👁️ SIREN 👁️
⚔️ The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 1✓



📞Dad! I only got shot in the leg,i wasn’t killed” I said into the phone.

I was laying on the hospital bed after getting shot a night before in a shootout with criminals.

Dad has always complained about my job, he’s afraid to lose me cause I’m the only one he has but i have my reasons for choosing this line of job.
I don’t tell him whenever i got shot cause i know how worried he’ll be and it might raise his already high blood pressure.
I wonder who told him that i got shot!

📞Darrel leave that job and come take over my companies. You’re endangering your life!” He said worriedly.
Dad is a prominent socialite who owns several companies in and outside the country.

📞Dad,you know I’ve always wanted to be what i am presently,I’m good at this job dad and guess what?” I asked.
He growled and i sighed.
📞Well…im gonna tell you anyway,i got promoted last week” I smiled.
📞And so what?”
📞Ah! Won’t you congratulate me,my salary has increased and i now have my junior colleagues bow and salute me” I grinned.

📞Darrel,you’re gonna earn more once you become a CEO of one of my companies,i will leave you to handle it all,i don’t care about the amount you’ll squander” He said.
📞Of course i know that but I’m not doing this for money,I’m doing it cause i love doing it..it’s my passion dad,please just accept it” I said and heard him sigh.

I smiled…he’s already giving in,i just need to add more spice.

📞For the meantime” I added.
📞For the meantime?” He asked.
📞Yes Dad,for the meantime” I said.
📞Okay,I’m coming to check on you ” He said.

📞Huh? Aw! I’ve been discharged already” I lied.
📞Yes Dad,the bullet didn’t penetrate deeply”
📞Ohh.. i thought it was severe” He said.
📞Nah! It wasn’t,will you come to my house?” I asked, knowing well that he won’t.

📞No! I can’t come to that little place you call a house ” He said and i laughed.
📞Okay Dad”
📞I have lots of mansions but you decided to rent that little apartment”
I sighed.

I moved out of the mansion months ago,i needed to be alone,i needed to concentrate on my job and i needed to be free.
Dad was always disturbing me and he doesn’t even allow me to go out in the night whenever i was called for emergency.

📞Dad,I’m fine here” I said.
📞Of course you’ll be, just make sure you don’t go for shootout or whatever you call it again okay?”
📞Okay Dad” I stifled a laughter wondering how his face will look like at the moment.
📞I have to go,i have meetings to attend” He said.
📞Okay Dad”.
📞You should have been the one attending this meetings but you chose to…”
📞Bye dad” I interrupted him by quickly disconnecting the call.

He nags too much.

I dropped my phone beside me and glanced up at the TV.
It was displaying news,a woman anchor appeared on the screen beneath a banner that read;



“Again!” I exclaimed.
“Aren’t the New York detectives competent enough to have sorted out this assassin all this years. They couldn’t come up with a tangible thing,all they could come up with is that the assassin is a female.
She keeps killing innocent people without being apprehended! What sort of cruelty is that?” I said to myself.

“Buddy what’s up?” I heard and glanced up to see Eric,my friend,he’s also my colleague at work,he walked in with Jed,our junior colleague who bowed and saluted immediately he got to my bed.
“I didn’t even heard the ward door open” I said.

“Yeah,what’s with the frown?” Eric asked sitting on the edge of the bed.
“Sit there” I said to Jed pointing to the single chair in the ward.
He bowed before walking to the chair.

“Can you believe that anonymous assassin in New York has killed yet another couple” I said pointing to the TV.
Eric turned and gasped.
The couple picture are already been displayed.

They were shot in the head and i could tell the shooting was more than once.

“Damn! This is terrible” Eric said turning back to face me.
“Of course it is. She has been assassinating innocent people for years and the detectives are yet to do anything about” I said, feeling pity for the victims.
“I think most of the detectives flee cause i heard she kills any detective in charge of her case” Eric said.
“That’s because they’re not capable” I said.

Another news was being displayed…

“I wonder who told Dad that i got shot” I said to Eric.
“Of course, i finished speaking to him some minutes before you arrived and he was nagging seriously” I said.
“Ah! ” He sighed and rubbed his forehead.
“Who told him?” I asked.

“Its Ken” He said.
“Ah!” I sighed, Ken is also a junior colleague.
“Your dad called the office yesternight and Ken was in charge of answering the call. He said he wants to speak to you that he’s been calling your home line but you weren’t picking up, so Ken kinda spilled the beans” Eric said.
“Ken is such a…” I was about using swear words but i cut it off.

“The deed is done anyways, so how are you feeling now?” Eric asked.
“I’m good,i was expecting to be discharged this morning only for the doctor to place me on another IV fluid” I said and stared at my bandaged leg.
“Your leg?” Eric asked.
“It hurts less now” I said.

“Those criminals have all been apprehended, they’ll be charged to court soon” Eric said and i smiled.
“Katy will be here soon” He said.
“Ohh.. really?”
He nodded.

Katy is also my colleague,she’s a beautiful and fearless lady who’s always ready to face anything and she always come out victoriously.
We were at the shootout together and she was the one who rushed me to the hospital.

