Floras_Mistake is a very short and interesting story for couples and intending couples.

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“Noah,I said you are not going anywhere today!!” Flora shouted as she blocked Noah from going out the door.
Noah,her husband looked tiredly at her,with his breath ragged.
“For the last time,Flora. I want to go to work… leave my way!” Noah shouted, trying to be violent but he was just too weak.
“Oh,wait…..you want to beat me? You want to beat me,abi? No problem! Noah…you must beat me today!! You must ohhh!” Flora shouted as she hurled herself at him.
Noah staggered back as he controlled the urge to give his wife a thunderous slap.
“You are not going anywhere till you tell me who the fuck called you this early morning.
That person doesn’t want you to stay in your house and touch your wife!
Noah,tell me who that woman is or else you are not leaving this house. Nonsense!” Flora shouted and stormed out of the house, locking the door behind her.
She pocketed the key and marched away, ignoring Noah who banged hard on the door calling her name.
“Adam!! Adam!! Where is this foolish man!Adam!!” Flora shouted the name of their gate man.
“Yes madam!!” Adam shouted as he ran towards Flora,only to be greeted with a slap.” How dare you? Where have you been!” Flora shouted again.
“Heyy…ma… madam I be wan water the flower nii.”Adam replied, rubbing his affected cheek.
“You are mad. Is that why you kept me waiting? See ehh,if dem bon your papa well, open the door for your stupid oga…you will see what I’m going to do to you. Rubbish.” Flora hissed and left the compound.
“Heeyyy…which kin woman be this one oh,my people? See as she lock her husband inside house.” Adam said silently to himself before returning to his work.
Noah banged on at the door until he was tired of banging.
“God…. God…what have I done!, What have I done to deserve this?” Noah asked aloud,close to tears.
He tightened his fists,his eyes as hard as rock as he breathed heavily glaring at the door.
He was going to break down the door.
He had had enough. He moved back swiftly in preparation and as soon as he took off to give the door a powerful kick, someone held his arm from behind…

“Excuse me sir!”
Noah whirled around. It was the house girl,Anita.
“What’s it!” Noah voiced out,still boiling with anger.
“You…you ……can’t break down the door please sir. The backyard door is open sir. I suggest you go out through there sir.” Anita said as Noah looked at her, calming himself down.
“Thank you Anita…. and sorry for the way I shouted.” Noah said and hurried past her. He was so damn late for work and he had a lot to do.
He bounced off the stairs and ran into the garage leading to the back door.
He pushed the door opened and cane out of the house, hurrying to his car.
“Adam!! Adam!! Will you stupidly come out here and open the gate for me?” Noah threw at Adam who ran towards him instead of the gate.” Are you deaf? I said open the gate for me!” Noah shouted again.
He almost ran mad when Adam stood still, scratching his head and shuffling his feet about.” Oga, madam go kill me oh.” Adam cried.
“Oh my God! Flora!!” Noah shouted and coughed as his breath seized. He staggered and rested against his car, holding this cheat tightly.
Adam was alarmed as he went closer.”Oga,you dey alright?” He asked.
“Will you get lost and open the gate for me!” Noah yelled, pushing Adam towards the gate.
Adam quickly obeyed. He was scared and could not understand what was wrong with the man.
Noah drove out of the compound,his breath still hard.

