I was born in a home that my mother alone have to take care of me I was surprised not having a father or other relatives apart from my mother’s friend. I could not even attend school in the village with other kids at my young age I love studying and always wish to be on uniform like other kids.

 One day, I had to question my mother what happen to my father and she explained

‘’Adesewa my daughter, your grandmother and her friend sent me out of your father’s house when it was almost due to give birth to you’’.

Leave my son alone; just get out of my son’s life with your unwanted pregnancy. Rotimi mother-in-law shouted out her. 

“Mother, how can you tell me to get out of your son’s life when I’m pregnant of his baby, don’t you have any human feelings? Rotimi cried

Who cares, I’m bringing my friend daughter as my son new wife so just pack your things and leave this house she shouted.

                Story continues



Rotimi husband (Michael) got prepared for work he was about to leave the house, when Rotimi called her back not to stay long and hugged him.

“Whatever may happen, always remember I LOVE YOU” Michael said and kissed her.

“Go now” Rotimi said and smiled.

Later in the day Michael mother and her friend camein, packed Rotimi things and sent her out of the house. She cried and begged them but they refused to listen.

Rotimi left to her friend’s house because that is the only person she has. She narrated her story to her friend how they sent her away from the house with her pregnancy. Rotimi was certain that her husband we come and take her back home.

Michael came back in the evening after having a hectic day at work; he was surprised to get a letter from her wife that she has packed and leave the house because the pregnancy is not for him but for another man and she did not even love him. Michael was so heartbroken not knowing it was planned and the letter was written by her mother’s friend.

EPISIODE 3                                                        

Rotimi was angry and heartbroken that her husband did not bother to search for her so she left with her friend to a village. She gave birth to a baby girl and named her Adesewa.


After my mother told me her story I could not help myself but cried. On a faithful Saturday evening a man came to our house in search of my mother which I later found out he is my father he got our village location due to my mother’s friend Neighbor. My father explained how he caught her mother speaking to her friend how they drove my mother and all their plans for long, he got angry and searched for my mother and I till she got our location.

I was surprised to see the handsome man as my father. He hugged me and plan to get me anything I want; all I wanted was to attend school my dad promised me that immediately we relcatate to America were we will start a happy family  my mum, dad and I, he will enroll me in a school. I was so happy and all arrangement were made for us to travel.

After all necessary things, their flight took off. Everything was going smoothly until the pilot announced that the plane may crash any minute from now. Everyone became scared and later the plane catched fire, finally the plane crashed.

My dad was saved but my mum died as for me I lost my memory inside the water that an old woman and her husband found me. I lost my memory and could not remember anything. They saved me with some herbal treatment.

They were able to get my name from the Necklace I was wearing. The old poor family that I was staying with told me I was there grandchild but never told me what happened to my parents. I was a loving, caring and hard working girl, I helped my grandmothers to sell fire wood in the market. Unknown to me my father was searching for me everywhere with my picture but could not locate me and the old family I I was staying with don’t want to ever lose me because they  never heard a child of their own. Instead they tried to hide me from my dad.


On a blessed day, my grandmother asked me to rest or better still I should have the day to play since I have been hard working, so I went to a river side to swim. I meant a girl named Rasheal, she was a beautiful and a fashionable girl due to her dressing she asked why I was dirty and my hair unkept, she later promised to give me some cloths I was so happy and thanked her. On our way working down the river side she fell down I try helping her up but could not so ran to the main road to call for help.

A man came around and help me to rushed her to the nearest hospital I was there with her till she woke up the next day. On her seeing me she got angry that I left her and ran off from the incident place, she accused me of being a bad person that she never wanted to be friends with again.

I cried home to my worried grandparents since I left yesterday and never returned as expected, I explained to them. On a particular day I was coming from the market where I went to sell fire wood for my grandparents I meant a young guy trying to asked for a description, his father is the owner of the biggest house in that town and he was the only son that just came back from London, due to he wanted to surprise his father he did not inform his father.  Patrick got to the town but could not locate his father’s house, he tried asking a young woman he first came across but the woman fainted he was surprised what happened and tried to get help from other people but they also fainted when they came closer. He was confused but when he turned,he saw a young girl beside him which was me just looking at him, he asked what just happened to those women that fainted. I explained that because they have never seen a handsome person like him, he smiled and was surprised why people will act like that.  help I lead him to his father’s house since It was a very popular house in the town.Immediately, I took him there I turned and ran home to meet my grandparents.



I heard a party was organized to welcome Patrick in his father’s house. I was so happy because it is an opportunity to get enough food for me and my grandparents. I left for the party with the one cloth  I have. I got there and sneak from the backyard in other to pack enough food inside bag but was caught by Raheal my old friend from the river side, she was now married to Patrick father even though she was my age mate. Raheal was so angry after seeing me she called me all sort of names and asked the guards to arrest me. Patrick seeing all that called on the guards to leave me and also gave me a lot of foods to take home. I was extremely happy and he also exhorts me out and asked we should meet the next day at the junction we first meet.

The next day I went to meet him at the junction but he was already there waiting for me, he gave me a bag full of cloths and a comb ;for my hair since it was always roughed I thanked him and I was very happy I always wanted to look good even though my grandparents were poor.