Episode one

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The weather is clement and mild, the cool breeze of the evening blew mildly. The flowers danced gently, the trees moved from right to left. Birds sang and flew in excitement of the weather. People were seen seated in twos, boys and girls alike while others walked about the campus premises. Some were seen reading, some gisting and others in a love mood…..

Mark sat in company of two of his friends Tom and Alex as they discussed and admired ladies that walked about the campus. They were known for their notorious activities on campus. They are in the habit of sleeping with ladies at the same time. Though most ladies give in to it, but some they sleep with by force. You can call it rape if you like, but to them, it was threesome……..

While they discussed and admired ladies walking around the campus, a dark, pretty, curvy, well hipped and well breasted lady walked pass them. She is a beauty to behold. Her ass danced northward and eastward as she walked. She has it all. The backside, the boobs and hips. Above all, to crown it all, she is facially beautiful. A complete woman you may want to say……

“O boy eehhh, una see wetin I just see now?” Mark said in amazement…..

“I think she is a jambite (New Student), because I’ve not seen such a beauty in this university in my three years here”. Added Tom…..

“She must go into our history books, we can’t allow this one pass us by. She has to be counted in the number”. Alex said…..

They followed her down to know what hostel she would enter. Alas, it was one of the most popular female hostels on campus. Investigations were made concerning her, and they were told she’s a new student on campus. But she hardly mingles or associate with people.

She was feared by other room mates and block mates, because she appeared demonic. She would wake up most nights and sit outside the hostel alone looking into the sky with her both hands raised. She looked possessed…..

Whenever it is raining any night, she would come out in the rain and sit until it stops raining. Most of her room mates have left the room for another room. She does her things differently from the way others do. But one good thing about her is that she doesn’t fail to attend any of her lecturers. She was always on time for lecturers….

It was a wet morning the next day, it had rained all night. Mark and his friends, despite all they were told about her insisted they must have their way in her.

By 6am, they were at her hostel gate waiting for her to come out, because they were told she would be having 7am lecture.

There she walked out elegantly, dressed in a jean trouser that brought out her well figured shape and a spaghetti hand top that showed very visibly the shape of her well sized boobs.

She made her way towards the path that leads to her lecture hall as the three friends followed her.

“Hi, most beautiful lady on campus”. Tom rained praises on her. She said no word to him and kept waking….

“Please, can you spare me few minutes of your time”. He said once again, and yet again, no word from her…..

“No be you I dey talk to? Wetin you dey feel like sef? Abi you never hear about the three musketeers on campus? No form level oooo, because we go do you wetin we do others wey form like you”.

Yet again, she uttered no word, but a smile as she turned towards him and kept walking….

“Let her go, we go arrange her. Her own na small matter. Make she go ask questions oooo” Mark said angrily…..

In all they said, she just kept walking, paying no attention to their threats or whatever it was they said. She looked so gentle, but mean…..

“We must chop this yansh, this one no go pass us by”. Alex added…….

She got to her lecture hall, turned around and gave them a stern look as she made her way to her lecture hall…..

The three musketeers, turned back and made their way back to their hostel…….


Episoe Two

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She got to her *lecture hall, turned around and gave them a stern look as she made her way to her lecture hall…..

  • The three musketeers, turned back and made their way back to their hostel…….

They kept following her where she went on campus. She was barely seen in company of anyone or group of people, she was always alone.

The most isolated place on campus, where people dare not go at a particular time of a day was where she often go to read at night.

Two months gone, yet the Three Musketeers kept troubling her life, by sending her threat messages or follow whenever she was going for lectures.

Mark was on his way for lecture one morning when he ran into her room mate.

“Morning Linda” Mark greeted… “Please, I’d like you to tell me more about your room mate, I don’t even know her name”.

“I’ve told your friend Tom that you guys should forget about that girl. She is evil, I stay with her, it is my prayers that’s been keeping me. If you see what she does, you won’t wanna have anything to do with her”. Linda told Mark….

