Men needs to be extremely careful

The mercy Wale received from GOD might not be opened for another person.

WOMEN never stop praying for your MAN because devil is waiting for little opportunity to attack.

You can be angry but don’t let it to destroy your marriage. For give and don’t forget to mend your broken RELATIONSHIP.



Tola tried all her best to get the remaining money for her mother’s treatment but no way all her friends refused to help her and her father was calling every time for the money.

Tola prepared to visit her husband at his business office when a called came in she quickly picked since it was her father but she got the sad news that her mother is dead.

‘Your mother is dead because you refused to send the treatment money, your husband is very rich and you still allow your mother to die just because of 50 thousand Naria’. The father said in a low tone.

Tola could not say anything neither could she explained herself to her father what have been done is done.

She cried and roll herself on the floor

‘My mother that suffered to take care of me I could not arrange just 50 thousand Naria to save her life’.

Few weeks later her funeral was arranged. Wale made it a befitting one.

But Tola father was not pleased with all that his daughter and her husband could not save his own wife. He still blamed her daughter for her mother’s death. After the funeral Tolu returned to the city with her husband things were still bad as it was.

Tola heard to involve Wale family that her mother died because the husband refused to help her out.

Wale got angry he responded ” please you people should ask her if I don’t buy food in the house and also pay for the children school fees or is she naked? Tola keep saying I don’t take care of her,look at how I threw a big funeral for her mother death I spent close to 3 million naria you all were there but she is still ungrateful.

‘She said her mother died commonly because of 50k asked her if she asked me’

Tola was confused she could not say anything again.

Wale father asked Tola if his son knew that her mother was hospitalized and still refused to give her money. “No, he wasn’t aware because he was not taking my calls…” Tola said but Wale interrupted her immediately.

‘You see this woman she is very wicked,she is only after my money all women are the same like mother that left my father and fled with another man. All Tola is interested is my money and not my well being’.

Tola was in tears and she couldn’t even defend herself, Wale family ended up getting confused with the matter but they tried there best to solve the issue but mostly, they took Wale side, and asked them to leave in peace.

Things grew worst between Wale and Tola as their marriage become worst.

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Marriage Saga

Episode 4

One morning, Tola was thinking about her life, while her kids played around. She remembered the past, her love life with Wale and the sacrifices she made for him. She remembered a time, when Wale had a serious issue with his rich father, the issue was serious that Wale’s father had disowned him at time

Everything was so hard for them at that time. Wale was a daddy’s boy who depended on his father for everything but when he had issues with his father, everything became hard for them.

Wale father stopped rendering help,so they heard to pack out of the big house they were staying to one room and Wale was not walking then.

He searched for job and no way.

It was Tola that all the responsibilities was on, she cooked food to sell and drinks that is how they could pay for the one room apartment and feeding.

And she was pregnant then,she will sell food around the street and now the husband treat her as a piece of rags. She cried as she remembered all that.

After she delivered there first born,wale could not still get a job they still struggled to live while she still sell food around. Wale do cry everyday for not able to play a fatherly role in the family and that do sadden Tola.

One day Tola met with an old friend that introduces her to a business and that was how there life changed.

When Tola learnt the business, she lend some money from her parents and started the business, and the business grew in no time, Tola is so good when it comes to business, that was what she studied in the University, Tola would go to the business location everyday while Wale stayed at home with thier first child and neighbors would gossip about them but one day she told Wale to take over the business, and things changed totally for Wale as he became self employed, Wale heard grown the business from 1 location to 3 different locations and he even became a very Rich man, Tola was always there for him at all time, giving out good business ideas and advice.

Due to the business, Wale father reconciled with him when he heard how much his son had progressed in life. Tola started the business with 40 thousand naira she lend from her parents, in less than five years. The capital grew to 80million.

They lived happily together until everything change.

All wale thinking was over crowded with what her mother did and thought the wife will do the same to him too.

Tola started crying,while the children came around to console her, she remembered since when she and her husband have been having issues she stopped praying for the family,she then gather her kids and they prayed together.

