⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 11✓


“Mia,you’re going to be a live-in housekeeper in his house for three months” Boss said.

“What!” We all exclaimed.

“Noo! She’s going nowhere” Joel said adding more to our shock.

“Joel! Are you okay? How dare you defy me!!” Boss shouted in anger.
“I’m sorry boss,I..it was a slip of tongue” Joel quickly fell on his knees.
“How dare you!” Boss thundered again.

“He’s sorry boss” We all pleaded on his behalf.
“I’m doing this for everyone of us. Agent Darrel is be capable of hunting us and he might succeed in it,the only way we can stop him is to get him killed. We’ve been trying that but to no avail,yet i proffered a solution and you dare defy me” Boss said,his anger turning to rage.

Boss doesn’t tolerate that!
Joel should know already,he isn’t new here.

“I’m sorry boss” Joel pleaded.
“Get up and out of my sight now” Boss said and Joel quickly stood up and walked out of the dark room.

I sighed and rubbed my forehead..

But…will i really go live with that being for three months?

Who am i to defy boss though.

Boss sat on a chair and breathed in,guess he’s trying to calm his nerves before speaking up again.

“Are you really going to stay with that supernatural being for three months” Anne whispered to me and i replied her with a shrug.
“B..boss i can do that instead,it seems Mia is not willing to. I swear down. I won’t fail this time” Carla said.

“Carla just shut up and give me some time to think!” Boss half yelled.
“I’m sorry Boss” Carla bowed.

“Call Joel back in” Boss said and Robbie quickly went to do that.
They both walked in few minutes later with Joel looking sober.

“I’m sorry boss” He bowed before boss.
“Why did you said Mia is going no where?” Boss asked and Joel glanced at me.

I don’t know why he said that either..
I guess he’s scared for me knowing how strong Darrel is.

“Nothing boss..it was a slip of tongue” Joel said.
“The words were inside of you before it slipped off your tongue. You’ve never defied me. Now tell me the reason you said so” Boss said with a note of finality and with this Joel have no choice than to say something.

“I’m..im only scared for her… Darrel might fight out who she is before the three months elapse and he might hurt her” Joel said.

I was right.

“Whatever reason it might be! Never question my order,i will pardon you cause you’ve never done this before,when next you try this. I won’t spare you” Boss said.
“Okay Boss” Joel said.

“Mia” Boss turned to me.
“Yes boss”
“Tony informed me that Darrel Holden has been searching for a live-in housekeeper and that was when i had the thought of you going for it”
“What if he has seen one already?”
“He hasn’t and that’s why you’ll go apply for it tomorrow”
“Okay” I mumbled.

“It’ll be fair to explain the reason of you being our enemy’s housekeeper for three months;

First;You’ve attempted to kill Darrel severally but failed, i want you to go find out what type of power he possesses.
Secondly; you’ll have to stay with him for long so no one will suspect a thing when he dies and by then you’ll have known his weakness and that’s exactly what will be used against him” Boss said.
“Alright boss, I’ll make sure i do my work diligently” I said.

“Robbie will fabricate an ID card for you,you can’t use your real ID cause that will put us at risk. Remember Darrel is a smart guy”
“Does that mean I’ll change my name?” I asked.
“Nah, you’ll continue being Mia,just few things will be changed”

“You’ve both battled severally, don’t you think he would have caught a whiff of your scent or by chance seen your face” Anne said.
“Nah,I’m always on mask and about my fragrance I’m gonna change it” I said.

“He never detected the real colour of your hair too right?” Robbie asked.
“He never did” I said.
“Then you’re good to go” Anne smiled.

“Your three months stay in his house has to be completely normal,you mustn’t make him suspect a thing and you must be reporting everything you notice about him”
“Okay Boss” I said.

“You’ll go for missions while in his house,i trust you to be able to cope with that” Boss said.
“Yes boss,the missions will only be at night right? Cause he might be suspicious if i gone out repeatedly in the day” I said.
“Yeah, you’ll be going for night missions while Anne will go for day mission” Boss said and Anne giggled happily beside me.

“Get ready,cause you’re gonna be going to his house tomorrow. He’s gonna ask you a lot of questions. I hope you’re prepared?” Boss asked.
“I’m gonna prepare her for everything” Robbie smiled sweetly and i gave him thumb up.

“Okay then…you can all leave. I still have some things to do” Boss said and we all bowed before walking to the door.
“I’m gonna miss you” Anne said as we walked out of the door.
“Com’on we aren’t sure if he’s gonna employ me yet” I said.
“Of course he will,who won’t employ a beauty” Anne said.

“A beauty indeed” Carla spat behind us before walking away.

“Real psychopath” I laughed with Anne.
I was about turning to the direction of my room.

“Mia come for your lesson” Robbie shouted from the living room.
“Ahh!!” I sighed and Anne laughed.

🔱Next Day🔱

“Dress formally” Robbie said to me.
I was about going into my room to start getting dressed for Darrel’s place.
“Okay” I hurried to my room..

Its 1pm already..

I walked into my room and closed the door behind me.
Do i need to shower?
It’s just gonna take my time,i don’t want boss to be pissed at me.

I got to my wardrobe and pulled it opened, i quickly selected my outfit.

A pair of black pants with a floral shirt.
I slid out of the short gown i was putting on and quickly got into my selected wear.
I folded the gown and placed it on my drawer.

Shoes next!
I glanced at my shoe rack.

All i gat are boots and slippers,i don’t have a professional shoe!

“Anne” I called loudly.
“On my way Mia” She said and in seconds she was opening my door and walking into my room.
“What?” She asked.
“I just realised i don’t have a professional shoe” I said, pointing to my shoe rack.

“Woah! Really? Then you need to get one. Hold on,I’ll give you mine for today” She said and bursted out of my room before i could say thanks.

I smiled and started attending to my hair.
My real hair.

I already set it in curls before Anne came in.
She had the shoes in her hands but a surprised look on her face .

“Wow,I’ve never seen you get your hair done this way” She smiled.
“I don’t do this often” I said applying some lipgloss on my lips.
“It’s beautiful” She said and dropped the shoes,that was when i had a closer look.
“It’s lovely” I smiled and bent to pick it up.

