⚔️ The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 21✓


“Anne” I gasped and quickly bolted the door.
“Hey” She smiled.

I sighed and walked towards her on the bed.
“I never knew you’ll come this early” I said glancing at the paper bag beside her.
“Yeah,boss said to come meet you now” She said.
“Okay,so how are you and everyone?” I asked, dragging the stool beside the bed before sitting on it.

“We’re all fine, everyone is missing you and guess what?” She said excitedly.
“What?” I asked.
“I had a mission this afternoon and i accomplished it” She smiled.
“Wow..high five girl” I said and we exchanged high-five.
“So how did you manage to do it. I could remember how shivery you were on your first day” I teased and she pouted.

She did it so funnily that i laughed.

“Mia,are you watching a movie again?” Darrel asked, outside my door, startling Anne and i.
“Geez! That guy is a demon” Anne whispered and i don’t know why i almost defended him.
“Y..yes Darrel,i don’t feel like sleeping yet” I said.
“You should have come down to join me then” He said.
“I don’t want to disturb you” I said.
“Com’on,stop saying that. You never disturb me Mia. I hope you’ll be joining me from tonight onward” He said and i glanced at Anne.

She was chuckling silently.

“Y..yeah, goodnight” I faked a yawn.
“Okay, goodnight” He said and i heard the door of his room opened and closed.

I sighed and turned back to Anne.
She was still chuckling.
“What?” I asked with a frown.
“How do you cope with him? I bet he asks questions every minute” She said.

“Nah! He’s actually the only person i know that treats his employees like family. He’s a cute and sweet guy” I found myself saying.
“Really?” Anne asked.
“Of course but he’s one hell of a stubborn guy. I wish he’ll let go of my case” I said folding in my lower lip.
“That reminds me, how in the world did you manage to defeat more than ten cops and more than four CIA agents?” She asked curiously.

I smiled. “Well…all thanks to my years of training”
“Your years of training? You’re the supernatural being here if i should say” She said.
“Anne,I’ve been with boss since i was eighteen, before then my elder brother was a great kungfu fighter” I said and tried not to remember my dark memories.
“Really? Your elder brother? You’ve never talked about him” She said..
“He’s dead” I said trying to swallow the lump in my throat.
“Oh..my, I’m so sorry about that” She said.
“It’s fine, i forced a smile.

“So,you managed to defeat them by fighting them all?” She asked.
“Nah! I shot seven of them, i killed about three with my fists and i intentionally spared some people” I said.
“Wow! I want to be like you Mia” She said and i smiled.
“Well…i wish you would be a better version of me” I said.

“So who’s training you now?” I asked.
“Robbie, and i beat him almost every time” She said and i laughed hard,i quickly had to tone it down with fear that Darrel might hear.
“Robbie is a genius only with his laptop”
“Of course, but boss will be training me soon” She grinned.

“Wait,are you crushing on boss?” I asked and her cheeks turned red.
“No” She said but her cheeks didn’t agree with her.
I smiled “You are”
“I’m not!”
“You are!”
“I’m not!”
“Okay,i am” She agreed and i sighed.
“It’s normal right?” She asked.

“It is but i guess you should try to lessen your likeness for him” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
“He would never notice you” I said.
‘He’s homosexual’ I added inwardly.
“Do you like him too?” She asked.
“Of course i like him,he has been so nice to me” I said.
“No,i mean do you have feelings for boss?” She asked.
“Nah!” I said.
“With the years you’ve spent with him?” She asked.
“Yeah, Boss is someone worth falling for but i have never. I don’t know why though” I said.

“Then i’ll also gonna erase my feelings for him then”
“That would be perfect” I said.
“Joel said i should give this to you” She said and brought out a bunch of flowers and a note.
She winked as she gave it to me.
“Smells nice” I smiled as i sniffed the roses.

“Well…I’ll be leaving now” Anne said.
“Ohh and i guess you won’t be coming anytime soon” I said,a bit sadly.
“I guess so, except you need something and boss wants me to bring it to you” She said and stood up.

I stood up too and pulled her into a hug.
“Bye” She waved when we disengaged from the hug .
“Tell Joel,i appreciate his gift” I said.
“I will”
“Bye” I said and watched as she disappeared through the window.

I sat on the bed and opened the bed and opened the note; 💞I never got the chance, 💞To tell you what i have for you is more than a crush. 💞I love you Mia, I've always loved you but the courage to utter it was never there. 💞I want us to be together once you're back. 💞Please don't say no! 💌Joel💌

I sighed softly and rubbed my forehead.

Joel loves me?
Why didn’t he tell me long ago?
I don’t even have any sort of feelings for him. My heart is locked up already.
I can’t love anymore.

