Episode Five

Kauna was more friendly and more attractive than Jocelyn. While her sister is away only the two of us were left in the house. The promise to get me a job was forgotten. I spent most of my time at home. The two weeks vacation brought me closer to Kauna than my wife. We gist, watch movies together and we eat together whenever her sister is not around. Kauna began to have feelings for me. As beautiful as kauna is, she does not have a boyfriend yet she was in 300 level in the university. This seemed to be a trend in their house because of their status in the society.

If I had met Kauna earlier than Jocelyn and I was given an option, I would have chosen Kauna. The unthinkable started happening when she began doing some irresistible and provocative dressing in the house. I thought I was a disciplined Christian until I began to lust and fall for Kauna. All her body languages and seductive moves were well understood by me.

Two days to the end of her vacation, she went to take her bath in the general bathroom instead of using the bathroom in Jocelyn’s room. The general bathroom is such that you have to pass through the sitting room to get in and out. She targeted me before acting her drama when I was deeply buried in Chelsea Vs ManU match. On her way back from the bathroom she pretended to have slipped from the tiled floor, she fell down and was screaming. I rushed to assist her but her towel was almost off her body, any attempt to lift her up will make the towel fall off her body. I knew the whole drama was to get at me so I played in. I lifted her and the towel fell, I pretended as if I was shy and wanted her to tie up her towel but she was bold. Why are you hiding your face, don’t you like what you are seeing? She asked me in a romantic voice. Her screams for pain was all part of the script. Carry me up, she requested. I crossed my right hand around her waist and lifted her with my left hand and that was it. I committed adultery, not just with any woman but my own sister-in-law. I did my first honeymoon at the lap of my sister-in-law instead of my wife after seven weeks of marriage.

That experience was like a mustard seed planted on my mind. I needed more of such experience. My wife was not available but her sister was available and ready so I pitched my tent in her arms. Kauna extended her vacation with one week, all in an attempt to get enough of me. Our sexual romp became a daily affair right under her sister’s roof for one week two days. My plan to make my wife a woman was since forgotten. Her sister had stolen my heart and gave me what she couldn’t give me for more than a month.

After Kauna reluctantly left, I missed her so much because my loneliness resumed and all my experience with her was cut short. My fear of God was thrown to the waste bin. Am I the cause or Jocelyn? I knew this was going to affect my relationship with God but I couldn’t resist Kauna. Jocelyn was not available, Kauna was available. We kept communicating with Kauna after she left. Kauna gave me emotional appetizer but not available to give me the real meal. I resumed my plan to get at my wife. This time I must do ot or else I will walk out of the marriage and build my tent with Kauna.

Before you condemn me help me advice women who normally deny their husbands sex to desist from it.


Episode Six

That day I was bold. “I will walk straight to her room and demand for my marital right” I told myself. If she denies me then that will be my basis for walking out of the marriage. How is she able to cope without intimacy with her husband for close to two months? Maybe she’s seeing someone else? I began to imagine what type of woman Jocelyn was. I didn’t bother to prepare any special meal this time, why must I lure my own wife into making love with her? I will take what belongs to me today. I assured myself.

She was a bit early today, she came back some few minutes pass five. As she was entering her room I followed her behind. Welcome Jocelyn, how was work today? I greeted. Fine, what can I do for you, she asked and giving a sign that connotes hurry up and ask for what you want and leave. This time it isn’t money or any material things, I want you, I want to make love to my wife. This is two months we’ve been married and I have never seen your pant, today I want us to do what husband and wife normally do. She looked at me with disdain, you want to do what husband and wife use to do but you have never done what men used to do. How much did you spend in our wedding? Since I knew you what have you ever bought for me? Not even a bra or earrings. Now you want to do what husband and wife normally do, come and do it now let me see you. Selfish man, I will go to work from morning till evening almost every day just to put food on the table for you and now you are asking me for sex without ever considering my feelings and how tedious my job is. Come and do it let me see you. She talked like the marriage wasn’t her idea.

I moved closed to her trying to touch her but she gave me a push that landed me on the flood. I became very angry, how can a woman molest me this way? This is the time to show her that I maybe poor but I am still a man. I stood up in anger and grabbed her like I was going to fight her. We struggled together for minutes and I overpowered her and tried to get into her forcefully. “Are you trying to rape me?” She asked helplessly. I didn’t mind her anyway. I took it by force. “The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force” I quoted the Bible.

I left her there and went back to my room. I heard her making some calls minutes later. Jocelyn had called her father telling him how I abused and raped her. One hour later I heard a knock at the door, but before i could get there, Jocelyn did. To my surprise two police officers were behind the door.

