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Episode 41

Charles wanted to come to my side probably to console me, but before he could make any move I was already by my grandmother’s side. I gave her an understanding wink and asked her gently if that was all. Everyone in the room was astonished as a result of my cool reaction.

“Didn’t you hear what the old witch said?” He bursted out. I looked into his eyes which already revealed his resentment for the old woman. Charles and his flash light anger. I knew he would never be able to control his mood. Out of fear, I had reported this imperfection of his to the INTERPRETER who declared to me that it was a task for me to work on.

“I beg your pardon, don’t you ever use such derogatory language against any of my family…..” I replied defensively in veined annoyance.

“Darling, I didn’t mean to upset you but was only concerned….. when it’s seems you are not surprised or bothered by her confession. May be you didn’t understand what she just said” Charles pressed on but more cautiously.

“My love, I am so sorry for my outburst….” I pleaded “…..and my answers to your question, I am not surprised about this revelation. Do you know why? Because nothing is kept hidden from a calm and prayerful child of God who is willing to listen and obey. Although, I am bothered because I am human but I am also aware that I gave darkness power and authority over my life because I refused to accept the LIGHT earlier, even when I was born into it. Now I understand the simple but powerful famous concluding statement that many soul winners usually used at the end of each salvation homily that is: ‘accept Jesus now because tomorrow may be too late…. It has become so late for so many people’ but notwithstanding, I am not moved by what I hear or see around me but I am only moved by the word of God. I serve the God of all flesh in whom nothing is impossible…..” I moved towards him and placed my hands on his shoulders. “….my dear, please do not allow anger to take away that wonderful thing, that you have received. You have been very strong for me even when I was still feeble in faith and always there ahead of me…..please think about the ministry God has committed into our hands….” I advised and went back to sit down beside grandma.

“…….hmmmmmm, even when I just told you that I did bad things to you, still you are defending me…..” She cried pathetically.

“Grandma, I met you in coma when I came into your room, but you suddenly sprang to life on my touch. What happened….am I the cause of your being comatose?” I asked with a care tone.

“….loving as my lady …..” The old doctor cut in. I guessed he was enjoying the drama but I ignored him because the atmosphere was too serious for that kind of sarcastic comment.

“…..its okay grandma, just go on and say everything” I encouraged her.

“It’s because of Matha, Kemi’s daughter…”

“Matha!” Everybody chorused except the doctor who did not know who Matha was.

“Yes Matha….” Grandma repeated. “… think I did not know Adisa, that you have a daughter with another woman? After all my love and sacrifice. I stood by you when the going was tough. I made you become wealthy with my powers or do you think my selfish father would have given you such a huge amount without raising an eye brow? I made him surrendered every dime of the profit to you and what did you do? You broke our marital vows….you broke my heart and instead of owing up to your crime you and your friend kept deceiving yourselves and not me. You think you people can hide from me. ……. news flash my dear! ….you have been hiding behind a match stick all this while. I dealt with Samuel ruthlessly because he was your accomplice in your the crime of infidelity and deceit. Instead of him to discourage you from embarking on such ungrateful adventure he chose to cover your back. I didn’t intend to confine him to a wheelchair only but wanted to wipe his entire family away. I took one and was pursuing the second one by employing our other agents to take away his but he ran into safety on time. And Betty, Samuel’s wife, too had seen the light and so she was able to protect her other two daughters from me… She is planning to come back anyway because she now knows the truth.” Grandma further confessed. I checked on Charles contenance , I expected him to flare up as usual but instead, he was looking calm and seemed in control of his mood.

“Thank God this man of God is learning fast and very well too” I commented. He just sighed heavily but my grandpa was wailing uncontrollable. Charles went to his side to console him. I had to tell our Mr family doctor to close up his mouth so as not to smear the whole floor with his uncontrolled drops of saliva.

“Grandma, what about Matha?” I pressed further.

” I felt cheated. I have sacrificed all my daughter’s wombs and that of some of my granddaughters. Then why would I spare Matha…a product of unfaithfulness? Nooooo. I went after Matha as a means to avenging myself on Adisa for betraying me but all my efforts were futile because of you Abike. You were always guiding her with your sermons and guarding her with your prayers…..we would have pushed her into the act of fornication and make her abort and abort until when we finally removed her womb so that it would look like a normal medical case like yours….” She was saying while she nervously pointed to my stomach.

“…..but grandma, since you claimed to have removed my womb….how come the doctor saw a torn womb and not an empty stomach?” I asked.

“…. anytime we take the womb of our victim we always replace it with a basket…..” She revealed.