He said i shouldn’t say no.

It’s been years Mia, why don’t you give someone a chance.
Someone i don’t love? No!
I don’t want to be in a one sided relationship.
The love i have for Joel is nothing but as friendship love.

I stood up and walked to the drawer,i opened it and hid the letter in it.
I don’t even have a vase to keep the flower.
I walked into the bathroom and got a bowl of water,placed the flower in it and made it stay by my window.

Now to my new ninja outfit…

I picked the paper bag and poured the content on the bed.
The first thing my eyes switched to was my ninja outfit and i nearly screamed in excitement.

It’s exactly the same!!

Come to think of it, a woman invented this.
Women are great!
Yass! We are great.

We gat the most awesome creativity in the world.

I smiled as i saw my new sets of wigs and bullets.

Well…I’ll surely need more bullets starting from tonight..

💥💥Next morning.


“Mia” I knocked on her door.
No response!
I knocked again.
“Mia” I called,about opening her door.
“Am in the kitchen” She called from downstairs.

I left her door and started walking down the stairs.

“Hey.. good morning” I walked into the kitchen.
“Good morning” she smiled.
“What are you fixing for breakfast?” I asked.
“Egg salad sandwich. I think you should give me a list of meals to make for breakfast” She said.
“Why?” I asked.
“I don’t feel comfortable cooking what i like,im just an employee here,i don’t own this house” She said and i smiled.

“Com’on,i don’t own this house either,cook whatever you feel like,I’ll definitely like it. I eat anything” I said.
“Including poo?” She asked sarcastically and we both laughed.

It felt so good.

Her hair swayed in the process and for a moment,i was struck by her beauty.

“You’re beautiful” I found myself saying.
“Huh?” She asked.
“I mean… you’re beautiful” I said and she looked a bit surprised by my compliment.
“T..thanks” She said and turned back to the meal she was making.
“I’ll go shower ” I said and she nodded.

I walked out of kitchen, realizing i don’t know much about Mia.
I shouldn’t pry into her life,she’s a private person.

Well…i better shower quick and have my breakfast.
I need to return to my office…i have so much work to do.


“Can you please help me make coffee and bring it to my office” I said to Mia.

We just finished having breakfast.
“Of course. Lemme go make it now” She said and stood up from the dining chair.
“Thanks” i said,got up and walked to my office.

I sat on my swirled chair and rested my back.
My gaze fell on my table and i noticed how untidy it is.

This was not how i arranged the files and notepads. Why’s my laptop not completely closed.
Did Mia come in here?
Yeah…she said she cleaned it but it’s not looking clean at all.

The door opened and she walked in with my coffee.

“Mia,did you came in here after cleaning it?” I asked.
“Yes,i did. I wanted to tidy it all over again but i got distracted,I’m sorry” She said.
“Ohh..No it’s fine” I said.
“I can quickly tidy it now” She said and dropped my coffee on the table in front of me”
“No,I’ll do it” i said.
“I will”
“Don’t bother, I will” I said.
“I will” She insisted.

“Thanks Mia but I’ll love to arrange it my way” I said.
“Are you sure?”
“Okay,do you need anything else?”
“No thanks, I’ll call you when i do” I said.
“Alright” She said and walked out of my office.

I sipped my coffee slowly..

I should call Katy.


📞Joel,try to understand me.

📞Mia,I’m trying to. I love you so much, please don’t turn me down.

I sighed and adjusted on my bed.

📞I..i Joel,i don’t want to hurt your feelings.

📞Mia,i love you.

📞I..i don..

“Mia” I heard Darrel called from downstairs.

📞Joel,I’ll call you back” I disconnected the call and rushed out of my room.

I saw Darrel standing by the edge of the stairs looking worried.

What went wrong?

I started hurrying down the stairs and i had almost gotten to him when i tripped.
My eyes widened and i held a scream as i started falling.

I saw Darrel trying to catch me but he missed a step and fell hard on his back.
I finally landed with my eyes closed but i noticed it wasn’t as hard as the floor and what’s that hard thing piercing my lap?
I opened my eyes and almost got the shock of life when i realised i was laying on Darrel’s chest.

We stared at each other with our heart beating fast in our chests.
My breathing hitched when i realised that our lips were almost touching.

Oh my God.

I quickly tried to get up but he drew me back making my lips finally touched his.


⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 22✓


I quickly tried to get up but he drew me back making my lips finally touched his.


My eyes widened in shock and none of us moved.
My heart accelerated at an alarming rate and i felt so weak against his chest.
I can’t believe my lips is pressed against Darrel’s who isn’t even moving but staring right into my eyes with his heart beating against my breast.