“Yeah but remember you have 30 minutes left” She said and i gasped.
I dropped the shoes and resumed what i was doing.

“Like seriously you wanna apply mascara?” Anne asked and i nodded. Hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to read more of these story from Novela and story room , house of stories room,fresh stories kingdom, Storybaze.
“Your lashes already look black and lush even without mascara” She said and i smiled.
“Well..i guess i will keep it then” i said and dropped the mascara.

I slid my feet into the shoes and oh..my..
Not just my feet but my whole legs felt at peace.
I adjusted my shirt over my pants properly and then picked the handbag which already had the fabricated ID card in it.

“Wow…you’re a goddess” Anne and i didn’t know how my smile got wider.

Gotta go.


I alighted from the cab in front of Darrel’s mansion.
“Bye” The cab man smiled at me before driving away.

He didn’t get to grab his pay.
I think he purposely did that… He has been hitting on me since i boarded his cab.

Mia,do what you came here for…
I turned and was facing the gate,i felt a bit nervous and hesitated before ringing the bell.

I just hope he won’t suspect anything.

The gate opened on my third ring and the gate keeper stood there.
I’ve seen him twice when i came to attempt Darrel’s murder.

I only decided to spare the gatekeeper’s life then..
He should have been long gone by now .

I cleared my throat…”Good afternoon”
“Good afternoon,how may i help you?” He smiled brightly.
“Well…I’m here to apply for the job of a live-in housekeeper” I said.
“Ohh…come in” He said and paved way for me.
I did and he locked the gate behind us.

Beautiful building!
I don’t usually come in through the gate so i never knew the building was this beautiful.

“Hold on,I’ll go get agent Darrel” He said and my heart skipped a bit by the sound of his name.
“Okay” I faked a smile.

He walked briskly to the front door , opened it and disappeared into the house.

My gaze was all around the house.
I feel like climbing the walls… perfect building!

I can’t believe I’m still feeling nervous and it grew higher when the gatekeeper appeared with Darrel who was looking smokingly hot in his shorts and t-shirt,her hair fell over his forehead and his beautiful dark eyes peered into mine for a while.
I released the breath i didn’t know i was holding when he looked away.

He stood by the door while the gate keeper walked back to me.
Did he ask him to discard me?

“You can go join him by the door” The gatekeeper said.
“Okay thanks” I said and began walking to Darrel,his gaze was on me all the while and i nearly tripped.


Why’s he staring at me?
I feel like knocking off his head already.

“Hello” I said when i got to him.
“Hi” He said,his gaze not leaving my eyes.
He looked different, though I’ve seen him severally when i came to attempt his murder but i guess i didn’t see him clearly because of the mask i was always putting on.
He’s looking more hot! and of course cute.

“What can i do for you?” He asked.
“I’m here to apply for the job of a live-in housekeeper” I said.
“Can i see your ID card?” He asked.
“Yeah” I dipped my hand into my almost empty handbag and brought out the fabricated ID card.
I stretched it to him and our hands brushed when he collected it.

What did i feel just now??

He was studying the ID card when his phone beeped,he brought out his phone.
I guess it was a message…he handed the ID card back to me with his gaze still glued on his phone.

If he had studied the ID card thoroughly,he might have found out it’s fabricated cause of how smart he is.
I quickly hid the card back in my bag.

He glanced back at me and i almost turned to walk away when his eyes peered deeply into mine.
“You look familiar,have i seen you before?” He asked.


“I can’t say” I faked a smile and blinked my eyes severally to distract him.
“Okay” He returned his phone to his pocket.

“So…how did you find out I’m in need of a live-in housekeeper?” He asked.
Looking into his eyes almost made me forget everything Robbie taught me.

‘Com’on Mia!’

I braced up ” I saw it online”
“Okay,so i wasn’t the one that posted it online,you should have called the number instead of coming here. I’m not the one to hire you” He said and i had to hid my disappointment.
“I actually called the number but it wasn’t going through” i lied.
“How did you get the home address?” He asked.
“It was uploaded online alongside the qualifications for the job” I replied as professionally as i could.

“Ohh…i wonder why Edwin didn’t delete the post yet cause I’ve found a gatekeeper already and he’ll be resuming tomorrow” He said.
I bit my bottom lip…i was about proceeding to say i can do the job better than anyone but i didn’t want to look desperate.

“Okay” I said.
“Thanks for coming. I hope you see better job opportunities. Bye” He said and his phone beeped again.
“Thanks” I said and started walking away disappointedly.

Boss really thought i would get the job!
Why did I always fail in everything regarding this man!
And why the hell did he ask those questions when he already found someone else.


I already got to the gate and the gatekeeper was starting to open the gate for me.

“Hey…wait” I heard him called and then turned..

What again?
Damn! Has he suspected something.

“You’re hired” He said to my surprise.

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 12✓

⚔️Darrel’s POV⚔️

“Hey,wait” I called on her after receiving a message from Edwin saying the housekeeper I’m expecting tomorrow morning won’t be available anymore.

She turned..

“You’re hired” I said and could read the surprise in her expression.

She’s beautiful…i mean damn! beautiful.
Her eyes looks incredibly familiar.
I guess i once saw her lookalike in California.

“Huh?” She widened her eyes and started walking back to me.

I don’t just know…there’s this strange feeling.

“You’re hired” I said.
“But you just said….”
“I just received a message that the housekeeper i was expecting tomorrow won’t be available anymore.”
“Ohh” She smiled and i felt myself drawn to her.

“So…when do i start?” She asked, grinning.
“Your name?” I asked.
“Huh?…I gave you my ID card earlier” She said.
“Ohh… right! I didn’t take a good look at it then,i was distracted. Let me have it back” I said.
“I’m Mia Cunnane” She said.

Why’s everything about her so rare.. including her name.

“Why do you want to apply for this job? You look better than being a housekeeper” I said and she adjusted her handbag.

What’s so strange about her that i can’t figure out?
I’m good at reading people but this particular lady is a bit complicated.

” I’ve always loved housekeeping,the jobs i do doesn’t give me the satisfaction i feel whenever I’m taking care of a house” She said.
“Really? That means you’ve worked as a housekeeper in several places” I said and saw her hesitate before replying.

