Rhoda was about to attend a PARTY with Henny.

Henny was PAID to bring Rhoda to a party in the name of ‘fresher’s welcome party’ not knowing it was for the senior students to have SEX with the fresher’s. It was organized by Kayode in his father’s house since the man traveled for school meetings. Let’s see what happened to Rhoda.


Rhoda and Gbenga were to inherit a multi-millionaire company from their fathers. Gbenga dad was already disturbing Rhoda’s dad about the marriage between the two children. They were about to buy a land that worth 2billion to build another company.

The land was owned by a single mother, the late husband left it for her and her kid before he died. So she wanted to sell part of it in other to send her son out of the country. But Gbenga’s dad was not ready to buy it for that amount; he preferred to use the other illegal means to collect the land if she refused to sell it for his own choice of amount.

Gbenga dad kept disturbing Rhoda’s dad about the marriage even if it is just an engagement, he knows what his son can do, he might impregnate or fall I love with another girl and they will lose the deal.

Rhoda’s dad planned to tell Rhoda about the deal on her birthday which is next week Saturday.

Rhoda called Tobi to check up on him and to remind him about the party but Tobi turned her down that he is not interested and the party is not meant for his own type of people.

 Rhoda also lost interest to attend but henny is there to convince her.

Gbenga kept on thinking about Rhoda and the woman the father said he must marry.

‘Will the woman my dad said I’m going to marry beautiful like Rhoda, she is d most beautiful woman have ever seen’.

His father told him that he will forget about the student he is falling in love with when he sees the woman he wants to give him.

Gbenga is a very ugly and ill mannered person, his shape of his head, teeth made him so ugly. He talked to anyone he liked due to his richness.


Uncle Friday, his wife and his kids sat around the table eating their food. When an unexpected knock was heard on the door. Mrs. Judith was so angry. She did not like visitors, especially those who are not invited. She ordered her third-born, to hide the food under the table until the visitor had gone.

Once the food was safely hidden under the bed, she opened the door. The children were so happy to see Tobi they jumped on him. Everyone was happy to see Tobi except Mrs. Judith.

‘She turned and faced her husband giving him an accusing look. ‘Did you know he was coming?

‘I did not’.

Tobi greeted his uncle and his uncle’s wife but madam refused to answer. She hates Tobi with passion.

‘Tobi, you did not say you were coming’ Uncle Friday said.

Uncle, I am sorry. I ran out of airtime to call you. I even had to walk from where I stay from where I stay to this side. I have really missed you all. Since I’m free this weekend I decided to spend it here.

The food was still under the bed while her stomach was rumbling with hunger. Tobi presence made it difficult for her to ask the kids to bring out the food from under the chair. Her lastborn started yawning.

Mrs. Judith called her husband out to talk with him. They went outside and she started her complain that Tobi can’t sleep in that house especially sleeping close to her daughter she have 0% trust for children of nowadays either cousins or not. All she wanted was tobi to leave the house.

During their discussion outside,Tobi and Favor Mr.Friday first child where discussing about school during the process she told Tobi about her boyfriend that do give her different phones. Tobi warned her to be careful.

Due to Mrs. Judith anger for Tobi visit, she picked a fight with her daughter favor that she sat and opened her leg for Tobi carelessly even though she was putting on a trousers. She slapped her when she tried to talk back at her.

Tobi started regretting  why he had to pay his uncle a visit. All he wanted was to spend the night at his uncle’s place then help him in his site at Rhoda house to get some money during the weekend.

Favor ran out of the house her father called her back but she refused to answer.

‘Tobi please let’s go and get your cousin out there because it’s late and it’s dangerous in lagos’ uncle Friday said.

Immediately, they went out Mrs. Judith tried to bring out the food but it was missing. Their neighbor’s cat sneaked into the house and consumed the food. The cat moved under the bed staring at her.

Uncle Friday and Tobi searched all Favor friends house till they saw her at one of her friend’s house and the girl is a sister to her boyfriend. The boy’s mother asked Favor’s dad to let her stay for one night and he accepted. During the night her boyfriend will sneaked from his own bed to favor’s bed.

Uncle Friday could not allow Tobi to return back to his house in other to avoid trouble with his wife. He gave Tobi money for transport and money to buy a drink and hang around a bar till day break since Tobi Street gate will be locked by now.

