These are the 4 real Relationship goals will put couples on a right track on what to do when expecting a strong or long lasting relationship.
Cutest relationship goals are how you want your relationship to work out.
Everyone in a good freaky RELATIONSHIP want it to work out as they want but never forget you have a lot to sacrifice too.
You don’t want a long lasting MARRIAGE if you still stay in your parents house with your wife. As a woman when you are also after material things you are not also ready to start a good relationship. Remember gone are those days when someone you have FEELINGS for asked you out and you decided to stay months or years to show that you are not cheap. If someone says I LOVE YOU reply immediately, if you feel the same that those not make you cheap.
Best Relationship goals you must go through and understand better with the story of my life.

real relationships goals for couples
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1. Don’t leave with your parents when you are married.

Before saying I do to your partner as a man make arrangement for your new family instead of getting married and still stay with your parents.  You and your new wife are mature you don’t need babysitting. Remember you are married to her not your parents.

2. Don’t love someone or marry someone because of  material things.

When you marrysomeone because of material things, it has repercussions and nemesis.

Is there anything that have beginning that don’t have ending, what will happen if the man you marry because of material things lost all? My dear marry  for love not for money, immediately you put what you are to gain  in a relationship instead of what you have to offer, you start involving yourself in wrong things that will cost you harm than good.

3. Don’t force yourself on someone when you know the person doesn’t like you.

If you thoroughly want a healthy relationship don’t force yourself on anyone. God created love it’s free not to be force.

Truth is bitter but take it, if the guy/girl you are in a relationship with desired not to be interested please stay away is not a do or die affaire. If not you will only hurt yourself or do something that you will regret lately. Forget about your EX-BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND immediately you are in a new relationship move on and don’t cause havoc to others.

4. If someone says I LOVE YOU reply same because it takes two to tango.

Yes! If someone says I love you reply same, if you truly love the person no need for pretends

Gone are those days when you spend time to think or shyness you can’t reciprocate your feelings. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying spending time to think about your partner to be before replying but why wasting your time when you already grow feelings for him/her.

Remember that time you are wasting, someone else is waiting to grip the opportunity, go for what you want.



I was born in a home that my mother alone have to take care of me I was surprised not having a father or other relatives apart from my mother’s friend. I could not even attend school in the village with other kids at my young age I love studying and always wish to be on uniform like other kids.

 One day, I had to question my mother what happen to my father and she explained

‘’Adesewa my daughter, your grandmother and her friend sent me out of your father’s house when it was almost due to give birth to you’’.

Leave my son alone; just get out of my son’s life with your unwanted pregnancy. Rotimi mother-in-law shouted out her. 

“Mother, how can you tell me to get out of your son’s life when I’m pregnant of his baby, don’t you have any human feelings? Rotimi cried

Who cares, I’m bringing my friend daughter as my son new wife so just pack your things and leave this house she shouted.

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