Technical Virgin Episodes 32-35

Episode 32(unedited

The hug between Kehinde and Jumoke lasted for some minutes as she clung tightly to him with her eyes closed, but Kehinde quickly came back to his consciousness and loosened the grip. Just when he had loosened himself from the hug, Toyin and another little girl who were doing chase game came running from the room and collided with Jumoke, Toyin almost feel but Jumoke was fast enough and caught her before she could reach the ground.
“Are you alright sweetheart?” Jumoke asked still holding Toyin and caressing her hair gently, and she nodded her head in the positive, then turned around and saw Kehinde standing behind Jumoke with smiles on his lips. Kehinde who had not seen the face of the little girl Jumoke was holding was busy admiring Jumoke’s kind nature from behind. He was amazed that she had not changed one bit from the same kindhearted, easy going and respectful Jumoke he dated back then and those were the attributes that endeared her to him those days.
“Bother Kehinde!” Toyin’s voice bolted him back from his thoughts.
“Toyin baby!” Kehinde said excitedly as Tonyin wriggled out of Jumoke’s hands and ran into his wide spread arms for a hug. Jumoke stood back smiling and watching the both of them as Kehinde lifted Toyin up and held her tightly to himself. She quickly ran her eyes through his fingers to see if he has a wedding ring on but found no ring on him, so she breathed down a sigh of relief and continued with her smiles.
“Bother Kehinde I came with Iya mi o!” Toyin spoke up and he dropped her to hear her speak.
“Really? Where is she?” He asked almost forgetting that Jumoke was standing there.
“She is in church mummy’s room, I peeped through the door and saw her crying in big mummy’s room…” Toyin began to narrate but Kehinde quickly interrupted her from speaking further in the presence of Jumoke when he sensed that the church mummy was probably having a serious talk with Sade, especially as regards her relationship with the old man in the village.
” It’s okay Toyin. Go and wait for me inside, am coming so you can gist me more about that you hear?” He said and bent down,looking into her eyes and saw that the little girl has more gist for him as he saw her eagerness to talk. She nodded her head and began to walk back into the house.
“Don’t go anywhere o, sit down on a chair and wait for me, you hear?” Kehinde spoke up from a distance and the little girl nodded her head again before she finally entered the house.
“So sorry Jumo, I was carried away by the presence of my little princess, I didn’t even know she was the one you were holding until she called me..” Kehinde was explaining when he finally turned to face her. He felt happy knowing that the church mummy was having a serious talk with Sade, which could even make her cry. The last time he visited, Sade had no tears anymore in her eyes as he noticed her heart had become very hardened and made up to continue with Olori.
“She such a smart girl. Your niece?” Jumoke asked.
“Nope…a friend’s daughter” he replied, beaming with a smile. He heart suddenly got flooded with a kind of joy he couldn’t explain from the moment he saw Toyin and heard say that Sade was crying.
“That’s okay.” Jumoke said with a calm voice.
“So, what are you doing here?” He asked her.
“I should be asking you that Kenny. Mummy Bisola is my God mother, she was the one that led me to Christ few months after you broke my heart and am here for her son’s birthday celebration.” She replied laughing hard, then

then twisted her head to a side in a funny way before spitting out her thoughts.
“Kenny, so you are not yet married. What have you been waiting for?” She spoke up with the most softest tone… “The Benin woman I hired as my mother disappeared into thin air immediately she was told that I died in the theatre.” The church mummy continued with her life story as Sade cried her eyes out.