“Jed,go tell the doctor that the IV fluid is almost finished” Eric said to our junior colleague who stood up immediately and walked out of the ward.
I glanced at it and truly it’s almost finished.
Finally,i can get discharged.

“Darrel, Katy is coming to see you” He said making me glance up at him.
“You told me that earlier” I said.
“Uh..Yes. She’s so worried about you” He said.
“She should be” I said.
“Com’on Darrel,you know she likes you right?” He asked.
“Ugh! There you go again” I said.
“But she likes you” He said.
“She never told me she like me” I said.

“She does! Can’t you tell?” He asked.
“It’s just a slight crush which is normal for every lady that come across me. I’m handsome yunno” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“There you go again, boasting about your looks” He said and i chuckled.

“On a serious note,you know how much Katy likes you right?” He asked and i shrugged.
“I like her too” I said and he smiled.
“As a colleague” I added and he frowned.

“Com’on Darrel” He said.
I sighed. “Has she ever told you that she likes me!”
“Yes she has, she told me Darrel,she just doesn’t have the courage to tell you yet” He said.
“And is that the reason you’re trying to match make? I’ve told you it’s just a slight crush” I said.

“It isn’t” He said.
“So what do you want me to do?” I asked.
“Date her” He said and i laughed.
“In your dreams” I said.
“Do you probably have a ghost girlfriend?” He asked making me laugh harder.
“Yeah i do” I said when my laughter subsided.
“Don’t be sarcastic..I’m serious here” He said.
“Eric! Com’on,you know well that she isn’t the only lady that likes me but i don’t just want to be committed in any relationship for now” I said.

“I know but…”
“Let’s stop talking about this” I interrupted him and he sighed.
“Did you get the novel i asked you to?” I asked.
He shook his head.


I continued watching the news while he was busy with his phone…

The doctor walked in with Jed.

“Oh! The IV fluid is finished already” He said and started disconnecting it.
“So I’ll be discharged right away right?” I asked.
“No, you’ll still have to be here till tomorrow” He said.
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Yes, we’ll need to examine your leg” He said.
“But i have to resume work” i said.
“Even if we discharge you tomorrow,you’re not advised to move around with your leg till it’s fully healed” The doctor said and i nodded.

“You’ll need to eat now, I’ll be back to examine your leg” The doctor said and made a notation on my file before walking out.
I sighed and glanced at Eric.

“Won’t you say something?” I asked Eric.
“What do you want me to say?” He asked and i felt like knocking off his head.

The door opened again and this time it was Katy,she was holding a basket and looking more beautiful in her blue sweatshirt and white pants.

“Hi” She said cheerfully to everyone as she walked in.
Eric smiled and glanced at me.
“We’ll be leaving now Darrel” He said and stood up from the bed.
“So soon?” I asked.
“Yeah,i have some cases to look into” He said.
“Okay” I sent him a secret glare knowing he’s lying.
He smiled and then winked at me.

Ah! What a friend.

Jed bowed before walking out of the ward with Eric, leaving Kate and i.
I returned her sweet smile.

“How’re you feeling now ?” She asked and took a seat beside me on the bed.
“I’m getting better” I said.
“Okay,i hope your leg hurt less now” She said peering at my bandaged leg.
“Yeah” I said.
“When will you be discharged?” She asked.
“Tomorrow” I said.

She tucked her blonde hair behind her ears.
“I brought you some pizza rolls” She said and i smiled.
“Thanks, right timing.” I said and watched her bring out a covered plate from the basket.

She opened it and revealed the steaming pizza rolls with cheese and sauce oozing out of the seams.

My smile widened and my dry mouth started salivating.
I sat up as she shifted the plate to me.
“Looks nice” I sniffed and she smiled.
“Let’s eat it together” I said.
“Nah, i brought it for you” She said.
“I want us to eat it together, it’ll be more tasty that way,besides this isn’t the first time we’ll be eating pizza rolls together” I said.

“Fine” She smiled and we both started eating.
“Yummy” I said.
“Thanks” She grinned.

“Those criminals have been apprehended” She said.
“Yeah, Eric told me that” I said with a mouthful.
So delicious.
“They are bunch of fools who kept ranting,even in the cell” She said and i laughed.

“Did you watched the news?” She asked.
“News? I watched a lot of news today. Be precise” I said stuffing more pizza rolls into my mouth.
“About the assassination of a couple by the anonymous assassin in New York?” She said,her face growing serious.

“Ohh..yeah, i did.” I said.
” It was so brutal,i wonder what they are doing to it” She said.
“Exactly what i said … I wonder what the detectives are doing to it. It’s kinda getting out of hand” I said.

“The lady has been getting away with it for years,they should just do something” She said, pouring some water into the glass cup for me .
“The citizens are not safe anymore” I said and collected the glass cup of water from her.
“Of course they are not” She said.

I gulped down the water and muttered ‘thanks’.
She packed the plate and placed it back into the basket.

“Thanks Katy” I said.
“It’s fine” She smiled.

I feel so good.