‘I am sorry, Uncle Friday’ I am sorry I came with trouble.’ Tobi said.

‘It is not your fault, my child.’ Uncle Friday said

I am sorry. I was a bit disappointed to notice that your wife thinks that I and favor could be having an affair’.

Please don’t mind her, you know woman stuffs and due to where she grew up when a girl and a boy becomes so close like you and favor they assume something is happening between them.

‘I get it’. Tobi said

Kayode estate was so big that Henny had ever seen. Her eyes were fixed outside the car as Rhoda drove them to the party. It is one of the richest estates at VGC.

When they got inside, some girls were already highly drunk while some where swimming in the pool naked. The party was gradually turning to a sex party. Loud music was playing to set the partying tone.

Kayode was so happy when he finally spotted Rhoda and Henny walked inside. He imagined how Rhoda will warm his bed today he smiled.


This doesn’t seem like a school-arranged party’ Rhoda said.

She was forced to shout because the music  was very loud. The loud music made the communication even harder.

Why do you keep on saying this?

‘Because this place looked like a private residential home rather than a public place for a party. More so, this location is far away from the school.’ Rhoda said.

We are here dear lets just have fun regardless if the party is private or not. The most important part is that it is a party and we were invited.’ Henny said.

Feel the vibe Do you get me?

Let us have drinks.’ Henny said.

‘No I prefer watching how people get drunk and dance’.

‘Okay, just one drink and that is all.’ Rhoda finally gave in.

‘Okay, I will get us a drink.’ Henny left. Rhoda was scared of the place, she looked around if Tobi was around she really missed him. She spotted Kayode they stared at each other for a few seconds. Anxiety was killing Kayode. He had never been intimidated by a girl. Rhoda hates his look and walked away from where she spotted him.

Kayode walked around searching for Henny he saw her in the kitchen.

‘Why don’t you bring your friend to the kitchen?

Henny was full of jealousy, because anywhere Rhoda was she always get everyone’s attention even in the kitchen.

You asked me to bring her here I have done my part just settle me with anything.

‘I will’ Kayode said.’

Henny wanted sex for her reward but Kayode sees her as a low class girl for him.

You and Rhoda drinks are kept somewhere special’ Kayode said.

Henny picked the drinks and walked out of the kitchen.

You took too long Rhoda told Henny. I was talking with a friend on my way.’

She handed over the drink to Rhoda.

‘What is this?


‘I don’t take whiskey.’

‘This is just a little whiskey.’

Just take it please’. Henny pleaded.

Why are you insisting on me taking something that I don’t take? I thought you were bringing something girly, my head will burst if I take whiskey’.

‘Okay I will get you wine.

Henny went back to Kayode angrily and pushed the girl he was busy with. She told Kayode that Rhoda preferred wine and kayode prepared a wine for her adding the necessary hard drugs.

Tobi was wandering around the street of Lagos, he was almost robbed by street guys but he escaped. He entered a bar it was filled with prostitutes that almost ate him up. He ran out and got a taxi to take him to the party Rhoda invited him.

Visit: www.faithypearls.com.ng for more stories. He got there and was surprised with a lot that was happening there, he also imagined if that was what Rhoda was doing here. He kept on searching everywhere for Rhoda, from one room to the other.

Rhoda was already feeling dizzy sitting down on a fancy bench her friend didn’t bother about her after all she was paid 50k for bringing Rhoda.

Only one thing she was in search of was to get a guy for sex but no one gave her attention.


Kayode made a bet with his rich friend Dave. kayode bet that he will have sex with Rhoda and bring the video to him in return. Dave gave him one of his expensive car.

Kayode did not have any car of his own if not for his father’s money he would have been very poor.

Kayode vowed to do anything possible to get the car by having sex with Rhoda.

The party had already turned to a sex party… somewhere throwing up while some the hard drugs they took was turning their heads which leads them to them destroying Kayode father’s property since it was his house they were using and he travelled for some educational programs.

Rhoda could not get herself again due to the effect of the drug. She was walking with no direction Kayode followed her and carried her. Rhoda was using her last strength to free herself but no way. She screamed for him to leave her but he refused.