“The nurses and health assistants searched for her to make arrangements to deposit my body into the mortuary or possibly clear off the remaining the hospital bill, carry my new born child and take my corpse away but couldn’t find her. After about eight hours of waiting for the woman in vain, a doctor suggested that my body should be deposited in the mortuary while they wait for my relations to come and claim my body. It was when they were wheeling my body to the ambulance which would convey me to the morgue that my spirit came back into my body and I sneezed and cried out from the land of the dead. The health assistants fled for their lives when I removed the clothes covering my face and sat up on the wheel bed.
The doctors and nurses soon came out and found me sitting on the wheel bed staring at nothing, with tears dropping from my weak eyes. The main doctor handling my case, rushed to my side, held my hands and gave me a punch to know if I can feel any sensation and I gave a painful scream, so they rushed me back to the ward and fixed a drip on me, after checking my heart beat, blood pressure and temperature.
“Where is my baby?” Was the first words that came out of my mouth and a nurse was asked to go and fetch him from the office of a chief nurse who also run a motherless baby home. I confessed to the doctors and nurses that the woman I presented to them was not my real mother and then told them my story and death experience and how God graciously showed me mercy and gave me a second chance. The silence that fell upon the ward as I told my story was so deep that if the tiniest pin dropped on the floor, one would hear the sound of it; without beating anybody, I saw men and women crying.
“After the horrible situations my family suffered in time past, I stopped believing that God exists and accepted the philosophies of atheists which pointed to the fact that there’s no God. I stopped going to church and praying long time ago and even dared God to prove himself if truly he exists, but hearing you share your death experience here before me, I am fully convinced that there’s surly another life after this life and that there’s a God who rules over the affairs of men and controls the entire universe.” The doctor in charge of my case confessed in tears, then continued.
“Can you please pray for me that God should forgive and accept me back?” The doctor cried and then from the back, I heard people murmuring,
“Me too, me too…”
I wanted to tell them that I was not in the right position to pray for them since I too was a sinner who just received mercy,but I heard a voice say in my ears.
“Whoever the son of man shall set free, he is free indeed. Old things are passed away, behold all things are new.
Bisola, you are a new creatures because your sins are forgiven. Now that you have been restored, strengthen your brethren..” The voice urged me and without thinking of what to pray or say, a song broke out of my mouth and I heard my voice ringing high as the hospital ward turned into a mini revival gathering.
“Pray for me, pray for me!” a woman nurse cried out in tears.
“I don’t want to go to hell, I’m a wicked person. I have exchanged not less than fifty babies in favour of the rich people who gave birth in this hospital. When they needed a male child, or lose their own children, I swapped their dead or female babies with the male and living children of the poor women who had no one looking after them closely. Sometimes, when a male child is born, I sent the junior nurses away on errands and excused myself with the baby in the name of going to bath or dress the baby…” She confessed and broke down in tears as everyone shouted in response.
“I’m sorry!” She said with her head bowed in shame. I can’t tell the number of people who gave their lives to Christ that day, but I would say that there was a mass harvest of souls that day in the hospital as I led those who wanted to repent to say the salvation prayer.
I later returned back to my parents and asked for their forgiveness, they did forgave me but my father developed a heart attack. His ministry which he valued so much was at stake because of me as members started reducing and while others mocked him…”

Kehinde smiled gently,revealing his cute dimples as he saw in her eyes the motive behind her question. He quickly searched for the right available word to put her off whatever she was trying to make up.
“Uhm.. Yes, am not yet married. But, am also not searching anymore. I’ve got someone already.. You know what? Jumo, let’s go inside and talk better” he said quickly in order to divert their conversation and then started walking into the house immediately. She followed him and they entered the parlor which was filled with lots of people.
“Kenny why don’t we stay outside, this place is very stuffy.” Jumoke suggested but he wasn’t interested as he searched for Toyin in the parlor with his eyes.

He brought out his phone and quickly sent the church mummy a text message, informing her that he was around in the house.
“Bother Kehinde, I’m here o” Toyin shouted from the passage that leads to the bookshelf and he rushed over to her and sat close to her.
” I forgot to buy your ice cream, but don’t worry, I will get it for you before you leave okay?” Kehinde told her and she nodded her head.
“Oya o, gist me…” Kehinde was trying to get Toyin to talk when he noticed that she was looking at someone else. He lifted up his head and followed direction of her eyes only to Jumoke standing right before them…

Episode 33(unedited)

“Kenny I don’t know why you like hurting me, I was talking to you and you ignored me and as if that was not enough, you walked out on me..” Jumoke complained bitterly, standing before Kehinde and Toyin with a sad face.
“Jumo I’m deeply sorry, I was thinking about something very serious and forgot that you were still with me. It wasn’t intentional,Please do forgive me.” He apologized, standing to his feet. He asked her to sit down on his seat and she swallowed hard before sitting down and when she observed that there was no other seat available for Kehinde to sit on, she asked Toyin to sit on her laps.
“Toyin darling, come and sit on my legs so that uncle can sit down on that seat.” She told her sweetly and she joyfully obeyed and climbed over her legs leaving the seat for him to sit.