“Yeah..I’ve worked at few houses”
“Okay,you haven’t given me your ID card ” I said.
“Oh” She blinked rapidly before dipping her hand into her handbag.

Her beauty is so disturbing and i wondered if there are more beautiful ladies in New York?

The color of her hair hooked my gaze .
Its golden brown… perfect golden brown.
She even had them in curls.

My gaze scrolled her whole body and stopped at her feet.
Great body plus beauty.

Nathaniel was grinning where he stood.
Of course…who wouldn’t be obsessed by this beauty?
I’m not obsessed though.

“Hello…here it is” Mia snapped me out of my thoughts and i felt like hitting my damn head on the wall.
She caught me staring at her?

“I’m sorry if i made you uncomfortable with my stare but i have to scan the person I’ll be employing” I said.
“It’s fine. Here’s the ID card” She stretched it to me.
I took it and quickly scanned through it.

“You’re 25?” I asked and she nodded.
“I’m 28” I said and she gave me a ‘what-does-that-have-to-do-with-me look.

Darrel,do you have to act this way in the presence of someone who’s starting to see you as a Boss!

I stretched her ID card back to her.

“When do i resume?” She asked, quickly tucking the ID card back into her bag.
What’s with the rush though?

“Right now” i said and she gasped.
“Just joking” I smiled.
“You have to resume the same day my supposed housekeeper is to resume which is…”
“Tomorrow” She completed my words.
“Yeah” I said trying not to smile..

“Can you please give me more days to prepare?” She asked.
“Prepare? All you just have to do is get your luggage and resume,everything you’ll be needing is here already or do housekeepers prepare?” I asked.
“Uh..you know I’ll be a live-in housekeeper so i have to… prepare and good-bye to everyone” She said.

“You’ve never been a live-in before?” I asked and she nodded.
“Then why did you apply for it?”
“Everything does have a start” She said.
“I need someone who’s experienced” I said.

Darrel…she looks experienced enough!

“Being a live-in housekeeper is not much different to being a housekeeper. The works are the same,the difference is just the ‘live-in’ “
“Okay then… when do you want to resume?”
“A day after tomorrow” She said.
“Not bad” I said.

“Thanks for letting me have the job. I’m gonna do my best” She bowed a little.
“Of course you will but you should know the interview is not over,i will interview you more when you resume” He said.
“What!” She exclaimed.
“What?” I asked.
“You mean..the interview is not over?” She asked.
“Of course it is not. We’ll have to discuss about your pay and some other things” i said.
“Okay. Thanks again for the job opportunity” She smiled.

“You’re welcome. Do you know who i am?” I asked.
“No” She pressed her soft looking lips together.
“And you didn’t bother to ask?”
“Well…i wanted to but you said our interview is not over yet.”
“Till the next interview then…i won’t want you ranting about my name and then paparazzi is gonna be here the next minute” I said.
“I don’t rant” She said.

She got some nerves.

“And i don’t even recognize you as a celebrity” She said.

That hurts.

“Do you read news at all?” I asked.
“Nah! I while away my time working my butts off” She said and i glanced at her fingers.

Her fingers doesn’t look sore to like someone who works so much.
It’s looking well manicured instead.
I guess she treated it before coming here.

And about her butts!
She just told me she works her butt off.
I will need to have a good look at it when she turns to leave.

I cleared my throat after noticing she’s waiting for me to speak up.

“You can leave now..you need to start packing up anyway” I said.
“Be here by 10am,the day you’re to resume”
She smiled. “Okay.. thanks so much”
“Bye” i said and she bowed.
She turned and started walking away.

My gaze registered on her butts which swayed with each step she took.

Those butts doesn’t look like one who has been off with work.
It looks so round and…

I slapped myself back into reality.

She was already walking out of the gate.
She waved at Nathaniel who waved back happily before locking the gate.

He ran back to me in smiles..

I can’t believe a lady will make Nathaniel smile this way.

“Agent Darrel, she’ll be working here right?” He asked.
“No” i said and his smile disappeared.
He looked so disappointed that i nearly laughed.
“I was just joking… she’ll be working here” I said and his face brightened up again.


“I thought you have a girlfriend” i said.
“Of course i do and i love her so much” He said.
“Then why are you so excited about a lady coming to work here?” I asked.
“Well…I’ve always wanted to have a female friend” He grinned.
“Ohh… congratulations then” I said.

“Aren’t you happy we are gonna be having a lady in the house?” He asked.
“Why should i be?” I asked, though I’m a bit glad there will be a lady in the house.
“It’ll save us from your…” He hesitated and shifted back a little “Terrible meals” He laughed before running off.
“Damn!” I laughed too.

Nathaniel and i have gotten undeniably close over the week.
He has been a great company,he always fill me in on everything i need to know.

I’ve started working over the assassin’s case but I’m not progressing like i would love to..
She just keep sneaking into my room and attempting to kill me everytime.
Why am i not dead yet?
It’s a miracle indeed…I’m living in the most highest grace.

I plan to go to the hotel where Mr Padgett was assassinated…
I need to go collect their surveillance tape.

“I’ll be making chicken casserole for lunch” I said to Nathaniel who smiled.
“I won’t be making your portion” i said and he came running over.
“Aw! Will you be that callous to your gatekeeper” He said.
“Nah! But i won’t like to feed my gatekeeper with a terrible meal” I said.
“I’m gonna manage it. After all,it’s my boss’s homemade meal” He smiled.

“That doesn’t change my mind” I said and turned to the door.
“Please Boss” He pleaded playfully.
“Well…you can quickly run after Mia and request your lunch from her” I gave him a sneaky smile.

“Her name is Mia?” He smiled.
“Damn! How could i have told you that” i said and he laughed..
“When will she be resuming?” He asked.
“I’m not gonna tell you…get the car ready,we will both be living for…hotel after lunch” I said.
“Okay” He said sullenly.

“Even if you raise your two cheeks up, together with your forehead. I won’t tell you when she’ll resume” I said and opened the door.
I stepped in and closed it behind me only to hear Nathaniel laughing hard.

I smiled and shook my head..

I was about heading to the kitchen when my phone vibrated in my pocket.
I quickly brought it out..

