This chapter of CONTRACT DEAL is about Tobi getting SHOLARSHIP into the UNIVERSITY and had to face a lot of discrimination from his fellow students and LECTURER.

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Chapter 5

Uncle Friday’s house is a very small room house. His wife, Mrs. Judith was standing In the middle of the house with a dejected face. Because Tobi’s presence in her house was a nuisance to her. ‘My husband, we can’t keep on living like this. Something will have to change. ‘she complained.

What is it my dear?  She had her hands at akimbo and one of her legs shaking.

We can’t keep on living like this. We are living in a refugee camp. What do you mean, Mr. Friday asked, did you marry me from my parents to kill me cooking foods for your people? Every day I prepare food the size of a party meal. How many stomachs am I feeding? Yours, mine, our four kids’ and now, Tobi. I did not leave my family to cook for seven people every day.’

This is about my nephew, Friday right? ‘Yes send him back to his parents. I can’t Friday reply. Why not? He is not your burden. As long as he is my brother’s son, he is my burden. Where is this coming from? It is coming from nowhere. Look around, we don’t have enough space in our house to host seven people every day.

Let Tobi go back to the village and help his father on his farm, what is he doing in Lagos and are you not the one that said he missed work for three days now? I made a request to invite my younger brother over but you declined my request then you went ahead to bring your nephew. So this is about your brother? C’mon when are you moving from that?

The day you will send Tobi back to his home. You no longer listen to me, you have become misogyny. I did not marry you in this nature you used to listen to me so it is either you send him back or I leave this house and go back to my parents because I invited my nephew around?

Tobi had been standing outside the door. He had been listening to their conversation. Things were getting out of hand his aunty was threatening to leave his uncle because of him. He knocked on the door to alert them that he want to enter the room his uncle opened the door for him. Good morning, Tobi greeted but his uncle wife refused to answer. She never liked any of her husband’s relatives, especially those who came visiting their home.

Can I change my clothes? Tobi requested.

Sure, your uncle and I were just leaving.’ Mrs Judith lied. Once outside the house, she picked her talk again. Uncle Friday hate fighting with his wife because it never ends. I can’t imagine I have to get out of my house morning to allow someone change his clothes in the house every morning. Surely, this has to stop. I want to go back to sleeping until ten like the old days. Since, tobi came; I am forced to wake up very early to allow him to change his clothes in the house.’ I am not comfortable in my own house.

‘Okay I will rent a room for tobi around’ Friday said

What? We don’t have enough for ourselves and you are thinking of wasting little that you make with a village boy. ‘It is my money and not yours’.

   Tobi packed all his things and informed his uncle and the wife that he is leaving, since the university that gave him scholarship also gave him an accommodation. Mrs. Judith was very happy about that but Uncle Friday tried to make Tobi to understand this is Lagos but he was determined to leave and promised to visit often, they hugged each other and he left.

Mr. Gbenga had gone through the institution rules that prohibited romantic relationships or sexual contact between students and lecturers. Rules can be bent, he had told himself. He never stopped thinking about Rhoda since the day he met her. He spent the whole night thinking how he would get to her, get her closer to himself.

The next day.

He lectured while walking across the podium. He walked towards a board standing on the wall to demonstrate to students what he is teaching in Economics.

While, he was lecturing, Tobi was on a run of his life, as always running late to class because the rich kids wouldn’t stop littering around the restroom and it was his duty to make sure the place was clean before lecture time.

He wished the lecture was late, but he wasn’t. He stood on the door while Prof. Gbenga explained the meaning of economics while facing the board. Tobi sneaked down and started frog marching silently towards an empty sit that Rhoda kept for him;

Rhoda told who wanted to occupy it that it was reserved. She had Tobi in her head. From time to time, she cast her head towards the door to check if he was coming. When she cast it again, she saw him. She smiled, she asked him to sneak into the classroom and occupy the seat before the lecturer turned his back.

He frog matched slowly while the lecturer faced the board. As she kept on encouraging him to keep on walking, his phone rang. Mr Gbenga turned sharply. Whose phone is that? He thundered into the microphone. Tobi stood up from his hiding place. He was intimidated by him. Again seriously? I am sorry sir’ Tobi apologized while switching off his phone. He forgot earlier to switch off his phone.

First of all, you are late; secondly, you are sneaking into my class, thirdly, your phone rings again. What is it that you want? This is not a village school. Young man, I am forced to take action to show you that this is not your parents toilet that you can walk into anytime and do whatever you like. Get out of my class and come back when you are ready to learn. Next time you run late to my class, remain in whatever hoe you will be.’

Tobi walked out of the class. He wandered outside the lecture hall. He can‘t cope in that university. Everything seems hard for him. Rhoda walked out of the class too and followed Tobi. She wandered around the school until she located him. She walked slowly and sat on far end of the bench Tobi was sitting without saying anything. She just sat there and waited for him to say a word.

You are supposed to be in classTobi said ‘I am not. You are not. We are not’ Rhoda replied. Your father pays a lot of money for you to attend the classes.

