⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 6✓✓


“Darrel Holden is to be transferred from California to New York to hunt you. Mia” He said and for the first time,my heart skipped a beat.

“What!” Joel exclaimed.
“This man is a top notch pro” Robbie said.
“He won’t be easy to kill” he added and sighed.

“No one is difficult for me to kill” I said.
“I know Mia. I trust you” Boss said.
“So should i assassinate him once he arrives?” I asked boss.
“Nah,i want us to test his strength” He said.
“Okay boss” I said.

“I’ll get back to you guys” Boss said before walking out of the dark room.
Anne quickly rushed to Robbie,she peered into the computer and gasped.
“What?” Carla asked.
“He’s damn cute” She said, almost drooling.
“Really?” Carla beamed with smiles and she also went to peer into the computer.
“OMG!” She exclaimed loudly.

Is he that cute?
Joel remained standing by my side.
“I trust you to bring him down” He whispered to me and i nodded.

“I need to have him before Mia assassinates him” Carla licked her lips and everyone sent her a
“Mia come check him out” Robbie said and i slowly walked to the computer with Joel beside me.

I peered at it and all i saw was a freaking handsome guy who could easily pass for a model.
I’m not easily moved by guys but this one gat me.
His hair,nose, lips, cheekbones… everything was so perfect and his eyes…OMG.

“He’s handsome” I found myself saying out loud.
“Wow! You rarely compliment guys” Robbie said and i shrugged.
“You mean he’s handsome?” Joel asked and i nodded.
“He is” I said.

“Robbie can you please help me dig out his contact?” Carla pleaded and Robbie laughed.
“I’m here for you Carla. I’m cuter than this guy” Robbie said and everyone bursted into laughter, except Joel,i noticed.
“Com’on Robbie. Please” Carla pleaded.
“I can’t” Robbie said.
“You can,i know that” Carla said.
“Boss is gonna kill me” He said and Carla sighed.

Joel started walking out of the dark room.
“Joel” I called and he turned,he was not looking okay as earlier.
“Where to?” I asked.
“My room” He said and walked out.
“What’s wrong with him?” Anne asked.
“I guess he needs some time alone” I said and drew a chair close to Robbie.
“Let’s dig out more about Darrel Holden” I said.


“Joel…is anything wrong?” I asked over lunch.
We were all seated round the dining except boss though. He’s not around.
“I’m fine” He mumbled.
He was sitting opposite me and i was able to detect his sullen mood.

“Just tell him,he look more cute today” Robbie whispered to me.
“Huh?” I whispered back and he nodded.
“Why?” I asked.
“Just do it” He said.
“Will that make him fine?” I asked in a whisper.
“Of course”

“Well…Joel,you look more cute today” I smiled.
“Really?” His face brightened up.
“Yeah…i wanted to tell you that earlier but didn’t got the chance to” I said.
“Thank you” He smiled.

“It worked” I whispered to Robbie.
“I told ya” He grinned.

“Lover boy” Carla cleared her throat before scooping some rice into her mouth.
“Stop calling me lover boy okay?”Joel hissed.
“Are you not!” Carla said.
They both glared at each other while i stifled my laughter.

“Lover boy? Do you love someone?” Anne asked.
“Huh..no,Carla just love spitting gibberish” Joel said.
“Ohh!” Anne sighed and continued her meal.

A little crush doesn’t mean he loves me.
Just a crush!!!

I’m kinda bothered about this new CIA agent.
It’s unusual of me though…i don’t worry about CIA agents but this particular one from California gat me worrying.
Well…I’m gonna know the type of strength he possess once we test him.

I can’t wait to kill him though…he seems like a threat.
And I’ve never seen a CIA agent looking so handsome,his father is wealthy,he should have gone for something else than being a CIA. Now his life will be wasted.

I picked my glass cup of water and gulped it down my throat.

“Do you want more?” Joel asked.
“Nah,I’m filled up already” I said and dropped my glass cup on the table.
“Why do i feel like sleeping” Robbie yawned.
“Then go ahead” Carla said.
“I want you to sleep with me” He smiled.
“Then,i bet you won’t wake up forever” Carla said.
“You’re so mean”
“Yeah…i am”

We watched the both of them exchange words.
Carla is surely a mean being.

“Stop looking at me…we’re not mates!” Carla yelled at Anne who nodded and looked away.
“Do you have to always yell at her ” I said.
“Shut that crap” She said to me..
“Shut yours instead” I said.
“I’m not in for exchange of words right now” I said and stood up.

I need to go clear my head at the pool.


“He’ll be flying to New York on Tuesday” Boss said.
We were all gathered in the dark room,boss just arrived from his outing.

“An accommodation has been made available for him in JUST estate,phase 3” Boss said.
“Okay boss”
“Mia, you have a Mission on Wednesday to assassinate Jasper Smythe,the famous blogger. I’ll fill you in later on the necessary information”
“Okay boss” I smiled.

“Robbie” Boss called.
“Yes boss”
“You’ll send a mail to Darrel Holden,and inform him of the time and location Mia is to assassinate Jasper Smythe”
“Wow!” We exclaimed.
“Yeah..to test his strength. Mia, you’ll have to battle with him after assassinating Jasper,i wanna know how capable he is” Boss said.
“Okay Boss” I bowed.

“Anne should go with you but she’s gonna slow down the operation cause she’s still a novice in the game. You’ll take her along some other time”
“I can go with her boss” Carla said and boss didn’t even spare her a glance before turning to me.
Robbie bursted into laughter and the rest of us tried to hold ours.

“Mia,there’s no time to waste,start training” Boss said before walking out.

“Why can’t he just consider me for once” Carla cried.
“I can’t believe you’re crying just because you wanna see Darrel Holden. I’m here for you” Robbie said.
“Shut the hell up” She said.
“Okay Mrs Holden” Robbie said sarcastically and we laughed.

Well…i better start training..

Darrel or whatever your name is..get ready for me!


📞I finally got to convince him” I said happily to Eric.

I was in the cab,on my way to my house the next morning,i spent the night at dad’s place.

📞 Really? I bet it was difficult.

📞It was,i nearly died trying to convince him. It took me the whole night.

He laughed..📞Your dad is one funny man.

📞Of course he is, i was able to convince him by bringing Mum into it. You know mum has always wanted me to be what i am today.

📞Yeah.. you’re not coming to work today right?

📞Yeah…yunno I’ll be leaving tomorrow, Boss told me to spend today at home.

