Rhoda got to know about the arranged marriage through Gbenga.

Tobi also got to know Uncle Friday is his biological FATHER.

Rhoda got PREGNANT for Tobi

Read what happened next👇👇

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Uncle Friday visited Tobi in his house that place was not supposed to be referred to a house especially Tobi’s room… No stove, no bed nothing to write home about. Uncle Friday wondered how is nephew is staying in that slum.

‘Tobi how have you been eating, do you cook?

‘No I eat with other workers in the school’

‘What about Saturday and Sundays?

‘Uncle that is why I told you I will come every Saturday’s to work with you at the site to get money to feed weekends.’

‘So the university that gave you scholarship can’t give you a better house and feeding, that is bad oh.

‘Uncle the most important thing is I got the scholarship’.

But Tobi why don’t you come or receive my calls and you don’t come to site as you promised?

I was not feeling well uncle’ he lied

‘Okay. Hope you got my text message Rhoda’s dad promised to be giving you allowance and stuffs. So don’t fuck up oh. I have seen how you were looking at his daughter at the site that day, you might lose is favor if you go close to his daughter please stay away.

‘Uncle I have heard already I won’t fuck up, I was at Rhoda’s house on Saturday and her dad saw me there he even sent me away’

‘Ha things can be normal if you apologize and stay away from his daughter. Have you had sex with her? Yes

My son if it’s about sex I will look for a girl that you can be having sex with

Uncle it is not about sex I LOVE her if you want to live fine, this are rich people try to understand all I have been telling you for long

I understand Uncle. I will stay away from her’

That is my son. I will apologize to him on your behalf.

Rhoda’s father and Uncle Friday were at the bar drinking. The rich man loved Uncle Friday’s company even though he was not is caliber. Gbenga‘s father had only been the only friend he had but due to the marriage contact between their two kids he is not enjoying their friendship again.

Rhoda’s dad told Uncle Friday is story how he impregnated a white girl during his schooling in the outside country, due to he was a black poor boy that got scholarship over there and the girl was the daughter of the school director they arrested him and was about to kill him but the daughter threatened to kill herself that was how his life was saved. The girl ran away from the house when she was asked to terminate the pregnancy, she gave birth to Rhoda.

Now he know Rhoda and Tobi are in love with each other just like him and the white lady but they had to sacrifice it, just as how Rhoda and Tobi will have just like him and the white lady but they had to sacrifice it, just as how Rhoda and Tobi will have to sacrifice theirs too.

Uncle Friday also told him his love story too. He was dating a young black girl in his village he was not successful because he attended primary school while is elder brother was a successful sport that travelled all over the country. He was ready to marry the girl but due to the rules and regulations in the village the elder has to marry before the younger one so the young black girl was given to his elder brother, the girl family were in so much in love that they were seeing each other secretly and she got pregnant for him and gave birth to Tobi.

Henny had been telling lies to Rhoda since Tobi had been obi had been trying to ignore Rhoda in order not to get into trouble. Rhoda now believe that Tobi was among those who arranged for Kayode to rape her but due to amount they did not pay Tobi the agree amount that was why he came to save her. Rhoda believed Henny easily not knowing they were all lies.

Rhoda started given Tobi attitudes and kept attacking Tobi in class just to hurt him even though she is hurt herself.

One word to describe Rhoda


Tobi school coach registered Tobi in a big gym in order for him to get more fits for the upcoming game.

The gym tutor was very nice to Tobi and he liked him. They were discussing as if they knew each other for long. He was doing well at the gym though it was not easy at first but it was getting easy as the day went by.

Tobi’s course mate Abigail was also a rich girl, she loves Tobi so much he also likes her too but loves Rhoda more. Is just that Rhoda’s attitudes sometimes pisses him off.

Abigail met Tobi at the gym and was surprised what he was doing there or was he stocking her. She asked Tobi jokingly.

‘This is where I exercise almost every day and also have my swimming training here also’.

Coincidentally, Rhoda went to the gym with her new found friend and saw Abigail and Tobi together she felt jealous. She told her new friend everything and she advice her to fight what belongs to her, and also confront Tobi if what Henny told her was true or not.

After the training, Abigail asked Tobi to accompany her to the swimming session which he did, they were joking around when Rhoda came to apologize to Abigail for being rude to her the other day at school. Tobi was surprised that Rhoda could apologize, he was so happy that he hugged her and they were kissing. Abigail could not take it again she jumped into the pool.

Tobi and Rhoda reunited again after Tobi told her he did not do all he was accused of and also he was not dating Abigail as Henny claims. They decided to keep their relationship secrets, in school Tobi was always seen with Abigail and Rhoda was either alone or making new friends.