I looked at the wicked old witch and I felt like punching her straight on her blood sucking stinking mouth, oh, I wished I had a very sharp knife to slice her throat and ended her miserable mean life. Charles was right afterall. As if grandpa was reading my thought, he charged at her and tightened up his grip around her neck. If not for Charles prompt intervention he would have snuffed life out of her. To be sincere, I wished she was strangled to death immediately because, she had just put a sharp pin on the eye of a riped boil….she just opened up an old wound in my heart.

Charles knew I was burning inside of me. He was intently watching to see what my next action would be. Though he thought that it was better for him to allow me grief enough and then sort myself out in my own way but it was later that he realised that the information was to much for me to handle.

“How many people has this woman done this wickedness to?” I asked inwardly.

” This is unfair….what have I done to deserve this?” I winced at Charles who quickly came to my side and gave me a light peck, a sign for me to stay strong. He warned me to beware of these two spirits he was seeing beside me but I was already consumed in these feelings – despair, resentment, anger and vengeance. I got lost in an unknown realm where I heard strange voices instructing me to strangle the old bitch to death to fulfill the prophesy. Afterwards, I met myself at the bank of a big river surrounded by many beautiful damsels. A monster came out of the water and handed me a long sharp knife and in front of me, lying on the mat was my grandma. A very beautiful fat woman was sitting down on a mat on top of the water with many female children surrounding her. To my amazement, the mat did not sink inspite of the heavy loads of human beings. At her appearance, everyone shouted…..”great mother goddess!” and bowed down for her except me. The woman became angry with me and said that I have forgotten my root and wandered too long on the surface of the earth. The mother goddess later commanded me to trust the knife that I was holding into Kofo’s throat as I had wished. So that I could take her heart and eat for me to gain a new life, a golden crown and a staff of authority ….to become very powerful on earth. She laughed loudly and her voice echoed in my ears.

“This is your wish… daughter …….. take her life NOW!” She ordered with a loud voice.

I raised the knife up and brought it down to lady Kofo’s chest…….


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Episode 42

I raised the knife up and brought it down to lady Kofo’s chest but a louder voice haulted me. The voice sounded so familiar to me so I looked towards the direction of the voice and saw my father.

“Don’t listen to him. Kofoworola deserves to die. Think of all the havoc she had wrecked on your life. She made your life miserable…..and you hated her for that and you wished for vengeance. Now you have the opportunity to take your of pound of flesh. Afterall, this is not your first time. You have murdered more than three children, who were innocent. Kill her now and gain the golden crown of greatness and a staff of power in my kingdom……” She said alluringly trying to cajoled me into submission.

My dress was immediately soiled with blood. She told me that, that was the blood of the innocent babies I aborted on earth. I concluded in my spirit that since I still carry the guilt of abortions there was no need for me to claim any righteousness before this creature so the word vengeance seemed pleasing to my ears but my father was an unrelented warrior.

” Daughter of Zion!……… No, you are not a murderer any longer. The day you gave your life to the Holy God of heaven, you became a new being, old things then passed away and behold everything became new. My words in the book of first John, five verse twelve says ….He that had the son has life……” He further encouraged me.

“….if all things have become new then why is the blood stains of my sin still on me…?” I cried.

“That was devil’s deception! Do not be ignorant of the devices of the devil. The devil still made you feel guilty so as to make your heart reprobated, this is all a trick to lure you into more wickedness. …..remember my words in the book of John, chapter eight verse thirty six, if the son of God has set you free, you shall be free indeed….daughter of Zion , you are free indeed!” He replied.

He began to play with a beautiful glowing Allamanda flower. He plucked a bunch and placed it closed to his nose to perceive the freshness of it’s scent, immediately I remembered who I was in him.

“Come to me my princess…..” I heard the alluring voice of mother goddess.

“No I am not your princess…..” I retorted. “…for it is written in the book of first Peter, chapter two verse 9 that I am a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people, and I am to show forth the praises of him that has called me out of darkness into his marvelous light.” I poured out the word of God which had become flames of fire in my mouth.

” Look! Is the same word of the ancient of that says…. honour the father and thy mother so that you days may be long on the earth…..I am your mother, the mother of nature, the mother of beautiful daughters….we shared the same blood. Honour me so that your days may be long or else…..” She paused.

“…or else what….” I cut in.