“Does she have two heads? She is like every other lady on campus. We have seen worst people than she thinks she is, even mummy water herself, we have threesomed. Abegi, tell her make she park well, we have made our plans and arrangements. Very soon, we will chop her as well. Abeg, wetin be her name? He asked finally….

“Lucifiana” Linda told him…..

“Lucifia gini? Hmmmmmm, if you think you can use the name to scare us, you are joking. Because whether she is a direct daughter of Lucifer himself, we just chop her”. Mark said bragging….

“I’m only warning you guys to be careful. There are a thousand and one ladies on campus, more pretty than she is. She’s not ordinary, do not say I didn’t warn you guys”. She told him and made her way to lecture….

Mark told her as she walked away “We have made up our minds, no be for this campus? Who doesn’t know the Three Musketeers, abi she wan tell me say she never hear? Make she just get ready….

(Three Musketeers’ Hostel)….

They were in their hostel later that evening talking as Mark told about what Linda had told them earlier that day…

“I ran into her room mate Linda this morning and guess what she said her name is?”. Mark asked….

“Her name no go pass Jeniffer na or Anabel. Na so them they behave”….. Tom said.

“That’s true, or even Mirabel, because that other babe wey we do, na so she too dey behave”. Alex added…

“Far from it guys, her name is Lucifiana”…. Said Mark as the others bursted into laughter….

“Abeg see name, is she the daughter of Lucifer, abeg make we hear something. She just said that to scare us away” Tom told them…..

Mark added “I don’t think so, she was serious about it. That’s her name”..

“To me, that name is lovely, I like it. The name is not common, and it sounds unique. The name don make me like her the more sef”. Alex said as he continued with what he was doing…..

“We have to hasten our plans guys, I don’t know why it is taking us this long to fire that Lucifer babe, she really needs to go into our history books”….Mark was affirmative while making the statement….

They continued following her everywhere she went to on campus. On this very day, Mark and his friends had gone out differently, they went on different mission. But it happened that she decided to give them a listening ear and she visited them same time.

She was with Mark, Tom and Alex at the same time. It was when they got home that they excitedly told each other about it.

“Guys, you won’t believe what happened today, while I was coming out from Coca Cola joint, guess who called me?” Tom asked in excitement..

Alex chipped in “Whoever, I couldn’t believe it when Lucifiana called me and said she has decided to listen to us. That I should tell her what we want from her”.

“Lucifia what, a lady that walked up to me in the student’s canteen and asked if I don’t want her again. This was around 5pm when I went to eat because I was so hungry”. Was Mark’s assertion…

“That was the exact time I was with her, I was even surprised how she got to know my name. But I took it to be as a result of our popularity on campus”. Tom added….

“Everyone don dey claim now, because I said she was with me. How can she be with all of us differently at the same time, she be witch? Anyway, she don agree to give us, she say make we arrange in two weeks time. Say she go open for us” Said Alex….

“Why she no go open? She go don hear about us na, and have decided to give in. I thought she is claiming hard to get?” Mark said smiling….

That was the beginning of their DOOM..


Episode Three


“Why she no go open? She go don hear about us na, and have decided to give in. I thought she is claiming hard to get?” Mark said smiling….

That was the beginning of their DOOM..

One week gone, and they kept counting down on the two weeks given to them by Lucifiana.

But in all these period, she was not seen anywhere around the campus, neither did she attend lecturers. Unlike her, who doesn’t fail to attend a lecture….

Mark, Tom and Alex went to her hostel severally but were told she’s not been seen over a week now and that she didn’t tell anyone her whereabouts.

“I wonder why this lady will just vanish into the tin air. She should not play with us ooo. She better come and let’s do this thing once and for all so that everybody will rest”. Mark said wearing a tight face…

Tom looking worried “I’ve seen this lady severally in my dreams, where I was making love to her. And each time we made love in the dream, I feel it as though it was real. I’ve seen her severally open our room door at night and walk telling me to make love to her. It often look real, but I see it as a dream”

“Same with me” Said Alex….

“She’s appeared to me one afternoon when you guys went for lecture. But it was like a dream to me, because the door was locked and there was no way she would have entered except I opened the door for her. We made love, and the next thing I saw was myself waking up from sleep. She had disappeared, but I was confused”.