Rhoda birthday came. Tobi was at the site working with his uncle in Rhoda’s house, Tobi was able to wish Rhoda happy birthday at the site. She opened the window, and saw her love standing there she felt so happy.

Uncle Friday later asked Tobi to wash Rhoda’s car at the car park even though Rhoda’s dad did not ask for his help.

He left and went to wash it while Rhoda joined him there. She dragged him there and they started kissing during the process Rhoda’s father friends came for the birthday party that was organized for her. Her father was planning to tell her about the deal he had with his friend during the party.

Gbenga, his father and also the University admin was there too. None of them saw Rhoda and Tobi when they walked in but Gbenga’s phone rang it was a video call from his wife in Canada. Even though he didn’t want to pick it she will constantly keep calling him till he replies. Gbenga just wanted to pick it and warned her not to call again. He stepped out to receive the call and he was not having earpiece with him, so the call was loud. During the call, he saw Rhoda’s car at the car park with the same plate number; he was surprised what Rhoda was doing in Mr. Salau’s house. He walked closer and saw Tobi with Rhoda kissing each other. He was filled with anger

‘So this two had been playing us for long in school’ he said to himself.

‘Rhoda what are you doing with this village boy and why are you in this house? ‘You are asking what I’m doing in my father’s house when am supposed to ask you what you’re doing here?

‘Wait that means you are the girl I’m getting married to’

Tobi and Rhoda were surprised what he was talking about.

‘Mr man what are you talking about? Tobi asked already furring with anger seeing his enemy.

‘You fool Rhoda is my wife. My dad and her dad had already made a marriage deal’.

He was trying to pull Rhoda close to him in a rough way when Tobi came in between them and gave him beaten of his life during that process everybody ran to the car park to see what was happening.

Uncle Friday was shocked to see tobi in a mess. Rhoda was standing covering Tobi in defense to whoever will touch him.

Gbenga phone fell on the floor while the video call was still on. The oversea wife was still online crying she was disappointed, her husband fighting because of another girl that was not even interested in him.

Gbenga’s son ran to meet his mother and kept shouting ‘Mom Mom why are you crying, did dad make you cry again? Everybody attention switched to the phone Gbenga went and picked the phone and smacked it angrily.

At first Rhoda’s dad was still blaming Rhoda for ruining everything and who asked him to come over here. Rhoda came in as a girl that grew up in overseas she doesn’t fear anybody especially when it comes to defending Tobi.

Rhoda disgraced Gbenga family in front of everyone. he narrated how Gbenga’s dad was the one who reported his dad to her grandfather back in Canada that his dad was dating his mother which almost got her father killed and he was later deported back to Nigeria. Gbenga’s dad had interest in Rhoda’s mum which he could not get her then so he wanted Rhoda’s dad to be killed.

Rhoda’s dad was surprised that his childhood friend could do that. All secrets were opened by Rhoda, and how Gbenga had been having sex with Henny, how he saw them inside the car park having sex but pretended till now. Gbenga was so ashamed and disgraced that he could not say a word.

His father tried defend him and left with anger to deal with all of them. ‘You this village boy I promise to kill you for laying your hand on my son’.

Gbenga’s dad threatened Tobi.

‘You can’t do anything to my son as far as I’m alive’.

Uncle Friday replied angrily because he doesn’t see the man’s word as an ordinary threat.

Tobi was surprised to know Uncle Friday was his father.

After everyone had left, Rhoda’s dad stopped Uncle Friday and Tobi from going. At first, he acted as if he was angry with them but he invited them to eat at is dining table. They ate silently, after then he apologized to Tobi and Rhoda for trying to separate them.

Uncle Friday told them his story how Tobi was his son.

They talked happily and Rhoda’s dad gave Tobi the permission to keep dating but Tobi must not hurt his daughter rather than protect her in all ways.

Rhoda and Tobi went to where she organized her birthday party with almost all her level mates present.


Kayode sent people through his DJ friend to pay a guy and beat Tobi till death point.

Henny and Mr. Gbenga already paid some guys to drop I phones that she stole from Kayode’s party In Tobi’s house. Everything was going well as planned before Rhoda came and disorganized the whole plan for them. The guy they paid to drop the phone in Tobi’s house was favor’s boyfriend that do give her different stolen phones as gift, when he found out that it was his girlfriend brother they were about to setup he failed them and reported the case to Tobi and Rhoda, Rhoda paid him double the amount they gave him and collected the phone from him.

Rhoda went to kayode’s party uninvited to see Kayode. Earlier, she went to a very expensive store and stole a very expensive gold chain through the CCTV camera she was caught by the owner of the shop which is the school coach. He brought her to his office and threatened to hand her over to the police if she doesn’t confess what happened to Rhoda at the party which led Tobi being suspected. The school coach already vowed to find out the truth even though he gave Tobi suspension he knew he was just acting for Kayode as the director’s son.