“That word was in the book of Exsodus, chapter twenty verse twelve and the last line that you have omitted says……that my life may be long upon the land which the Lord (the ancient of days, my own father) has given me…….so, listen to me you cursed water demon…….I am not your daughter. I was never your blood. The book of Apostle Paul to the Ephesians, chapter one verse twenty and twenty one says that I am the child of….. he who was set in the heavenly places, far above all principalities and power and might, and dominion, and every name that is named not only in this world, but also in that which to come” I countered. The flames in my mouth consumed the maidens that surrounded me. This got the mother goddess angry and began to shout my name continuously in rage.

” Your soul belong to me, you this rebellious child. You must honour and serve me…..have you not heard the word that says…..subject unto high powers…..I am that powers” she cried in great annoyance.

” No! You lie! You are a liar like your father, the devil. That word you just spoken is found in the book of Romans, chapter thirteen verse one, and the complete verse is…..there is no power but God…..and in the name of Jesus!…..” As I mentioned the name of Jesus, the ground shook and there was a great earthquake which swallowed some of the demons gathered. Followed by a heavy thunder which struck another set, they fell down and laid lifeless like logs of wood. The rest of them disappered leaving only me and the mother goddess but I continued to fight with the sword of the spirit given to me.

“For it is written in the book of Mathew chapter four verse ten……get thee behind me Satan for it is written, thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve…..I decree in the name of Jesus get ye behind me you cursed water demon. I declared. The water goddess changed into a very long fat snake and curled up round lady Kofo, yet I continued in the spiritual combat.

“It is written that a name is given to us, that in the name of

JESUS! All knees must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. So I decree in the name of Jesus you water demon loose your hold on this soul!” I shouted in holy anger.

The creature disappeared and I opened my eyes to see Charles vibrating in the spirit. I noticed that the doctor had moved to the other end of the room very close to the door. I saw chief Adele on his knees shouting a very serious “amen!” Charles opened his eyes and stopped the prayer to asked after my welfare.

He told me that he saw the spirits of bitterness and unforgiveness earlier on but I fell into trance before he could warn me to beware of them. I narrated my experience in the vision and this gave them the reason why lady Kofo also passedout. After sometime, grandma woke up and began to weep profusely.

“They said I must bring your soul to them or you will kill me…..please don’t kill me” she cried.

I placed my hands on lady Kofo’s shoulders to calm her down. She felt at peace once again and looked up at me.

“Please forgive me my sister….I beg of you ….. ” She pleaded.

” Grandma, who are mine not to forgive you but you need God’s forgiveness and mercy more and please, I am not your sister but your granddaughter. Why did you allow yourself to be fooled this way? They fooled your mother and you too. Let me declare to you today, that you were never from them but a wonderful gift from almighty God because your mother went to them at about the time when God answered her prayers. The second baby that died was their product, she was only a demon sent along side with you to keep your mother under their control. They knew that as long as there was something to fear about, she would always dance to their tune to make her daughter live and she fell for it. Your mother would have given birth to more children but because she had dined with the devil therefore, she had to eat with a long spoon. Think about it, if truely, I came from them, why would it be a task for you all the days of your life to seek my soul for them. They were only using you as a weapon for self destruction.They wanted to get their own entitlement for the favour shown to your mother …..”child and wealth” but it is written that every good thing comes from the Lord, the father of love. Your parents were rich because the Lord ordained it not by one demonic incantations. You and your mother exchanged a pinch of salt for a whole keg of honey….very pitiful. You have forgotten that if the devil gives you a ride for thirty minutes, it will make you trek for thirty hours. Grandma, why are you afraid of death at old age? Is it because of your sins? Truely It has been written in the book of Romans chapter six verse twenty three says ….. For the wages of sin is death,….. but God gives us one crucial thing…..but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ….you need to accept the gift of eternal peace that God is offering you freely now. He sealed your salvation and freedom with his blood at Calvary. The wealth and powers end here on earth . The only thing that will cross over with you to eternity is your soul but your decision right now will determine whom your soul

will end with. Is it finally with the devil in hell fire or with Christ the real owner of your soul in glorious heaven? Grandma this is the right time to surrender your totality to your maker so as to have a blissful eternal rest.” I counselled.

All of a sudden the mother goddess appeared life, right in front of everyone. The doctor dashed out of the room while chief Adele fell on the floor shivering and rolling up and down with his eyes closed.

“Abike….. leave Kofoworola’s soul for me, her soul and that of her mother belong to me. The word of the ancient says …….behold , everyone that used proverbs shall use this proverb against thee, as the mother, so her daughter is….. She has to pay all the debt that her mother owed me… do not disturb me at this junction ….. because another word of the ancient says….. The father’s have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge… I came for her soul.”