I couldn’t explain what i was feeling at the moment,I’ve never felt it before.
I know i should pull away but his lips seems so soft.

We remained that way for some minutes before i jolted back to my senses.
I quickly pulled away from him and stood up.
My cheeks went flushed and i turned, resisting the urge to walk away.
My heart was beating fast and loud,the feel of his lips on mine lingered and i can’t deny that i liked it.

“Mia” He called softly and i pressed my lips together tightly before turning.
“I..i” I stuttered.
“I’m sorry” He said,his expression unreadable.
“For what?” I asked, trying to make what just happened look normal but it wasn’t!

It wasn’t!
My lips just touched Darrel’s and i felt sparks.


“Fo..for pulling you back,i actually wanted to prevent you from falling again. I’m sorry” He said and hand-combed his hair.
“It’s fine. I remember you called me. Why?” I asked.
“Can you believe the assassin assassinated another person yesterday” He said.
“Yesterday?” I asked.
“Yeah,in the mid day” He said.

That’s Anne.

“Are you sure she’s the one?” I asked.
“Of course,who else kills like a bitch” He said and i rubbed my palms together.
“It might not be her,it might just be another person” I said.
“She’s the one Mia” He said.
“Can you prove that to me. She’s not a serial killer so why must everyone always tag her whenever someone is found dead” I said and he gave me a kinda suspicious look.
“Why are you defending her?” He asked.


“No.. i’m not. I’m just saying she might not be the only killer in this city,there are more assassins who also kill but then everyone think it’s this same assassin” I said lightly.
“Well,you’re right but it’s the same bullets we keep extracting from the dead bodies, and even now,the bullets of yesterday’s assassination has been sent to the lab and it has been confirmed to be the same bullets” He said.
“Ohh… fine then” I said.

“Were you busy in your room?” He asked.
“Not really..I was on a call”
“With your brother?”
“Yeah” I replied slowly.
“Do you wanna return to the call?” He asked.
“Is there anything you want me to do for you?” I asked.

“No! I wanna stroll down the street,you wanna accompany me?” He asked.
“You’ve be indoors since you resumed” He added.
“Okay then,am i good to go?” I asked.
“Of course and do i need to change my footwear?” He asked and i glanced at it.
“Y..yeah! Wear something less homey” I said.
“Exactly what i was thinking,I’ll be right back” He flashed me a smile before hurrying up the stairs.

I walked to the living room, adjusting my gown and putting my hair back in place.

I heard his footsteps on his stairs and in seconds he was in the living room.
“So, how’s this one?” He asked and i turned to look at his footwear,i noticed he has changed into a black hoodie too.

“Great!” I smiled.
“Okay,let’s go” He dipped his phone in his pocket and we both walked out of the house.
“Is Nath coming with us?” I asked Darrel as he closed the door.
“If he wants to” He said.

We headed to the gate where Nath was seated, deeply buried in whatever he was doing on his phone.

“Hey” Darrel called and he looked up.
“Agent D. Mia,you both going somewhere?” He asked.
“Yeah,we wanna stroll down the street. Wanna come along?” Darrel asked.
“No. I’m quite busy here” He grinned.
“On your phone?” I asked and he nodded.

“Doing what?” Darrel asked.
“Chatting with..”
“Caroline” Darrel completed it and they give each other a knowing smile.
“Who’s Caroline?” I asked.
“My girlfriend” Nath said proudly.
“Wow! Really? You never told me about her” I said.
“I was planning to. I’m sorry” He said.
“No it’s fine” I smiled.

“We’ll head out then” Darrel said.
Nath quickly stood up and unbolted the gate.
“I could have done that myself” Darrel said.
“No,it’s my job” Nath said.

Darrel and i stepped out and i saw Nath winked at me before closing the gate.

I wonder why.

Darrel and i walked side by side in silence and that moment kept replaying in my head.
The moment our lips touched.

“So..i realised i don’t know much about you” Darrel said.
“There’s actually nothing much to know about me” i said.
“I wanna know the little about you” He said.
“I told you already during the interview” I said.
“I wanna know more” He insisted and i sighed.

“Okay. I stay in California with my parents and brother. My father..” my throat tightened but i continued “is a kung fu master”

“Really?” Darrel asked astonished.
I nodded.
“You’re gonna take me to him someday, I’ve always wanted to learn kung fu” He said amusingly and i laughed.
“I bet you’ll run off on your first day of training”
“Really?” He asked.
“I should stay back then” He said with a little fear in his eyes that i laughed.