“Boss told me to say hi to you, he will also come to see you soon,he has been so busy” She said.
I nodded.
“So tell me what happened at our quarter today” I said.
“You should trust me, I’m ready to give you the full gist” She smiled.
“Let’s go …” I said happily and we laughed.

🎆 New York…..


I smiled and threw the paper into the fireplace.
I watched it burn slowly.

I stood up and walked back to the kitchen,washed my hands in the sink,dried it and started making coffee.

I walked to the fridge, leaving the coffee to perk.
I opened the fridge and brought out the strawberry cake Joel made.

I placed it on the kitchen counter, picked a knife and a small plate,and then cut two slices before returning the remaining cake to the fridge.
I shifted my attention to the now perky coffee.

I picked a mug and quickly rinsed it in the sink.
I turned the gas ring before pouring some coffee into the mug.

I placed the mug of coffee on the tray alongside a box of sugar cubes,a carton of cream with a plastic spoon and also the small plate of two slices of cake.
I carried it down to the dining room, sat down and started eating..
I was almost done with my lunch when Joel strolled into the dining room.

I wonder where boss and the rest are.

“Hey Mia” He smiled and sat opposite me.
“What’s up?” I asked.
“I’m a bit stressed out” He said.
“Why? Did you go on any mission?” I asked.
“Nah! I went on an errand for boss”
“Ohh…okay” I said and there was this awkward silence as he stared at me.

Well… Joel is one of our crew who kinda has a crush on me, he’s cute and i always admire his golden hair and sky blue eyes.
He’s a good cook and also the one in charge of getting informations.
We’re six in number including boss.
Carla,Anne,Joel,Robbie,i and our boss ‘Donovan Craven’.
We all stay together in a big mansion, we’ve been here for years except Anne who recently joined us.

I’m mostly given assassination missions cause I’m more than capable to do it.
I love killing…
Taking lives has become part of me.

“Where are the others?” I asked.
“They are at the pool” Joel said.
“Ohh…do you care for some?” I asked pointing to my tray.
“Nah! I already had lunch ” He said.
“Okay” I stood up and took the tray back to the kitchen.

I washed the plate and rinsed themug.
I put everything back in it’s place,dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen.

“Let’s go watch a movie in the living room” I said to Joel who smiled and stood up immediately.
He followed me down to the living room and sat beside me on the couch.
I picked the remote control and switched on the TV.

News came on display ..


  • “Can they just stop talking about this already” I said and changed the channel.
    Joel glanced at me..”Mia, you’ve never failed on any mission,you’re good at almost everything,i sometimes envy you” He said.
    I smiled…I’ve been told this by my crew so many times.

“Joel you won’t believe they were having sex when i barged in” I said.
“Really?” He widened his eyes and we both laughed.

I have another mission tonight,I’m going to assassinate Mr Padgett,the largest shareholder of Bailott who’s known to like anything under skirt and that’s what is gonna be used against him.
He ordered a lady or should i say a prostitute from the VIP club to be with him for the night but I’m gonna get there earlier and act like the prostitute before blowing off his brain.
Boss has been paid for the job and he has given every one of us our share.

We heard the door opened and closed and we saw boss walked in with others.
He’s a huge man in his early forties,he has a scary face that was filled with scars,he’s a bit handsome and he rarely smile.

And there’s Anne beside him,she recently joined us,she’s a pretty lady with a natural pink hair,she has cute black eyes and her lips colour matches with her hair. Boss said I’ll be taking her along with me on missions so as to train her.

“Mia,go dress up. Mr Padgett is already at the hotel” Boss said in his deep scary voice.
“Okay boss” I said and smiled as i saw Carla glared at me.

Carla is one beautiful lady,who has an attractive figure that can’t be compared to mine though,she has been with boss before me and i don’t know the reason she developed hatred for me ever since then.
She’s a meteorologist,she helps in checking the perfect weather for our mission. She kills too,we all kill but I’m the one sent mostly to do it.

Robbie walked to Joel,he’s a fine young man, he’s so nice and has a gentle look but beneath that gentleness is a brutality you never know exist,he’s an IT genius,he deals with all the device and he’s capable of hacking into any system.

I stood up and bowed before boss before walking to my room.
I opened the wardrobe and pulled out my red skimpy gown,i laid it on my large bed before turning back to open my large drawer. Hundreds of wigs stared at me.
I selected a long white wig, my real hair must never be revealed.

I placed it on the bed and rushed into the bathroom.


I started applying make up after i was done putting on my dress.
I stood up from the dressing chair and wore the long white wig over my hair. I brushed it and adjusted it perfectly that one will think it was my real hair.

“Good” I muttered as i stood in front of the mirror.
My pistol is already in the car and i won’t be needing a mask.
I picked a small red purse from the shelf.

“Mr Padgett,start saying your last prayer already” I smiled and slide my feet into a stop-him-dead-in-his-tracks gladiator sandals before walking out of my room.

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 2✓


“Mr Padgett,start saying your last prayer already” I smiled and slide my feet into a stop-him-dead-in-his-tracks gladiator sandals before walking out of my room.

I got to the living room and met everyone of them seated.
They turned and let out a little gasp as they saw me.