📞Are you taking the morning flight tomorrow?

📞Nah, afternoon.

📞Okay..we’ll come see you off then.

📞Alright,my greetings to Katy. I have to go, I’ve gotten to my house already..

📞Bye buddy.


The cab parked in front of my house and i opened the door and alighted.
I paid him already…i walked to the gate holding a paper bag that was filled with different meals. Tiana helped me pack them.

I knocked on the gate and the gatekeeper opened it immediately.
“Good morning Darrel” He greeted.
“Morning Harris,how are you?” I asked.
“I’m fine” He said and i walked into the compound while he locked the gate.

My car is the only one left,most of my neighbors car are gone already, they’ve all left for work.
Not that i talk to any of them though.

I walked to my front door and brought out my key..i inserted it into the lock and the door gave way.

I walked in and smiled…just one night and i missed my house already.
I closed the door behind me and walked straight to the kitchen.
I stuck the meals inside the freezer and then thrashed the paper bag.

I already showered at Dad’s place.
What should i do?? I’m not used to staying at home doing nothing.

I walked to my room and opened the door.
I yawned and suddenly started feeling sleepy when i saw my soft-looking bed.
I exhausted my night in convincing dad, having some sleep now won’t be bad.
I pulled off my shoes before jumping on the bed,i drew my pillow closer.

I felt so good after waking up…the sleep helped me strengthen some bones.

I glanced at the wall clock.”2pm”
It’s afternoon already.

I sat up on the bed and heard my stomach rumble.
My stomach loves food a lot.
It rumbles every time like a monster.

I stood up and slid my feet into my footwear before walking out of my room.
My stomach directed me first to the kitchen and i found myself there in seconds.

The power of hunger…

I opened the freezer and brought out home made meatballs,one of the meals Tiana packed for me.
I took a glass cup and a pack of juice while microwaving the meal.


I walked to my room after washing the dishes i used for lunch.

I need to start packing…

I opened my wardrobe and started un-hanging my clothes,throwing them on the bed.

Anonymous assassin,get ready for me!
I’ll be the one to put an end to your deeds.

⚔️ The beautiful killer ⚔️

Chapter 7✓✓


“The flight leaves at two” Boss said to me.
I gat fifteen minutes more.

We were at the airport..
Eric, Katy, Dad, Boss and i.

“You should have told me earlier,you would have used my private jet” Dad said.
“Yeah,i didn’t want to bother you” I said and adjusted face cap.

“I’ll gonna miss you buddy” Eric said.
I smiled. “I’ll miss you more”
“Why didn’t you advise him not to go?” Dad asked Eric.
“Com’on Dad” I said.
“I couldn’t stop him,he already set his mind on it” Eric said.
“Of course i gave birth to one hell of a stubborn son” Dad said.

“No harm must come to my son” Dad said to boss.
“Dad!” I frowned.
“What? You want me to stop you from going right?” He asked.
“I’m sorry” I said.

“No harm will come to him Mr Holden, he’ll be well protected” Boss said and Dad nodded.
I shifted my gaze to Katy who has been quiet all the while. Her eyes were red and watery,the handkerchief in her hand is soaked already.

“Katy com’on” I pulled her to my chest.
She cried loudly, getting me emotional.
“I’ll be back soon” I said to her.
“Boss,can i go with him please?” She asked in tears.
Boss sighed and shook his head.
“No Katy…,they only ordered for a CIA agent. Darrel will have to go alone for now,if he needs a backup I’ll make sure you be the one to go okay?”

Katy nodded and stared into my eyes.
The flight for 2pm was announced.

“I’ll miss you” She said softly.
“I’ll miss you more” I hugged her tightly and kissed her hair .
“I..i..i..” She stammered.
“What?” I asked.
“Never mind” She wiped her face.

I hugged Dad.
“It’s not too late to turn back yunno” He said and i smiled.

I hugged Eric who gave me a friendly pat.
“I know there will be a lot of beauties in New York but remember Katy is waiting for you” He whispered to me and i sighed.
“You never relent,do you?” I said.
“Nah nah” he laughed.

I hugged boss too…
“Good luck Darrel,i know you will make us proud” he said.
I nodded.
“They will be waiting for you, you’ll see them immediately the plane land” Boss said.
“Okay boss” I saluted before him and then turned to hug katy again.
I kissed her wet cheeks this time and I’m glad she smiled.

Eric passed my trunk to me,i took hold of it and waved everyone of them bye.

“I love you son” Dad shouted after me.
“I love you more Dad” I shouted back and hurried to catch my flight.
Minutes later the plane was taking off.

The flight attendant appeared and smiled at me.
“Your seat belt’s on?” She asked.
I gave my seatbelt a tug.
“Yes ma’am” I said..she’s a women in her early fifties.

I swallowed and looked out of the window.
Everything started appearing small that i could no longer recognize them.

I settled back into my seat and my thoughts drifted to New York.
Am i really ready for this?
I guess so…

“There’s some water next to your seat” The flight attendant said to me.
“Okay ma’am. Thanks” I said and reached for a cold bottle and twisted off the cap.
“Do you care for anything else?” She asked.
“No ma’am” I said and gulped down the water.

I sighed and closed my eyes…i could make use of some sleep.

🎇New York…

🎯Make sure your seatbelt is properly clipped,the plane is about to land.

I opened my eyes and sat uptight.
The plane leveled off and came in for a smooth landing. The pilot steered the plane across the tarmac. It stopped and everyone got ready to alight.

I loosened my seatbelt and stood up.
I jogged down a flight of stairs to the ground.
My trunk was passed to me and i started walking away after giving the flight attendant a quick wave.

Three guys walked up to me smiling.
My gaze fell on their ID cards…
Good! They are ones waiting for me.

“Darrel Holden?” One of them asked as they got to me.
“Yeah” I stretched out my ID card. They examined it and showed me theirs too.
We shook hands and it was then i noticed one of them was being cold to me.
Well…I’m not here for that.

“I’m Luke, a CIA agent in one of the quarters in New York. Nice meeting you” One of them shook my hand.
He looks so young.
“Same here” I smiled.

“I’m Edwin,a CIA agent in New York. We’ve heard of your competency and we’re glad you came to help us. Nice meeting you” Edwin shook my hand.
“Same here” I smiled.
Edwin sure looks like a playboy,he has the requirements for it.