“Your fighting skill is great” I said.
“Have you seen me fought?” He asked.
“Y..huh? No but i know your fighting skills will be great” I said.
“It’s not very great” He shrugged.
“It’s fine if you still wanna learn kung fu though. I’ll take you to my dad” I teased and he sent a playful glare my way.
I laughed again.

“So…my father is a kung fu master and my brother too” i said trying to hide the sadness in my voice.
“Wow! I bet people are always scared to come close to you” He said.
“Exactly! My brother is overprotective of me,i liked it at first but i got fed up later on. I had no friends and i was always lonely and bored” I said.

“He chases your friends away?”
“No,they run off theirselves whenever they see him” I said and he bursted into laughter, i laughed too.
“My mother is a chef,she owns a small restaurant just beside our house”
“You family stays at California,why did you come to New York?” He asked.
“I attended college in New York and after that,i got a job…that was the beginning of my stay in New York” I said.

“Nice story” he smiled.
“Thanks but i don’t think i know anything about you” I said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah, except for the fact that you’re Darrel Holden,a CIA agent” I said.
“Ohh…okay, I’ll gladly tell you more about myself” He said and then took my hand in his.

It felt good and i couldn’t stop my smile.

I realised we’ve strolled farther than we intended but we kept strolling anyway.
I was enjoying every bit of it.

“I’m the only child of my parents, my mum is late though” He said.
“Ohh…I’m so sorry about that” I said.
“It’s fine, She slipped from the stairs and..” He said.
“So sorry” i said.

“My dad is rated among the wealthiest in California” He said without any pride.
“Wow! Really?”
“Yeah” He smiled.
“Why did you become a CIA agent then? You have riches to last you for a lifetime even without working”

“A lot of people say that but i know my reasons for choosing this line of profession.” He said.
“Your life is at risk and you’re the only one your father have left, shouldn’t you quit” I said.
“I know,but im not quitting” he said.

Then you should accept your death in good fate then…

His hold tightened round my hand like he knew what i was thinking.
I glanced up at him and he gave me a killer smile that almost made me melt.
I quickly faced my feet with flushed cheeks, scolding myself for behaving so stupid.

“You’re not aware of your beauty. Are you?” He asked and my cheeks color deepened.
I didn’t say anything.
“Even ladies that are not as beautiful as you walk with their heads high but you’re just very humble” He said.
“Thanks” I muttered in smiles.

I felt a tiny drop of water on my skin but shrugged it off.
There came another, another, another..it was increasing rapidly.

“It’s drizzling” Darrel said.
“Wow” my smile widened.


“It’s drizzling” I said.
“Wow” She smiled and i found her more amusing.

I couldn’t describe what i felt when our lips touched.
I actually pulled her back intentionally to make her lips touch mine cause i couldn’t resist the heat she built up in me when she fell on my chest.

It was.. incredible.

It took all the strength in me not to kiss her then and I’m glad i didn’t or rather,i regret i didn’t.
I’m mad at myself for pulling her back though.

Why did i do that?

“Rain is starting to pour” Mia said happily jolting me out of my thoughts.

The downpour was starting to get heavy but i was surprised Mia seems happy instead of trying to find shelter.
Her soaked hair stuck to her cheeks and some found abode on her forehead.
I watched drops of water trailed from her face down to her cleavage.
Her dress clung tightly to her body and i swallowed by just looking at her lush figure.

“Let’s board a cab home” I shouted so she could hear me in the heavy rain.
“No, let’s walk home” She said loudly and laughed,she slipped her hand from mine, turned and started running towards the direction of the house.

I stood and watched her.

Why’s she so excited about rain?
I shivered and my teeth clattered,that was when i realised how soaked i was.

“Darrel let’s go home” She shouted from a distance, waving at me.
I smiled and started running to her, I got to her and she grabbed my hand and started dragging me home.

My heart felt more drawn to her and i couldn’t help but smile all along.

⚔️ The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 23✓


“Darrel let’s go home” She shouted from a distance, waving at me.
I smiled and started running to her, I got to her and she grabbed my hand and started dragging me home.

My heart felt more drawn to her and i couldn’t help but smile all along.

We both walked into the house drenched.

“Geez,I’m sorry i made you walk in the rain” I said to her as we moved further into the living room.
“No,it’s fine. I love it,I’ve always loved walking in the rain” She smiled, shifting some curly strands off her forehead.
“It was fun walking with you” i said.
“Same here. Let’s go get out of our wet clothes,then I’ll make hot coffee” She said.

“Okay” I said and shivered.
“Are you cold?” She asked with furrowed brows.
“I’m not” I lied.
I’m not really a fan of rain.
“I’m sorry,we should have taken cab when you said so but i was selfish” She said.
“No..no I’m perfectly fine” I said trying to hold the sneeze that was coming but it was a strong one, i couldn’t hold it.

