Let me start with this bible verse that say; ‘FOLLOW PEACE WITH ALL MEN, and holiness, without which no man shall see the lord: Hebrews 12:14 

Issues come up in RELATIONSHIPS how you handle it matters a lot. And when YOUR relationship is BROKEN find all ways to MEND it. Is not a must you people should be together but there shouldn’t be hatred.

Is not all relationship you work out from, have you ever reason how many relationship you will jump out from because your partner hurt you?

Relationship goes wrong sometimes that is because we are humans and the ability to forgive your partner that is what will make it grow strong and stronger.

Two different people from different background, ethnics cometogether to form a relationship there will definitely be ups and down.

Instead of counting your partner faults why not look at his/her good parts?


1. TRUST: When a relationship lack trust there is a problem. Anyways you have to earn someone trust when you don’t lie or hide anything from each other. Naturally your partnerwill grow a strong trust in you and they can defend you anytime any day. If your partner don’t trust you that relationship is in a total mess. 

You both all have different activities to engage every day; is not possible to spend morning and all night watching yourselves. In some ways, your partner is in a far away state or country from you how did you expect it to work out if there is no TRUST? 

If you don’t have any TRUST for your partner please build it and if you think your PARTNER don’t trust you please EARN it.


2. FORGIVNESS: Is there any human on earth that doesn’t offend? Everyone should practice forgiveness in their relationship that is if you are growing a healthy one.

We are met to hurt ourselves the ability to forgive shows how far your relationship will grow.

 Stop dwelling on the pain and how to leave your partner that hurt you, what about the next one you are jumping to, do you know how it’s going to be?

If you don’t learn how to forgive you will keep jumping from one relationship to another. 

I’m not saying you should be in a toxic relationship where verbal abuse happened I won’t ever advice that but even if you are out of the toxic relationship still forgive so that you can MOVE ON if not it will hut 


Your next relationship. Letting go is so hard but being free is so peaceful. 




1. FORGIVNESS: We have briefly talked about forgiveness earlier but it is very powerful.

Even if you can’t forget the hurt and pain your partner caused you, but forgive with time you will heal from both the hurt and pain. Have you ever imagine being in a relationship with person and that person hurt you badly and you think no matter what, you can’t ever forgive the person but the moment you find it in your heart to forgive the person, LOVE comes in to HEAL the pain. This lead to our next point LOVE.


2. LOVE: True love conquers all. When you thoroughly love someone, you will always make peace with that person either you both are in a romantic relationship or not. Let love leads in your relationship whenever you are hurt think about the love you have for that person. If there is still love in your heart you will get heal from the hurt or pain.


3. Apologize: I wonder why people have issues to apologize in relationship. You don’t need to claim the victim or being right. When you and your partner are having issues either you offend or not apologize, that little apology can go a long way. I remember I heard to learn how to apology in a hard way in my first relationship at the University. I never wanted it to end and at the same time I have issues in apologizing to my partner so a friend of my taught me how to apologize by holding my pillow tight and vent on my anger on it during that process I will call my boyfriend and apologized. It looks somehow right? But it really works for me. If this will mend your relationship why not try it.
4. Talk with the right person: some say; a problem share is half solved while some said a problem shared is public notice. I agree with opening up to someone better or well experienced. Talk to someone about the issues you are facing in your relationship instead of dying and destroying your relationship in secret. A lot of people commit suicide because of depression talk to someone that can help you to mend your relationship. In my story ‘MARRIAGE CONTRACT’  RHODA  was having issues in her relationship and her best friend was leading her astray, a part of her knew that, so she  talked with her new friend at the gym about her relationship collapsing, her new friend gave her tips on how to mend her relationship instead of being violent and her relationship got a new turn. If not for her opening up that relationship would have collapsed forlife and who to blame for it nobody but you alone for not doing the right thing.
5. Pray: I’m using this as my last point but very important. If you are not praying for your partner or your relationship you have serious problem because the devil can come in at anytime. 

And if your relationship is already shaking why not kneel and pray to God, why not act fast like the woman in “war room” movie. She decided to send the devil out of her marriage, from his husbands life and invite peace to come in. instead of her to dwell in pain forever, she decided to talk with someone more experienced than her and you know what, she taught her how to pray secretly and how to win the devil and from there everything turnaround from losing her husband to a strange woman but she got herhusband back through prayer. 

So why not try that too.



Note: People often say; “what will be for you will be’’.

If that your partner will be for you he/she can’t leave you. I agree on one condition if God is involve. Don’t open your eyes and allow soap to enter your eyes. What I simply mean is don’t use your hand to destroy your relationship on the motion that if my partner is for me he/she will stay or if he/she leave another one will come. Remember what work for Mr. A might not work for Mr. B please let’s be wise.