get up to her feet.
“Just get up first, let me talk to you. I said get up first Jumo..” He said, trying hard to lift her and get her to sit down on the seat; but instead, she stood up and faced him with a pitiful expression on her face, looking intently and pleadingly into his eyes, bringing her mouth closer to his and in a twinkle of an eye, they were both locked up in a kiss…

Brother Kehinde!

Episode 41(unedited)

The kissing continued for about two minutes as his hand meandered through her soft human hair weavon down to her breast region, and she quickly unbuttoned her blouse to grant him easy access to her raw breast but as if something struck Kehinde, he suddenly quivered and moved back in fear.
“Shit!” He blurted out and moved farther from her, adjusting his belt and covering his face with his palms, his heart beating fast.
“Jumoke leave my office.” He said calmly trying hard to bring himself under control.
“Kenny, I’m sorry.” She said softly as she drew closer to him.
“I’ve heard you, please you can leave.” He said, turning his back on her. She came close to him and placed her hand on his shoulder from behind.
“Ke..nny… It’s in your eyes, you still love me as much as I do…” She was still talking when he turned in a rage and shouted.
“Leave!!!!” His voice was heard all over the place and fear gripped her.
“I said leave my office!!!!” He shouted repeatedly and in a minute, both the security and nurses barged into his office and ordered Jumoke out forcefully.
“Doc, hope you are alright?” A fair complexioned female nurse who had been crushing on him stayed behind and asked. He waved at her to leave the office without looking at her and she lazily dragged herself out feeling bad. He dropped into his chair, bent his head and tears began to pour out of his eyes.
“Ah! God! What did I just do?” He asked nobody but himself amidst tears.

Jumoke arrived home sad and dejected to meet her niece crying at the reading table and she rushed over to her.
“Bisi, what’s the problem? Why are you crying?” She asked Bisola who wasn’t expecting to see her by that time of the day.
“Nothing.” She replied and quickly wiped off her tears.
“You can’t tell me nothing whereas you are crying.”
“Aunty J, it’s my boyfriend.” Bisola said.
“What about your boyfriend?” She queried,a bit relieved.
“He’s threatening to leave me if I don’t have sex with him..” She broke down again crying leaving Jumoke more confused.
“So?” She asked the crying Bisola.
“Aunty, I don’t want to lose Frank!” She buried her teary face in her palms,then continued.

“And at the same time, I don’t want to lose my virginity” she cried louder and Jumoke held her closely to herself, on opening her mouth to talk, tears began to stream down her cheeks as she remembered that fateful Valentine evening, at Kehinde’s lodge off campus when he asked her to prove her love for him with so many promises to build a future with her. She remembered how she was bathed in her own blood right on Kehinde’s bed as he climbed down from over her body after defiling her and how she did not stop satisfying him with her body until that very day he called to tell her that he would no longer continue with the relationship. More hurting for her was the fact that she was now the one begging Kehinde not to leave her for another woman, even trying to go against her faith to get him back to herself. The incident at Kehinde’s office came afresh before her as she remembered how she was humiliated by the nurses and security men, how a particular female nurse called her a proustite that have come to seduce their handsome doctor.
She hugged Bisola very tightly and cried with her eyes closed.
“Bisi, even though I failed in the past, I won’t want you to repeat the same mistake with me.” She said, loosening from the tight hug and wiping her tears.
“Some nine years back, I was just like you. Innocent, a virgin and I held my head high with great confidence until I fell in love with Kenny. The relationship was a healthy one until he began to request that I prove my love for him, I refused but gave in due to his incessant request. I gave him my virginity, but not less than two years,he came up and announced that he had become born again and wouldn’t continue with the relationship anymore. Bisi, he kept avoiding me till we graduated and he vanished into thin air leaving no trace of his whereabout. I couldn’t love any other man because it seemed he left with a part of me, only for me to meet him few days ago and guess what he told me,
” I already have someone I am considering for marriage. This afternoon, he disgraced me in his office and ordered me out because we,..we..I didn’t know how it happened that we both couldn’t control ourselves and ended up kissing each other..” She said, breathed down and continued.

“Even after kissing me, he still ordered me out. I know it was wrong as Christians that we kissed but I didn’t plan it. I’m not a wayward girl, just that I couldn’t resist him standing very close to me.” She confessed
“He doesn’t want me anymore Bisi,not even sex would make him want to settle down with me. I gave my virginity to prove my love for him in vain. And that’s also applicable to you, giving him your body now would not stop him from leaving you tomorrow. If you do,you might end up being the one chasing after him later, trying to keep him while he divert his attention to another woman. Sex has never been a proof of love, if it is, prostitutes would be the best lovers in the world. Let Frank go if your body is the proof of love he needs, in fact, break up with him first before he breaks up with you and you won’t feel hurt much. Don’t let any man tamper with your pride as a woman if you must walk around with your head high. Your body is your pride, guide it jealously my dear…” She spoke at length with Bisola, then stood up.
“I regret that day, that very minute I spread my legs for Kenny to have his way. I curse that day, the day which I agreed to satisfy a man I love at the expense of my self value as a woman.” She muttered loudly looking into the space as Bisola stared at her speechlessly.

Seven nights later, Olori came out in the middle of the night and walked down to the river with his black spiritual messenger igomudu, (the spirit of madness) and stretched it forth into the air and began to make incantations
“Sade!! Sade!! Sade!!!” He shouted after making his incantations.
“Go!!!!” He shouted wickedly and finally the black messenger flew out of his hand and disappeared into thin air….

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