It’s a video call.

I smiled and quickly went to sit on the couch before accepting the call.

“Hey” I smiled.
I’ve missed her beautiful face though.
“Darrel” She called, smiling happily.
“How’re you?” I asked.
She tucked her hair behind her ear.
“Of course I’m not fine. I’m missing you terribly” She shut her eyes tightly before popping it back open.
“I miss you more…look,your cheeks are getting fatter” I said and she laughed.

“Of course, you’ve been eating your sumptuous meals alone” I said.
“Not really but i bet you do eat lots of meals there” She said.
“Nah! You know how terrible my cooking is” I said and she laughed.

“Your housekeeper hasn’t resumed yet?” She asked.
“He’s not resuming anymore” I said.
“Damn! Really?”
“Yeah but i found another housekeeper” I said.
“Ohh…great! A male right?” She asked.
“Uh…no! A female” I said and saw her expression changed.
“A female?” She asked.
“Ohh…you mean,like a granny?”
“No,a lady. A beautiful lady” I said.

“What! But how could…” She was saying but stopped.
She look a bit angry.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“Never mind” She said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah…what’s her name? I need to run a background check on her” She said.
“Mia Cunnane”
“Okay bye!” Her face disappeared from my phone.

I sighed and stood up.


“I’ve been hired!” I said excitedly as i walked into the living room. Do not forget to join us on our Telegram page through+233544142683 to read intriguing stories from there.
I noticed boss was the only one absent.

“OMG! Really?” Anne rushed to me.
“That’s my Mia. Go girl! I knew you’d pull it on” Robbie gave me thumb up.
I smiled and winked at him.

“You mean you’ve been hired?” Carla asked.
“Yeah” I smiled.
“Is that the reason you’re this excited? Cause you’re gonna be living with some guy?” Joel asked.

I noticed he has been cold to me since boss announced that I’m gonna be Darrel Holden live-in housekeeper.

“She has to be excited cause Boss will be so glad” Anne said.
“Of course am” We heard boss said.
We turned and saw him walking into the living room with a glass cup of wine in hand.
I smiled.

“I’m proud of you Mia, i sent you there knowing he already gat a housekeeper to resume soon but yet you came back victoriously” He said.

“Well…he actually told me that he already hired a housekeeper and he’s gonna resume tomorrow and i was at the gate when he called me back and told me i was hired. The housekeeper to resume won’t be available anymore” I said.
“Plus,he was enticed by your beauty” Anne smiled.
“Wow! The job was specially made for you.” Robbie said.
“Of course” Boss said.

“But…” I hesitated.
“What?” They all asked.
“I’m to resume a day after tomorrow” I said.
“What!” They exclaimed except boss though.
“He actually asked me to resume tomorrow but i had to lie that i have to prepare and bid everyone bye” I said.

“That’s fine,i would also like you to resume soonest so we can get done with all of this. Robbie,prepare Mia and teach her everything she needs to know about housekeeping.” Boss said.
“My pleasure boss” Robbie smiled.
“Mia,once you’re done,come to my room.” Boss said.
“Okay boss” I bowed and we all watched him walk away.
Joel also stood up and walked away.

“Joel” I called.
“What?” He snapped.
“Nevermind” I said and turned back to face Anne.
Carla hissed loudly before getting up from the couch.

So childish!

“You need to gist me about how everything went” Anne said eagerly.
“Of course” i said.

“No! Come for your housekeeping lessons Mia” Robbie said, looking so professional that we laughed.


I quickly wiped my hands on the napkin and hurried to the living room where i heard my phone ringing.

Not a video call.

I loosened my apron a bit before receiving the call.

📞Hi ka..

📞Darrel,i couldn’t find some necessary information about that lady! Looks like she hid it.


📞Yeah,the only people that do hide from informations are criminals.
Darrel! She’s a criminal!!


⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 13✓


📞Yeah,the only people that do hide their necessary informations are criminals.
Darrel! She’s a criminal!!


I sighed…📞Katy,she’s not a criminal.

📞Do you know her? You just met her and you’re saying she’s not a criminal.

📞Katy she’s not!

📞Then what explain the hidden information about her?

📞You know well that some people loves to be private.


I sniffed in some burning smell and my eyes widened immediately.

📞Katy,I have to go. The meal is burning!” I said and disconnected the call before running to the kitchen.

🤩Next day


“He’s headed to the direction of D&A hotel” Robbie said to boss.
“Ohh..” Boss said.
“Could he be going to the hotel” I said.
“Of course…he already started his investigation”

“Is there anything to be afraid of?” Anne asked.
“Nah,he won’t find out anything” Boss said.

“Mia, you’ll be leaving tomorrow right?”
“Yes boss” I said.
“I hope you’re strongly prepared?”
“Trust me ßoss” I smiled.
“Good” He said and stood up.

“I believe Joel has taught you how to make delicacies?”
“Anne will.” I said and glanced at Joel who look like he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.
“Okay. I’ll be going to take a nap” Boss said and walked away.

“Can i come visit you in that house?” Carla asked.
“Of course not! Robbie said.
“Just shut up! ” Carla snapped and turned back to me.
“Well…I’m not in the position to answer that. You can ask boss” I said.
“But you know boss won’t allow me come!”
“Then you can’t come” I said and took Anne’s hand, ignoring Carla’s deep glare.

“Let’s go to the kitchen” I said to Anne.
“Oh yes! I’ll be the boss for once and you’ll be the apprentice” She said and i smiled.
“I’m gonna miss you” She said sadly.
“Me too” I said..

“Mia,can we talk?” I heard Joel asked.
I turned to him.
“Anne needs to show me how to make some dishes now. I’ll come to you when we’re done” I said and walked away with Anne without waiting for his response.

“That was a bit mean” Anne smirked.
“He has been acting coldly to me for some days now and he just popped up suddenly telling me we need to talk. About what?”
“Ohh…i think I’ve realised why Carla is always calling him lover boy” Anne said and i shrugged.
“You’re the lover girl” She pointed at me.
“Stop it” I said.

“OMG…are you blushing?” Anne teased.
“Com’on! I’m not” I said.