“Can you imagine? I was sure of what I heard. It was a female voice.” Flora said loudly to her friends, Yvonne and Winifred .
She was sitting on the stool at the drinks section while her friends sat on a sofa.
The house was Winifred’s.
“Are you serious?” Yvonne asked, dropping her own drink on the table.
Flora hissed.” I’m telling you what I’m sure of! This stupid thin legged girls wants to snatch my husband.
I know what to do. I’m going to go to his office and fire all those young idiots called secretary and rubbish. Nonsense.” Flora said with another hiss.
Winifred smiled and looked at Flora.” Flora,I advice you take it easy with Noah. I don’t know Noah your husband to be an irresponsible man to do such thing.
Since you do not know who called him,just let him explain things….”
She was cut short by Yvonne.” Hey hey hey,hold it there! Hold that your peaceful tongue there! What rubbish are you vomiting?
That she should leave her husband in the hands of those husband snatchers?
Haba, Winny! Think twice before you talk na. Look here, Flora. Don’t answer this one oh.
Make sure you teach Noah a lesson. Don’t take it easy with him at all. Deal with him!” Yvonne said and Flora nodded, sipping her drink again. Winifred only smiled and kept quiet.
“I will let him know that I’m the only person he got married to on our wedding day.”

Once he got to work,Noah hurried into his office and sank into his seat,his breath still hard and uneasy.
He barely answered his workers and they knew something was wrong.
Especially Charlene,the human resources manager.
She had been working in the organization Immediately after her NYSC three years ago and within those years,she studied her boss.
She was there at his wedding two years ago and had even gave them a lot of gifts.
But after his marriage to his wife, Charlene could see Noah’s world changing.
He was no longer the cheerful and bright man she used to know.
And also she noticed something about him recently…like he was having a certain illness.
Once he entered his office, Charlene quickly took a glass cup and a bottle water and enter his office.
She was right. Noah was in pain when she entered. Sir! Are you okay?” Charlene asked as she rushed to him, pouring water immediately into the glass cup.
Noah looked up and coughed. He wanted to pretend that everything was fine but he was just too tired.
Instead,he took the cup of water she offered him and drained it in one gulp.
“Sir.. whatever the problem is…you….you have to take it easy.
I’m not sure you are medically okay. Have you tried seeing a doctor?” Charlene asked with all the concern in the world.
Noah looked up at her slowly. He almost took her hand in his…just to appreciate her for such concern. But he was amazed and bewildered at the moment.
If she… Charlene,a staff in his office could see that something was wrong with him,why then couldn’t his wife notice since all these days even though she gave him no chance to tell her?.
“I’m… I’m fine Charlene….”
Charlene shook her head.” No sir. You are not. This is not you. Something is wrong with you. You can share it with me. I’m willing to help. I mean no harm at all. Just trying to help.” Charlene said and Noah swallowed.
He was overwhelmed. If this lady could care so much about him like this…then why couldn’t his own wedded wife?…

Flora nearly ran mad when she got home only to find Noah gone.
“Anita,so you want to tell me that Noah left this house through the backdoor on his own without anyone telling him?” Flora asked menacingly as she walked towards Anita who shifted back in fright.
“Ma…..I….I… wasn’t..” she tried to say but was greeted with a thunderous slap. Anita cried out and knelt down
“Will you stupidly shut up that smelling gutter you call a mouth!” Flora yelled and walked off leaving her crying there.
“So,Noah…you left this house right? You finally left? Oh…you think I don’t know your plan?
No problem..you will come back here and meet me.” Flora said to herself as she walked into the bathroom to have her bath.

“But…sir!, Why didn’t you say it out all this while! It could be dangerous! You…you….have heart problem and you’ve been keeping it to yourself! God!” Charlene shouted. She felt tears rushing out of her face.
“Come on Charlene.. it has not been confirmed yet.
I’m just assuming because of the symptoms I’m having and infact…I’m no longer having them.” Noah said, trying to convince her but Charlene wouldn’t hear any of it.
“Sir… please stop giving excuses!.you are endangering your life.
How…how come your wife doesn’t know?
We are going to the hospital this afternoon and there is no refusal.” Charlene said and Noah breathed in. He buried his head in his palms.