Jumoke still loved Kehinde and just wanted to stay close to him but Kehinde’s heart was faraway, longing to see just one person. She initiated a discussion in order to break the silence, the Kehinde’s phone began to ring. He quickly glanced at the caller, thinking it was the church mummy, but got disappointed when he saw Toyosi’s name on the screen…

“I had come to love my father more after my death experience, and couldn’t bear the pain of losing him because of my sins, so I began to pray that God should heal him and restore his ministry.
” Lord, you didn’t bring back to life to tear your church and your servant, my father apart. My coming back to life shouldn’t be like that of Ichabod. Heal my father and use me to revive your church in Jesus name. ” I prayed, crying as I was breastfeeding my son Temi.
I derived strength from the scriptures and from my mother who stood by me all through that season, so when Temi became six months, I gathered courage and started going out for evangelism and God granted me open doors as those I invited to my father’s church after telling them my story began to troop into the church but the challenge was that my father was not strong enough to handle the service every Sunday and the weekly activities. My father’s assistant pastor had left the church to open his own church, so it was a difficult time both for my father and the church and it became a burden to me because, the new members needed to be well fed in order to remain.
One Sunday morning, we went to church as usual and my mother led in the opening prayers while I took up the praise and worship. When it was time to preach, my father who had prepared his sermon couldn’t stand to his feet, so I collected his sermon note and mounted the pulpit to preach. I didn’t know what I was preaching but I saw people standing up from their seats praying without me giving them any prayer points. When I made an altar call, almost everyone in the church came out for the altar call and were baptized in the Holy Ghost to my surprise. My father’s struggling church began to come back to life as the fresh breath of God’s spirit swept across under my ministrations and amazingly, my father began to recover rapidly in his health too. In less than one year, my father’s church increased numerically ten times better than it has even had ever since the inception of the church.
My father who was initially disappointed in me, became very proud of me and termed everything that happened to in my past as the act of God to bring back the lost glory of his church and our family. Even when he fully recovered and was fit for the ministry, he refused to preach and left me to do almost all the ministrations. Some of his church members who left the church started coming back one after another and when they saw the grace of God upon my life, they all forgot the errors of my past and began bring their wayward daughters to me for counseling. My life became a source of encouragement to many other young girls who had missed it in the past and began to find meaning from their past mistakes.
Before Temi’s two years birthday, I already have numerous suitors and admirers that shocked me. I thought that being a single mother will hinder responsible young men from coming my way but I had them in their numbers, and most of them were good Christian brothers who had never married before. But I kept turning them down until Temi’s six years birthday when I met this my present husband who was just a young man in ministry. God had told me to wrap up whatever I was doing in my father’s church in preparation for a greater work, and I put in my best effort , then from the proceeds and donations from the church members we erected for the church a one thousand seaters capacity cathedral which was the largest in my community in those days .
During the dedication of the cathedral, a handsome young man walked up to me and and introduced himself as pastor Ademola and without giving me a breathing space because he saw how busy I was, he told me right there that I was his wife. I laughed at him and saw him as an opportunist who had come to reap from where he did not sow, but later that night, God confirmed what he told me.
I told him that I already have a child outside wedlock during one of our discussion and he laughed and told me that it doesn’t matter to him and that he is not even interested in knowing anything about my past mistakes. When we eventually got married, I was shocked to find out during our honeymoon that he had never slept with a woman all his life. I was a broken, used and messed up life from my past life styles, but God brought a brand new man,who wasn’t just handsome but a lover of God into my life for a husband. I cried through out that night in regrets and he consoled me, then promised to take and treat Temi my son as his first son and that on no occasion should i tell anyone that Temi was born out of wedlock. ” the church mummy continued,
“Sade, your case is nothing compared to mine. I don’t see reason why you should settle down with one old man in the village. You are a gifted young lady with a great future ahead of you. Giving birth outside wedlock does not end the purpose of God for your life. You can still become all that God purposed you to be and God can still give you a responsible, Godfearing man as a husband…” The church mummy began to speak to Sade as she held her head crying remorsefully.
The church mummy, glanced through her wristwatch and found out that she needed to go out to meet her quests. She picked up her phone and on opening it, she saw Kehinde’s message and smiled…

Episode 34(unedited)