“I’m not happy you’ll be going to live in that guy’s house” Joel said.
We were both seated outside after dinner.
“I’m not very excited either but i have to follow boss order” I said.

“You look like you’re excited about it” He said.
“Is that why you’ve been giving me cold shoulders?” I asked.
“No..I’m sorry about that” He said.
“No need to be sorry,it’s fine” I said.
“Can’t you just kill him before three months and come back?” He asked and i laughed.

“I can’t…i have to follow boss order and even without boss order,i would love to know the type of person that guy is. He looks like someone with lots of secret” I said.
“Is that the reason you were so excited about going to live with him for three months?”
“At first; i wasn’t so happy about it but now I’m very happy,i can’t place the reason though”

“Ohh…” He gave a smile that didn’t reach his cheeks.
“I know you aren’t happy that I’ll be living with agent Darrel but can i know why?” I asked.
“I..i…i i just don’t want you getting hurt” He said.
“Really? Is that all?” I asked.
“Thanks for caring about me, I’ll make sure i don’t get hurt okay?”
He nodded.

“Okay then..is that all you have to say? I need to go to bed,you know I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning” I said.
“Oh..fine, goodnight” He said.
I stood up…”Won’t you go in too?” I asked.
“Nah! I wanna stay out longer” He said.
“Okay… goodnight” I said and walked into the house.


I alighted from a cab in front of Darrel Holden building.
I dragged my luggage beside me and opened my purse to bring out some dollar bills for the cabman.

He drove off after collecting his pay while i stood in front of the gate,ready to ring the bell.
Surprisingly,the gate opened and revealed the beaming gatekeeper.

“Hi” I said.
“Hey” He grinned and helped me with my luggage.
“Thanks” I said.
“Come in” He paved way for me and i walked in.
He locked the gate.

“Did you know I’ll be resuming today?” I asked.
“Of course. I opened the gate immediately i heard a cab drove off” He said and i smiled.

“I’m Mia,I’ll be working as a housekeeper here,nice to meet you” I said and stretched out my hand which he gladly collected.
“I’m Nathaniel,I’m a gatekeeper here. Nice to meet you too. I hope we become friends” He shook my hand happily.
“Of course” I smiled.

“Come with me” He said and we both started walking to the door.
He rang the bell and we stood for some minutes before the door opened and for some unknown reason,my heart skipped a beat when i saw him standing by the door.

He looked so relaxed and cute…
“Good morning” I said.
“Ohh… you’re here..good morning to you too” He said and glanced at the smiling Nathaniel.
He shook his head.

“Come in” He said, leaving the door opened.
I walked in with Nathaniel who was carrying my luggage.

Beautiful interior,the setting is heavenly.

“Have your seat,I’ll be right back” Darrel said to me before walking away.
I sat down on the soft couch,still looking around.

“I’ll leave now Mia” Nathaniel said and dropped my luggage beside me.
“Okay Nath, thanks so much” I said.
“It’s fine” He smiled and started walking to the door.
“And i really loved what you just called me now” He said, turning back to me.
“You mean; Nath?”
“Yeah!” He grinned and i smiled.

He finally walked out of the door.

Nice dude.

“Do you care for some coffee?” I heard Darrel asked loudly and i wondered if there’s anyone else living in the house with him.
He repeated his question and that was when i knew he was referring to me.

“No, thanks” I said.

He asked me for coffee?
Don’t feel special Mia,he would have asked anyone. He looks like a nice person.
So sad,I’ll be taking his life soon and i can’t wait.

Bidding my team bye was the hardest thing to do and for the first time in years,i nearly cried.
I’m gonna miss them so much..

Just three months…
i can’t wait to get back to them already.

“Good thing you kept to time” Darrel jolted me out of my thoughts.
I sat up tight.

He sat opposite me with a cup of steaming coffee in hand.
How could a guy look so handsome even in a simple wear.

“That shows how serious you are about the job” He said and shifted the cup of coffee closer to his thin lips before sipping it.

He kept talking about this housekeeper job like it’s some sort of a high class job.

“I did a background check on you” He said and my heart beat increased.
“You have lots of things hidden. May i ask why?”
“Uhh…I’m a very private person,i don’t reveal much about myself” I said, hoping he’ll believe me.
“Okay,i thought so too” He said.

“So… do you live with your family?” He asked.
“Have you forgotten? Our interview continues…” He said.
“Ohh” I said.

“So,do you live with your family?” He asked again.
“Nah. My parents lives in California” I lied.
“Yas!” He suddenly exclaimed.
“I kept saying your face looks familiar, you’ve been to California?”

“Yeah…to check on my parents” I said.
“Good, you gat any sibling?”
“Yes, an older brother” I said.
“He stays with your parents?” He asked and i nodded.
“You already told me your age,may i ask the reason you wanna do this job. You look way better than the job” He said.

“I need to have more experience and also need to earn more money” I said.
“Fine,let’s talk about your pay. How much would you like to have?” He asked.
“It’s up to you…you decide and then we can negotiate” I said.
“I won’t be the one paying you though…the people who made me stay in this building will. Once they are here,you negotiate with them”
“Okay” I said..

He picked a napkin and wiped his mouth.
“I think i should tell you about myself” He said.
“The interview is over?” I asked.
“Nah! I might still pop up some questions along the way” He said and i sighed.

What sort of human is this?

“I’m Darrel Holden, a CIA agent” He said with so much pride that might make one want to be a CIA agent.
“Ohh…the famous Darrel Holden” I said.
“I thought you said you don’t know me” I said.
“I do hear your name but I’ve never seen your picture”

“This is supposed to be a secret but i guess it’ll be fine if i tell you” He said.
“I was transferred from California to this city to help capture the assassin that has been killing people cruelly” He said.
“Yeah and I’ll make sure i capture her” He said.
“Ohh…” I smiled.

“She seems more dangerous than you think” I said.
“Of course i know, I’m very ready for her. I’ll give all it takes to make her face the law” He said and i felt like grabbing his neck immediately.
“It’s meant to be a private investigation, don’t go about telling people okay?” He said.
“I won’t and it’s a pleasure to start working in this building” I said.
“Of course it is. I need to ask one more question..”