I sneezed hardly and after seeing the look that crossed Mia’s face,i felt like cutting off my nose.

“Darrel I’m sorry” She held my hand and this time my heart shivered not my body.
The worried look on her face made me smile inwardly.

She cares about me!

“I’m fine Mia” I said.
“No you’re not” she said and i couldn’t hide my surprise when she traced my forehead with her finger.
“OMG I’m so sorry,y..your hair..your plaster is wet already, you’ll need to change it” She said.
“Okay” I said.

“Please,go run a hot bath,I’ll bring your coffee to you” She said and turned, rushing towards the direction of the kitchen in wet clothes.
“Mia” I called and she turned.
“Where are you going to?” I asked.
“The kitchen,you need hot coffee” She said.
“Com’on, you also need one but you can’t go into the kitchen drenched,you know it’s dangerous” I said.

“Okay, I’ll quickly go get out of this dress then” She said and turned to the direction of the stairs.
“Mia,you don’t have to feel sorry” I said.
“I have to. Please go have a hot bath, you’re starting to shiver again” She said.

I nodded and watched her disappeared up the stairs.

She might not allow me want go into the rain with her ever again.
She don’t have to feel sorry,i also enjoyed the moment.

“Darrel, won’t you come have the hot bath” She said loudly.
“I’m coming” I answered, and hurriedly climbed the stairs.

I saw her by the door of her room with her head out.
“You can go in,I’ll go have a bath now” I said to her.
“Please do so,i don’t want you getting sick” She said and i smiled.
“Thanks” I said.

She nodded and got back into her room, shutting the door.

I opened the door of my room and walked in.
I peeled off my hoodie and dropped it in the laundry basket.
I picked my towel and walked into the bathroom.

I’ve always used the shower but i guess I’m gonna try out the tub today.
I hung my towel on the rack and slipped out of my trouser and shorts.
I filled the bathtub with hot soapy water before sliding in.


I put on my robe and tied it lightly.

I warpped my hair in a towel and sponged out the water in it as i made my way back to my room .
I was surprised when i saw the steaming coffee doused with cream, on my bedside stool and i was more surprised to see Mia sitting by the edge of my bed, she has changed already.

I stopped squeezing my hair with the towel when she glanced up and smiled at me.

She stood up and i got a good look at her changed outfit.

Just a yellow t-shirt and black pants,her hair is in the normal ponytail,her face bare of makeup yet she looks so breathtaking.
She stole my breath for some minutes and i would have kept staring if she hadn’t spoken up.

“I’m glad you already had a hot bath. You look more better” She said.
“I hope you ran a hot bath too?” I asked and threw the wet towel in my laundry basket.
“Nah! I ran a cold bath” She said.
“Really? Weren’t you also cold?” I asked.
“I was not, i don’t take hot bath after walking in the rain. I love to feel it on my body over and over again” she grinned and i almost wondered what type of person she is.

She can’t be a spirit.
Can she?

“This is the first time I’ll be hearing that” I adjusted my robe.
“I wish you knew my brother,he sleeps in the rain” She said and i gasped.
“Yeah” She nodded.
I’ve noticed this sad expression that crosses her face whenever she mentions her brother.
She’s probably missing him.

“Our family cherish rain a lot, it’s in our lineage and it was passed down to us” She said.
“My father is from China,my mum is just a normal American”
“Wow!” I exclaimed in amusement.

“Your coffee is getting cold” She said.
“Oh” i said, hiding my disappointment. I wish she could continue.
I sat on the bed and picked my cup of coffee.

“Have you had yours?” I asked and she shook her head.
“Why?” I asked.
“I don’t want to,i’m okay” She said.
“You need hot coffee too ” I said.
“Sincerely, i don’t feel like taking coffee”
“You sure?” I asked.
“We can share this if you’re feeling too lazy to make another one” I said and she laughed and the laughter kinda hit a soft spot in me.

“Making coffee is not very hard. Besides,there’s still a lot of coffee in the kitchen,i just don’t feel like taking coffee” She said.
“Okay” I said and started gulping mine.
“Once you’re done,I’m gonna change your plaster and maybe dress your wound” She said pushing forward the first aid box in her hand.
“Really? I didn’t even noticed you have that in your hand” I said.
“I did” She said and placed it on my bed.

I quickly gulped the remaining coffee.
I’m eager to feel her touch on my forehead again.


“What would you like to have for lunch?” She asked after she was done dressing my wound and massaging my forehead.
It didn’t hurt a bit and i found grinning all through.