The next day, Tola started her food business again,So that she can send money to her father that was sick,since her mother died.

After her first selling around she gained Five thousand Naria so she sent it to her father in the village.

The next day, after Tola sent money to his father, her father called to thank her and also pray for her.

” You know Mr Lawani, my friend, he brought me to the city, I have been in Lagos for the past few days but I didn’t want to come to your house because of what happened when your late mother was hospitalized, in my heart, I held you responsible for your mother’s death but yesterday Lawani and I were coming back from the hospital where I went for my treatment, when I saw you Selling food at the bus stop, I called you but you didn’t hear me, My daughter why are you selling food around when your husband is sticky rich?Tell me what’s happening between you and your husband?” Tola Father asked

Tola started crying,she explained everything to her father.

“Dad I’m still here because of my children and I’m selling food in other to be able to send you money everytime, I don’t want to loose you just like how I lost mum’.

Tola’s Father Pitt his daughter and consoled her with words of prayers and promised to visit her soon.

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Marriage Saga

Episode 5

Tola Father visited the next day.

Tola tried her best to make her father feel at home.

She prepared a very delicious meal for her father since they still have food stuffs at home.

After the meal Tola Father asked about Wale.

“Father, I have not see him for the past five months now and he refused to pick my calls’ Told replied

Tola’s Father felt bad for his daughter.

Tola father stayed for days with the hope of seeing wale but he did not return so he left for the village and encouraged the daughter to be strong and prayerful.

Tola continued with her food business and she prayed everyday for her home and for her husband.

Tola missed her happy home,her lovely husband and she tried all means to always inquire about her husband from some of the workers she is closed at in his husband’s office.

Today is Wale’s wedding,Tola tried to look good with the cheap cloths she bought from market yesterday. She dressed just to settle and plead with her husband to return home.

Tola got to her husband office and was welcomed by the workers. The receptionist knew Tola as Wale husband so she did not bother to inform Wale.

Tola enter into her husband’s office and She is shock to see her husband cuddling and kissing a lady.

“ Jesus! Wale what is all this? now I know why you have been misbehaving lately, . So is because of this this lady, So you have forgotten all the sacrifices and the unconditional love that I have for you, how could you be so wicked and heartless, you left I and your children, for months now.

Tola started crying while the lady worked out cat walking. Wale was confused he just bowed his head in shame.

“You caused it, have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately, you look unattractive and all you do is to talk about me not given you money” Wale said

“So I look unattractive now right?when last did you give me money to make my hair, Wale you stopped taking care of my needs and refused me to take a Job and now you are blaming me, this is the last , I can’t take this anymore.” Wale said and ran out in tears.

Immediately Tola left, Wale came back to his senses.

“What happened to me?, did I just make my Wife cry?” He asked himself. He ran and called wale but she ignored him.

For the past two years, Wale had been under a spell, When he ignored the wife, he ran into trouble.

His wife stopped praying for him and that was when he met Bolaji the Lady, he was having an affair with. Bolaji is an evil,fetch lady that used charms to hold men,she have been drying Wale’s pocket for few months now.

Wale returned to his office, He was in a deep thought, he couldn’t explain what was happening to him, he remembered how he had met Bolaji two years ago at a joint where he was having a meeting with a client. Bolaji walked in, she was so beautiful and flawless with a nice shape.

It was that period, Tola and wale were having issues. When Tola just lost her mother and the last thing to do was not to pray for her heartless husband during that process Devil heard a chance to attack.

Wale remembered how he heard been spending millions on Bolaji, tears drop out of his eyes. He run home to plead with his wife but unfortunately, Tola packed out with the kids to an unknown place to anyone even her father.

Wale was extremely sad the gate man notice and question him why he sent his wife that has suffered with him away.

‘Oga why did you send your wife away na,that woman suffered and for these few days praying for you. No food in the house I called and called but you did not received my calls and you refused to come home for the past six months now. Haba! That is not good oh!’

‘I did not send her away,she left because of what happened” Wale explained.