“Go ahead” I said.
“Where do you stay? I have to go there and find out your reputation” He said.


“Ohh…my home address is a bit hidden and it’ll be difficult for you to find it since you just got to New York. I’ll take you there when I’m relaxed” I said.
“Ohh.. really? You’ll take me there yourself?”
“Yeah” I rubbed my sweaty palms together.
“That shows you have a good reputation,i don’t have to go anymore” He said and i almost sighed in relief.


“You’re employed already,you can go into your room,relax for today and start work tomorrow” he said and i smiled.
“Thank you” I said.
“Your room will be upstairs, the fourth on the right” He said.
“Okay” I said and stood up,i grabbed my luggage.

“Hold on…i can’t believe i forgot to do this” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“Please drop your luggage,i need to search it”


⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 14✓


“Hold on…i can’t believe i forgot to do this” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“Please drop your luggage,i need to search it”


“W..wh..y?” I stammered,grateful i didn’t bring my pistol with me.
Anne is gonna deliver my pistol, Ninja outfit and boots later to me tonight.

“I need to be sure you’re harmless,in case i start seeing some strange things in the house,i won’t have any cause to suspect you. Please hand it over” He said.
I did with a sigh..

This guy is a maniac!
What if i had my pistol or ninja outfit in it..
Boss is so amazing…i guess he already knew this would happen.

I gasped when i saw Darrel dangling my red panties in his hand.

“I’m sorry” He said and dropped it and i noticed he was trying hard to hide his grin.


I watched him ransack my luggage.
There’s no way i would have kept a weapon in there that he won’t find out.

“I guess I’m safe” he said and started folding back my wears neatly in the box.
“No..it’s fine,I’ll do it” I said and crouched beside him.
“I scattered it,I’ll do it” He said.
“I’m going to do it” I said.
“I insist” He said and i sighed.

I straightened up and watched him arrange my wears.
He got to my panties and i couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as he folded it along with my wears.
He glanced at me when he was about folding the red one.


I switched my gaze to the blank TV and turned back to him when i heard him zipping the bag.
He stood up and handed the bag back to me.

“Do i need to search you too?” He asked.
‘do i really look like a criminal!!!’
“Yeah…go ahead” I said and he smiled.
“I won’t,it’s improper for me to search a lady but I’m sure you don’t have anything with you cause i already scanned your body before i let you in” He said.

“Are you suspecting that i might come here to harm you when i don’t even know who you are” I said.
“Everyone is a suspect,i don’t trust people easily until i get to know them deeply” He said.
“That’s understandable” I said.
“Of course. So you can go into your room now and relax, Nathaniel will get to show you around,i guess you both already got along”
“Yeah,he’s a nice guy” I smiled.

“Okay then” He said and plopped on the couch,he grabbed the remote control.
I turned and started walking to the stairs looking around in the process.
I climbed the stairs slowly while staring at the beautiful artworks displayed all over the walls.

“Fourth room on the right” I murmured when i got to the last flight of stairs which led to a big passage.

This house is just amazing.

I counted the doors on the right one after the other till i got to the fourth one.
I walked towards it, wondering if there’ll be a CCTV in my room.
I won’t be surprised if there is.

I opened the door and stepped in,the first thing i searched for was the camera.
I dropped my luggage on the bed and started searching,i entered the luxurious bathroom and surveyed the whole place, i walked back to the room and surveyed it more.

There’s no single camera in here.
I’m good to go then…i can do anything i want in here.

I sat on the bed and carefully admired my room..
It’s more beautiful and cool than my room at Pine estate.
I bounced on the bed..it wasn’t as soft as I’d like but it’s fine.
Everything looked moderately beautiful.

I stood up and unzipped my bag.
I need to unpack, freshen up and maybe eat.
I’m not very hungry though but i know I’ll be, when I’m done freshening up.

I opened the wardrobe and started hanging my clothes…i left out the one i’m gonna change into.
I made my undies stay in the drawer and then arranged my three pairs of slippers in the shoe rack.

I powered my phone and then placed it on my bedside stool.
I’m expecting message or call from them.

I picked my toiletry bag and also my body towel before strolling into the bathroom.

“Wow!” I exclaimed.
I guess i didn’t got the chance to look around while i was searching for a camera.
This bathroom looks okay.

There are expensive white bath towels on the towel rail and i hung my black towel there also.

My favorite color is black!
White looks too holy for me.

Should i make use of the bath tub or shower cubicle?

I will make use of the bath tub,my body needs a long soak.
I pulled out of my clothes and opened the bathroom cabinet,i grabbed a shower cap and wore it over my hair.
I tucked some stubborn strands in.

I stepped on the bath mat and filled the tub with warm soapy water before sliding into it.

This is paradise…

I dried my feet on the bath mat and grabbed my bath towel, I wrapped it round my body before walking out of the bathroom.
I feel so good.

I dried my body and got into fresh wears.
Blue baggy pants and black t-shirt.
I returned my shower cap and towel to the bathroom.

My phone beeped immediately i got back to my room.
Ohh…A message…

I picked it up and unlocked it,i clicked on the message.

💬 You’ve gotten there already right.
Don’t bother to call,say all you wanna say to Anne once she comes in the night. 💌Boss.

I smiled and deleted the message Immediately.
I’m not meant to keep messages on my phone. That guy in the living room is a crook.

I went to sit on the stool facing the mirror.
I winked at my reflection and smiled.
I picked my hairbrush and started brushing my hair.

I glanced at the wall clock.

It’s 1pm already.

I need to go prepare lunch,then Nath will show me around later..

I stood up and picked a black pair of slippers.
I slide my feet into it before walking out of the room.

I descended the stairs and walked into the living room.
I met no one and i decided to locate the kitchen myself.

It wasn’t so difficult to find.
I walked into the kitchen and wondered why everywhere in this 🏠 (house) looks so beautiful.

I’ve always thought Joel is the nearest guy i know but Darrel just proved me wrong.
I was expecting an untidy kitchen but what I’m looking at right now is more than tidy.

I walked round the kitchen, glancing and admiring every single thing in there.
We have more than this at Pine estate,i wonder why this look more pleasant to me..

I got to the fridge and pulled it open.
Varieties of food ingredients.