Enny and Esther we’re sitting on a sofa in their sister’s living room, drinking side drink and gisting while their mother lectured Flora their elder sister. They were on their way home from school for holiday and their mother had come to the airport to pick them and decides to see Flora at once.
However,she was not pleased with the mood in the house. It was getting late and Noah was yet to return.
“Now what do you make of this,Flora? I warned you severally to control your hot temper but no! I told you to be patient!” Mrs Adeline said to Flora who sat carelessly on the bed.
She glanced up at her mother.
“Oh please mom. Spare me that! I should do what?
Exercise some patience? So that all those hungry looking fowls will snatch my husband? It will never happen.
Not in this house!” Flora shouted, going out with her phone as she tried Noah’s number.
It was not going.
“An an sis. We will soon be going na. Where is bross Yello?” Enny asked, referring to Noah.
It was almost ten and Noah was not yet back.
Flora was beginning to get scared as she dialled his number again.

Charlene had never been so confused in her life as she carried a tray out of her kitchen with a bottle of water in it,to the dinning where her boss was sitted.
Noah was lost in thought as he continued getting himself drunk.
Charlene placed the tray on the table looking at him.” Sir…. please….it’s already late and your wife will be bothered. It’s almost….”
“God Charlene!, You heard the doctor! I…I…..have a heart problem and it can develop to heart failure anytime if proper treatment is not done!
And you expect me to go to my nagging wife this night? So I can die?” Noah had tears in his eyes as he yelled in pain.
Charlene’s heart bled as she watched this man.
How unfortunate could someone be!
“You…you… mean you are spending the night here in my house?” Charlene asked and Noah looked up at her and stood up slowly as he stood facing her.
He was already drunk as he struggled to stable himself.
“Not only spending the night here with the woman who has shown me what care is…..I want to show you some appreciation.”
Noah said through clenched teeth and with that,he threw his hands behind Charlene and grabbed her, pulling her closer as his lips fastened on hers…in a very long deep k?ss

Charlene could barely breathe as she enjoyed this lovely k!ss.
But no!
This was a married man. She would do no such evil. Gently,she placed her palms on his chest and gave him a gentle push before their lips parted.
“What’s wrong?” Noah asked hoarsely.
Charlene turned away.” I’m sorry sir…I… can’t do this for any reason. We should be talking about how to start treatment on you immediately.
Your life’s on the line. We should prepare you for the transplant.” Charlene said and Noah looked hopelessly at her.
“Treatment? Transplant?” Noah asked and laughed with a bitter sigh.” I’m sorry Charlene but it’s too late for me.
I’ve kept this for so king and I know I won’t survive it.” Noah said as Charlene opened her mouth wide.
“God! What are you saying! You…you… mean you don’t have any hope that you can pull through this?
Sir….. even if you are saying this because of your wife…you have to fight! You are a man!” Charlene said.
Noah breathed in and sat down as he looked up at Charlene. Where has this wonderful woman been hidden all this while he suffered?