“Hello, are you Patrick Hassan?” One the police officers asked me.

“Yes I am, how may I help you?” I replied.

“You are under arrest for rape, physical abuse and attempted murder” he said.

Quickly I asked the police officers, can a husband rape his wife? They didn’t answer my question as they ordered me to move. I was handcuffed like a criminal and taken away for making love to my wife after two months of denial.

What should I have done? Continue to look at my wife like mirror? I was tortured for three days without anybody coming to take my bail. This is purely oppression of the poor by the rich. Jocelyn just used the hand of wealth to slap me. I was kept with hardened criminals while in cell. When I was finally asked to write a statement, I was forced to write what they dictated to me. Anytime I tried to raise an objection the police officer will hit me with his baton. I was made to write a statement to rope me into what was not the true picture of what happened.


Episode Seven

I was released after three days with an undertaking that I will never engage her in any violent activity again. I signed the undertaking knowing what was in my mind. I will only return to that house to pick my things. I am tired of the marriage that enslaved me. The day I was released, Kauna sent me N30,000 to book a hotel for her around Jabi claiming they are having a workshop that may likely not finish on time and coming to her sister’s place may just be impossible after the workshop. I told her everything that happened between me and her sister and how I was locked up for three days in a police cell. She felt sorry and promised we will talk about it when she comes to Abuja.

Her flight was 11am and by 12:32pm she called.

“I am in the airport come and lead me to the hotel let me have some rest before the workshop”. Immediately I left for the airport with a charted taxi. The same taxi drove us straight to the hotel. Kauna placed order for two plates of food while she rushed to take her shower. Patrick, there’s no any workshop anywhere, I came to Abuja just to see you. I have not been able to sleep since I left you. I have been having sleepless nights because of you. I became a regular adulterer, sleeping with my sister-in-law without remorse. All attempt to preach to myself didn’t yield any positive result as the force of lust became stronger than the voice of my conscience.

Satisfaction was written all over Kauna’s face. You better start going before she starts to suspect. Kauna advised me at about 3:30pm. I am not going anywhere, we will pass the night together here. She bought a return ticket scheduled for 8am the following day. I did that to see how Jocelyn will react if I didn’t sleep at home. When she got home and didn’t see me she called but I refused to pick her call. Fifteen minutes later she sent me a text, “Patrick where are you?”. I didn’t reply either. Later again she sent another one, ” I am famished, come and get me something to eat”. Can you imagine the stupidity of pride. A man you locked up for three days? In my mind I said, may that hunger kill you. I put off my phone and continued with Kauna.

We checked out by 6am in order to catch her 8am flight. I was with her at the airport until she boarded. Kauna begged me not to carry out my plan to leave the house. I consented because I din’t want to hurt her. But this time I won’t be a full-time house husband. I will pick up a job regardless the amount. I want to be leaving home and coming back in the evening too. I want my own income no matter how small.

As I left the airport I put on my phone and messages of threat from Jocelyn flooded my phone. I was not worried because Kauna dropped some money with me that could keep me on for few days. When I got home I showered, changed my clothes and took my credentials in search of work. The first point of call was the private school that offered me N35,000 before. We have filled the space but we will accept you if you are willing to work with us. We only have space in the nursery at the moment, if you don’t mind you can resume tomorrow since you have attended our interview before, the principal told me. I was happy and promised to resume tomorrow.

Her reaction when she came back from work surprised me….


Episode Eight

When Jocelyn came back from work that day she began to rant, throwing words at me.

“Where did you sleep last night? Where did you go without a word? You left without preparing anything for dinner knowing I will be tired when I come back. You can’t provide yet you can’t keep the house. I can’t go to work from morning till evening everyday and you will expect me to come back and still enter the kitchen. I have been taking care of you since our university days but you never appreciate for one day”. These and more were her words.

I allowed her finish and asked her, “are you the wife or I am? Who is to cook, you or me? When we were in the university I was your errand boy, now I am your husband. It’s true I have not been able to provide but that doesn’t make you the husband or the head. I am making things right soon and everyone will know where he or she belongs. I have gotten a job and I will be resuming tomorrow. I am also moving out of this house soon, I have began to look for a smaller apartment I can afford. When I get it, you will either move with me or stay here and be married to yourself. For the period I will carry out all these plans, I won’t touch any house chore, cook or do anything in this house again. As for having sex with you, I won’t come near you again to avoid police molestation but be sure you can’t stop me from doing it elsewhere with another woman”.

Jocelyn was shocked too to hear me speak in such a manner as I have never talked to her this way before.