“Who’s this? Is this Mia?” Robbie asked and i laughed.
The rest smiled .. except Carla and boss.
Boss is known for rarely smiling but Carla,i don’t know what the hell is wrong with her.

“I’m done boss” I bowed and he stood up.
“You have to use a silencer, Mr Padgett has some bodyguards who might barge into the room the moment they hear the gunshot. I know you’re capable of killing them all even if they barge into the room but then…we gotta be on a safe side” He said.

“Okay boss” I said, ignoring Joel’s piercing look.
“You can leave now and drive fast,you gotta be there before the real slut arrives. Make use of the red car,Robbie has loaded it with everything you’ll need” He said and threw the car key to me.
I caught it immediately.
“Okay boss” I said and headed to the door.

I opened the door and smiled before stepping out.
I get excited when I’m about to go kill.

I walked towards the neat looking red car.
I unlocked it and got behind the wheels.
The gate opened automatically and i drove out…
I drove past three estates before finally getting on the road… Our house is so hidden and very difficult to locate and i love it that way. It makes us feel safe.

I increased the car speed and in minutes i’ve gotten halfway.

“D.A hotel” I muttered and glanced at the silencer.
I should just get there already..


I parked a street before the hotel,i tucked the silencer inside my waist band before getting down from the car.
I locked it and threw the key in my purse.

I walked farther before boarding a cab.
“D.A hotel” I said and closed the cab door.
The cabman looked surprised.
“Ma’am,the hotel is just a street away” He said.
“Like I’m not gonna pay you your money” I shot him a glare.
“Ohh..” He smiled and turned on the ignition and started driving away.

I sighed…if only this man know he’s in the cab with the infamous New York assassin,i bet he’s just gonna jump out.
I rested my head and breathed in.
The silencer felt cold against my stomach.

“We’re there already ma’am” The cab man said stopping in front of D.A hotel.
I glanced up and noticed how big the hotel is,it’s more beautiful than in pictures.
I opened my purse and dropped some dollar bills on the backseat before alighting from the cab.
“Thanks ma’am” The cabman said happily before driving away.

I adjusted my mini gown and held my purse tightly.

Dusk is setting in.

I walked towards the large steel gate,the gatekeepers paved way for me to go in and i did.
I took my time in surveying the building,i might want to escape through one of the windows.

I got to the reception.

“Hi” I said to the young ladies behind the desk.
“Hello,you’re welcome to D.A Hotel and Suite ” They chorused.
“Thank you” I let out a fake sweet smile.
“Do you want a room?”
“Nah,I’m Allysia Scott.” I said, that’s actually the name of the expected prostitute.
“Ohh..Allysia Scott,the lady Mr Padgett is expecting?”
“Yeah” I smiled.

“Okay,hold on. I have to tell him you’re here” She said and punched some numbers into the landline.
I continued my survey as i watched her make the call.

“He said you can come in,but i guess he was surprised you came earlier than the time you both agreed” She said.
“Ohh..Yeah” I smiled.
“Suite 58”
“Okay thanks” I said and started walking towards the lift.
“You look beautiful though” They chorused after me.
“Thank youu” i said.
I walked out of the lift and started approaching suite 58 when i saw ten bodyguards standing by the door.
They look mean though but they didn’t scare as much as a hair on my head.
I can deal with everyone of them in minutes.

I walked towards the door…
“Hi,I’m Allysia Scott” I said to them.
“Your ID card” one of them asked.
Wow! They really mean business.

“You expect me to bring my ID card here,am i gonna use my ID card to fuck! Mr Padgett?” I asked slowly.
“I’m sorry but we’ll have to search you and also your purse” One of them said.
“You mean,you’re gonna search me? You’re gonna touch my body? I can’t allow that” I said.

“Of course, we will not be the one to search you. Susan” He called and a lady appeared, she’s clad in a black suit, looking huge like most of the bodyguards,i can tell she’s a bit pretty even tho she was putting on shades. Her blonde hair is packed in a ponytail.
“Search her” a bodyguard said to her and she nodded.
“Really?” I asked,my anger brewing.

I was starting to think on how to deal with everyone of them when a deep voice stopped me.

“Let her in” Mr Padgett said from the room.
The bodyguards paved way immediately and i walked in after sending each of them a glare.
I closed the door behind me and smiled seductively at the Man who was half naked on the nice looking bed holding a glass cup of wine.

I glanced round the suite and it was extraordinarily beautiful.

“Oh..I never knew Allysia Scott will be this beautiful” He smiled and sat up.
He picked the remote control and switched off the TV.
“Hi Mr Padgett” I said, walking closer to him.
“Allysia,i can’t wait to have you” He licked his lips.

Ew! so disgusting.

I dropped my purse and sat beside him.
“Shift closer to me baby girl” He said and i did.
He carresed my face and I had to use a smile to cover my irritated face.
“The picture that was sent to me was totally different from what I’m seeing” He said about to touch my boobs.


I cleared my throat and shifted away in the process.
“The picture that was sent to you was when i was younger” I said.
“I thought as much” He said.

