Do you agree with arranged marriage?

this story is about two CHILDHOOD friends that decided to make a DEAL of MARRIAGE betwen their two kids in other to keep there MULTI-MILLION company as a family BUSINESS

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Chapter 1

MR. Salau and MR Ayodele made a deal to get their children Rhoda and Gbenga marry off immediately they come of age. As part of their family business agreement. The deal was signed when Rhoda was four years old and Ggbenga was 12 years. Sixteen years later, both have come of age but they had never meet themselves even for ones. Gbenga father always remind his son that he have a beautiful wife for him that he will marry but Mr Ayodele never mentioned to his daughter that he made a deal for arranged husband. However, Mr AYodele became guilty of his action to arrange a deal marriage for his daughter and was ready to face the consequences. The deal agreement was that whoever violate the contract would lose all the shares in their joint partnership multi- million real estate business in VGC.

He had never spent time with his daughter apart from short visit because she lived with her mother in U.S.A, he wondered if the daughter would ever forgive him if she find out about the deal.

Rhoda was his only child who a white woman gave birth for him while he was in U.S.A before he returned to Nigeria. She had spent all her life outside the country until a few months ago she returned after completing her college education.

A few years ago when Mr and Mrs Ayodele agreed that Rhoda would returned to Nigeria and settled down, her father agreed with Mr Salau his childhood friend turn business partner to marry her off to his son as part of their business agreement, the reason was to keep their business within their families. It was Mr salau’s idea and it made a lot of sense to Mr Adeleye then.

Rhoda was always at the window of her bedroom, she was always staring at one  of the boys working for her father’s site. He was shitless and she found him a sight to behold. When he moved his hands to wipe sweat from his face, he flexed his muscles like a body weight-lifter. Rhoda was left in awe at the art that God made his body. The boy later noticed someone is looking at him, when he looked up he started staring at her. They held their gaze on each other for minutes before Rhoda quickly left the window. She was ashamed that the boy caught her.

Tobi was staying with his uncle in Lagos, since he was brought from the village he always wanted to attend University even if to seek for a scholarship but his uncle tried to discourage him from it  “if I were you, I would forget about University and concentrate on work. I started just like you as a manual laborer and now I’m now a foreman. Stop having stupid plans and work hard. I believe I could get scholarship Tobi said. Okay do whatever you like but don’t come to me for any money because you have lost it by disrespecting me. I’m your uncle I asked you no talking till we get home but you won’t listen. But you said I’m not your uncle immediately we get to work? Tobi joked. Uncle Friday smiled, Tobi smiled and Rhoda smiled through the window without hearing their conversation

 Chapter 2

Mr Salau and Mr Ayodele meet at their normal joint.” My daughter is already in the Country he came in few months ago and I want to enroll her at University Of Lagos to study business management.

The VC is my close friend; Mr Salau replied sharply, just count it done. Confidently, Gbenga my son, has been given a position as a lecturer in the school because his education is so fast barely, in his late twenties, he has two degrees masters and Ph.D in Australia. He wanted to worked there but I asked him to come back especially for Rhoda but I’m very happy now your daughter will be schooling the same school my son will be lecturing.

Next day,Mr Salau visited Mr Adeleye house in other to checked on his friend daughter, on a norms she was expecting a beautiful girl but seeing her blew his mind away and felt Jealous about what his soon will be having and extremely beautiful girl. Mr Salau was always after young girls of his son age, he do visit hotels to picked ransom girls. Seeing Rhoda, he felt like having her.

Mr Adebayo and his best friend with her daughter went to visit his site were Rhoda meet with Tobi face-to-face they stood at a distance staring at each other communicating in love eyes language that nobody understood. Mr Salau told Uncle Friday that he should send one of his boys to wash his car that he is taking out with her daughter. Uncle friday, asked Tobi that was still staring at Rhoda to go and watch the car instead of looking at his boss daughter strangely. He also advanced him, that he should stop wasting his time falling for a rich girl that will just play with his heart. for more interesting stories or join our whatsapp updates on: 07017524689 .Tobi went to were the car was packed at the car pack. He was speaking to himself how he will buy such car in future and ride around Lagos State. Rhoda came down stirs to pick some documents his father asked him to bring for his admission into the University, Unknowing  to Tobi, Rhoda was there he  splashed water on her body, she screamed at him and requested Tobi to apologized but he just kept on staring at her because she had never seen a beautiful girl like her. Rhoda kept on shouting and demanding an apology from him, she just wanted to hear him to talk, she could not control her feelings again. When Tobi wanted to talk and show his feeling he remembered what his uncle told him.