Mr Gbenga was so mean. Sorry, he said those things to you. I feel out of place. It is hard for me. I am trying to blend in but I can’t. All I want is to study.

Rhoda moved closer to Tobi . When I was in U.S.A I was being discriminated because I was black and different from the white. Even in school both students and teachers hate me just like that I was placed on back sit despite my short height. Visit; www.faithypearls for more stories. But all I wanted was just to study so I ignored all of them. I have passed through this state before I know how you feel please don’t give up she lifted her face and stared at him.

Why are you telling me all this? I want you to know you can belong anywhere. All you need is one person to make you feel wanted. It is clear, Rhoda that I don’t belong here.

Don’t say that, I find you to be a very good person, humble and hardworking. Don’t let other people’s opinions define you 

I am not high born like you. I think I was stupid to think that I could fit in. I should have stayed in my place. ‘Where is your place’? Rhoda asked. A laborer I don’t know who gave me the stupid dream of schooling. I appreciate your effort to make me feel better, but how long can it last? How long will it take before the lecturer rips into me before others call me a village boy?

Let them call you whatever they like but you just be focused and remember all you wished to achieve so forget about others.




Henny asked Rhoda why she left the class immediately, the lecturer sent Tobi out?

I went to the washroom’ guess your stomach was running a marathon race to have kept you in the washroom for the better part of the lesson. Henny joked. It is not funny. You are falling in love with that boy? Can we please talk about something else? Rhoda requested.

Okay, Mr Gbenga keeps on staring at you in class. I don’t understand him. He asked me to meet him in his office because I walked out of the class without his permission. Are we in elementary school to seek permission from the lecturers before walking out of class? Like, “excuse me, sir, may I go out?

It is his class with his rules. Other lecturers don’t subject us to such rules or maybe he had other reasons why he asked you to come to his office.

Like? What reasons could that be? It is obvious the lecturer is interested in you. I wish I was the one getting that attention, henny said.

I am going to his office only because I respect him. ‘We are all adults also he looks young and a bachelor with a lot of money’ henny replied. Can we talk about anything else apart from tobi and the lecturer? They talked about some random stuffs before Rhoda head to see Mr Gbenga.

She composed herself before knocking on his door. He was playing Zuma game on his system when he heard knock. He walked to the door and invited her to have a seat. I prefer standing, sir Rhoda declined.

Why? Kindly have a seat. It is bad manners in our African culture to let a visitor stand with chairs in the house.

Kindly, have a seat.
Rhoda sat on the seat.

His eyes hardly left Rhoda face. He loved her, no secret about it. His lewd eyes made her feel uncomfortable. Mr Gbenga, you asked me to see you. She reminded him.

Ohh, yea, but could you please refer to me by my names without the Mr? I prefer it that way, sir.

I see. It is a shame. I would never want a beautiful girl like you to call me sir. Well, Rhoda, I love your name. Thanks sir. I am sorry I left your class before time. I was pressed. It is okay Rhoda. Can I take you out for lunch so we can talk?

I am sorry, sir. I already had lunch with my friends.

I can make a call right now for a reservation from a hotel of your choice, please.’

I am sorry sir. Rhoda refused, all she wanted was just to leave his office. Okay can I have your number, please?

I’m also on the class whatsapp group you created, any information I need I can get it there so no need of giving you my number. Yes I mean, ehh..eehhh. Mr Gbenga stammered. He hates someone refusing him with all the certificates and money he had so he bent on getting her soon and she will be dancing to his tone. Rhoda walked out of his office he hates his attitudes and the way he was looking lost at her.

CHAPTER 7 and 8

Tobi was a good player of football. That was one of the reasons he got scholarship into the school.

Today was his first match he got early to the field and practiced before others showed up. The coach came and saw tobi. He saw him played for a particular school competition at the big stadium years back.

The coach asked him the school he had been playing for back in secondary school. When he mentioned that he attended “epala modu grammar school but he played for another school.

Others were already at the field but one of the wealthiest and a good player Kayode came late, the coach talked to him why he came late while the new boy that doesn’t even know the rules is already at the field. He apologized but felt angry why the coach was praising tobi as a good player because he watched him played before and a lot of other encouragement.

Kayode knows no one comes to his way and go Scott free. When some young boys that got a scholarship a time ago in the school before Tobi arrived, the coach was always praising them.  Kayode and his friends set them up with hard drugs inside their bags and they were sent out of school. The coach knew it was a set up but nothing much could he do.

During the practice, Kayode and Tobi were on the same team but Kayode was still looking for a way to hurt him. He later succeeded by knocking him down. Tobi groans in pain he could not move his body due to the pain, he wondered why Kayode would knock him down just like that. On the other side, Rhoda that had been watching the match wonder why Kayode knocked Tobi down, she felt annoyed towards him immediately because back in U.S.A she had been playing football so she knows how it goes.

The coach ran to Tobi. Are you okay, tobi? The coach asked him. Yea I’m fine. Thanks. He said. Kayode you are professional player. Do you understand that such a tackle is not just illegal in the game but dangerous to someone’s health and life? He nodded his head. He didn’t care. In his mind, he wanted to proved to Tobi that he was not strong like him.