“Why would your bodyguards treat me that way? Aren’t they aware of my coming?” I asked, faking an angry face.
“I’m so sorry dear” He pleaded, drawing me closer again.
I inhaled a sharp breath when his palm finally landed on my left boob.
I didn’t shift away this time.

“You should call one of them and tell him he must allow me leave without questioning” I said.
“Okay. Matthew” He called.
“Yes boss” Matthew rushed in.
“Must you search everyone that come looking for me. Weren’t you aware that i was expecting her. This is Allysia Scott” Mr Padgett,a bit of anger in his voice.

I smiled inwardly.

“I’m sorry sir” He bowed.
“Good,you mustn’t let that happen when she’s leaving okay?”
“Okay Sir” He said.
“You can leave” He said and the so called Matthew left.

“I wasn’t expecting you this early,i should have told them to allow you in without questioning. I was surprised when i was called that you’ve arrived” Mr Padgett said and i smiled.
“I couldn’t wait to get down with you” I licked my lips and stood up.

“I hope the CCTV in here has been blocked” I said,even though i know Robbie has hacked all the CCTV in this hotel before i came in.
“Of course,i personally ordered them to block this suite’s”
“Good” I muttered.
I unzipped my gown and slowly pulled it down to my waist.
“Oh..my” He gasped. ” let me see more baby” He smiled.
If i should pull this gown further,then I’m gonna reveal the silencer.

“You know what?” I asked.
“Keep your eyes close and open it when i tell you to” I said.
“Okay” He grinned and foolishly closed his eyes.

I brought out the gun and pointed it at him.

“So sad, you’ll be closing your eyes to hell” i said.
“Huh!” He exclaimed, about opening his eyes when i pulled the trigger.
I shot him thrice in the chest,his eyes snapped opened and he stared at me in agony, blood gushed out from his chest and his open eyes didn’t last a minute before closing itself,he stopped breathing and then i knew he was gone.

I laughed and tucked the gun back in my waist band,i pulled on my gown and zipped it.
I glanced at the wall clock and decided to wait for some minutes.
I sat beside Mr Padgett still body,grabbed the remote control and switched on the TV.
“Time to leave” I muttered and stood up from the bed.

I grabbed my purse and buckled my sandals tightly before walking to the door.
I turned back and glanced at Mr Padgett’s body
‘Rest in pieces’ I said inwardly before opening the door.

I stepped out and met the bodyguards there.
“Mr Padgett said he doesn’t want to be disturbed for now,none of you should go in” I said before walking away.

“Goodbye Allysia” the ladies said to me when i got to the reception.
“Bye” I waved before walking out of the hotel and into the compound.
It’s getting dark though..
I was almost at the gate when i saw the real Allysia Scott approaching.

I better get out of here fast.

She spared me some glances as she walked past me.
The security guard opened the gate and i stepped out.

I quickly raced to the next street where my car is parked.
I brought out the car key from my purse and unlocked the car.
I got in, closed the door a and removed the silencer from my waist band.
I turned on the ignition and started driving away.
I took a shorter route.

Another mission accomplished…


I stepped down from the car and smiled.
I removed my wig as i started walking into the house.

The door already opened before i could open it myself.
Joel appeared and ushered me in. I returned his smiled.

He closed the door behind us and i walked to the living room, everyone was present, obviously waiting for me.
I bowed before boss who raised up his head from the bullets he was arranging.
“Mia,i don’t need to ask you how it went,you always accomplish your mission” He said and i smiled.
“Mr Padgett is already long gone” I said.
“Good job Mia” He said.
“Thanks boss” I bowed a little.

“I’ve restored the hotel’s CCTV” Robbie said,operating his computer.
Boss nodded.
“Good job Mia” Anne and Joel chorused as i sat down.
“Thanks” I smiled.
“When will i be sent on a mission boss?” Carla asked.
“Soon, but you have to promise you won’t miss the target again this time” Boss said.
“I won’t boss,i promise” Carla said happily.

Carla missed the target on two different missions and boss has refused to allow her go on any other mission since then. I just hope she won’t blow up this upcoming mission too.

“I already prepared dinner,others have eaten but i was waiting for you” Joel whispered to me.
“Ohh,I’ll just go freshen up then” I said and was about standing.

“The news is out already” Robbie said and turned his laptop to us.


So soon…

His picture was displayed below and i didn’t even feel sorry a bit.

“You did a good job Mia, you’ve always done a good job” Boss said and i smiled.
“Thanks boss, I’m going in to freshen up” I said and stood up.
I picked my purse and then walked to my room.




Not again.
This is actually getting out of hand.

I picked up the remote control and switched it off.

I sat up and drew the blanket up to my chest.
I just finished the chicken casserole Katy brought for me for dinner.
I was happy I’ll be leaving here tomorrow but this news just darkened my mood.

I kept wondering who this assassin is.
She has killed up to 100 people,she has been killing for years, taking innocent lives yet no one is doing anything.

I picked my phone when i heard it beep.

💬Have you watched the news?

💬I feel like killing that assassin right now ” I read Katy’s message and laughed.

The door suddenly opened and i saw Katy walked in
i was surprised to see her cleavage popping out in the skimpy gown she was putting on.