“I’m Steve” The cold one said,i stretched my hand for a handshake but got snubbed.

Who told you to do that Darrel.

“We will first lead you to where you’ll be staying. Boss said to give you today to relax and then you’ll go see him tomorrow” Luke said.
“Fine” I said.
“Let me help with your trunk” Edwin said, and took my trunk from me before i could resist.
“Thanks” I smiled.

We started walking out of the airport.
I brought out my phone and placed a call across boss.


📞Darrel, you’re there already?

📞Yes boss,they are leading me to the house.

📞Yeah,their CIA leader just called me now and told me that.. I’ll leave you to rest. Make sure you call me back once you’re fully settled.

📞Okay boss,bye.


I returned my phone back to my pocket and proceeded..

“That’s the car over there” Edwin said, pointing to a red range Rover.
“Ohh..Okay” I said and we all walked towards it.
Steve unlocked the car and got into the driver’s seat, Luke sat beside him and Edwin and i took the backseat.

“Newyork is a beautiful city, you’re gonna enjoy your stay here” Edwin said as Steve drove on .
“Yeah” Luke spoke up. “We won’t mind taking you round the city whenever you’re free” He added.
“I’ll be looking forward to that” I smiled.

‘New York is truly a beautiful city’ I realized as the car moved.


Steve honked before a big brown gate.
I guess this is the house…
The gate was opened by a gatekeeper and Steve drove in immediately.

I was wowed by the building,it’s huge and beautiful.
We all stepped down from from the car, Edwin still carrying my trunk.
“This will be your residence during your stay in New York ” Luke said.
I smiled…”Wow”

“You mean,I’ll be staying here all alone?” I asked.
“Yeah” Edwin said.
“I can’t stay here all alone,I’ll surely need a housekeeper” I said.
“Fine then, we’ll get you one” Luke said.
“Thanks” I said.

“Natalie,come over here” Edwin called the gatekeeper who hurried over after locking the gate.
I glanced round the compound,there are few cars parked.

“Good afternoon sirs” Natalie bowed.
“Good afternoon”
“Well this is Darrel Holden,the one we hired you here for. Darrel, this’ll be your gatekeeper” Luke said.
“Hi Natalie,how are you?” I smiled.
“I’m fine boss” He smiled.
“You don’t have to call me boss,call me by my name okay?”

“What!” They gasped.
“What?” I asked in surprise.
“He can’t call you by your name” Edwin said.
“Why?” I asked.
“He’s just a mere gatekeeper” Luke said.

“Com’on,he should be the same age as me,if he had better opportunities,then he would have gone for it,he wouldn’t be here. We shouldn’t treat him like inhumanly because he’s a gatekeeper. Call me by my name okay” I said to Natalie whose face brightened up.
“Thanks Bo..Darrel” He said and i smiled.

“Wow! Is this how Californians behave?” Luke asked and i shrugged.
“I’m impressed by your attitude” Edwin said.
“Me too,I’ll like to be closer to you” Luke said.
“Fine” I smiled.

Steve was already walking to the door.
“What’s up with him?” I asked Edwin.
“I dunno, Steve is not usually like that. I guess something pissed him off” He said.
“Okay” I said.

“Let’s go in” Luke said and we all walked to the door.

It was already opened by Steve so we just walked in.
Damn! The interior of the house is more beautiful.
I mean…this house is very classy,how could they reserve it for me alone.
I will make sure i do a good job in pulling down the assassin.
They impressed me and i have to impress them too.

“I’ll help you drop this in your bedroom” Edwin said.
“Thanks Edwin” I said.

I glanced round the living room in smiles.
I’m in love with the living room already.
“You can have your seat” I said to Luke and Steve.
“Nah.. we’ll be leaving once Edwin is out” Luke said.

“Agent Darrel, your main bedroom is the first room on the right” Edwin said descending from the stairs.
“Okay but please,I’ll really need a housekeeper” I said.
“A live-in” I added.
“Okay, we’ll help you put up the notice” Edwin said.

“We will be leaving now” Luke said.
“Take your time in checking out the house” Edwin said.
“I will. Thanks so much” I said.
“There are meals in the kitchen”
“Okay thanks”

“Bye” Edwin and Luke chorused.
“Bye.. thanks so much. I appreciate your help” I waved at them.
They both started walking out of the door.

“Steve, aren’t you leaving?” Luke asked.
“I want to drop the key” Steve said.
“Okay” They both walked out of the door.

I stretched my palm to receive the key from Steve.

“Don’t think you’re a hero just because you’re transferred from California to help fishing out the assassin. I can do the job better than you if i was given the chance!” He yelled.
“Now i get what’s your problem” I said.
“I’ll make sure you don’t get to do what you’re sent here for, cause you just made the CIA agents in New York look incompetent!” He said.

“Wow,i can’t believe i gat an enemy on my first day in New York” I laughed. Join us on telegram through+233544142683 to get more of such stories from the page.
“You’re laughing right? I’ll make sure you cry in the end” He threatened and threw the key on my chest before walking out of the door.

This guy is surely a psychopath..

I picked the key from the floor and locked the door.
I walked into the living room and inspected every furniture,i checked out everything and was left satisfied..

This is amazing…

I proceeded to the stairs and started climbing it..
I got the edge and saw a passage filled with rooms.
Edwin said my room is the first on the right.

I opened the door and walked in.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
Cozy as i like..
It’s beautiful and well decorated,do they know my best color is white?

I love this…

My trunk was sitting beside the king sized bed.
I need to unpack first, freshen up,eat and then proceed my tour round the house.

I placed my trunk on the comfy bed and started unpacking with smiles on my face.
I’m glad to be here.

I walked out of the bathroom with my towel draped round my waist after freshening up.
I already laid out fresh wears on the bed before going to shower.

I got dressed in minutes and picked my footwear from the shoe rack,i slide my feet into it and stood before the large mirror.
I should go eat first.
I picked my phone up from the bed and powered it.

Oh.. Katy called me already.
I’ll return her call after I’m done eating.
She’s surely gonna bombard me with questions and i need enough strength to answer her questions.

I walked out of my room…


Its night already,i sat in the living room with my laptop on my laps.
I was checking my mails,Katy and i just finished talking on the phone.
I’ll go to bed after checking my mail.

I was about exiting when a message popped in.

My mouth dropped open as I read it.



“Have you sent it?” Boss asked Robbie who nodded.
“Yes boss,i sent it now” Robbie said.