I understand, but coach this boy is a weakling. If such a minor tackle can take him out, what happens when he plays professionally where opponents are rougher?

We are training do you understand that? Opponents are not inhuman. More so, he has not been training since he left his former school. He needs time to be physically fit again. The coach was very angry. Were it that the tackle was made by another player? The coach would have suspended him from the team for risking a teammate’s life. But because he was director’s son, the coach could not do anything than just give him verbal bashing.

Tobi stood up finally after spending five minutes on the ground. Are okay to continue with the training? I wouldn’t be shocked if he walks away. I am okay Tobi said. He stared directly into the eyes of Kayode. The two stared at each other antagonistically like they were about to eat each other out. Maybe the battle lines had been drawn and there was no going back. Kayode was still playing rough with Tobi and did not give up. He always does whatever he liked since he knew he won’t be punished as the director’s son.

That guy is very funny. Henry noted. You find what he is doing funny? Rhoda asked.

Tobi was still on probation. The director told him he would receive the scholarship fully depending on his discipline and his class and pitch performances. He was already having trouble in class with Mr Gbenga and on the football game with Kayode. He pulled fights and physical confrontations from his to-do-list as much as he loved them while growing up. It was his love for fights and physical confrontations that made his high school teacher advise him to try playing games. Kayode excused himself to use the toilet and everyone heard to wait till he comes back on his way out he kept on staring at Rhoda.

Ohh my God, he is looking at us, Henny cried. That boy is much undisciplined. Why will others stop playing because of him he is always walking while the rest are running?

He is the school team captain, privileges 

As a captain, he should be leading by example. He should have been the first one on the rallying and pushing others. I would not want to have a captain who drags others behind and kills their energy. I don’t know what criteria they used to name him the school captain?

In the primary school, you became a class prefect or monitor by the virtue of being the son or daughter of a teacher in that school. Same criteria. You don’t expect anyone else to captain the team with the director’s son. He is hot oh! Henny screamed.

After training, tobi went and picked his bag were he kept it but could not find it. After searching for long he decided to give up when Rhoda came around.

Looking for something? She said, flashing the bag in the air. I was scared. I thought someone had stolen it.

I kept it for you.

No need for that

Come on tobi, it wasn’t but I kept it for you in case, just say thank you

Thanks. Tobi said while picking the bag from her. Henny was on the other side talking with the rude boy Kayode. Sorry about what happened on the pitch’. Rhoda said

I am okay. You shouldn’t be apologizing. It was not your doing.

‘He is rude’

‘It is part of the game

‘A football game is not played that way especially with your team mate’. ‘How do you know football Tobi asked keenly.

‘Let us just say that it is a long story and I would love to share it with you if you have time.’

Tobi was already in love with Rhoda just as she is too but he doesn’t want any issues rather he should face what he is in the school for. Rhoda is from a rich home while he is from the other way round the difference is very clear. He can’t just avoid to date the most pretty girl school but he knows a lot of price in school he would have to pay for that which he is not ready than just to concentrate.

‘Can we talk’ Rhoda asked;

‘No I have to rushed home before everywhere is locked’

‘Do you stay in a quarantined place? Rhoda asked.

No. I stay in the slums. It is dangerous to walk around the slums past eight. I should be going.’

Let me ride you in my car.

I prefer walking. It helps me to gain and maintain my body fitness.’

‘Your friends drive home from training yet they are fit.’

That is why I have to work extra hard to be fitter like them. Walking will help me achieve that.’ ‘Hmmm’ Rhoda was getting annoyed. She wanted to confess to Tobi how much she loved him but she can’t because guys were to make the first move and she is not ready to break rules.

While Rhoda and Tobi were embroiled in their emotional heart to heart exchanges, Henny thought he had final found what she was looking for, the attention of Kayode not knowing he wanted to use her to get Rhoda to herself. You are a friend to that foreign girl? Yes we are best friends. I have known her since we were babies she lied.

Ohh. Nice. Because I want you to help me to get her. Disappointed was the word. Henny was disappointed. She could do anything to just have him even if to have sex with him but now he is not even interested in her.

Tobi and Rhoda were walking from the stands towards the parking place. Tobi had turned down the offer from Rhoda to take a ride in her car, and nothing was going to change his mind. Whenever he says anything he always stands by it.

Hey, lazy boy, how are you feeling right now? Kayode made a jib towards Tobi. Unexpectedly, Rhoda made angry walked towards him and stood up to him. She was so damn angry, she felt like slapping him.

You do that to him again, I swear, you won’t like it. She threatened him, in front of everyone. No one had ever talked to Kayode like that ever. ‘Calm down madam it is just a game’.

I am not a fool if you do that again, you will have me to deal with you hear me brut? Don’t bully me again.’she warned him then walked away towards her car angrily.

Everyone including Tobi was surprised. Tobi was now confused on what to do. That means she really loves me or should I follow him and calmed her down by riding with her

Should Tobi ride with her or not?

Story continues