” Hear the word of the ancient of days whose name is Jehovah from me…..what mean ye, that ye use this proverb concerning the land of Isreal, saying, the father’s have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge? …..Behold all souls are mine as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine…….the soul that sinneth, it shall die. The son shall not bear the inquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son …… Ezekiel, chapter eighteen.” I pronounced defencefully.

She began to laugh hysterically. Charles quickly took my hands in his and the two of us fell on our knees and began to worship God…..

“There is none holy as the Lord

There is none beside thee

Neither is there are any rock

As our Lord

There is none holy as the Lord”

” We have a father

Almighty father

Who is King’s of Kings

And Lord of lords

We have a father……”


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Episode 43

We closed our eyes as we worshipped our creator with more songs that spoke of his holiness and greatness for about thirty minutes before it was abruptly stopped by grandma’s screaming the name of Jesus. We opened our eyes to see that the demon had disappeared and Grandma had come to a sitting position.

We hurriedly stood up and moved towards grandma to check on her. She told us that as we knelt down singing the songs of worship, she began to hear so many beautiful voices singing along with us, then she saw the roof opened up and a very bright light shone into the room.

“….. I saw the ray of the light dividing into two. The brightness of the light at my end was radiantly cool and beautiful but the edge of the light toward where mother goddess was standing was very sharp and strong like flames of a big fire and in a twinkling of an eye when the flames of the fire touched her, she dried up and turned into ashes. The flames licked the remains and took it up. My eyes followed the rays of the flames up and I saw someone wearing a glowing white raiment shinning in the sky. The appearance was like a wealthy king. He was flying towards me with speed so I screamed and I didn’t see him again…….” She explained.

“Did the king tells you his name is Jesus?” I was curious to know.

“No, he did not, but something spoke in my mind and I screamed out what I heard.” She replied.

” That was the work of the INTERPRETER.” I said confidently with a smile.

I remembered with pride in the the awesomeness of the almighty, what God did at Mount Carmel, when the prophets of baals challenged the God of heaven. His fire burnt all the offering and licked the water that was poured on it, so I read in the holy book but now it’s was happening in my presence. So with all the waters in the sea the water demon could not stand the fury fire of the Holy One……. “What a mighty God we serve…….” I concluded.

It was very easy to convince lady Kofoworola to renounce her membership in the marine kingdom of the mother goddess and accept Jesus beause he, himself had displayed his mightiness before her presence.

“Jesus, I know I have been a bad person, but not anymore…..I surrender all to you, as my Lord and savior. Please forgive me and accept me and my soul into your kingdom.” Grandma repeated after me after which everyone present chorused an amen.

She apologized all her wrong doings to her husband who readily forgave her. I noticed that, It was not only in physical appearance that my dad and his father resembled each other, even in deeds. During very few times I saw my parents in arguments, my father was always the sheep one despite the fact that he was the man of the home. He was always ready to say “I am sorry sweetheart” or “I have already forgiven you, sweetie”. No wonder, he was with his Lord in an everlasting blissfulness.

Mr Adisa Adele could not hold back his tears as he cuddled his wife affectionately.

“Kofo, I remember how happy we used to be together, but anyways, with my whole heart I forgive you, may God almighty also forgive you.” He prayed.

Grandma extended her apology to me and Charles. Charles told her that he forgave her unbehalf of himself and his family. Grandma asked Charles to please ask his father to come and see her. She sent me to contact Matha and her mother and make sure they see her as soon as possible. She also told her husband to call a family meeting because she wanted to confess and apologize to her children and other relatives that she needed to see. No matter what their reactions would be, they also deserved to know the truth.

Thank God we went to the Adele’s family house on time the second day. We got into the room at about the time when grandpa was preventing one of their granddaughters from beaten up lady Kofo. The lady, couldn’t control her anger and frustrations for the wickedness her grandma had done to her.

The lady in question was Moji. She got herself impregnated when she was in secondary school and gave birth to a still born with a cessarian operation. The doctor informed her parents earlier on that the baby inside their daughter was too big and her womb was not strong and large enough to hold the foetus. So they resulted into an operation but along the line so many complications set in. The womb got perforated and all efforts to correct it through other surgeries home and abroad proofed abortive until the doctors concluded that there was no hope again for her. She was currently living with her parents having been married to different men, five times. I tried to console and persuad all of them to let go no matter how difficult it was. I made them understand that I was also a victim inspite of the distance between us, I was still affected. I counselled them, that it was the devil who had determined to wipe away the memory of Adele family and the gullible lady Kofo was only a tool in their hands to achieve their aims. I begged and begged, but while some forgave grandma, many of them left in annoyance and much grief. Those of us that were left behind hugged ourselves in tears. It was a festival of tears that night in Adele’s mighty mansion which was peaceful and attractive on the outside but the inside was an ugly masked living hell.

