Tobi is trying to guide his SCHOLARSHIP by all means. Rhoda want him to express his LOVE

Henny is all after attention and getting INSTAGRAM followers

Mr Gbenga is happy that he cause SAGA between Rhoda and Tobi.

Will Tobi and Rhoda separate or not?

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Rhoda got into her car and rested her head on the steering. Tobi went and joined her and asked;

What is it all about; do you want to fight with all the boys in the school because of me?

Tobi you don’t just get it’

‘I do. I can see the love in your eyes just as it’s clear in my eyes too. The connection is clear between us’

Rhoda was surprised with his words; she rose up her head to look at Tobi in his eyes directly.

‘Then what, Tobi? Tell me what is going on.’ Tobi made a few steps like he was about nervous. He knew whatever he was about to tell her would hurt her, but he had to do it. ‘Dating you will put my chance to secure my full scholarship in a serious risk.

Rhoda stayed silent for a minute. She didn’t know what to say. She would be lying if she said she understood him. He was not making any sense to her, at least not to her heart because the only thing that would make her happy was him confessing his true love for her.

‘I thought you already had the scholarship? Why are you worried about it?’

‘No, I’m on probation any mistake I will be sent out of the school’

The Dean told me last year two boys were awarded full scholarships, but before they even cleared their first year, they were arrested in the possession of cocaine. To avoid a repeat of the same, I was placed on the probation as the school monitors my behavior, discipline, performance both on game and in the class.’

‘I still don’t understand how this has to do with me and you?’

You are threatening the son of the same man that is supposed to offer me the thing that I most want. That kid there Kayode  is son of the  director, if you try to fight with him and he touches you,’I won’t be able to leave him than to beat him up and you should know what will happen next.

Oh I understand now that means you will fight for me if anyone touch me right? Anyways let me drive you home’

‘Which part you don’t understand I want to walk home myself in order to get fit.

‘Okay but the lecturer gave us an assignment.’

‘I will take care of it myself.’

How? Get into my car and work with my laptop as I drive you home.’ After a moment of thinking hard, knowing very well that the decision he was about to take will affect his future with Rhoda, he picked his bag from the ground, placed it on his back and started walking away like the boy that his uncle asked to stay away from the rich kids.

Rhoda was upset why she fell in love with tobi because she couldn’t   control her feelings  and it shows Tobi was trying to avoid her.

Henny knocked on her car door, which brought  Rhoda back from her thinking.

Why are you like this, what did that guy done to you? Henny asked just get into my car lets go or I will leave you’

Henny entered the car and she drove silently.

The next day more students resumed to the school with more workers to clean and make the school neat which Tobi was still among the cleaners.

Tobi was in school early to do the portion of his work before others will arrive. As he was cleaning he noticed a movement someone was cleaning the other side he had to clean too. He wondered who that would be.

The person who was cleaning, guess who was it? Rhoda. She was in cleaning out fits

Rhoda, what are you doing here?

Tobi what are you doing here?

C’mon, stop joking.’

If I were you, I would get down to work and stop wasting time because we don’t want to be late in class again, or do you want to get to class late again?’

Tobi was shocked. What level was Rhoda willing to get to prove her love?’

‘Rhoda, this place is not for you.’ You can’t possibly be thinking of cleaning the toilets 

If am one of the people who use the same toilets, I don’t see the big deal here.’

Tobi thought he was stubborn but Rhoda was ready to double the stubbornness. Reluctantly he walked to his working place and started walking along side with her. She was seriously scrubbing the floor like she had done the work before.

A boy came in later on to use the toilet while Rhoda and tobi were still at work. The boy used a tissue and dropped it on the floor instead of the waste bin, Rhoda saw that and walked up to the boy to pick it up but he refused and said it is meant for the poor boy to clean Rhoda warned him again to pick it or else he won’t like what she will do but the boy refused and kept laughing at her.

Rhoda picked her bucket with soapy water and poured on the boy he was so shocked and he kept ranting.

She threatened to pour another bucket of water  if he did not pick it. The boy saw Tobi and he knew he can’t fight him, he walked gently and picked it into the dustbin and walked out while other students stood and watched.

This is how you defend yourself not just to keep quiet’ Rhoda said to Tobi.


Rhoda and Tobi were running in order to get to the class before the lecturer. Rhoda kept on pushing everyone away from the road while running anyone who tried to talk, she just smiled at them, that alone  melt their heart both boys and girls love her smile. They finally got to class before Mr Gbenga entered.

Henny already got a sit for Rhoda that was her payment for always riding with her to school every morning plus her wears that she do put on to snap in order to get more followers on instagram.  If not that Henny leg was bigger she would have been borrowing that too.

Tobi and Rhoda kept on exchanging papers to communicate in class since he was sitting at her back. She gave Tobi her laptop in order to copy the assignment that was given to them by Mr Gbenga and they were to submit this morning.

I hope everyone has done their assignment because I’m collecting them this morning. Rhoda you are the class rep from today make sure you collect all the assignments and bring them to my office.

After his words he turned to continue teaching while tobi quickly opened the system which Rhoda already gave him the password ‘Tobi’ immediately he opened it, a movie started playing which got all the students attention and also the lecturer attention. Tobi never owned a system so it was somehow hard for him to handle. Rhoda quickly signaled tobi but it was too late. Mr Gbenga was boiling in anger and asked Tobi to stand up.