What should i make then?
Cranberry sauce and cheese.


“I kept perceiving something delicious” I heard Darrel said behind me.
I was startled but didn’t show it.
I poured some olive oil into the iron skillet,added the sliced onions,tomatoes and some berry.

“What are you making?” He asked.
“Cranberry sauce and cheese” I said.
“Wow!” He exclaimed and i noticed he was already standing close.

I proceeded with my cooking while he watched.
I felt a bit uncomfortable but i had no choice.
It’s his house.

“I thought i said you should relax for today and start work tomorrow” He said.
“Yeah but i guess cooking is exclusive” I said.
“I actually like the way you cook” He said.
“Thanks” I said.

“I’ll be leaving at the living room,call on me when it’s ready” He said and i nodded.

I couldn’t help but gave out a loud sigh when i was sure he’s already at the living room.

He’s good at making one feel restless.
What if i had planned to poison the meal,i bet he would find out.


I already went to serve Nath his..
He was so excited when i told him he’s gonna show me around later.
I dished out Darrel’s and took it to the dining room.

“Your lunch is dished” I said loudly.
“Okay thanks” He said from the living room.
I returned to the kitchen and dished out mine.
I sat on the stool in the kitchen and placed my meal on the breakfast bar.
I started eating.
“Mia” I heard Darrel called when i was halfway with my meal.
I wondered why my name sounded so sweet in his mouth.
“Yes .. d.. sir” I said and stood up when i saw him already standing by the kitchen door.

“Com’on don’t call me Sir. I’ll appreciate it if you call me just Darrel” He said.
“Okay,just Darrel” I said and he laughed.
“No,i mean; just call me Darrel” He said.
“Okay Darrel” I said.

“Why are you eating here? You’re supposed to eat at the dining” He said.
“Yeah,come eat at the dinning with me” He said.
“Really?” I asked in surprise.
“Yeah,why are you surprised?” He asked.
“I..im just a housekeeper” I said.
“Com’on you’re not just a housekeeper,you’re my housemate” He said.

Is he tryna be nice?

“Ohh.. okay,I’ll join you soon Darrel” I said.
“Be fast,i can’t wait to devour that meal” He said and walked away.

It’s obvious he isn’t tryna be nice.
That’s how he is.
So humble.

“Mia” He called.
“I’m coming” I picked my plate and glass cup of water before rushing to the dining room.


“Thanks Nath for showing me around” I said as we both stood outside the door.
I really enjoyed the tour round the house.
Nath kept me busy with funny talks and i almost cracked my rib.

I never thought i could laugh this hard on my first day here.
I never laughed this hard when i was..

Why do i keep comparing..

I’m starting to feel comfortable already.

“I’ll serve you your dinner after I’m done cooking okay?” I said to him and ring the bell.
“Okay Mia” he smiled.

The door opened and Darrel appeared.
“You don’t have to ring the bell whenever you wanna come in” He said and walked back into the house,leaving the door opened.

I stepped in and waved to Nath before shutting the door.
I walked to the living room and met Darrel watching a movie.

I hurried to the kitchen and started making dinner.


I sat on my bed waiting for Anne.
My window is already opened,she’s gonna come in through the window.
I already texted her, giving her the description of my window.

I hope she doesn’t jump into Darrel’s window.
He’s just gonna kill her.

I stood up and walked to the window.
I peered outside.


I was about turning back to my room when i heard someone whisper my name.

“Mia” I heard and it’s definitely Anne’s voice.
I peered out of the window and glanced around but couldn’t see her.

“I’m up here bestie” She said and that was when i glanced up to see Anne’s head peeping from the roof of the house.

“Ah!” I exclaimed.
She giggled and started climbing down to my window with the help of a rope.

“Mia,what are you doing?” I heard Darrel asked and my heart nearly popped out of my chest.
I slowly turned to see him walking to me.


⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 15✓

“Mia,what are you doing?” I heard Darrel asked and my heart nearly popped out of my chest.
I slowly turned to see him walking to me.


“I..i..i it’s a beautiful night” I said with my heart beating fast.
“Ohh.. really? But i heard you talking” He said.
“Yeah…i was telling myself how beautiful the night is” I said praying Anne won’t make a sound where she is.

He stared at me for a while, looking like he doesn’t believe me.
I sighed when i noticed my forehead is starting to get hot.

“I didn’t heard you knock” I forced a smile.
“I did, severally but i guess you were engrossed in staring out at the beautiful night” He sighed.
“I guess so” I said.

“I’m here to have your contact” He said.
“That could have wait till tomorrow” I found myself saying.
“I know but it’s for your safety. That assassin do pop up at anytime” He said.

“OMG!” I gasped, faking huge fear.
“Don’t be scared,she won’t hurt you. I’m the one she’s after but in case you notice anything,you give me a call or message me instantly okay?”
“Okay” I said and grabbed my phone.

We exchanged contact while i kept feigning fear.
“Com’on don’t be scared okay? I never planned to scare you but i just had to make sure everyone will be safe”
“Okay thanks” I said.

“Are you starting to wish you didn’t apply for the job?” He asked and i shook my head.
“No..I’m not regretting that i took the job. I’m just worried for our lives” I said.
“It’ll be fine. Everything is gonna end once i capture the assassin”
“I hope you can do that soon” I said.
“Of course i will” He said.

“I will leave you to sleep” He said and started walking to the door, i walked after him.
“Goodnight” i said when he walked out of the door.
“Goodnight Mia” He said and i closed the door and bolted it immediately.

How could i forgot to bolt the door.
Now he’ll start suspecting my every move.
He looked like he didn’t believe what i said.

I turned and saw Anne,by my window,ready to jump in.
I sighed.

“Hey bestie” She said and jumped into my room.
She’s on her ninja outfit but she’s not putting on mask which i found risky.
She’s holding a large paper bag and i wonder how she climbed the wall with that.

“What’s up?” I asked.
“I’m fine,that dude is indeed smart” She said, settling herself on my bed.
“You mustn’t relax completely and try to keep your voice low” I said and she nodded.
“Nice room” She said.
“Thanks” I smiled and went to sit beside her.