The door jerked opened and Noah sauntered in and met Flora sitting in the living room.
She stood up immediately their eyes met.
“Noah! Where have you been since yesterday? Why didn’t you come home last night?” Flora asked to looking all over at him.
“Where have I been? Are you like seriously asking me that?” Noah threw the question carelessly at her as he put down his brief case.
Flora began to boil up. She was passiving a strange perfume on him.” Ehhhh….ehhhhh…hmmm…hmmm…. Noah! Noah! You are trying me oh! Where were you last night?” Flora asked again,this time blocking his way.
Noah breathed in and waiting, looking at Flora straight in the eyes.” Flora, please. Let me go upstairs and rest. It’s too early in the morning.” Noah said and made to pass but Flora tugged at him and pulled him back.
“You are not going anywhere till you answer my question.
Who owns this disgusting perfume you are wearing?” Flora asked with her voice raised high.
Noah was beginning to lose it but he already promised himself never to beat a woman talk more of his own wife.
So,to avoid any physical attack,Noah lowered himself on the nearest sofa and rested his head on it. He was beginning to breath heavily again.
“Oh,so you won’t answer me? I’m now a dog abi?
I should continue barking.
Noah!! I said where did you sleep last night! I’m talking to you!!” Flora raved as she hovered around Noah.
Noah held his head with one hand and looked tiredly at her.” Flora can’t you see? Why can’t you see what another woman saw? Can’t you see how lean I’ve become.. can’t you see how sick I look!” Noah shouted in a quivering voice.
Flora stopped for a moment and shrugged off the effect his voice placed on her.” So another woman is now taking care of you right? Why didn’t you come home last night so I can buy you drugs and take care of you?
I know it’s all this Female witches in your office that are doing all this and I will make life unbearable for them.” Flora said and hissed.
Noah was dumbfounded. The least he expected her to say was what the cause of his sickness was? Buy she was not even asking. He was bewildered as he stared at her, standing up slowly.
“Is…is…that what you are supposed to say?” Noah stammered.
“Look Noah. Enough of all this drama you are playing this morning. All I need is a logical explanation as to why you did not come home last night.
My mum and sisters were here yesterday and they waited and waited for you like forever. You gave them the impression that all is not well with us!” Flora said again.
Noah said nothing as he stared at Flora unbelievably. He had this urge to drop a tear but he held it back, remembering Charlene’s word of encouragement.
He bent down,took up his brief case looked at Flora once more before walking past her and going upstairs.
“Oh,so you are living abi? Don’t worry. I know what to do. I will go to the company tommorow and show all those bastards whom they are dragging with. Infact…I’m going straight away.
I will show them what I’m made of.. especially that slimy mouse Charl….or whatever.!” Flora vibrated and exited the living room.
Immediately Noah got inside his room,he doubled up and groaned as he held his chest tightly and struggled towards the bed. He had a great deal breathing as he sat down heavily on the bed as blood began pouring from his mouth…

Noah tried reaching out to his phone but could not. He wanted to dial Charlene’s number.
He coughed hard again as a small pool of blood layed before him. He was beginning to get hold of himself when the door opened and Anita came in.
Her mouth flew open and the bucket she was holding fell from her hand as she rushed to meet Noah.
“Jesus Christ! Sir! What’s wrong with you?”Anita asked. She was shaking at the sight before her.
“Anita..I will be fine. You don’t have to worry. I will be fine.”
“Oh no no no sir. You are not fine! Let me quickly inform madam so she can take you to the hospital.” Anita said but Noah pulled her back as she was about to leave.
“No no. You must not tell anyone about this. I said I will be fine. You can go back to your work now.” Noah instructed, trying to make his voice more commanding.
“Ok… okay sir.” Anita said and left. She came back minutes later with something to clean off the mess on the floor.