I was already clad in my ninja outfit,prepared to go for my mission.
The car I’ll be using is already equipped and i can’t wait to let bullets out of my pistol.

“Mia,you can leave now. You have to get there before

that agent” Boss said.
“Okay boss” I bowed and hurried out of the door.

Agent Darrel…i hope you’re prepared..

👁️ SIREN 👁️
⚔️ The beautiful killer ⚔️

Chapter 8✓✓


I parked right in front of Jasper Smythe house.
I wore my mask and took hold of my fully loaded pistol,i tucked it in my ninja outfit before stepping out of the car.

I locked my car and slowly walked to the gate, surveying the environment.
Damn quiet!
I can deal with the gate keeper then..instead of climbing the building.

I rang the bell and the gatekeeper came to open the gate.
He was one huge man but no match for me.
He gasped when he saw me and he was about shouting when i pointed my gun at him.

I hit him with the butt of my pistol and he was down in seconds, laying unconscious.

I hissed and stepped inside the gate.
How can a gatekeeper,the one expected to guard the house collapse this easily.

I left the gate open for Agent Darrel,so it’ll be easy for him to come in.
I started walking towards Jasper Smythe apartment,I’m not gonna knock cause that’s gonna alert him of my presence.
He doesn’t accept visitors at night.

I got to his door and tried to pull it open.
I expected that.

I brought out the skeleton key from the pocket of my ninja outfit and then inserted it into the lock .
The door swung open and i stepped in and closed the door behind me.

I saw him seated on the couch sipping a drink with an iPod in his hand,i guess he’s about to blog.
He’s yet to notice my presence though.

I surveyed the well furnished living room,there was no hidden camera else Robbie would have alerted me.

“Nice living room” I said loudly.
Jasper screamed in fear dropping his iPod and glass cup of juice which shattered on the tiled floor.
He went on his knees, shivering with sweat covering his entire face.

What a weakling..

“Please…I’m sorry” his voice shook terribly.
“Sorry for what?” I asked, sitting opposite him.
“I..i..i..” He stammered.
“You can sit” I placed my legs on the table,my pistol on my laps.
“I promise not to release any news you tell me not to. Please” He pleaded.

“I’m not here for that” i said and adjusted my white wig.
I’m not used to talking this long with people I’m supposed to kill but i just have to while away time. I’m expecting Darrel soon.
“Okay,i have some dollars in my room. I’ll give it all to you, please don’t kill me” He pleaded.

“Well…i don’t need your money either” I said.
“W..what do you want?” He asked.
“Your life” I laughed and picked the remote control. I changed the channel to my favorite.
“Please” He cried.

I ignored him and fixed my gaze on the TV.
If only he knew i was looking at him,he wouldn’t start moving towards me slowly, thinking i can’t see him.

Haha…i don’t let down my guard easily.
He’s probably thinking I’m preoccupied with the movie.

He grabbed the pistol from my laps and pointed it at me.
I laughed hard, dropping the remote control.
“Go ahead and shoot me dear” I said.
He stood up,still pointing the gun at me.

“Daughter of a bitch! You think you can just come into my house to murder me? You’re the assassin right? Good! I’m gonna kill you and call the cops” He said and pulled the trigger.

Two bullets landed on my bulletproof ninja outfit.
“Fool” I laughed and stood up.
He shifted back in fear,the pistol nearly dropping from his hand.
“Why are you afraid? You’re with the pistol,so go ahead and shoot me” i said.

“Y.. y..you’re wearing a bulletproof right,I’ll shoot you on the head instead” He said.
“Go ahead but i don’t think you’ve ever heard of a bulletproof mask?” I asked.
He gasped in shock..

“Please I’m so sorry” He started pleading again.
“Well…drop the gun,let’s have a battle of fist” i said.
“I’m not good at it , please pardon me” He pleaded.
“I should kill you already but i gotta wait for someone” I said.

“You know Agent Darrel right? Who was transferred from California?”
“Yeah” He nodded slowly.
“Ohh…I’ve forgotten you’re a blogger. Well,he’s the one I’m waiting for” i smiled and went to sit back on the couch.

“Mind you,your couch is soft and comfortable” I said.
He was pleading in tears and i saw him slowly reaching for his phone.
“You’re just gonna make me kill you sooner,drop that phone!” I ordered and he did.
“Good boy” I smiled.

“But do you know you’re so dumb to be a blogger?” I asked and he nodded.
“How can you not have any means of security? Your gatekeeper is a weakling as you are” I said.

He inhaled and rubbed his forehead.
“Try to kill me and i promise your face will be exposed,i gat CCTV in my house” He threatened and i laughed hard.
“You don’t have to tell lies,there’s no CCTV in your house and even if there was one,it would have been blocked before i got here” I smirked and turned back to the movie, fully alerted.

He started shooting at me furiously..
“You’re not even a good shooter, you can go ahead and shoot I’m only worried about my bullets being wasted even though i gat more in my pocket” I said.
“You are so cruel, how can you go about and take people lives” He cried.
“Go ahead and preach dear” I smiled and blew him kisses.

🎫 Mia, Agent Darrel is in the compound already” Robbie alerted me through out ear connection.
🎫 Okay.

I stood up and kicked the pistol off Jasper’s hand,i picked it up and shot him twice in the chest.
He laid in the pool of his own blood while i waited for Agent Darrel.

I turned when the door opened and there was agent Darrel looking incredibly handsome.
I couldn’t avoid admiring the perfection of his looks,his eyes were so black and beautiful,his hair in the form of tousled curls,it glinted like white gold,his lips were neither too thin not too full,his skin was a shade of rose.

I was lost staring at him for a while but quickly jolted out of my fantasy when he pointed his pistol at me.
I pointed mine at him too.

He didn’t say a word but there was a look of hurt in his eyes when he saw the dead Jasper.
I know his vest is bullet proofed but his trouser is not. I can kill him right here if i want to but boss didn’t ordered me to.

“Hey! Nice to meet you” He said.
A strange feeling ran over me after hearing his voice. His voice is as beautiful as his face.
“You here with someone?” I asked,my pistol still pointed to him.
“Nah! I don’t need someone with me before blowing off your head” He snickered.

Shouldn’t he be scared of me?
I can shoot him right here!

“Then go ahead and do that” I said.
“Like i don’t know you’re wearing a bulletproof mask” He said.

Why did he have to be this cute and intelligent at the same time.