“Anything is fine by me” I said.
“Just choose a meal,I’m gonna make it” I said.
“Cook anything” I insisted.
“Pasta?” She asked.
“Fine” I said.

“I’ll be in the kitchen then” She said and started walking to the door.
“Wait” I said and she stopped.
“I’ll join you” I stood up.
“No objection” I added.
“You gat me” She laughed.

“You’ll continue the story of your family” I said.
“As you wish” She smiled and we both walked out of my room.

I couldn’t stop grinning.


That girl is a bitch!!
A complete bitch!!!

How could she ruin my plan!
How could Darrel be such a weakling.
I thought he will capture her!
I still can’t believe she defeated those ugly looking cops.
Are they even worthy to be called cops?

They should have shot her eyes,legs,stomach,head.
They should have just shot her all over but the stupid thing is always putting on bulletproof.

‘well,it won’t be so anymore’ I laughed.
I am the one who got her new bulletproof ninja outfit and i ordered for a cheaper one which means it won’t be able to absorb much bullets.
She’ll probably think it’s as strong as the former one, she’ll allow them shoot at her and then she’ll be a dead meat.

I laughed harder.

“Carla are you okay?” Anne asked outside my door.
“Fuck off! you this freaking little bitch” I said and heard her retreating footsteps.

I hissed and got up from my dressing stool.

I won’t hesitate to message Darrel once there’s another mission for Mia.
He’ll capture her and then I’ll appear,he will have no choice but to fall for my beauty and then we kick it off from there.

We will get married and have kids.

‘How could you be this smart Carla’ I laughed happily and rushed to my laptop to check more of Darrel’s picture.

This guy is strikingly handsome.

🌼🌼A week later🌼🌼

🎫 California…


I chewed on my fries as i waited for Eric to join me.
He’s ordering his lunch .

I miss Darrel.

“Snap out of it!” Eric said jolting me upright.
He placed his tray of lunch on the table before sitting.

“You’re looking worried. Thinking about Darrel again?” He asked and i nodded.
“Com’on Darrel is fine over there” He said.
“He’s not, he just got hurt last week by that nincompoop called assassin” I said feeling like grabbing the so called lady’s neck!

“Darrel gets hurt when he’s here too” Eric said.
“Yeah but i do watch over him, there’s no one to watch over him there” I said worriedly.
“His housekeeper and gatekeeper do watch over him and moreover Darrel is not a kid who needs watching over” He said biting into his burger.

“That housekeeper is still with him?” I asked.
“Yeah and he told me she’s a nice lady” Eric said and stopped chewing his burger to look at me.
“I mean…she acts like any housekeeper will” He said.

“I don’t like her” I said bluntly.
“You’ve only seen her picture and you already took a dislike for her. That’s bad” Eric said.
“Sincerely,I’m not comfortable with her staying with Darrel” I said.

“I know you’re not but everything is gonna end soon and Darrel is gonna come back to California”
“What if that assassin keeps hurting him” I dropped my fork and rested my chin on my palms.
“Getting hurt is better than getting killed. We have to pray for Darrel. He’s not safe over there”

“I don’t want anything happening to him” I said and felt tears building up in my eyes.
If Darrel dies then my whole life is over.
I love him.

“He’ll be fine. We know how strong he is”
“He called me this noon and i almost told him i love him” I said.
“You should tell him already Katy. He needs to know about your feelings for him”
“You think so?”

“Eric” I called.
I need to tell him about my plan..
“Huh?” He asked gulping his milkshake.

“I will go to New York” I said.
“Yeah, you will,once boss says you should join Darrel” He said.
“No,I’m going without boss order and I’ll be leaving soon” I said.
“What!” He exclaimed.
“Katy you can’t” He said.

“I will Eric, soon.” I smiled.

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 24✓


I held my stomach as i laughed heartily to Nath’s joke.
We were seated in the compound after having lunch.
Darrel is busy in his office trying to capture the assassin he can never capture.
It’s been a week and i can say Nath and i had gotten closer.

“You’re so funny you know?” I asked.
He shrugged and then smiled.
“Okay,you said you’re gonna show me Caroline’s pictures” I said and his smile grew wider.

He truly loves her.

He brought out his phone and scrolled through it before handing it to me shyly.

Is that how love feels like?
Does love make a man act like a teen?

I collected his phone and stared at the lady’s picture on the screen.

She’s beautiful with short red hair,blue eyes,tiny nose and perfect lips.
She wore a pretty smile, flashing her perfect dentition.

“Wow! Nath,she’s beautiful” I said.
“Thank you” He grinned.
“So..how did you meet her?” I asked glancing at the picture once again.
“Well…she’s the daughter of Fenmore Walker,one of the wealthiest business man in this City..”
“Really?” I asked in surprise.