Mrs Adeline came down from the stairs with mixed feeling as she walked up to Noah who stood up from the sofa to greet her.
He arrived the house few minutes ago. It was midday.
“Welcome my son. An an,is everything alright?
This one you came by this time… didn’t you go to work?” Mrs Adeline asked as they say opposite each other.
Noah breathed in before he started talking.” Mum, please I’ve come I respect of Flora…your daughter.
Mum….I will go straight to the point. Flora wants to kill me.”Noah said bitterly.
Mrs Adeline moved forward in her seat.
“She wants to kill you? What in heaven’s name do you mean?” She asked.
Noah narrated what he was passing through in the hands of his wife and how she came to his office, fighting with the female workers.
Mrs Adeline was perplexed. Flora? She thought as she looked up at Noah and told him she would come to the house.
Noah left in the evening, straight back home.
He got home and met Flora in the living room, operating her phone. She looked up and hissed as she continued what she was doing.
Noah paused and looked at her, then left for his room. He freshened up and came out, going to the dinning room for his supper but he was surprised at what he saw. The table was empty.
He went to the kitchen. There was no single cooked food.
He raced back to the living room, boiling with anger as he approached Flora.
“Why is my food not on the dinning?” He asked.
“And why are you asking me that? I thought I heard your movements in the kitchen.
Did you find any food there? En en,your answer is there already. There is no food.” Flora said bluntly as she continued to operate her phone.
Noah thought he would run mad. He thought he was going to go crazy.
Has it gotten to starving him? In his own house?
“Flora,what are you talking about? You mean… there is no food for me in this house?” Noah asked in a strangled voice.
“Well… you’ve said it yourself and I’m happy to tell you yes! Yes,Noah! I will show you the difference between a wife and a side chick!
How could you? How dare you! How dare you cheat on me with that black goat?” Flora asked, standing up to face him.
“Who are you calling a black goat? Who are you talking about?”Noah threw back and Flora laughed sarcastically.
“Oh really? You really don’t know who I’m talking about? You are a liar,a cheat and a looser pretender!” Flora shouted this words to his face.
Noah’s hands knotted in tight fists. They ached badly to hit Flora but he still controlled himself.
“Stop throwing insults at me.”his voice was low but hard as a rock.
“Oh please don’t use that voice on me! It doesn’t work!
All I want to tell you is to help me warn your little slut..V Charlene or whatever to stay clear and maintain her level else…she will have a case of part two with me!” Flora shouted again and Noah lost it. He totally lost it as he grabbed his wife and threw her hard on the sofa.
Flora screamed, shoocked.
Noah pounced on her, giving her the several slaps of her life.
Flora kicked blindly at him as she continued screaming.
“I’ve been warning you!! You’ve pushed me to the wall!!” Noah yelled. His eyes were red with angry tears. He hated himself for doing this but he just had to teach this woman a lesson.
Flora threw a kick with all the whole power in her and her knee went straight towards Noah’s chest….the pain speared into his heart, making him have a spark.
Noah shouted, screamed and groaned as he fell off Flora and slumped to the floor, holding tightly to his painful chest.
Flora jump off the sofa,scared as she stared at Noah.
What has she done? She couldn’t go closer to him…she only stood there… frightened.
Blood gushed out of Noah’s mouth and then,he passed out……

EPISODE_06 (Final)
Noah was rushed into the emergency room immediately he was brought in.
His case was so critical they had to use the oxygen on him.
Flora was in a daze. She thought she was dreaming and suddenly,her eyes became clear at the damages she had done.
Immediately the doctor came out of the emergency room,Flora ran to him frightened.”Doctor! How’s my husband?” She asked in an eager voice.
“Are you his wife?” The doctor asked and Flora nodded vigorously.” See me in my office.” The doctor said and left while Flora followed behind,her heart beating hard against her chest.
Why isn’t the doctor saying anything? What has happened?
“So, Mrs Noah. You say you are that man’s wife and two you do not know how terribly sick he is for some months now? Were you recently married to him or what?” The doctor said and Flora bowed her head in shame.
“Doctor please have mercy on me and blame me latter. Where’s my husband? What’s his condition right now?” Flora asked. She was in serious tears.
The doctor breathed in.” Your husband has heart problem and I’m afraid it’s too late to be treated. He has only forty eight hours to live.” The doctor said as Flora’s hands flew up to rest on her head as fresh tears dropped from her eyes.
Just then,the door opened and Charlene came also in her own tears.
She was coming from the emergency room after which she met Anita who told her all that happened between the couple.
“You must be so happy now, isn’t it?” Charlene said as she came face to face with Flora who stood up also to beat her height.
“What are you talking about?” Flora shot back.
“What I’m I talking about? Flora,are you seriously asking me that? What has he ever done to you to deserve this type of life? You are such a wicked undeserving w!tch!” Charlene yelled in her face.
“You’ve always wanted him dead! What has he done to you!”
Flora’s hand knotted in a fist as she looked towards the doctor.” Doctor,tell this mad dog to get out of this place right now.”Flora said furiously but the doctor would say nothing.
He knew the story already…how Flora treated her husband.
“Oh really? You mean I should get out of this hospital so you can finish him up and enjoy his wealth? I’m sorry to disappoint you..I’m going nowhere!”
“How dare you speak to me that way?! What’s your business? I know I and my husband has our own little differences but that’s all. I never wanted him dead!!” Flora fumed.
Charlene threw her head backwards and let out a sarcastic laughter. “Little differences you call it? That you couldn’t even see it that your husband…your own husband was dying!! Little differences indeed!”
“Ladies..this is not the right time for this… that man in there is dying..”
“No doctor Elvis!” Charlene voiced out as she turned to look at him.” There is still time to save his life and God is going to help us out.
The transplant is going to take place..so therefore…..start the treatment immediately.”