“Good thing you know,i hope you also know i can blow off your brain instead” I said.
“And I’ll train you on how to dodge bullets” He smiled and i nearly gasped.

He knows how to dodge bullets?
I’ve been learning that for so long!

I pulled the trigger and truly he dodged the bullet,the bullet hit the wall instead of his head.

A pro indeed!
Dodging bullets requires great expertise..
This guy is a big threat,we need to assassinate him soon.

“See” He smiled.
“I can’t believe I’ll be seeing the infamous assassin on my first night in New York,seems you knew about my coming” He said.
“Of course and get ready to die in cold blood like others” I said.

“Well…you’re wrong this time, I’ll make sure i bring you to book” He said.
I laughed..”you’ve been dreaming about doing that right,it’s high time you knew that not all dreams come true”
“Mine will” He said.
“Then i guess you’ll keep on dreaming” I said.

“I know you’re here to test my strength” He laughed and i was shocked.
“Well… you’re wrong” I lied. “I’m here to kill you” I added and steadied my pistol.
“Then go ahead” He said.
I tightened my hands round my pistol, resisting the urge to pull the trigger.

He’ll dodge it anyways but boss already warned me not to kill him.

“I know you’re here to test my strength,that’s why i won’t display the strength i possess” he said.

Smart ass!

“Even from your mask,i can tell you’re beautiful” He said and did my cheeks just went hot.

You must be crazy Mia!!!

“May i ask why you are an assassin? Why do you kill people for pleasure, haven’t you feel bad for once about your work. Do you think it’s right?” He asked.
“It is! Who the hell are you to question me!” I yelled.
“I’m Darrel Holden!!” He yelled back,his face turning furious.

“You kill people like you’re playing games,you’ve been on this non-stop for years,do you even have a heart? Are you sure you’re not a robot? Cause you definitely don’t have human feelings. How will you feel if your loved ones is being killed this way!” He shouted.
“You’re here to put a stop to that right?” I asked.
“Of course and i will”
“I bet,you won’t have the chance to, cause you’ll be long gone even before you embark on it” I said.

“You’re the one who will be long gone even before i begin cause I’m capturing you tonight” He said and i laughed.
“Easier said than done” I said.
“That is not in my case” He said.

I tucked my gun in my ninja outfit.
“Leave the way. I gotta go” I said.
“You’re not leaving” He said.
“I guess you’re good with your fist?” I asked before rushing to him.

I sent two hard punches on his face and tried pushing him aside but he grabbed hold of my hands and twisted it behind my back.
I leaned forward a little and kicked him his groin.

He groaned and released me instantly.
He was still blocking the door though.

I crouched when he was about hitting me with his fist and his fist collided with the air.
I punched him in the stomach and pulled him away from the door with all my strength.

He started coming after me but i made my boot collided with his face.
“Ow!” He groaned.
I took hold of the door and turned back to him.
“You need to learn more about fist battle” I mocked before walking out of the door.
He won’t be able to see clearly for some minutes.

I hurried to the gate and realized the gate keeper was starting to regain consciousness.
I kicked his head with my boot before walking out of the gate.

I got to my car and unlocked it,i slide into the driver’s seat and turned on the ignition immediately.
I started driving away, pulling away my mask and wig in the process.

Tonight is one hell of a night!


I drove into the gate and didn’t parked properly before getting down from the car.
I picked my wig and mask and started walking to the door.

My hand was aching …
To hell with you Darrel Holden..

The door opened before i could open it.
I met a smiling Joel by the door,i couldn’t return his smile,i walked in and heard him close the door behind me.

I got to the living room and they were all waiting for me as usual.
“Is anything wrong?” Boss asked.
“Yes boss,so much is wrong” i said.
“Did you fail the mission?” He asked.
“No boss. Jasper Smythe is long gone” I said.

“I trust you” Joel said.
Robbie gave me thumbs up and Anne smiled at me.
“Good job. Then what’s wrong?” Boss asked.
“Boss,that guy is a big threat. He’s damn intelligent,he figures things out easily and guess what? He’s so good in dodging bullets” I said and they all gasped.
“Really?” Boss asked.
“Yes Boss. I should have killed him instantly but i remembered your order” I said.

“I knew the guy was good but i never knew he was that good. Hi kwaku on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories from there. You need to kill him fast,he’s a threat” Boss said.
“Yes Boss”
“I’ll be back” He said and walked away.

“For Mia to say agent Darrel is a threat then he’s surely one” Robbie said.
“Is he really handsome?” Carla popped the question.
“He’s damn cute,cuter than in the pictures” I said.
“Oh..my..” Carla and Anne chorused.
“I’ll be going to my room” I said and started walking away, wallowing in my thoughts.


I sat on the couch dabbing my face with icecube pack.
It’s hurting seriously…

How could a lady be so good with her fist.
She beat me up badly,i should have retorted but I’m not used to hitting females.
She’s just so good.

I was such a fool to think i will capture her this night.
She looked so perfect in that ninja outfit and mask,her hair was pure white like she dyed it.
I couldn’t detect the true color of her eyes through the mask she was putting on but i can tell she’s beautiful.

I can’t believe i saw the infamous assassin tonight,i thought it will take weeks for me to see her,i thought i might never even see her but i did,just the night i got to New York.
Isn’t that good sign?

I can’t wait to capture her and return to California.
I need to start practicing cause she’s gonna hunt me soon and try to kill me.
She already discover my strength.

I don’t think i should inform the CIA agents about tonight.
I’m gonna keep it to myself cause it might ruin my stay here.

I’m not safe any more.
I run my mouth too much,why the hell did i tell her that I’m capable of dodging bullets.
I should have kept that to myself and not rant about it.

Now,she knows!

I knew she was there to test my strength,yet i allowed her discover almost all my strength.

I kept massaging my face wondering what kind of boot she used in hitting my face.
My face hurts terribly and my….


To hell with you girl!


⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 9✓✓


“Robbie figure out his schedule for today” Boss said to Robbie who nodded.

We were all seated in the living room except Joel who’s making lunch.
I’m yet to get over yesternight occurrence.
Everything kept replaying in my head.

“Look, Jasper’s death is being announced already” Anne said and we all turned to the TV,it has been on since we gathered in the living room but none of us paid attention to it.
We were devising plans on how to bring Darrel down.
He’s a freaking big threat!