Without saying a word she walked into her room. For three days we didn’t talk to each other. I resumed with Alheri School as a nursery teacher the following day. Our relationship took a new turn as I kept to my promises. I didn’t eat her food nor touch anything that belonged to her for three days. She must have thought I won’t be able to keep my promises but I did and one week gone I was still standing. She became restless and desired to know my source of survival but I ignored her. She got tired and managed to say hi whenever she came back from work. One week became one month and nothing change. It was better for me because I enjoyed a relative freedom for this one month, at least I felt like a man again.

Kauna kept sending me money and making sure I lacked nothing. When it became obvious to Jocelyn that I won’t stoop low to return back to my slavery lifestyle again, she began looking for ways to get me back.

For the first time Jocelyn swallowed her pride and acted like a woman. I was in my room that night when I heard a beep on my phone, it was Jocelyn sending me a text message from her room, “Patrick can I see you in my room?”. I waited for about thirty minutes before I replied, “I am busy now, I will join you when I am less busy”, I replied. I felt good momentarily keeping her on hold, something that has never happened in our relationship before. After an hour I joined her. “You said you want to see me, here I am”. “Sit down and let’s talk”, she pointed at the bed. I reluctantly sat by the edge of the bed.

“How long do you think you can do without me? You left home without a word, didn’t cook or do anything in the house yet you failed to explain where you slept. You owe me an explanation and an apology. I have something to tell you but you must apologize to me first”.

“Jocelyn, I don’t owe you any apology, you owe me instead. I maybe poor but I’ve not lost my senses. You arrested me for making love to you after one month of our marriage and made me suffer in the hands of the police and you want me to apologize to you. It is you who owe me an apology and not the other way round.


*Episode Nine*

In all the years I had known Jocelyn, i have never seen her apologize to anyone, not even when she was obviously wrong. Hence, I wasn’t expecting any apology from her but i had chosen never to apologize to her. Let her experience the same wound and pain she had caused many people.

As i watched her, I noticed she picked her phone and made a mobile transfer into my account.

“Check your phone”, she told me. I checked my phone and it was an alert of N100, 000.

“So what is the money for ?” I asked.

“It’s for you”, she replied. “Thank you,” I said.

“So where did you get a job ?” Jocelyn asked me. “Sane school that offered me a job before”, i told her. “But i thought we agreed that daddy would get you a more dignifying job and not this child’s play you call a job. How much will they pay you in a month ? A job that has no iota of security and dignity. Why are you impatient ? Patrick, daddy must not hear this. He will definitely halt his bid to get you a better job. Please, make sure you tender your letter of resignation and i will pay you any amount, beyond that which they have offered.”

After our conversation that night, I went back to my room. As i laid on my bed, I gave a serious thought to Jocelyn’s words. After that she pestered my life for weeks, and when i couldn’t endure her pesterings, I had to resign my appointment after two months. Besides, those times she pestered me, she kept transferring N100,000 every two weeks.

After i quit my job, We began to act like husband and wife. However, we could go a whole week wuthout having sexual intimacy. It only happened when she deemed it fit.

On the 4th of April, i got a text from Kauna.

“Patrick i’m pregnant.” The news shocked me to my marrow. Immediately, I dialled her number, but she didn’t answer her call. I tried again and again, but she ignored my calls. I kept trying and later her phone was switched off. I was worried and afraid of what would happen next. Jocelyn’s father would kill me if he heard about this. I began to think of what to do next.

Should i run away? Should we go for abortion? What if something goes wrong before the abortion ?

Really, I was at crossroads. I just found out i impregnated my sister-in-law, the daughter of a former Deputy Governer. Throughout that day, Kauna did nkt switch on her phone. That made me more worried and rentless. It was a burden I couldn’t discuss with anyone, not even my closest friend, Evans. I was moody and felt sick.

Jocelyn noticed mt mood. When she asked, even coaxed me to say what was wrong, I couldn’t tell her what my problem was. I mean, how could i have told her ? In fact, I was likely to see a beastly Jocelyn if i had confided in her.

All through the night, i kept trying Kauna’s number but to no avail. At this time, i knew i needed God to help me, but i had been far away from him. I had abandoned Him to give my flesh what it desired.

I knelt down by my bedside to pray to pray to God. “Father, I am a prodigal son and I have realized my foolishness. Please, take me back like the Father of the prodigal son took him back..” My prayers carried no weight because my words were weak like a convicted criminal before a Judge.

By 8am the following day, Kauna called me about the pregnancy. “What do we do now?” I asked her in confusion.

“I don’t know, and that’s why i am calling you. The pregnancy is already seven weeks and we need to do something very fast.” Kauna replied with a whimper in her voice from the other end.

“Have you told anybody about it?” I asked restlessly.

