Marriage Saga Episode 1_

Tola is married to Wale for over eight years now and they had three kids. Two girls and a boy. Wale is a very hardworking business man who always listen to his wife’s advice. Tola is a good woman, Tola always fast and pray for her family especially her husband business.

All Tola wishes was his husband success so she always dishes out good ideas and advice to her husband. Tola love wale so much,she can do anything for him

Early last year, Tola tried to talk to Wale to invest in other deals that will profit him in his business but Wale always refused because he Taught he will go bankruptcy. Tola still insist on his husband to invest on the new business. ‘I know and I believe it will come out well,trust me’

Tola heard always been Wale personal adviser especially in his business and it always turn at well but if she advised him against a business and he still invest he always run into lost.

Because of that Wale always listen to his wife and he did this time and to his surprise it turn up big profit and he become extremely rich.

Tola and Wale were very happy and live happily together until when Wale parents got separated.

Wale mother left his father with his father half property for her lover in another country it breaks Wale heart that all women are the same if his mum he looked up to can do such thing. His love for his wife and respect for women died. He now feel all women are after money,when money is not there again they will leave you like bad habit.

All he do now is to vent his anger on Tola. He stopped giving Tola money,he only provide the basic needs by buying food Stuffs in the house himself and paying the children school fees. He stopped telling Tola about his business or getting advice from her.

Tola was a house wife. With time she was now looking unkept since the husband no longer give him money to take care of herself. She did not mind since her husband was still in her life.

With time Tola was the talk of the town,how she now look unkept.She decided to engage in her own business in other to take care of herself and be able to send money to her parents since Wale stoped that too.She visited her friend Tolani to lend her money to start a business but she refused that why is she always borrowing money from her when Tola husband was thickly rich.

All Tola explanation felt on her deaf ear.

She went home crying and embarrassed. She wondered all through her way home why her husband was treating her like that and he knew,he was the only child of his parents they need her for there financial support.

She decided to get a job, she came out with 2:1 in Business Administration. When she got married immediately she roundup her service the husband asked her not to work that he will take care of her and her parents but now he his not doing as he promised and Tola is tired of all these especially because of her parents that suffered to sent her to school.

Marriage Saga

Episode 2

Tola told Wale about her plan to get a job in other to take care of her parents and the necessity.

Wale was so angry ‘ so you want peopleto think I’m not responsible,are you hungry or what are the kids hungry so your plan is to disgrace me right? Wale asked

‘ My Husband the main reason I want to take a job is because of my mother, I need to take care of them’.

‘You want to disobey me now right, because I stopped being your ATM machine from day one We agreed that you won’t work but now you want to disobey me..all women are just the same’

Tola tried to make him understand but it was all futile. He walked out of the house.

decided to go on with her plans of getting a Job, with or without Femi’s approval with the hope that he will change his mind, when she gets the Job.

Tola cried all night long,she wondered what happened to her husband he was not like this before. She still insists and kept on searching for a good paying job.

Few weeks later Tola got a job and when her husband found out he was extremely angry at her and decided to end there marriage since Tola refused to listen to his rule. She tried to explain but he refused to listen.

Wale stop eating Tola’s food and also stop coming home. She told her husband people about it after they talked to wale he still did not change. Tola left her job for peace to rain in her home but it did not end that way.

Wale stopped picking her calls which got Tola more worried and devastated.

One day Tola got a call from her father that her mother was very sick and admitted at the hospital. The doctor said they needed to operate her and 100k must be dropped before anything. Tola called her husband repeatedly so that he can help out but he did not pick his calls as usual.

Tola went to Wale room and searched everywhere he saw 50 thousand Naria and quickly ran to bank and sent it to her father promising to send the remaining 50 thousand soon.

Her father thank and and told her not to do as she promised.

Tola cried she don’t even know how to get the remaining money for her mother’s operation.

STORY Continues

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