“Good job Mia” Boss smiled.
“That blogger is a dickhead,he actually pointed my own gun at me” I laughed.
“Yes boss,it was so funny. I allowed him performed everything he could but he still ended up shivering in the end” I said and we all laughed except boss who smiled though.

He rarely smile and im glad he did this time.

“Well… Robbie, how’s it going?” Boss asked.

“This man is discreet. Boss i think we should call Tony?” Robbie asked.
Tony is our informant in the CIA quarters.

“Yeah…i think we should do that” I said.
“Can’t i just sneak into Darrel’s house,seduce him and then kill him” Carla smiled and boss sent her a look which got her withdrawn immediately.

“I’ll go place a call across Tony” Boss said and stood up before heading to his room.

“If you were given the chance to spend a night with that agent,i bet you won’t come home again” Robbie said.
“Hush” Carla rolled her eyes.
“You’ll end up spilling out every damn secret” Robbie said.
“Keep quiet for once” She snapped.

“Tony said Darrel just left the quarter now” Boss said walking back into the the living room.
“He won’t be working in the quarter,his office will be in his house for his safety as i was told” Boss added and settled down on the couch.

“Okay,so what next?” I asked.
“Kill him of course,we have his home address already” Boss said.
“I should go get prepared then” I said, about standing up.
“No too fast girl, remember you have another mission tonight and you’re gonna take Anne with you” He said and Anne smiled brightly.

She has been longing to go on a mission with me.
I’m glad for her.

“Once you’re done with lunch,start getting her ready. Remember this will be her first time” Boss said.
“Yes boss” I said.
“You’ll go take down Darrel tomorrow night and you must make sure he dies”
“Trust me boss” I said even though i felt a bit threatened by Darrel’s strength.

I can’t wait to kill him..

“Lunch is ready” Joel announced and Carla jumped up happily.
Everyone shook their heads and watched as she ran towards the dining room.

“Never serious for once” Boss said.
“Mrs Holden” Robbie said and we laughed.

Mrs Holden indeed.


“Once your opponent starts making a move,you pull the trigger immediately” I said to Anne who nodded.
We just finished having lunch, we were in the back yard, i was training her.

I’ve trained her severally but i just need to renew it,since she’ll be going on her first mission tonight.
I’ll make sure she’ll be the one to shoot.

“Drop your gun, we’re switching to fist battle training” I said and she dropped her gun.
I tightened my fist and made to hit her but she quickly bent, dodging the punch in the process.

“Good” I said but didn’t let her finish raising up her head before sending her uppercut.
She groaned and fell on the cold floor.

“You must not let down your guard,no matter what” I said and raised up my leg to send some kicks to her stomach but she rolled away and stand up almost immediately.
She made to hit me but i dodged and interwove her legs,she fell flat and i sent some light punches to her stomach.

I’m trying to make my strikes light on her,i went through more than this during my training.
Boss never took it easy with me and that’s the reason I’m this good.

“Get up Anne,you need to fight me like you’re fighting your opponent,I’m not in for your weakness” I said and dragged her up.
She grabbed my hand in the process and hit me hard.

“Good!” I said.

I was about returning the hit when she dodged and kicked me in the stomach.

“Way to go Anne” I said and she smiled.
I dodged another coming punch and twisted her arm.
“Ahh!” She groaned.
“This is the time you use your elbow” I said and she did.
She hit me with her elbow but i didn’t feel it at all..

“You have to hit hard enough,you need to strike like your life depend on it” I said and quickly repacked my ponytail.

“Put in more effort okay?”
“Okay!” She sighed and we continued.

I quickly detected her next move and i quickly avoided it.
I jumped high in the air and kicked her face,she crumbled to the floor the same time i landed on my feet.

“Get up, we’ll continue our training tomorrow,it’s getting late already” I said.

She stood up tiredly and loosened her ponytail.

“Where the hell did you learn from?” She asked sarcastically and i laughed.
“Boss taught me all i knew and i also trained myself” I said.

“I envy you a lot,you seem to know everything” She said.
I smiled..”I seem to but i don’t. I believe you’ll become far better than me once you put all your effort into it”
“I will,i want to make you proud,i want to be boss favourite too” She said and i laughed.
“So you really have to work hard” I said.

“How does being a favorite feel?” She asked.
“Boss never said I’m his favorite, everyone just feel i am” I said.
“But you are. It’s obvious boss likes you most” She said and i shrugged.

We both started walking back into the house.

“My parents always compare my siblings to me,they did well in all they do. I use to be the only one failing” She said and i stopped walking for a moment.

“Yeah” Tears had clouded her eyes.
“Ohh…I’m so sorry about that” She said.
“It’s fine” She said.
“That was the reason i stay with my granny most of the times,she’s the only one who love me but now she’s dead” She smiled sadly.

“May her soul rest in peace” I said without emotion.
I’m not used to consoling people over the death of their love ones cause I’m a killer myself so why should i feel sorry?

“Is that why you’re here?” I asked.
“Partly” She wiped her tears.
“There was no one left to love me” She added.

“How did you also get here, Robbie said you’ve been with boss for long” She said.
I nodded… my story is far worst than hers but I’ve gotten over it long ago.

“I don’t want to talk about it,maybe some other time but I’m glad I’m here,i never for once regretted my action” I smiled.
“Me too..I’m glad I’m here” Anne said.

We’ve gotten to the door already.
“It was so nice pouring out my mind to you,i feel undeniably free” Anne chuckled.
“I’m glad you do” I smiled.

“Now let’s go get ready for our mission” I said..
“Yaaaaay” She said in excitement.


“I trained you about climbing walls right?” I asked Anne, parking in front of the building we are to assassinate.
“Yeah you did but I’m afraid I’m not too good at it” She said.

“Well…that’s what we’re gonna do now,you need to play out your practice now” I said.
“I’ll do my best” She said.
“Put on your mask and tuck your pistol in your ninja wear” I said and she did so.
She’s also clad in a ninja outfit as me but i guess mine looks more ravishing.
She didn’t wear a wig tho but i did,i was wearing a blue wig this time.

We both stepped out of the car and hurried to the side of the building where we began climbing.
We were progressing when Katy screamed.
She nearly fell and i couldn’t help but swear under my breath.

“Com’on Katy” I whispered to her.
“I’m sorry” She whispered back and we resumed our climbing.

Mia,have you forgotten you did worst on your first day.
I smiled beneath my mask…if i should start thinking about what happened on my first day,I’ll fall off this wall in laughter.