Tobi was tired from searching Rhoda and decided to get a place to sleep since her eyes were heavy. Almost everywhere was occupied with sex partners. He walked inside the building a step more he heard a girl voice crying for help even though it wasn’t loud, he could recognize Rhoda’s voice. At first he thought it couldn’t be Rhoda’s voice maybe the person had a similar voice but he thought again it seems the girl is crying for help. Tobi ran upstairs he saw Kayode carrying her to a room.

‘Leave me alone’ Rhoda cried

‘Hey girl keeps quiet or I will shut it up for you’ Kayode said

‘Leave her alone right now’ Tobi announced his presence.

Kayode was shocked that he dropped Rhoda and turned to see who was ordering him.

‘What the hell are you doing in my house you this village boy?

‘Is this not a school party so why are you asking me that?

‘You better leave my house or I will call the police for you’.

‘I will only leave here with Rhoda and also you can call the police so that I can inform them what you are trying to do with an innocent girl’.

Kayode moved closer to punch Tobi. They started fighting and inflicting injuries. Rhoda kept on calling Tobi as her love to take her home. At first Tobi was really beaten he used all the fighting styles to block punches from hitting him but they failed. He later took over and fell Kayode down. A girl that was still in her senses went out to call the attention of others that were in their senses too to save the two fighting.

‘Please… Take… Me… Home was the only thing Rhoda said. Kayode was very annoyed; he vowed to revenge on Tobi.

Tobi ordered an Uber from Rhoda’s phone so that he could take Rhoda home within 20minutes Uber arrived.


Tobi got to Rhoda’s home through the direction she gave him earlier. He took her to her room and laid her there. He wondered how Rhoda apartment was so big and fine like that.

Rhoda got her apartment a little closer to the school she is a lover of white, everything was white even her chairs.

Tobi went to the pallor to sleep. He used his cloth to tie his injured leg in order not to stain the sofa. Rhoda woke up in the morning and was surprised what must have happened to her but later recalled how Tobi saved her from that rapist.

She stepped to the pallor to check if Tobi was there. She saw him lying shirtless that turns her up.

Immediately, she tried to touch his chest he woke up.

Kayode was still suffering from his joint dislocation after the fight. His friend whom he had a bet with was surprised that Kayode wanted to rape that girl that was not the right way they agreed, he collected his car back.

Kayode went to is sport lecturer house.

‘Good evening sir’

‘Good evening what happened to you?

‘Tobi hit me to this extent because I tried to make a joke with him’ Kayode lied.

‘Tobi can’t do this’

‘So you trust him more than me right’ 

 ‘I’m just saying because anything can happen on this earth’.

‘I think he tried to injure me so that he can take my position on this game that is coming up’

‘Why will he do that, when he is an attacker and you are a defender? I think something is fishy and I must find out’.

‘You must disqualify him from this match if not it won’t be funny for you both when my dad returns’.

‘I won’t allow what happened to those two scholarship students to happen again’ the coach said.

Kayode stood and left angrily.

Tobi and Rhoda were having a nice time together. They had their first kiss and many more. They confessed their love to each other and vowed to be there for each other.

Rhoda’s dad came to check. They heard a knock at the door and Rhoda quickly ran to her room to dress up while Tobi went to open the door and was surprised to see him.

‘Tobi what are you doing in my daughter’s house you are supposed to be at the site with your uncle?

‘Rhoda and I are attending the same school, I could not go to the site due to my health’ He showed him where he injured’.


Rhoda came out.

‘Dad what are you doing in my house without informing me you are coming?

‘I’m sorry dear; I was around this neighborhood so I decided to check on you since it’s almost time for man u football march

Okay you are welcome dad.

Rhoda went to the kitchen to get drinks for the men. During that process Rhoda’s dad warned Tobi to leave his daughter alone and also leave her house immediately.

When Rhoda came back, he lied that he needed to go to his uncle’s house for an emergency. She was not happy but she had to let him go.

Rhoda’s dad watched both of them how they were communicating in love language before tobi left.

‘Do you love that boy’ Rhoda’s dad asked’?

‘Yes dad we love each other’

‘You can’t date him’

‘Why dad’?
You can date my friend’s son instead of this poor boy.

I don’t want to date any of your friend’s sons rather I want this poor boy.

‘You can even date any of those guys that are in your level not this low life boy’.

‘I want only that boy and no one else I thought you were different from others but you proved me wrong dad’

Her dad got up and left angrily.