“Sade, do you have anything to tell me?” The church mummy asked, drew closer to where Sade was sitting on the floor and drew into her arms. The tears and nose mucus which flowing down from her rubbed and soaked the church mummy’s fine clothes but she didn’t mind as she tried get her to speak.
“Mummy, I’m short of words,” Sade began, still struggling to control her tears.
“I didn’t know that anything good can still come out of my life again after the birth of Toyin. My spiritual life is gone,I lost passion and sense of belonging. My self esteem was tampered with, I thought no one would listen to me anymore, that no reasonable man would like to marry me…” She continued.
“Mummy, I lied to you few days ago when you called me. I lied that I went to farm and wasn’t with my phone when you called. I was actually in a hotel room with Olori that day you were calling but I put the phone on silent. Mummy I had already given him permission to sleep with me, we were already in the very act when I heard him scream on seeing blood stain on my pant. I was ready to start sleeping with him any day, anytime he wanted and possibly become his third wife. Mummy, I don’t know where the blood came from, I was not on my menstruation. From your life story, I sense God is also giving me a second chance, please pray for me… Am finding it hard to rise up from my fall, I can’t even pray anymore and my willpower is gone…” Sade said, then knelt down and held the church mummy’s legs tightly not willing to let go.
The church mummy had goose bumps on her body in awe of God’s mercy and grace as she remembered how Kehinde and herself had prayed for Sade on that said day and time that God should intercept her from every wrong steps and intervene in her life and destiny. She knew it was God’s early intervention that masterminded the blood stain incident. She bursted into tongues and continued that way for another twenty minutes while Sade clung to her legs still crying. She switched into the spirit after about twenty minutes speaking in tongues and began to operate under the spirit of prophecy still standing at one spot.
” This what the sovereign Lord says,

‘A bruised reed shall he not break,and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth. Though you offered a strange fire before me and brought tears to my eyes through the smokiness of your secret life, I the Lord, in my mercy has chosen not to quench your light. Behold, the former things are come to pass,and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.
Arise! Sing unto the Lord new songs, and his praise from the end of the earth… Let the wilderness and the cities therefore lift up their voice, the villages… Let them give glory unto the Lord, and declare his praise in the islands.
I am the Lord, the Potter who breaks into pieces the worthless vessels and I make for myself vessels of honour out of worthlessness…” The church mummy continued with the prophesies and Sade’s hands began to shake so that she couldn’t hold the church mummy anymore, she began to scream at the top of her voice, crying and rolling on the floor of the room and in the process scattering the properties in the room.
Soon, the people in the parlor heard loud screams coming from the bed room, and they suspected that church mummy was probably praying for someone,so they continued with what they were doing. Toyin jumped down from Jumoke’s laps and exchanged a worried glance with Kehinde as they both heard the repeated screams of Sade coming from the bedroom.
“That’s Iya mi crying. I don’t know what big mummy is doing to her..” She said,looking at him almost crying and was about running towards the room when Kehinde caught her while Jumoke watched them in confusion. He lifted Toyin up to himself and excused himself from Jumoke to calm Toyin down outside so she wouldn’t go and interrupt whatever God was doing in Sade’s life.
Sade became too violent for only the church mummy to handle, and just as she was wishing to see her personal assistant, the young lady came running from the backyard on hearing the screams coming out of the church mummy’s room. She already knew that it was her job to stand around and hold people from falling badly or getting injured when ever the woman of God prays for people and she knew when Sade entered the room, but she didn’t expect that what the church mummy was calling Sade into her room for would include such a violent prayer that would demand her presence.
She entered the room just when the church mummy was getting tired of holding Sade and was dazed at the sight of the room she arranged early that morning. She quickly rushed over to the rolling Sade and grabbed her legs with all her strength, so she wouldn’t push the church mummy down with her legs which she kept throwing around violently. The church mummy’s heart leaped for joy on seeing the lady,then she drew back and began to speak in tongues again. The more she spoke in diverse tongues, the hotter the fire Sade felt on her knees and bone marrows and the louder her screams.
“Fire!!! Ah! Fire!!!” She screamed at the top of her voice as the church mummy increased the intensity of the tongues.
“Lift her up!” The church mummy ordered her personal assistant, and the huge lady jacked Sade up with her two hand. She couldn’t stand on her two legs, so the lady used her body to support her to stand up a bit. The church mummy blew a sudden heavy air from her mouth on Sade and both the lady and Sade fell back to the ground under the power of God.
“Get up! get her up for me” the church mummy said in a hurry and the lady struggled to stand up to her feet before lifting Sade who had become very weak from crying and screaming loud. The church mummy drew her into her arms in a tight hug,then started another rounds of tongues…
“If there be any grace of God on my life, I make a deposit of it into this life right now. If there be any power to resist sin and temptations of life, I release a double portion of it upon this life right now! If there’s any passion for purpose fulfilment at work in me, let a greater portion come upon her now! If there be any dead gifts in this life, come back to life now in the name of Jesus! Let there be revival! Restoration of prayer life, restoration of that first love you used to have for God, let there be restoration of every lost virtue..”
The church mummy continued in tongues still holding Sade in a tight hug, and like a spark, Sade exploded and began to speak in new tongues.The atmosphere in the room changed so much that the church mummy’s personal assistant couldn’t help but got carried away on her knees praying in tongues…