“Jump gently” i whispered to her as we got near to the verandah.
“Okay” She said and we both jumped gently inside the verandah.

“Good job” I said to Katy and brought out the skeleton key.


“Com’on Katy shoot!” I shouted at her.
She was trembling, pointing the pistol in her hand weakly to the two guys who were on the kitchen floor.
The guys we were sent to assassinate.

“I’ll do all you ask me to do, please spare my life” one of the guys said.

We’ve been here for minutes and i kept telling Katy to shoot.

“Katy com’on!..you’re pissing me off” I said,sending a flying kick to the other guy who was trying to make a move.
I was about pulling the trigger when Anne did.
She shot the guys and her gun dropped from her hand immediatedly.
I was a bit surprised when she started shaving like a Jellyfish.

“Take your gun,let’s move outta here” I said and she did.
“You really disappointed me” I said.
“I’m sorry” She bursted into tears.

“Let’s get out of here” I said.


Anne and i stepped out of the car and started walking towards the front porch in silence.

“You shouldn’t have joined us when you knew you were not capable of killing” I said to Anne.
“I’m sorry,i acted that way cause it was my first time. I promise it won’t repeat itself” She said.
“Boss will be so disappointed to hear about it” I said.
“Please,can you keep it from boss” She pleaded.
“Of course. I wasn’t going to tell him” I said.
“Thank you” She smiled.

We both walked into the house,they were all waiting for us.

“Mission accomplished” We chorused.

“Good job ladies,I’m proud of you both” Boss said and Anne nearly screamed in joy beside me.

I smiled.

(Next day)🎯🎯


Nathaniel and i stood in the compound having a chit-chat.
I was telling him about California and he was filling me in about New York.

He’s fun to be with and I’m glad i have such intelligent person as a gatekeeper.

“My office is gonna be in the house though” I said.
“Wow..that means we’re gonna spend more time together” I said.
“Yeah” I smiled.

The breeze was friendly..

“I’m starting to miss California” I said.
He smiled..”ohh..really? I bet you’ll forget about California if i should take you round New York”
“Then,do” I said.


“Thanks Nathaniel,i had fun” I said as we both walked back into the compound.
He locked the gate behind us.
“It’s fine Agent Darrel” He actually told me he doesn’t feel comfortable calling me just by my name.

Our tour was fun and we both had to return home when it was getting late.
I was given till next week to begin investigation so i gotta have all the fun i can cause once I’m buried into work,i don’t think of anything else.

“I’ll be going in now” I smiled.
“Do you care for some meal,I’ll be making dinner” I said.
“I don’t mind” He smiled shyly.
“Okay, I’ll call you once it’s ready” I said.
“Thanks Agent Darrel” He said.

I walked into the house and closed the door behind me.
Everywhere looks empty…I cant wait to get a housekeeper.

Edwin called me while Nathaniel was showing me around. They found me a housekeeper already and He’s gonna resume soon.

I started climbing the stairs to my room,i need to shower before going into the kitchen.
I got to my room and pulled the door opened.

A feeling washed over me and i glanced up immediately to see my ceiling tore opened.

I smelled a familiar fragrance and then i knew what was wrong.

I The girl is around.
The assassin!

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 10✓


I smelled a familiar fragrance and then i knew what was wrong.

The girl is around.
The assassin!

I had made sure i sniffed her fragrance when we battled the night before.

My senses rose and i couldn’t deny the fact that i was a little bit afraid,where could she be hiding.
A bullet might just penetrate into my head from any angle.

Will i die like other agents?

I was so prepared for this task,how could i be feeling weak now.

I’m only wearing a bulletproof vest,i wore it this morning just because of her,i had the hunch she was going to hunt me soon.
I also have a gun in my pocket but i feel i should have prepared harder.
I scanned my room but there was no sight of anyone.

Could she be hiding behind my wardrobe?
My bathroom?

“Just come out from wherever you are and face me if you’re really up to the task” I said.
I don’t want to bring out my gun yet,she might be watching me.

“Get out!!” I shouted and suddenly i heard some movement in the ceiling,i glanced up and saw her jumping out of the open space.

I brought out my gun immediately she landed on her feet.
She wasn’t on her ninja outfit but was putting on mask.
She’s clad in a pink tank top with tight blue jeans,how come her hair turned pink ?

She dyed it again?
Well…none of my business!

“What are you here for?” I pointed my pistol at her.
“To kill you” She responded nonchalantly and glanced round my room.
“Nice room you’ve got” She said.

“What the hell do you want?” I asked.
“I’ve told you earlier,I’m here to kill you so you can go ahead and shoot me first” She clicked her tongue.
“I won’t be surprised if your outfit is bulletproofed” I said.
“You can try it” She said and sat on my bed.


“Get up!” I yelled.
“Comfy bed” She commented and i took my time to study her this time.
She has an amazing figure even though I’m finding it difficult to figure the color of her eyes,if i can, it’ll be some hint for me.

So smart..

“I’m sorry i destroyed your ceiling, though it won’t cost much to repair it” She said.
“Get up and get the hell out of my house” i said.

She chuckled..

“You were transferred all the way from California to New York just to capture me and here i am, go ahead. Why can’t you do what you were sent here for?” She asked and i felt like a fool.
“Whatever trap you’re setting i won’t fall into it!” I said.
“Smart ass” She said and stood up.

She brought out her pistol from her pocket and pointed it at me.

“You were right,i came to test your strength the other time but now I’m here to kill you” She said.
“You think you can?” I asked.
“Of course,you never knew I’ll be coming tonight,that was the reason you were not prepared right?” She asked.

She doesn’t know my vest is bulletproofed.

She laughed..”I thought you were smart”
She positioned the gun,and kept talking to distract me so she can pull the trigger and i won’t be able to dodge it.

She’s in for it this time.
I stylishly studied her finger on the trigger while i partly listened to all she was saying.

I already bent before she could pull the trigger and when she did the bullet hit the flat screened TV in my room,i heard it shattered but didn’t turn.
If i do, she’ll use that chance to fire another shot.

My plan is to keep dodging the bullet till there’s no bullets remaining in her gun.
I’m damn sure she isn’t with extra bullets cause I’ve scanned her outfit.
She’s holding a semi-automatic pistol which holds up to 7-9 bullets.

Damn! Can i be able to dodge 9 bullets?
One is gone though… eight is left.
All i have to do is keep moving, that’s surely gonna confuse her.