⚔️ The beautiful killer ⚔️

Chapter 3✓✓


The door suddenly opened and i saw Katy walked in.
i was surprised to see her cleavage popping out in the skimpy gown she was putting on.


“Katy!” I exclaimed in surprise,I never knew she was close.
“Darrel,i gat you surprised right” She squealed and i nodded.
She walked up to me.
“Well…I’m just returning from a date” She smiled.
“Wow…a date?” I asked.
“Yeah…but it turned out bad” She said.
“Huh? Why?” I asked.

“Dad actually set me up on a blind date and the guy is as ugly as hell” She scoffed and i laughed.
She’s already seated on the edge of my bed.

“I thought you were home while you were chatting me up” I said.
“Nah,i was in the car. I was actually contemplating on coming to check on you or going home. I don’t know how i found myself here” She said.

“Good thing you’re here… I can’t sleep either and thanks for the dinner” I said.
“It’s fine” She smiled, passing me a look i can’t comprehend.

“You need to tell me more about your date” I said.
“Ohh..yes! I piled everything up for you” She laughed.

**Next morning

“Wow..I’m finally going home” I exclaimed after i was discharged from the hospital.
Katy led me to her car while Eric walked behind us.
She passed the night with me and now she’s taking me home.

She’s a darling.

“I should be able to walk fine with using this crutches” i said.
“Try it and land on your butt” Eric said and we laughed.
He opened the door to Katy’s car and we both sat at the back seat while Katy got behind the wheels.

I arranged the crutches properly and rested my back comfortably.
Kate was starting to drive out of the hospital.

“Won’t you be needing someone to stay with you at home?” Eric asked.
“Nah! I’ll be fine by myself” I said with my eyes closed.
“Really? With your leg?” He asked and i nodded.
“Ofcourse” I said.

“You think you can move around with that leg?” Eric asked.
“Yes i can” I said.
“I can actually stay with you if you don’t mind” Katy said.
“He won’t min..” Eric was saying.
“I’ll be fine on my own,this isn’t the first time I’ll be getting shot and I’ve always survived on my own” I said.

“But this is…”
“Eric!” I warned and he kept shut immediately.
I sighed and closed my eyes…

There was silence as Katy drove on..

I laughed hard as i sipped my coffee and i quickly wiped the cream off my mouth with a little napkin.

I was seated in the living room watching a funny movie.
Eric and Katy left already, I’m glad I’m left on my own.

“Damn!” I laughed hard again,the cup of coffee nearly dropping off my hand.
I paused the movie when i heard my phone ring.
I placed the cup of coffee on the table and picked up my phone.

Agh! Dad…

📞Hi Dad..

📞 Hello son,I’m at your doorstep..


📞You mean…you’re at my doorstep?

📞Yeah,come open the door. How come you don’t have a doorbell?

📞Huh…it got spoilt,I’ll be right there Dad” I said and disconnected the call.

Damn! Damn!
How can he just show up now.

I glanced at my bandaged leg and sighed.
He’s surely gonna nag!
Why did the doctor have to wrap up this leg like it nearly cut off.

Geez! Dad mustn’t see this crutches..
I threw the crutches behind the couch and then stood up.

What if i was still in the hospital ?
Then I’ll be in a huge mess.

I didn’t know how i learnt how to limp,i suddenly found myself limping to the door.
I unlocked it and pulled it open.
Truly, dad was standing there with his two bodyguards.
My dad is a beautiful man actually, he’s still looking fit and attractive at his age.

“Hi Dad” I hugged him lightly..
He smirked and scanned my body,his gaze paused when he sighted my bandaged leg and i sighed.

“You said it wasn’t severe” He said with a frown.
“It wasn’t,this bandage just exaggerated it” I said.
“You mean bandage exaggerated this!” He half yelled.
“Dad! Stop yelling,come in” I said and paved way.

“I’ve told you severally to stop this job” He said examining my leg more closely.
“Come in first” I said.
He glanced at his bodyguards and told them to stay back while he walked into the house.
I sighed and closed the door behind us.

Dad stopped walking and glanced round my living room.

“Still the same” He murmured before sitting on the couch.
I sat on the couch opposite him.

“Darrel,what if you get killed. You know you’re the only one i have ” He said.
“Dad,i can’t get killed. I promise i won’t get killed” I said.
“How will you know that? Just look at your leg,the scar is bound to remain there forever” He said.

“I know Dad but as a CIA agent,I’m meant to pass through all this” I said.
“Is this how it’s gonna be forever?” He asked.
“No dad,just for the meantime” I said and he sighed.

“I can’t believe you’re in my little apartment” I said and he scoffed playfully.
I chuckled “You said you won’t come”
“Well..i was worried and i needed to be sure you’re not off to work again” He said.
“Ah! You don’t trust me at all” I said.
“Yeah,i don’t” He said.

“What do you care for?” I asked.
“Anything” He said.
“Coffee and cookies?” I asked.
“Fine” He said and i stood up.
I picked the remote and resumed the movie for dad.

I started limping to the kitchen, feeling dad’s gaze behind me.