I wished to go further in writing this particular episode, but wasn’t permitted to. I felt the nudging to stop here so that someone somewhere reading this particular episode can flow with the spirit in prayer.
Go ahead and pray if you feel like praying.

Episode 35(unedited)

“Kenny, is she alright?” Jumoke asked on sighting him squatting down and talking toToyin. He turned and saw her standing behind with a worried look.
“Yeah. Maybe you can join us, I want to drive down the Sheraton down town and buy her ice cream and…” Kehinde was still talking when she leaped in excitement and said.
“Alright!” She said, “let me go get my hand bag right away.” She said and immediately turned around and ran back into the house to get her hand bag and he shook his head and smiled at how excited she was because he asked her to join them.
“God please, deliver me from the hands of these women.” He prayed under his breath as he massaged Toyin’s hands. Soon, she came out from the house with her handbag, walking calculatingly to join them and they walked down to the place he parked his car. Toyin entered the back seat while Jumoke sat the front seat with Kehinde at the driver’s seat and he drove down town in silence.
“Kenny, hope you have been communicating with Oba and your mother the queen?” Jumoke broke the silence and his heart skipped on hearing the question. His parents haven’t been happy with him since the last time he visited and told them about his intention to marry Sade. He’s been trying to convince them that marrying a single mother will not bring him nor the kingdom any harm but they insisted that he must marry a woman who has never given birth, if possible a young virgin. He decided to stop calling them in order to give them time and space to think over his decision and accept his choice of whom to marry but for over six months, his parents have not called him, and though he had missed them a lot and desperately longed to see and speak with them, he hardened his heart and refused to call or visit them.
Jumoke was from the same village with him and had visited him several times when they were dating, so she knew his parents and they also know her. His heart beat increased because the last time he spoke with his mother, the queen mentioned Jumoke’s name saying,
“What happened to Jumoke, that beautiful and respectful girl you were friending? Why not go ahead and marry her? Or is she married? She will make a good wife and she already knows our traditions since she is a daughter of the land, not one used and dumped girl from nowhere. ” his mother suggested while he was trying to make her see reason why he should be allowed to marry the woman after his heart.
“Did anything happen between Jumoke and my parents? I hope my mother did not go looking for Jumoke’s parents in order to initiate any relationship. Did my parents tell her that I have not been calling them because of their refusal to approve the woman I want to marry?” Several thoughts ran through Kehinde’s mind in less than thirty seconds.
“Uhm.. Jumo they are fine.” He said hurriedly, then continued almost immediately.
“Why did you ask?” He asked in order to get her to talk. He knew Jumoke was one person who is very open minded and doesn’t hide anything from him.
“Nothing.” She replied, then continued.
“The last time I traveled home, I visited them in the palace and…” She was still talking when Toyin shouted from behind.
“Bother Kehinde! bother Kehinde! I like that thing.” Toyin shouted, pointing at the spiderman toys a young man was selling across the road.
“You want spiderman?” he asked,his following the direction she was pointing at while he slowed down the car. Toyin nodded in the positive and he began to laugh.
” Toyin baby, You are a girl and you should be looking out for spider woman not spiderman.” He teased her and Jumoke started laughing hard. The traffic light showed red ,and he marched the brakes, then called the guy selling the toys and like a competition, another guy selling the same toys started running towards his car overtaking the young man Kehinde called.
“Spiderman na seven hundred naira, but I go give it to you for five hundred naira.” The guy said breathing very fast and looking behind at the same time.
“Oga na me you call o” the other young man said on arrival.
“You no come in time na. See traffic don dey move.” Kehinde said and collected a pink coloured spiderman toy for Toyin, flipped out a five hundred naira note to the guy selling it and then marched the accelerator and drove off.
” Bother Kehinde, ese gan!” Toyin thanked him excitedly and hugged the spiderman toy tightly.