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Marriage Saga

Episode 6

All through that day Wale kept on remembering how he met Bolaji, the evil lady, He remembered his first outing with her, The devilish woman had took him to her house for their date, She lives in a three bedroom apartment, Wale Can never forget that first date, Bolaji welcomed him with open arms and asked him what he would like to take, of which Wale responded “anything”. Later they had sex for 50 minutes, Bolaji was a sex machine and after that Sex, Wale lost himself, he didn’t know what he was doing since that day.

Wale couldn’t do without Bolaji and for the past years they meet all he did was to follow her orders. Bolaji noticed that Femi always wants to return home to his wife and children and she hated it whenever he returned home to his family, Bolaji decided to stop him from going home, She asked Wale never to return to his family and he accept for the past seven months Wale lived with Bolaji. Tola who did not have a clue of what was happening, thought Wale didn’t come home because he was angry with her. All those times.

Things would had remained that way if Tola did not start praying again, She began to pray again and the spell placed on her husband got broken.

The following day, Wale Went to his father and he told him everything, The old man was so surprised because he never believe in spell. He asked his father to accompany him to their church as he needed a complete deliverance, They arrived their family church and the pastor prayed for Wale and told him that his wife’s unconditional love and prayers was what delivered him,

“you would have run mad, that’s why we men, should be careful, all these beautiful girls are diabolic and desperate” The prophect told him and he was in fear. Wale was transfered to a prayer mountain where he fasted for days and prayed for himself.

Wale father had to reveal to Wale what happened that made his mother left with another man.

“Your mother is not your biologically mother, your mother and I met at the University and we were so much in love, your mother got pregnant for me several times abort those pregnancies, so when we got married long after we graduated from the University, the doctor told us that her womb was damaged and she would not be able to get pregnant again, your mother was heartbroken , months later I hooked up with one of my girlfriends , got her pregnant and when the child was born, the child was you, I brought you home when you were just four years old and I lied to my wife that I had adopted you from the orphanage and that was how she became your mother, but when she found out the truth that you we’re my biological son, she was hurt and she demanded for a divorce, which I refused at first but when I caught him talking to another man on the phone, I was forced to let her go, we got divorced and she got half of what I had and she left the country and I concluded that she might left with her lover, my son you see, it was all my fault” Wale father said.

“So my life has been a lie, so mom is not my biological mother? assuming I knew I wouldn’t have interferred in that matter, Dad why are you just telling me now, why? I thought mom was wrong, I thought my mother was guilty, I never knew all these transpired between you and mom, I shouldn’t have took out all my anger on my own wife, what does she got to do in the matter?, I wasn’t thinking straight, I was angry and confused, Tola is my back bone and a good woman but still I hurt her without thinking straight, she could lay down her life for me, it’s obvious I took her love for granted. He cried

“So all your Tola told me was true? Why would you stop taking care of your wife, even if your mother did betray me, that doesn’t mean every woman is bad, you shouldn’t have been so unreasonable, I never knew that the constant marital problems you had with your wife was because of me, oh I’m sorry my son, please forgive me” Wale’s father plead

“Mom, will always be my mom, its doesn’t matter if we are not related by blood, she is the only mother I know, I don’t care about what happened between you both, I will look for ways to meet with my mom” Wale added

Wale started arranging his life, he reconnected with his mother on Facebook and the woman was so happy to hear from him again. He then began his search for his wife and kids. All Wale wanted was to bring his wife and children back home .

Every one who heard Wale bitter story, points out that it was just God that Saved him.

They advices him to look for his prayerful wife and reconcile with her, even thier pastor said the same thing.

It was not easy for Wale to find his wife and reconcile but with the help of his pastor and his father they locate her and everything was explained to her. Tola heart still beat for Wale it was easy for her to forgive and since marriage is for better for worst.

Tola forgive Wale they now live happily together till now.

The chance Wale heard some men might not have it. Be careful and think wisely before taking any action.


Stay Safe!

End Of Episode 6

To Be Continued.