“Guys, make una forget that thing abeg. All those things were just your imaginations, you guys have been thinking how it will be to make love to her. So you have been dreaming about her, make una take am easy oooo”. Mark told them…..

“I think there’s something diabolic about that lady, but whatever it is, I go tell her say even mummy water herself we dey fuck her”. Tom added…..

“Diabolic my ass, make she just go come back first, Infact the bulala (stroke) wey she go receive go hot for her. For disappearing for over a week, she will be “BRUTALLY SEXED”. Said Alex…..

But Linda, Lucifiana’s friend had once again warned them to forget about her. That what she had seen the few days before her disappearance confirmed she is from the marine world….

“I have noticed her talking to herself most midnights when she thought I was deeply asleep. You could hear her saying “mother, I am ready for the mission”. As though she was responding to a conversation”. Linda told them one of the days they went there….

But all warnings from her fell on deaf ears…..

“If Na this one go kill us, make she kill us. We die here…. That yansh must not go unattended to, we go chop. Na lecturers she wan give her bakassi? Abegi Linda, all this your sermon no go work. We have made up our minds”. Mark told Linda…

“I wish you guys luck, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. You may have done it right others and go Scott free, this one might not be so. How I wish you guys will listen to my advise”.

While she was still talking, they left her and walked away……

It was a cloudy Friday evening, it was about to rain. Students were seen making haste back to their hostels. There was thunder and lightening, it was as though it would rain cats and dogs….

The Three Musketeers were in their room still discussing about Lucifiana when a knock came at their door. Alex went to get the door but found no one knocking…

About ten minutes later, the knock came again same way it did the first time. Tom went this to get the door, yet found no one……

“E be like say all these guys for this block don start this their rubbish again? Why dem go dey knock for people door dey run? If I catch that person”…. Mark said as he stood close to the door….

About twenty minutes after, the knock came again same way and pattern it did the first two times. But Mark was already by the door and he quickly opened it. It was Lucifiana, who stood still gazing at him…..

“My oh my…. What an angel, please come in beautiful one”. He (Mark) gladly usherd her to their room…

Tom and Alex stood up to welcome her….

Please you can skip this story if you are not strong enough to control your sexual edges.

Episoe Four (18+)

“My oh my…. What an angel, please come in beautiful one”. He (Mark) gladly usherd her to their room…

Tom and Alex stood up to welcome her….

She came in, sat on the bed as the Three Musketeers were all showing great excitement.

“What can we offer you?” Tom Asked…

“Blood”. She replied smiling….

“Be serious joor, which kind blood? You be vampire?” Added Alex..

“Maybe I am”. She added once again…..

“Oya na, we go give you blood. Hope you are ready for us?” Asked Mark….

“I am ready to give you whatever it is you want. But the question should be the other way round. Are you guys ready for the outcome?”. She asked wearing a beautiful smile on her face…..

“Nothing we never see for this campus, go ask questions. Na we dey run things here. Even lecturers know. If you are ready, we are ever ready. The question is can you handle the three of us?”… Queried Mark……

Tom chipped in… “Yes oooo, you no suppose ask us da kind question, even Linda your room mate suppose don yern you about us na. No worry, we will be calm with you only if you cooperate very well”.

“Now, the question again for you guys is, can the three of you handle me? I don’t get satisfied easily. I require men that are men to handle me and it’s going to last all night. No one begs to stop, because there will be no stopping, we will fuck all through the night”.

Lucifiana told them as they all bursted into laughter…..

“This babe just dey very funny, see talk abeg. We, beg you? Something that we have been looking for over four months now? Girl, I like your type sha, you will be so good in bed I can’t wait for the action to begin. You have given us a very big challenge”. Alex told her laughing….

“Just tell us what to offer you, it is raining heavily, but I wouldn’t mind drenching in the rain. So long as I get you what you need to get the strength to handle us”.

“You guys have what I want, don’t worry I will take the blood I need from you guys”

“She’s still talking about blood, you are right sha, our sperm will be blood for you”. Alex replied her…..