Henny refuses to confess instead she tried to seduce the coach that was never interested in her rather than his student scholarship that was at risk. The coach gave her few days to tell him everything that happened if not through the CCTV camera that is still with him she will be arrested.

Henny went to comfort Kayode that the coach was asking what happened to Rhoda at the party that Kayode should do something quick about the situation or she will tell coach everything. During their discussion, Rhoda came in and opened their entire plan and told Kayode it was Henny who stole his father expensive wrist watch and his friends’ two iphones.

Kayode met with DJ to return his money that he was not interested in the deal anymore. DJ gave him back is money, and asked the boys to beat up Kayode and also kidnap him which they will request a huge amount from his father.

Kayode was on his way to is car when those boys came and attacked him thank God for Tobi and Rhoda that came to reassure him after they beat up the boys. Rhoda is a very good fighter too she learnt that in Canada when the white kids where bullying her.

Kayode’s dad was admitted at the hospital due to the fight him and Kayode heard. Kayode dad wrist watch that Henny stole was to send alarm to his doctor anytime he was in danger with his health but it was almost late before he could call his doctor on is phone. He landed in comma immediately they took him to the hospital.

Kayode felt so guilty for what happened to his dad, he was at the hospital for days without eating or bathing. He kept on waiting for his dad to recover from coma so that he can apologize and be a good boy he ever wanted him to be.

Abigail came with his dad to visit one of his dad’s friend at the hospital when she saw Kayode crying, she went to him and hugged him that all will be okay soon, after a little discussion between them Abigail was able to persuade him to go and have his bath and eat.

Gbenga’s dad on the other hand wanted the University for his son Gbenga under his management and since he was very influence man with the support of government behind him. He asked the doctors to mistreat Kayode’s dad which led him to fallen into coma the second time when he was just recovering.

Gbenga was appointed as the new University Administration which got Kayode more annoyed, his father had just been in a coma for few days and they wanted to collect all he had.


Kayode kidnapped Henny for stealing his father medical watch that leads to his coma.

When he heard about Gbenga as the new school Administration, he took his father gun and was on high drugs to fight justice for his father.

He got into the Administration office. Unfortunately, for Gbenga he was sitting down comfortable and giving the secretary some rules to follow. Kayode brought out is gun and sent the secretary out and he locked the door left him with and Gbenga.

He started a business of interrogation with him with serious beating at first he refused to say anything but with the fear of the gun and the knife Kayode was holding he needed to cooperate.

Kayode used Gbenga whatsapp video to call Gbenga’s father to see his son and also interrogate him. Anytime Gbenga’s dad refused to answer the question he knew Kayode will be recording his confession, he will cut each of Gbenga’s finger.

The secretary and almost the school hearing the shout and cry from Mr. Gbenga the security ran to the door it was locked. Kayode warned them if anyone forced the door to open he will shoot. The police were alerted and they were already on their way but you know Nigeria Police.

Abigail was already fallen in love with Kayode. She was always falling in love with the wrong guys. At first she hated Kayode from child since they were neighbors but for the few days she had been with him at the hospital she was growing feelings for him.

Abigail was at the administrative door knocking for Kayode to stop whatever he was doing to Mr. Gbenga and police were coming but it felt on kayode’s deaf ears till he got everything Gbenga’s dad confession recorded. During the process of Abigail knocking, she confessed her love to Tobi if that would change is mind but he refused to allow that to affect him till he was done with is mansion.

Kayode opened the door when the police where about getting to the school but he escaped with Abigail to is house the police followed them. Gbenga was quickly rushed to the hospital while Gbenga’s dad paid one of the policemen to shoot Kayode immediately they get hold of him in order not to release the information he was having.

Abigail asked Kayode to surrender that her father will help him out of all charges. They surrendered and the appointed Police shot but Abigail pushes Kayode away and took the bullet for love.

Immediately Abigail was rushed to the hospital while Kayode was arrested and the appointed police quickly took Kayode phone and deleted the videos from is phone.

Gbenga’s dad promised Tobi to work for him in order to send him abroad and also help his family in exchange for that he has to kill Rhoda.

Tobi agreed to the plan and it was going smoothly. Tobi played the national game he had been waiting for so long at first he was doing poorly during the game but second half Rhoda came and talked with him that their problem will end soon.

Rhoda’s mother from Canada came; she is a very influential woman in Canada embassy. That got Tobi consecrate more in the game and they won.

Gbenga’s dad thought tobi was on his side not knowing it was just a plan between Rhoda’s families to get him. He was later arrested for dealing with hard drugs from Nigeria to Canada. He was arrested to face justice over there.

Tobi and Rhoda lived happy with their new company flourishing every day.