I stood up and made her think i was running to the door.
She pulled the trigger twice, wasting another two bullets.

This should have alerted Nathaniel.
I just hope he won’t come in now.

Im sure her face would have grown furious beneath the mask.
I glanced at my side there was nothing to protect myself with.

The shoe rack?

I quickly dragged the shoe rack to my front when i saw her pulled the trigger.
Again,the bullet didn’t hit me,even though it destroyed my favorite shoe.

Four bullets gone…three remaining..
Good job Darrel!!

She kicked the shoe rack away in fury.
“How dare you waste my bullets!!” She yelled in rage.

“I’m sorry, please don’t kill me,I’ll return to California” I faked a plea, raising up my hand in fake surrender as i planned on the next thing to do.
How to dodge the remaining three bullets.

She laughed…”it’s late dear,you should have surrendered when you had the chance. So sad your handsome face will go to waste”
She pointed the gun to my chest and i was glad my vest was bulletproof.
I’ll survive this one too.

She shot at my chest and was obviously surprised when she discovered it was bulletproof.

“Damn!” She swore.

Two bullets remaining..

I know she’s so determined to aim the next shot perfectly this time.
“Ohh…good job,I’ve given you enough time to show off your skills already” She said aiming the pistol directly to where i was crouched.
Even if I’m able to dodge this one,I’m not sure I’ll be able to dodge the last bullet. I’m starting to get weak.

She’s gonna pull the trigger any moment from now.
I stood up and almost got myself shot by the remaining two bullets,i was scorched by the heat of the gunfire.

That was so close.
You did it Darrel!

She pulled the trigger again but the gun disappointed her by making an empty sound.

“Damnnnnnn!!!!” She yelled angrily and didn’t waste any time in rushing at me.

We started exchanging punches and this time i didn’t take it easy on her,i must commend her though, she’s a good fighter.

I was getting weaker each passing minute and that made her got some advantage,she unleashed her fist on me and was about twisting my neck when i braced up.
My hand fell on her mask and she let out a gasp.

I was ready to pull off her mask when she kicked me in the stomach and started running to the window.
She quickly brought out a rope from her boot and before i could blink,she was gone.

I breathed in and out and then wiped the moisture off my forehead.
I tasted blood in my mouth and i felt another liquid roll down my face.
Was that blood or sweat?
Whatever…I’m glad i survived this.

I heard a car drove away furiously and i staggered weakly to the window.

I was just able to catch a glimpse of the car plate number before collapsing into someone’s arm.



I’ve never felt this pained before.

This will be my first failed mission!
How will i face boss?
I’m so disappointed in myself.

I’ve gotten home already but I’ve been sitting in the car for minutes.
I couldn’t go in…

I’m a fool!
A big fool…i should have figured out what he planned but i just kept releasing bullets like I’m releasing breath!

Why didn’t i had extra bullets?
Who would have thought he would dodge 9 bullets.
Nine bullets!

I opened the car door and stepped out of the car,my mask is off my face but my wig was still on my head.
I would have twisted his neck to death if he hadn’t attempted to pull off my mask.

I walked slowly to the door and hesitated before opening it.
I can’t possibly run away for ever.

I walked in and locked the door behind me.
I got to the living room and everyone of them was waiting .

“She’s back again on another successful mission” Robbie smiled and i felt so bad for not living up to their expectations.
“Mia” Boss called.

“Mission failed!” I said for the first time and everyone gasped in shock.
“Are you joking here?” Robbie asked.
“No! He dodged the nine bullets i had in my gun” I said and felt like crying when i saw a look of disappointment cross Boss face.

Joel and Anne’s mouth dropped open.

“I’m sorry” I said and started walking to my room.
“Stop Mia” Boss ordered and I did but didn’t turn.
“You’ve been accomplishing missions for years,just this one failed doesn’t mean you’re not able,we all know how good that agent is, don’t feel down and don’t think you’re a failure..it happens at times. Come here for a hug dear” Boss said, astonishing everyone including me.

I couldn’t believe my ears..
I turned to confirm what i just heard.
Boss was smiling “Com’on”
I didn’t wait further before running into his strong arms.

“You’ll try again okay?” He said hugging.
I nodded … “Thanks boss,i promise, i won’t fail you again”
“I trust you Mia” He kissed my hair surprising everyone again.

“OMG!” Anne exclaimed.
“Woah!” Joel and Robbie chorused.
“Is this boss?” Carla asked in shock,her eyes so wide that everyone laughed.


I opened my eyes, feeling banging pain in my head.
My curtain was opened and sunlight streamed into my room.

Why am i feeling so much pain?

My eyes got clearer when i remembered what transpired yesterday.
I’m glad I’m still alive…that girl is a freaking good,i should also be applauded of dodging nine bullets,i never believed i could do that.

I smiled…it got me so weak that i collapsed like a baby but I’m glad I’m more strong now.

I blinked and tried to sit up on the bed but i exclaimed in surprise when i saw Nathaniel.

“You scared me” I sat up.
He smiled..”I’m glad you’re awoke,i was thinking of taking you to the hospital”
“I hope you haven’t called anyone?” I asked.
“Nah! I haven’t…” He said and i sighed in relief.
“I don’t want anyone to know anything until i start investigation” I said and he nodded in understanding.

“I saw all that happened but i was afraid to come in then..I’m sorry,i know i failed my job as your gatekeeper” He said.
“No,it’s fine. I’m glad you didn’t come in,you wouldn’t have survived it” I said.

“Someone has been calling you since yesterday” he said and showed my phone to me.


“Ohh…” I collected my phone from him.
She would have been damn worried.
I rubbed my forehead which a bit hot.

“I’m starving,can you please get me something to eat?” I asked.
“Of course,give me some minutes” He said and walked out of my room.

That was when i got the chance to look around properly.
Everything has been arranged..
I could remember how scattered my room was during yesternight battle.

I glanced at my TV and ceiling,those are the two things i need to repair and ohh..

My favorite shoe!

🎯A week later🎯


A week has passed by and all efforts to assassinate Darrel Holden proved abortive.
My other missions has been successful except Darrel’s.

We were starting to think he’s a supernatural being.

Here we are again in the dark room, planning on how to bring down Darrel.

We all stood waiting for boss to speak up.

“Mia,you’re going to be a live-in housekeeper in his house for three months” Boss said.

“What!” We all exclaimed.

“Noo! She’s going nowhere” Joel said adding more to our shock.