It was raining very heavily outside, everywhere was dark. But the University generating set supplied lights to the hostels on campus…..

Lucifiana asked if they were ready for action as they all echoed yes in affirmation…

She then told them to once again think about the action they were about taking, that it may not go down well with them at the end…

They all laughed at her insisting she was only trying to scare them away from having their way…..

“My name is Lucifiana, my kingdom is not of the kingdoms you know. What you are about to do will be harmful to you, except I willingly give in for it. Don’t force me into doing it”. She once again warned..

“We already know your name, we told you that whatever we need we get. But it was you who told us two weeks ago that you will give us, it was you that made the promise and still brought yourself to our room, which shows you are ready for us. Abeg remove your clothes, no make us turn this into force”. Tom threatened…

“Allow me to decide myself, I came here as a result of your persisted troubles to have me and I equally came to warn you not to do it, it won’t be funny”. She warned once again…

She stood up, made her way towards the door to leave, the Three Musketeers pulled her back, pushed her to the bed, forcefully took off her clothes and…

Episoe Five

She stood up, made her way towards the door to leave, the Three Musketeers pulled her back, pushed her to the bed, forcefully took off her clothes and..

They were struggling who to go first, Mark insisted he would be the one to first climb the mountain. Tom and Alex all struggled to be on her first. She was calm, looking at them as they struggled.

Finally, they agreed that Mark go first. But she must be busy with the other two. She once again sounded a note of warning to them not to go ahead. But it as though her plea this time got them aggravated.

“You think say you go just carry yourself come our room without us tasting this honeypot of yours? Not on this campus now, you don come be say you don come. Abeg make una help me spread her legs apart”.

Mark ordered his friends as he forced *his dick into her pussy. Tom and Alex held unto her *both legs and spread them wide open. Mark* was having a good time on top of her, as she was only smiling with her eyes closed…..

  • Mark came down after some minutes and asked her to be on top of him while Tom goes through her anus. She complied, she was on Mark, Tom penetrated her anus as Alex inserted his dick in her mouth.

The Three Musketeers “BRUTALLY SEXED” Lucifiana as she continued smiling and tears dripping down her cheeks at the same time…

After about 45 minutes, they were all exhausted because they have all released. They laid on the bed gasping for breath, then Lucifiana as them to continue….

“You guys will have to continue, because I am yet to get orgasm and I must reach it”. She told them……

“Orga wetin? Even if we must continue, let us have some rest. You wan kill person?”…. Quried Alex….

“There will be no rest for you guys, I warned you but you wouldn’t listen. Now get back to work the three of you”. She ordered with an authoritative tone…..

“Abeg park well, who you dey threaten or give orders? We be like those small boys to you?”. Replied Tom….

“You must get back to work right now because I am really thirsty for blood. Do it or I will do it myself and that will be very dangerous for you guys”….

Her threat meant nothing to them, Mark made for the door to get some fresh air outside. But she pointed one of her fingers towards the door and it jammed beyond opening. Mark tried hard to force the door open but couldn’t.

He called on his friends to give him a helping hand, yet the three of them couldn’t open the door.

Once again, she ordered them to get back to work. This time, they became very afraid because they saw fire in her eyes as she spoke to them. She stood up from the bed, and became three persons. They saw three Lucifianas as she walked to each of them and asked them to continue fucking her.

They all were with a different Lucifiana at the same time making love and crying at the same. They couldn’t stop because at that moment she was totally in control of them….

“I warned you guys, I begged you to let go and allow me do it when I am ready for it. You would have enjoyed it more from me and even get some luck to yourselves. Now you went against my wish, did it your own way and you expect me to let go? This is the end of the road for you guys, I told you that I belong not to the kingdom you know”.

They were begging her to forgive them that they won’t dare do it to her again or any other lady on campus. But their pleas all fell on deaf ears as she insisted they continue…

While they made love to her, she was draining their blood as they were dying slowly. The love making lasted several hours, yet she refused to let go and insisted they continue despite all they pleaded with her. At a point, she used her eyes to turn off the light in the room and ordered them to go harder on her…

Story Continues👇👇