The church mummy left the room, leaving Sade to pray as long as she wanted and met a great number of visitors in the parlor.
“Ah! You people should forgive my manners o. Ministry sometimes makes us forget even ourselves..” She apologized and to the women while her eyes searched around for Kehinde.
“Temi, is daddy back from the meeting?” She asked his son thinking that Kehinde might probably be with her husband.
“No mum,” Temi replied removing his ear piece, then continued.
“Mum, aunty Jumoke came around o” he informed his mother.

“Wow! Jumoke my daughter. Where’s she?” She said excitedly, looking around to see her.
“I don’t know o, it seems she went somewhere with brother Kehinde and Toyin.” Temi replied casually and the church mummy looked at him in confusion.
“Jumoke went somewhere with brother Kehinde and Toyin? Do they know each other?” She asked but Temi didn’t respond as he put the ear piece back to his ears. The church mummy rolled her eyes in disapproval and said under her breathe.
“Where on earth did Kehinde go with Jumoke? Me I’m not calling anybody o.” She said and called brother Ayo to start the opening prayers for the birthday celebration.

They soon arrived at the Sheraton, walked into it and while he was making order for Toyin’s ice cream and snacks, he turned to Jumoke and asked her to order for whatever she likes but she politely refused.
“Thank you oma oba. Today is Toyin’s outing day, maybe you should make out time and take me out one of this days also, then I will say what I want to eat..” She said teasingly, looking into his eyes to know what his reaction would be. Their eyes got lucked up in each other and Kehinde felt a slight sensation through his spines as he beheld the beauty in Jumoke’s eyes. Crazy thoughts swept across his mind as the scenes of his old acts with her came playing afresh. The Waiter packaged what was ordered for and brought it over to the counter but Kehinde and Jumoke didn’t hear nor noticed his presence as they stood there at the counter, lost in their gazes. On seeing the chemical reactions between them,the waiter cleared his throats in a loud and naughty way that booted them back embarrassingly.
“Uhm.. Sorry, how much?” Kehinde asked, avoiding the waiter’s eyes as he rubbed his eyes with his fingers and scratched his head which was not itching him.
“Toyin, come over here!” Jumoke ran after Toyin who had started exploring the place by running around.
Kehinde quickly paid the waiter, collected the stuffs and walked up to meet Jumoke and Toyin at the exit door. He avoided her eyes not understanding what he was feeling inside as they entered the car and gave little Toyin the Sheraton bag in his hand before driving out of the mall…


Episode 36(unedited)