Rhoda and Tobi kept on staring at each other.  She speaks out ‘ please just say something you don’t need to apologize again but just talk’ He kept staring, so she brought out her phone and went for language translation in other for them to communicate. She kept on confessing how good looking the boy was not knowing he understood English, tobi played along like the village boy that those not understand English. After their short discussion using phone translator, she entered the sit in other to picked the document when her hand brushed up with Tobi exposed body and she felt a love cold over her body immediately, she knew this is the right guy for her.

The next day

Tobi went to University of lagos in searched of Professor Abanikunda to help him gain scholarship into the school.He was putting on a torn cloth that made people to stare at him but he did not mind instead. Some students were riding on luxury cars even bigger than their lecturers. He did not mind because he is only interested what he is there for. He searched for the school management office through the help of the school security guard.

On the other side Rhoda drove in for her first day of school registration also Gbanga also packed at the packing space. She was sitting at the front of the VC office waiting for whoever is inside to come out before she can go in. Gbenga came in fluting his car keys. He is always fun of fluting his car keys in front of girls, since he found out that Nigeria girls love  guys with good cars. He asked Rhoda “Madam where is the Management office? fluting his car keys for Rhoda to fall for him but she was very angry with that action ‘ why should  a guy be doing such thing’, he replied to him rudely that she is not madam neither a young girl and also he should keep the car keys he is fluting that it those not move her. Immediately, Ggbenga put the key in his pocket and was thinking on how to apologize, Tobi came out jumping with joy and dancing he danced and past Rhoda and Tobi while they still embroiled in their reality check tastes.

During that process Tobi already dance and pass them before Rhoda realized it was him; she was surprise to see him in her school. She quirkily called and ran after him but could not find him through the many roads in the school. She rushed back to enter the VC office when he saw Gbenga trying to open the door, she quickly called out to him, that she was the next to enter the VC office but Ggbenga replied ‘you are not ready to see the VC since you can follow a rag boy out’ Gbanga was lost admiring her beauty and vowed to forget the beautiful girl the father told him about as his wife as far there are beautiful girls like Rhoda in the school. During his thinking process, she squeezed herself beside him inside the VC office to get her admission letter.


Rhoda met a friend in Nigeria called Henny, she was a girl that like getting attention she go admitted in the same school Rhoda don’t really liked her because of her life style and her rudeness to Tobi. But she was the only friend she had. The first day of lecture, Rhoda and her friend went to the rest room to freshen up before the lecture time,they met Tobi cleaning the toilet floor. Rhoda was surprise what Tobi is doing in her school and why he is even mopping the toilet floor. All what Jenny could do was to insult the poor boy in all sort of ways as for Tobi he kept on staring at Rhoda who was about to slip off but Tobi quickly came to her help.

Tobi was working as the school cleaner because the school gave him a scholarship and an accommodation for that, he had to always do cleaning in the school.

For the first lecture,Mr Gbenga was to lecture them. He started with his does and don’t

Some where interested why some where not during that process. Tobi came in rushing to the class and looking for space to settle down. Prof Gbenga called his attention that what was he looking for because he does not look like a student to be in that school due to his dressing.

‘What is your name and what are you looking for in this class? At first Tobi refused to reply he asked again and he replied. ‘My name is Daramiola Tobi I’m to be in the class but I’m late due to I had to do some chores in the school’.

Rhoda was surprised that he can speak English in fact not just English but fluent one at that.

Story Continues

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Tobi was working as a cleaner in the University due to the scholarship and the admission he was offered in other way round he had to work as a cleaner. On a Monday morning, he was cleaning the school toilet before attending there first lecture.  Rhoda and Henny came to freshen up when they saw tobi ,Rhoda was so shocked to see him in her school for Henny all she should do was to talk ill of tobi as a poor village boy. During that, tobi inform them in his local dialet that they should be careful of the ground because it is slippery,Henny relied rudily that they can read English that was written on the wall, Rhoda tried to walked in but slipped before she could hit her body on the floor,tobi held her they stayed like that communicating in there unknown love language �f1�j}G