Fenmore’s daughter is dating Nath!
Then why’s he a gatekeeper?
They are damn wealthy!

“I know you’re surprised,i don’t deserve her right?” He asked.
“No! You do Nathan,you deserve her. I’m just surprised you’re dating Caroline Walker whom has allegedly turned down a lot of wealthy suitors”
“I worked for her dad for three years and I’ve been in love with Caroline the first day i resumed”
“You were in love with her for three years?” I asked and i shifted on the chair when he nodded.

“I didn’t profess my feelings to cause i don’t want a death wish but it got to a stage where i couldn’t hold it anymore,i confessed my feelings to her and was waiting for a slap to come next and also a sack letter from her dad but…” He paused to smile and then continued “She hugged me and told me how much she likes me too. Mia,she had also been crushing on me since day one”

“Wow!” I exclaimed and found myself smiling.
“We clicked up from there and we kept our relationship secret, my love for her got deeper and she did love me too. I always feel threatened by the suitors that come for her but she will always reassure me that I’m the only one she’ll marry,she turned down countless suitors just because of me” He said proudly and i smiled.

“She always want to tell her dad about us but i always stop her cause her dad obviously wants a wealthy man for his daughter and it wasn’t funny the day he found out…”

“He threw you out?” I asked and he laughed.
“Nah! That would have been better, He made me walk out of the building with nothing and he sent message across most of the companies in this city not to employ me,due to his influence i was denied employment everywhere i applied. Carol tried all she could to make me secure a good job but her dad found out again and made me lose the job. She gave me huge amount of money severally but..”

“You don’t accept it?” I asked and he nodded.
“Yeah, and she’ll get pissed at times. Believe me,i would have built mansions and set up my own business if i had accepted the money Carol offers me”
“Of course,they are freaking wealthy” I said.
“Yeah…So,i came across this job,i applied for it and i was employed” He smiled.

“Woah, you and Carol are still dating right?” I asked.
“Of course and i plan to propose soon” He said.
“Really? “
“But her father is yet to consent to it”
“It doesn’t matter, he’ll get used to it as time goes on. I would never allow anything or anyone destroy my feelings for Carol,i don’t have a family,she’s the only one i have” He said sadly.
“You don’t have a family?” I asked and he nodded.

Me too!

I was about asking him more but it’s obvious he doesn’t want to talk about it.

“Is that how love is?” I asked.
“I think so, once one is truly in love, nothing else matter. I’ve learned not to allow anything affect our relationship. Her dad is just being dramatic,he’s gonna give in soon” He smiled.

“How do you know when you’re in love and how do you feel?” I asked.
“You’ve never been in love?” He asked in surprise and I was embarrassed as i nodded.
“Yeah, most of the guys just wanna get in my pants,I’ve never seen anyone shown genuine love and i don’t love the one who loves me” I said.

“You might be in love,you might not just know” He said.
“Yeah, you’ll feel so drawn to the person and your heart beats so fast when you’re with the person, you’ll always try to avoid eye contact cause it’ll make you blush like a rabbit” He said and i laughed.

“You’ll feel it deep in your heart and know…” Nath continued and I stared on.

I wiped sweat off my forehead and sighed.

“Mia” I heard Darrel’s voice and my heart almost bursted.
I turned and saw him standing by the door, motioning for me to come.
I stood up slowly and started walking to him with our gazes fixed on each other.

It’s been a week now and I’m trying hard not to be too close to Darrel but i feel myself getting more drawn to him every moment.
It’s because he’s been nice to me right?
I will try not to be so close to him cause i will be killing him soon.

“Yes Darrel” I snapped out of my thoughts as i got to him.
“What are you both discussing?” He asked,not smiling.
“Lots of stuff” I said.
“Ohh kay…come in” He said.
“Do you want me to do anything for you?” I asked.
“No…Yes,in my office” He said and walked in.
I walked in behind him and shut the door.

We got to his office and i saw everything was neatly arranged.

‘What else did he need me for?’ i wondered as i watched him sit on his chair.
“Should i make you some coffee?” I asked.
“No, i want you to sit here with me” He said.
“I mean…i want you to help me arrange these files” he pointed to the well arranged files on his desk.

“The files are well arranged” I said almost giving him a ‘are-you-okay-look’ and why did he have to look incredibly cute that i feel like remaining in his office and just stare at him all day.

“Yeah,i want you to help me arrange it alphabetically” He said and brushed his hair with his palm.
“Okay” I said and sat on the chair opposite him.
His laptop kinda blocked us from seeing each other.