“There is it! Can you clearly see how you’re limping! What if you can’t walk properly again” He said worriedly.
I shook my head…i shouldn’t have told this man my home address.

“Come sit, I’ll tell one of my bodyguards to come in and get it for me in the kitchen” He said. Kindly hi ishmeal on +233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room for more exciting stories.
“Don’t bother Dad..i need to exercise my leg if i want it to get healed fast” i said and he nodded.

I resumed my limping while he switched his gaze to the movie…


Dad was laughing hard by the time i returned to the living room.
I placed the tray of cookies and coffee on the table and smiled.

It’s actually good to see Dad laugh this way.


‘why did i have to lie to him?
Why can’t i just express my feelings already’ I thought as i paced my little bedroom.

I dressed up yesternight just to go see Darrel,my dad didn’t set me up on any date!
I thought I’m not attractive to him because of the baggy wears i do put on.

But he didn’t even looked moved by my dressing yesternight.
I didn’t even see jealousy in his eyes when i told him i went on a date.
He was happy for me instead.

Could it be that he’s hiding his feelings?
Even if he is,I’m a good detector i would have figured it out.
Darrel doesn’t seem like someone who likes me in the aspect i think. But, i love him!
I freaking love him!

I sat my butt down on the bed and sighed.
I’m just gonna wait for him to resume work then I’ll spill my feelings.
He might also like me.

I heard my stomach rumble and i stood up from my bed.

I should go prepare my lunch already.


I gulped the whole milkshake down my throat before biting into the burger.
‘yummy,you’re a good cook katy’ I murmured to myself.

I need to clean the whole dining room..
I didn’t had the chance to do that, since i was always visiting Darrel at the hospital.
I didn’t regret it though….


I wiped the surface of the dining table with the dishcloth…
My stereo was blasting with music “Perfect by Ed Sheeran”

I stopped and sang along and then continued.
Music makes my work faster…

I finished wiping the dining table and then took hold of the broom.
I heard the faint ringing of my phone and dropped the broom and hurried to the living room.

I stopped the music and picked my phone.


I swiped it to the receiver and placed it on my ear.

📞Katy,I’ve been calling you for minutes.

📞I’m sorry boss..i was kinda busy.

📞Well.. there’s an emergency at the station and you’re needed right now.

📞Okay boss.. I’ll be right there..

He disconnected the call and i glanced at my phone.
Truly,he has called me severally..

I dropped my phone and raced to my room.

🎆New York…


“I never wanted to give you that job!!” Boss yelled at Carla.

She just blew up another job.

“I’m sorry boss, it wasn’t my intention to miss the target” Carla pleaded,faced down with her hands behind her back.
“Shut up!!” Boss shouted, his voice echoing the whole building.

Anne shivered beside me and i smiled.
She’s yet to get used to boss’s anger.

“Robbie,check Martins location now” boss ordered and Robbie bowed before turning to his laptop.
Martins is the name of the guy Carla was sent to assassinate.

Robbie did some few trick of his and then spoke.

“He’s on his way to Golden airport, and he’s gonna get there in thirty minutes time” Robbie said.
“Mia,take over” Boss said and walked out of the living room.

“Okay boss” I said and hurried into my room.
I picked my mask and tucked my pistol inside my back pocket.

“Good luck Mia”Joel shouted after me as i hurried out of the living room.

I got outside and mounted my racing bike.
There’s only one road to Golden airport.
I wore my helmet and gloves and then started speeding to the gate which opened automatically.

“30 minutes” I muttered and raced faster.

⚔️The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 4✓


She raced out of the house acting like the pro she’s not!

Good thing i already loosened the hop of the bike before coming in.
I will actually see how she’s gonna succeed in this mission.

Why did i also miss the target!
Why am i always missing the damn target!
Now boss is pissed off and I’m sure he won’t give me task anytime soon.

I was the most loved when Mia
wasn’t here but she just came and ruined everything!
I was boss favorite but now he has switched to her.

“I wonder why you now miss targets..what are you probably thinking about?” Robbie asked and i sent him a glare.
“Shut the hell up” I yelled before barging to my room.

Even Robbie is now seeing me as a weakling.
Damn! What will little Anne think of me?
She’ll also prefer Mia to me?

I should just kill this girl already but i know boss will kill me too.

“I need to shower” I muttered as i walked into my room.

“Good job Mia” I heard from my deep slumber.

Good job?

My eyes popped open and i quickly got up from my bed.
I slid my feet into my footwear and hurried out of my room, praying it isn’t what I’m thinking.

I got to the living room and met everyone of them holding a glass cup of wine each.

“Come pour yourself a glass of wine Carla, Mia accomplished your leftover mission” Boss said.

Mission accomplished?

But i loosened the hop of the racing bike!
How come?

I switched my gaze to Mia who was smiling happily,i fumed in anger.

“The racing bike actually stopped on the way” She said and i sighed.
“Really?” Boss asked.
“Yes boss, but i didn’t waste time before boarding a cab” She said.
“Good of you” Boss said and others smiled.