What kind of human being are you? You are always disturbing my class by coming late, your phone ringing and watching film in my class. Why won’t you  be doing all these when your poor parents did not pay for school fees like others so you won’t know what you are here for. I will definitely report you to the school dean so that you can be sent to your poor village parents. Now get out of my class 

Tobi was so ashamed in his life he had never cried for anything but now he was about to cry but was still trying his best to hold it. He walked out his head bent down, some students seeing how Mr Gbenga had been treating him felt badly for him.

Rhoda was crying, you know what next she walked out too to meet him as usual. Tobi was crying outside while she was crying too.

What are you doing here, go back to the class you belong there not here’

Tobi said angrily

I’m so sorry, I did not know the movie was still on when I slept off I supposed to be the one to be the one to be punished not you.

Just go back inside and let me be I only want just go away’ he was shouting and boiling with anger. Tobi knew he was guilty with what he was accused of except his parent what have they done to deserve all the insult from Mr Gbenga.


Rhoda went to drop the assignment for Mr Gbenga and and also questioned him why he liked attacking Tobi instead of punishing her. When she got to his office, he asked Rhoda to go with him for lunch if not he will report Tobi to the school authority and with that Tobi will lose his scholarship.

Rhoda eyes were red due to her tears throughout the class. So you are trying to blackmail me right?

Oh even if I do who will you report me to you think they will a student to a lecturer without no evidence?  Try it and see he smiled and went to is seat.

Rhoda talked to him so hard.

‘I have never seen a wicked and heartless man like you, no wonder most schools collected only old and mature lecturers not young and wicked people like you.

I don’t care what you say is either we go out for a date and I forgive your dirty friend or you refuse and he leaves the school.

Okay just tell me where you want us to meet and I will be there. I have a very good car too you have to ride with me’ Mr Gbenga said Rhoda and Mr Gbenga walked out of his office closed to each other people stir to them and some taking their pictures secretly especially Henny, she was jealous of Rhoda for getting all the attention and also walking closed to the lecturer instead of her.

On their way for their date Mr Gbenga put his car to a stop when he saw Tobi.

Tobi was doing his normal duty watering of the school garden while listening to his favorite radio station. He enjoyed watering grasses and trimming them, he was so happy doing that. While listening to is radio he had his cousin brother that they stayed together and do play football and other games won a medal and was taken to represent Nigeria in another country that he got him to be more happy. He was just smiling imagining how his own dreams will come true.

Mr Gbenga came down from the car even though Rhoda tried to stop him but he refused.

Hey come here now’ Mr Gbenga called tobi. He answered and ran to him. Tobi saw Rhoda inside the man’s car. She could not even look at him but faces the other side in shame.

I and Rhoda are going for a date so I decided to give you a good news. She asked me not to report you and I won’t as far you become a good boy

Thank you sir

‘No thank her instead of thanking me’. ‘Thank you miss Rhoda’

Tobi had never used miss for her but now he changed that. At a point he was happy with the news that he won’t be sent out of the school because that is what matters most in his life right now.

They drove to a closer hotel. Mr Gbenga was happy that he caused a rift between Tobi and Rhoda and also got the attention of people staring at them.

‘Tobi can never trust Rhoda again and they can’t be closed like before’


Tobi had been avoiding Rhoda deliberately; it was what was good for him and his future. Whereas he was happy that he was still on course to receive his scholarship, staying away from Rhoda was one of the hardest things he had to do. For the past four days.

The next day that Rhoda had followed Mr Gbenga on a date, she dressed early to school in order to help Tobi with his work and also explained why he saw him in Mr Gbenga car but gotten there she was disappointed.

Tobi had already met with the head of the cleaning department if he can be changed from his usual duty position luckily for him a woman that was on the other side was given a maternity leave so he switched the other department.

She was disappointed to see a different scholarship student washing the washrooms. Rhoda thought of calling his phone. She had pulled his number from the class attendance list which she had as class rep but his phone was switched off. Tobi got used to switching his phone off since the incident he had with Mr Gbenga whe is phone rang in class and he was sent out of the class. It was only after Tobi appeared in the class that her heart settled down. for more interesting stories.The class went on smoothly. Tobi sat very far from Rhoda and her friend.

The following day, the case was the same. The two days were hell for both Rhoda and Tobi.

Henny invited Rhoda to Kayode’s party she made her feel it was a normal party for new students not knowing it was arranged to sleep with new students. Kayode was not really interested in love than to have sex with the girl he claimed to love.

Rhoda agreed to be in the party and Henny wanted her to be there to get some money Kayode promised her if she brings Rhoda along and she also wanted her to be drunk because of the jealously she felt for her.

Rhoda searched for Tobi all over the school until she saw him. She quickly went to meet him.

Tobi you are avoiding me?

Yes I’m


You already know why… you know I don’t want trouble for myself and also you gave me a system that was playing movie and I then saw you inside a car with a man that claimed to forgive me. now I understand why he hates me that much’.

He framed me. I was in the car because of you’

I don’t want to hear anything about that again just stay away from me.

Rhoda was so disappointed and promised to stay away from him if that will make him happy.

While leaving, she remembered to invite Tobi to the party.

Please come to the party that is organized for fresher’s

No it is not meant for people like me’

Please I know I promised to stay away from you just try and come I just want to see you happy  even though I’m going to be there all the information you need is on the flier’.

She turned and left sadly.

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