There was an awkward silence as i started arranging the files alphabetically.
My breath was faster than normal and i tried to stretch my neck to steal a glance at him only to catch him staring at me.

My cheeks grew hot as i tried to figure that look in his eyes.
His eyes were filled with passion and i wondered why.

He smiled at me making my breath catch in my throat.
I fought not to smile back but it seems impossible as i was starting to smile back at him.

Just like a magic force,we both bursted out laughing…


I returned to my room immediately after dinner to start preparing for my mission tonight.
Usually,we do sit and gist or watch movies after dinner but not tonight.

I gotta prepare.

I walked into my room and bolted the door behind me.
I rushed to the window and peered out. It’s dark already.

I walked into the bathroom and opened the cabinet, i picked the key and walked back to my room.
I was about unlocking the drawer when i think i heard the gate open.
I was forced to go check but had a second thought. Nath might just want to go get something.

I bent and unlocked the drawer..
I brought out my pistol and loaded it with bullets before bringing out the rest of my mission outfit.
I started getting dressed.


I got ready and tucked my pistol in my ninja wear.
This ninja wear is not feeling like my former one.
That one do give me new burst of energy but I’m feeling nothing with this.

I guess it’s because it’s the first time I’m putting it on.
I walked to the window and got ready to connect my rope.


“The mail says 9pm and she isn’t here yet” Luke said.
“Just chill, she’ll be here soon” Edwin said while Steve remained mute,with his pistol sitting on his legs.

We were seated in the car waiting for the assassin to appear.
I got another mail today, giving me the necessary information about the assassin’s mission tonight.

I had to quickly call Luke and Edwin for back up,i don’t know why they brought Steve along with them.
I don’t want to involve more cops for the fear of losing more lives,i should do this alone but the CIA leader ordered me to always ask for backup.

Why did she have to always send messages, informing me of her mission.
Is she that powerful to think she can defeat anyone?
I really need to capture her tonight to tell her otherwise.

I don’t want to return home hurt cause i left the house without informing Mia.
I don’t want her to get hurt.
She might be worried about me all night.
I couldn’t stop my smile as her face kept appearing in my front.

Why so beautiful?

“Is your plan that great to make you smile?” Edwin asked and i almost cursed at myself.
I can’t believe I’m smiling when I’m supposed to be planning on how to capture that daring assassin tonight.

I ignored him and tapped my finger on the steering wheel.
We were parked at the end of the Street , we already got the residents out of the building,we made sure there was no one remaining.
We’ve planned on how to capture her tonight and i can’t wait for us to formalise the plan.

A car suddenly drove past ours and we all cocked our guns, watching closely.
“I don’t think she’s the one,this car is totally different from the one she drove in the last time” Luke said.

The car parked just a house to the main building. Hi omeano on+233544142683 to be read more stories from storybaze, storyline,house of stories room,fresh stories kingdom.
No one came out of the car for some minutes and i was starting to get impatient when the car door opened.
I bit my lips when my heart started beating fast as the assassin stepped out of her car in her normal ninja outfit.

Geez” Steve exclaimed and i could sense the fear in his voice.

“Luke capture the car plate number” I said and he quickly did.

She turned and we quickly bent our heads, peeping.
She surveyed the area swiftly,her gaze rested on our car for a while.

“Oh..Lord” Edwin closed his eyes and i shook my head.

I watched as she started walking to the building.

“Get down guys! Time to formalise our plan!”


I was at the gate of the building when i sensed some movement behind me.
I turned and surprisingly there was no one.

I pushed the gate open and was about stepping in when i heard gunshots.

I knew it!
I turned and pointed my pistol to the direction of the gunshots.
They were hiding and shooting.

This is what pisses me off the most!
They should just come out and face me.
Is Darrel among?

I allowed them waste their bullets on me knowing well it can’t penetrate my ninja outfit.
I stood there,my left arm receiving the bullets.

I was about raising my pistol when i felt a sharp pain in my arm.
Did i hurt my arm before leaving home?
More bullets sped across me landing on the same arm and it was then i realised what was happening.

The bullets are penetrating my ninja outfit!
I couldn’t think for a while as the pain was almost unbearable.
I felt weak almost immediately and tried to raise my hand but couldn’t.

I glanced at my arm and watched blood seeped out of the tiny hole in it.
I groaned in pain and started moving to my car.
More bullets hit me and i fell on my knees before i could get to my car.

I felt paralysed and for the first time in years,i was blinded with unshed tears.

“Your hands up!” I heard the deep voice of Darrel said and in seconds,he was standing in front of me pointing his pistol at my forehead.
I saw Luke, Edwin and Steve surround me too.

“Remove your mask!” Darrel ordered.