“The house feels so boring without you” She said.
“I wish i can kill him and come home soon” I said slowly.
“Me too but boss knows best. So how was your stay here today?” She asked.
“Fine, incredibly fine. The gate keeper made my day” I said.
“Yeah and Darrel is also a nice person” I said and she sighed.

“What?” I asked.
“Nothing,i just feel like not leaving anymore. I want to be here with you” She said and i giggled.
“Com’on,three months is not far,just some weeks and I’m done”

She shrugged “Okay..i brought some of your wigs along too”
“Ohh.. thanks” I said and emptied the contents of the paper bag on the bed.

Boots,ninja outfit,wigs, pistols and bullets…

“Woah! I’m sure i won’t exhaust this bullets till I’m back home” I said.
“You might, you’ll need enough bullets to blow off Darrel’s Holden brain” She whispered and i laughed.

“Mia,is everything okay?” Darrel suddenly asked, startling the day living out of Anne and i.
“OMG!” Anne exclaimed and quickly stood up .

“I’m fine Darrel,I’m watching a movie” I said loudly.
“Do you have a TV in your room?” He asked.
“Geez” Anne trembled.
“Nah! On my phone” I said.
“Ohh…Okay” He said and i heard his footsteps fade away.

“Damn!” I sighed in relief.
“I need to go” She said and turned back to the window.
“Okay,bye” I said and watched her connect the rope.
“Bye” She waved and started sliding down the rope.

I watched her till she got into the car and drove off.

I sighed in relief and sat back on the bed.
I wish she could stay longer…how come Darrel hasn’t sleep yet.
He’s definitely a supernatural being!

I glanced at the content on the bed and smiled.
I need to hide them..

I opened an empty drawer and packed everything in it.
I locked it and held the key in my hand.

I walked into the bathroom and opened the cabinet.
I hid the key in there and made to have my night bath.

Minutes later,i crawled under the blanket and switched off the light.
I love to sleep in total darkness but here i need to be at alert.

I switched on the bedside lamp and closed my eyes.

🍥Next morning🍥

⚔️Darrel’s POV⚔️

I opened my eyes and yawned widely.
I laid still in bed,i don’t feel like getting out of bed anytime from now but i gotta check if everyone is okay.

We’re all not safe in this house…
I sighed and then sat up on the bed.
I switched off my bedside lamp and glanced out of the window.

Nathaniel is at his duty post, obviously okay, looking as vibrant as ever.
Okay,i should go check on Mia too.

I stepped out of the bed in my robe and made for the bathroom.
I stood in front of the sink and grabbed my toothbrush and paste.
I started brushing my teeth.

Looking at my reflection in the mirror,i saw how disheveled my hair was.
I dipped my fingers into it and tried to straightened it..

I should know that won’t work,my hair is always in compliance with my comb or hairbrush but not my fingers.
I finished brushing and then rinsed my mouth.

I splashed some water on my face and then picked a hand towel on the towel rack.
I wiped my face with it before walking back to my room.

I picked my hair comb and combed my hair.
Looking a bit better.
I dropped the comb and slide my feet into my footwear,i tightened my robe before walking out of my room.

I closed the door behind me and made for Mia’s door.

“Mia” I called, while knocking.
I waited for a response but didn’t get one.
“Mia” I called, knocking severally.
Same thing!

Has something happened to her.
I pushed her door opened and walked in.
She isn’t in her room and i can’t hear shower running.

I walked out of her room and glanced round the passage.
I noticed it’s looking clean and sparkly.

She has started work already.

I smiled and hurried down the stairs.
I got to the living room and breathed in.

How come the living room is looking more beautiful this morning.
Mia cleaned it too?
I know it’s her job but wow…

Where’s she?
I need to commend her.

I heard some sounds in the kitchen followed by a delicious aroma.
“Umm” I smiled and walked to the kitchen.

She was backing me but i could clearly see how she expertly flipped a golden pancake on a flat plate,she added bacon and made to fry more.

“Good morning Mia” I said and she turned.
“Good morning” She smiled.
“How was your night?” I asked.
“Fine” She said.
“I can see you’ve cleaned the whole house,that’s so hardworking of you” I said.
“Thank you” She said and quickly turned back to the pancake.
Her long brown golden hair flipped in the process.

She was putting on a white tank top and pink knee-length skirt.
She has an amazing shape though.

“You’re making breakfast already,i should better go have my bath” I said.
“Okay” She said.


I washed the dishes in the sink after we were done having breakfast.
The dishes were few so i was done in few minutes.

I wiped my hands on a napkin and then walked out of the kitchen.
Darrel was in the living room working on his laptop.

“I’ll be in my room,call on me if you need me” I said to him..
“Do you wanna do something in your room?” He asked,not removing his gaze from his laptop.
“Not really” I said.
“Then sit here and watch a movie instead of getting bored in your room” He said and i glanced at the TV.
Fashion show was on display…i don’t really have much love for fashion.

“Don’t you wanna watch a movie?” He asked.
“I do, thanks” I said and sat my butt on the couch.
“Permit me to change the channel” I said, picking up the remote control.
“Of course you can,i actually thought you would like this fashion show. I thought all female like fashion show” He said.

“Nah, not all female..” I said and changed the channel to my favorite.

I switched off the TV and got up from the couch.
I slide my feet into my slippers.
I need to go take a nap in my room.
Darrel and Nathan already left for where God knows.

I got to my room and walked in, shutting the door behind me.

I sat on the bed and picked my phone.

A new message…

💬 Mia,you have an assignment tonight.
Check your mail for the necessary information. 💌Boss

What if i hadn’t checked my phone.
Well…there’s no time to nap anymore,i need to get prepared.


It’s night already…i bolted my door after we were done with dinner and i made sure everywhere was dead silent before i walked into the bathroom to grab the key to the drawer.

I unlocked the drawer and brought out the necessary things I’m gonna need.

I started getting changed into my ninja outfit.

I grabbed my wig and wore it over my hair.
My boots came next and then my mask.
I loaded my pistol with bullets and dipped it into my ninja outfit.

I grabbed the rope and walked to the window.
A car is parked on the street for me already.

I connected the rope to the gate and was about sliding down.

“Mia” Darrel knocked heavily.