My cousins and aunts who had remained insisted I spend the night with them in the mansion. So I sleptover while Charles went back home to plead with his father to honour lady Kofo’s call. We held an all night vigil in grandma’s room. We prayed and prayed for God by his mercy to break the ancestral shackles of barreness in Adele’s family. I blessed God because many of them were born again Christians so it was easy to carry others that were not along. At the end the prayer section, the INTERPRETER told me to asked grandma to bless all of us present which she did wholeheartedly. With tears, she asked God to visit our lives by hid mercy.

Madam Gold and Matha flew in the next morning in response to my calls and assurance that they were going to be safe. Mr Adisa Adele was glad to see her daughter. He introduced her to the rest of the family and was gladly accepted. Then I took them upstairs to meet lady Kofoworola. We met her seriously studying the Bible which I gave her the previous day. She looked away from the Bible when she saw us entered her room. I winked reassuringly at her and she responded with a grin.

“Is that Matha, my daughter?”

She asked with an outstretched arms. Matha reluctantly went into her arms and later knelt down to greet. Madam Gold looked from me to Grandma and gave me a fearful look. I signalled to her to relax. At about that time, aunty Olamiposi (my wealth increases) came in with grandpa to join us. Lady Kofo called her first daughter and handed Matha over to her.

“That is one of your father’s seeds. She’s your blood, take good care of her for me.” She ordered.

Charles wheeled his father in and everyone, including my other two aunts and their daughters kept quiet except grandma, who kept apologising for her wrong doings in Pa Sam’s family.

“….. Kofo, I have accepted my fate a long time ago. If it was you who did all these to me then it was God who permitted you to punish me because I was also guilty of my offence…….sometimes ago, I was also wicked to people. I have taken away many innocent lives and wasted so many destinies. I was very brutal and I fear no man but God dealt with in his own way……hmmmm it was nemesis my dear. Why won’t I forgive you? I was no better than you….so I forgive you from the deepest part of my heart, the Lord will also forgive, Kofo.” He prayed.

“Thank you my brother…. God will heal your heart, your life and your home in the name lord.” She prayed.

Grandma told Madam Gold and grandpa to move closer to her.

“My dear husband. I appreciate you for your love, care, attention and kindness ever since we got married. I thank you for your understanding and forgiven nature…. please don’t forget that I love you so much.” Grandma said softly.

Grandpa returned her speech with love. She then turned to madam Gold.

“Kemi, I know that you are not in any serious relationship. Please take good care of my husband for me… children are also in your care……you are now their mother from my heart, I give you my blessings….my dear daughters and granddaughters, I thank you for forgiven me even when I don’t deserve it because my sins are great but your love and understanding is greater. Abike, my Allamanda, thanks for making the remaining days of my life beautiful. I leave you all in the mighty hands of almighty Jehovah, the Creator of heaven and earth. The book I am holding says somewhere that he is the God of all flesh and there is nothing he cannot do. I bless you all today that the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus will locate each and everyone of you.” She prayed.

She asked me to come and sit on the bed which I did. She stretched her body on the bed and placed her head on my laps. My heart began to beat hard because this could mean only one thing….

Her husband encouraged her to get hold of herself firmly and get better soon. But I saw another thing. I followed grandma’s gaze as she slowly moved her face towards the enrance of the room and smiled peacefully. The Lord opened my eyes and saw this angel again…. angel of Mercy. I immediately knew what was coming. Charles gave me knowing look and smiled. I guessed he too had seen the sign. Jesus loved lady Kofo too much, it might be that she was part of the chosen ones. He allowed her to see him and now he had sent the angel of Mercy to accompany her in journey to eternity……… MERCY was going to speak on her behalf on every junction she was found guilty….because mercy prevails over judgement…..despite all her sins she still received the mercy of God. No wonder he said in the book of Romans, nine chapters fifteen and sixteen………I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then it is not of he that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that showeth mercy.

I saw that her spirit was already with the angel. She smiled lightly at me and bade me good bye. She left with the angel silently. The vision came to a close and I quickly looked down to my grandma’s face, I still saw that smile of peace and contentment even as she was deeply asleep never to wake up again until the day of ressurection.

“Thank you Jesus…..” I muttered with silent tears flowing down my face. I raised my head up. No one was needed to be told that lady Kofoworola Adele had gone beyond the sea.

To be continued……

It was laid in my spirit that we pray this prayer point

* At every junction of my life,,where I needed to face your scary judgement let your MERCY speaks for me…….


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