“No. Except my school friend. She was the first to discover I was pregnant. She took me to her doctor and I was confirmed to be seven weeks pregnant.”

We were on phone for almost three minutes and none of us could say a word or hang up the phone.

Jeez….It was at that juncture I realised that Kauna’s pregnancy had opened a new path of trial for me.

Hmmmmm. I should have kept it in my pants.



*Episode Ten*

Kauna refused to confess to her family who was responsible for her pregnancy. She endured all the persecutions and intimidations for a month. I begged her to let us run away together since she had chosen not to do abortion. I also made her realise the implications of our action but she seemed to have a hidden plan. My silence became my nightmare. For days, i felt very troubled. When i couldn’t bear the guilt in my heart any longer, I felt i needed to talk to someone about my plight.

I called my pastor, Pastor Lanre, on the phone to confide in him and seek his counsel. After narrating my plight to my pastor on the phone, he was really disappointed on hearing my confession. His first statement broke my heart so badly.

“A man who sets his house on fire must inhale the smoke of the fire. You must take responsibility of your actions”, he said. “Patrick what really got into you? Why did you have to allow the devil a chance to use you?” he enquired, sounding a bit harsh on me. Suddenly he began to express his disappointment. He berated me and condemned my actions. I didn’t say anything. What could i have said, knowing fully well i was in a fix.

“Patrick” he called on the other side of the phone.

“Yes, Pastor” I replied.

“You have to confess your sin to your wife, your mother-in-law and father-in-law before they discover you are responsible for the pregnancy”, he advised.

“But Pastor, how can i stand before my wife and tell her I impregnated her sister or before my “no nonsense” father-in-law that I impregnated his daughter his daughter ?” I asked, getting tensed. “This is the most difficult thing to do this time, Pastor” I concluded.

For a few seconds, there was a silence from my pastor.

I begged Pastor Lanre to assist me, because i was losing my mind. He led me in a short prayer and asked me to call out for him my wife’s number on the phone. I dictated the number and he got it on paper.

” Patrick, you will be placed on a three day dry fast, starting right away. I will see you after i must have talked to your wife,” he said at last.

Though the idea didn’t really go down well with me, but I replied with a “Yes sir”. Then he hung up the call. I sat on the sofa in the sitting room, feeling like the troubles of the entire universe was right on my neck. Remaining in the house was like awaiting brimstones to rain on me, but where could i run to?

On the third and last day of my fast, my pastor was in my house as early as 7:30 am. In fact, Jocelyn was shocked to see Pastor Lanre. All the while Pastor Lanre was with us in the room, my wife tried eliciting the reason my pastor came around, but Pastor Lanre only told her he was only going to reveal his reason, pending the movement her parents arrived. About forty-five minutes later, Jocelyn’s parents joined us. When they came in, I knew that all wss for me. I was shivering like a man who had drenched by rain. No one actually noticed how much i trembled, I alone felt the ground should just open and take me in. Without anybody telling me, I knew the meeting was the moment of truth.

Pastor Lanre welcomed my parents-in-law and opened the meeting with short prayer. Jocelyn was still agitated and restless because Pastor Lanre hadn’t told her the purpose of the meeting. Pastor Lanre took up his Bible, preached a long sermon on forgiveness and cited instances where God and Jesus Christ forgave those who sinned against them. In short, he was emphatic on the firgiveness message. Everyone remained quiet, waiting for the Pastor to break the news but he perambulated from one idiom to the other, after citing illustrations of forgiveness in the Holy Writ.

After his long sermon, he broke the news.

“Sir, Kauna is pregnant and unfortunately, your son-in-law, Brother Patrick is responsible.”

He had not finished his statement when Jocelyn suddenly left her sitting position and pounced on me. She hit me hard with her hands, tore my skin with her hands and bit me on my right arm. The drama had begun.

My Pastor tried to calm Jocelyn but she got more infuriated. All my years of dating Jocelyn, and months of marriage with her, I’d never seen her that angry.

While the drama was still on, Jocelyn’s father went outside and came in with his security personnels and i was taken away without a word from Jocelyn’s father.

My Pastor pleaded with my father-in-law to be patient, but the old chap paid deaf ears to his plea.

I was handed over to Garki Area Police Command.

From dry fast to the cell. I was not even given the opportunity to break my fast before the incident. I was whisked into the cell on the instruction of my father-in-law. I remained in the cell with empty stomach.

Once, i had been kept in custody. But this second time, I understood the saying that says “Your torture is based on who you offend, and not the gravity of your offence”.

When the policemen began to torture me, I fainted several times because i was on an empty stomach, hence my body was strong.

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