Sade remained in the room for over three hours praying in tongues while the birthday celebration continued in the parlor. Kehinde, Jumoke and Toyin arrived just when Temi was about cutting the birthday cake. They quickly joined in singing the birthday song for the celebrant with others while Toyin ran over to meet her mother in the room.
“Iya mi! ” she called and ran into her mother not minding her mood.
“Bother Kehinde bought for me ice cream and plenty things…” She said, showing her mother the Sheraton bag in her hand.
“Okay! Go ahead and enjoy yourself.” Sade said in order to dismiss her from disturbing her quiet time.
“Come let’s go to the parlor o, bother Temi is cutting big cake.” Toyin informed her,holding her hand.
“Don’t worry, I’m coming out soon.” She said and Toyin, sat down and started digesting the ice cream. When Sade saw that she would not be able to concentrate having Toyin in the room with her, stood up, entered the bathroom and washed her face and powdered it before leaving with Toyin to the parlor.
“Where did you go brother Kehinde?” The church mummy questioned him after the cutting of cake and Jumoke came from behind and knelt down before the church mummy.
“Good evening mummy.” She greeted on her knees and Kehinde looked away and the church mummy hugged her excitedly.
“Look who i have here, my beautiful daughter Jumoke!” The church mummy said in excitement and drew her into a tight embrace.
“So you arrived here and instead of coming to register your presence with me, you followed Kehinde out abi?” She said jokingly and Jumoke apologized.
“Am sorry mummy,when I arrived here, you were having a very hot prayer with someone in the room, so i followed Kenny out to buy ice cream for little Toyin” she explained respectfully and the church mummy kept smiling at how soft her voice sounds.
“It’s okay my dear. Good to know that my daughter knows my son Kehinde..” The church mummy was still talking when Sade and Toyin walked quietly into the parlor. She and Kehinde who was trying to put himself in order exchanged glances and she smiled.
“Jumoke, do make your self comfortable. I will be right back.” She said and told Kehinde to follow her.
“What’s your plan? Hope you are aware Sade would be going back to the village few minutes from now?” She asked him immediately they reached the balcony.
“Really? I thought she would sleep over.” He replied feeling bad.
“That was why I asked you to be here by 2pm. You shouldn’t have gone out brother Kehinde. She needs to go back home because of tomorrow’s farm work…” She explained and he swallowed hard,then quickly cut in.
” can I drive them to the village? ” he asked,looking pleadingly into the church mummy’s eyes as if his life depended on it.
“This is past four Kehinde. Before you reach her village, it would be dark and it’s not advisable driving back from that village in the night.” She explained but he wasn’t satisfied with her points.
“Mummy, I understand your points but …” He said.
“It’s alright brother Kehinde, I see your mind is already made up. Let me call her to get ready so you can take them home immediately.” She said and left him at the balcony to call her. She sent someone to call Sade while she packaged Noddles, clothes and food items for them to go home with.
“Kehinde would go and drop you and Toyin in the village.” She announced when Sade entered the room.
“Call Toyin and get her ready. It’s already getting late and you are to go with these things here.” She said and squeezed some naira notes into her hands.
“Thank you so much mummy. I can’t thank you enough ma.” She said kneeling down.
“We thank God. Sister Sade get up and get going.” She said hastily, then remembered something.
“That reminds me, Sade! Kehinde complained you have not been picking his calls. Look, I don’t know what he did wrong but believe me, brother Kehinde is one person in the whole world you shouldn’t be angry with. He stood by you and believed you even when many of us didn’t believe you. Overlook whatever he did to you and pick his calls…” The church mummy continued.
“Mummy, he didn’t do anything to me. Just that I felt he was disturbing me with his constant sermons during those periods I was not thinking right. I will apologise to him ma.” Sade explained calmly and the church mummy nodded in satisfaction.
“Please watch out against that scavenger of a man called Olori. Don’t give him any chance again and don’t collect anything from him again. Because the money and gifts you collect from him weakens your ability to say no to him.” She advised her and she nodded her head agreeably before walking out of the room.
When they were about leaving, Jumoke walked up to Kehinde and requested for his number, because they actually lost contacts and the church mummy observed his uneasiness and reluctance in releasing the number to Jumoke. She suspected something fishy between the two of them and quickly came up with an idea of sending Jumoke on errand in order to relieve him but she succeeded in collecting the phone number before the church mummy could send her for the errand.
Toyin jumped into the back seat while Sade and Kehinde sat at the owners and driver’s seat respectively and he gave the church mummy an exciting wink before driving off.

Halfway into the journey,darkness began to set in Toyin slept off at the back seat and Sade broke the long silence that had permeated the atmosphere in the car.
“Brother Kehinde,” she called almost in a whisper having lost her voice as a result of the long screams and cry. He turned and looked into her eyes in response, then turned around to concentrate on the steering.
“I’m sorry I’ve not been picking your calls. I didn’t just know what came over me. Am deeply sorry, do forgive me.” She said looking down at nothing.
“It’s alright Sade, I thought maybe I did something wrong to you..” He said looking straight at the dark road ahead.
” No , you did nothing wrong. And thanks for your prayers.” She said and silence followed. After another one hour drive, they arrived at Sade’s family house at exactly 8:45pm but Sade insisted that it wasn’t safe for Kehinde to drive back that night. Her parents joined and pleaded with him to sleep over and leave first thing in the morning, so Kehinde agreed but whispered something into Sade’s ears…

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