{Two weeks later}
Flora was kneeling in front of Noah in tears. He had just gotten back from the hospital with Charlene after a successful operation.
“Flora,I don’t see the reason why I should still have you in my house. The love I had for you is gone…long gone when you almost took my life. You don’t worth me Flora.
You don’t. Please……I need someone who’s going to be able to be a comfort to me and not a discomfort in this particular time.
I’ve heard enough of you and I don’t want to risk my health any further.” Noah said and stood up slowly then glanced back at Flora. ” The divorce papers are already signed by me three days ago in the hospital. It’s too late Flora…goodbye.”Then with that, he left.
“Aahhhh?!!” Flora shouted as she put her hands in her head. She grabbed Charlene’s legs as she stood up.” Please, Charlene.. please!! You are my only hope!! Please..beg him for me. I’ve learnt my lessons! I did not know what came over me!!” Flora cried as she laid before Charlene.
“Flora,I’m afraid there is nothing I can do. Tell me …..what woman in her right senses would toss away a man like Noah away?
You treated him real bad, Flora. He isn’t going to change his mind because what he takes out there in the hospital was too much! Excuse me!” Charlene Said and followed Noah upstairs.
Flora’s tears poured out more as she heard Charlene banging the bedroom door to her hearing.
Noah was sitting on the bed,his head buried in his palms as Charlene sat next to him.
“Sir…I… think you should reconsider. I mean.. she’s your wife, Charlene said as Noah looked at her.
“Not anymore, Charlene. That woman almost destroyed me. She almost killed me and you are telling me to take her back in as my wife?
Even in my critical condition? No, Charlene,I can’t do that. As a matter of fact I’ve forgiven her.
I hold no grudge against her but let her leave my life. She should have who to kill elsewhere Noah said and Charlene breathed in.
“So what do you want to do now? I mean..you can’t be left alone..you are sick..”
“Charlene..stay with me. Yes, please stay with me! You are the woman who has shown me the great love and care my wife couldn’t show. Marry me…yes, Charlene.. serious. Marry me.” Noah said, holding Charlene’s hands as he stared at her shocked eyes.
Slowly she nodded as a warm smile spread across her face, reaching out to Noah who moved forward and k!ssed her passionately.
At last…at last…he would be a free happy man.
“Heeyyy!! Where do I go from here! I can’t go back to my house! My mum will k!ll me!, Oh what a shame!” Flora cried as she carried her luggage and looked around the large beautiful living room with once more because regretfully moving out.
“An an….. madam..you dey go? Na wah ohh!! Thank God oh. So person will fit rest now? Ehhhh… madam oya na I don open gate. Come dey go abeg.” The gate man said laughing as Flora cried. She could barely hear the gate man as the reality before her kept on becoming real.
As she walked back to her father’s house, she cried. She has destroyed her marriage, her home and also lost a wonderful husband like Noah in a twinkle of an eye…Flora regretted her actions..she regretted being a rebellious wife and cried all the way home.


✔️A wise woman must embrace & be that Proverb 31:10-31 woman.
✔️She must always be caring and loving notwithstanding the husband’s insensitivity .
✔️She must be submissive
✔️Most importantly she must allow Jesus to lord over her home.
Because where Christ dwells divorce is not an option.

Bear in mind that the partner you want to discard (put away) others like to grab.

May our marriage be a blessing and example for others to emulate in Jesus name, amen.

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