My anger escalated and i turned to walk back to my room.
“Carla” boss called and i stopped.
I turned back to him.
“Come have some wine with us” He said.
“Okay boss” I faked a smile, before going to pour myself some wine.

“You always get job done!” Anne said admiringly to Mia who shrugged and sipped her wine.
“I would love to be like you” She said.
“I will train you to be better than me” Mia said.
“Thank you” Anne giggled happily.

“There’s no task for now so i can say you’re free to enjoy your weekend” Boss said.
“Yaaaaay” They exclaimed happily.

We all bowed before boss as he walked back to his room.

“Why don’t we go chill in the beach” Joel suggested.
“Yeah” They chorused.
“Carla?” Robbie asked.
“Huh…I caught a cold,i won’t be going with you guys” i said, dropping my glass cup of wine.

“Okay, everyone go dress up” Joel said excitedly and they all trooped into their various rooms.

They aren’t even bothered that I’m not coming along.
Of course the case would have been different if it was Mia.

I should just go back to sleep…..
But why do i feel like going with them!




“I didn’t know you’ll be coming with Eric” I said as i opened the door for Katy and Eric.
“Yeah…i brought her along” Eric said as they walked in.

“Thanks for your help earlier” I said to the both of them and then shut the door.
“It’s fine” Eric said but Katy said nothing.

We settled down on the couch, Eric picked the pack of juice on the table and gulped it down his throat.

“I hope you weren’t hurt from the emergency you were called for?” I asked Katy.
“Nah! It was fun actually. Another set of thugs” She laughed.

“Well…I’m glad we have thugs not assassins” Eric said and i nodded in agreement.
“Where are your crutches?” Katy asked.
“I think they are still behind the couch” I said.
“Behind the couch?” She asked.

“Yeah..i had to do that when dad came unannounced” I said and she bursted into laughter.
“Really?” Eric chuckled.
“Yeah, and all i did was to limp about since then. I’ve even forgotten about the crutches” I said.

“Damn! It’s time your dad realized you’re no longer a kid” Eric said.
“And it’s time you realized he’s the only one that old man have left. Who wouldn’t be worried in that case” Katy said and adjusted the little purse on her laps .

“Whatever…I’m starving” Eric said to me.
“Get up and get a meal yourself,get one for me too” I said and he sent me a playful glare.

“I’ll just go prepare something for everyone” Katy said and stood up.
“Thanks Katy” I said.
“Thank yo Katherine” Eric smiled happily and i shook my head.

He jumped on the couch beside me immediately Katy left for the kitchen.

“I’m not interested in your stupid talks” I said and he grinned.
“Who wants to talk to you,i wanted to admire the teddy bear” He said, picking up the teddy bear beside me.


“Don’t you think Katy will be a good wife to whoever marries her” He said.
“I thought you don’t want to talk to me” I said and picked my phone up.
“Com’on…i was just joking buddy” He said, throwing the teddy bear on another couch.
I shrugged and started scrolling through my apps.

“Don’t you think Katy will be a good wife to whoever marries her?” He repeated.
“Of course she will be. Her husband will be a very lucky man” I said and smiled when i noticed the frown on Eric’s face.
I know what he’s trying to drive at.
I don’t just know why he won’t relent.

“Don’t you wanna be the lucky man?” He asked.
“Of course,i want to be a lucky man, everyone wants to be lucky” I said.
“Ah!” He sighed in frustration.
“What?” I asked.
“You know what i mean buddy? Stop trying to wave the issue aside” He said.

“How’s Sabrina?” I asked.

Sabrina is Eric’s fiancee and they’ll be getting married soon…

“She’s fine but that’s not what I’m talking about buddy .. I mean..” He was saying.
“Damn! Is Katy preparing soup? The aroma is tantalizing” I said.

“Darrel!” He frowned.
“Aren’t you perceiving it?” I asked and continued scrolling through my apps.
I clicked on a game and stylishly watched as he picked up the remote control.
He switched on the TV and i laughed out loud.

“You’re a bastard” He said and started hitting me playfully.

All i did was laugh hard…

🍭🍭A week later

“I’ll be transferred to new York?” I asked in surprise.
I’m standing before boss in his well equipped office.
He just told me I’ll be transferred to New York to help out in capturing the anonymous assassin.

“Yes Darrel, they requested for our help because they know we are capable,i won’t want to disappoint them and you’re the only one i trust to fish out the assassin and that’s the reason i chose you.
You’re free to reject it actually cause we can’t make you go there against your will” He said.

“No boss, I’ll be glad to do what you asked of me. If i don’t,I’m afraid more innocent lives will be lost. ” I said.

Boss nodded and smiled…

“You’ll be leaving by next week,they already made accommodation for you over there,your flight will be booked immediately i inform them of your coming. Thanks Darrel for wanting to put your life at risk” Boss said.
“That’s what my job requires so i shouldn’t shy away from it” I said.

“You impress me a lot and I’m glad to have you as one of the CIA agent in our quarter” He said and i smiled.
“Thanks boss”

“I’ll be the only one going right?” I asked.

“Yes,for now, but I’m gonna send someone to join you if things starts getting intense”
“Okay boss” I said.
“You can leave” He said and i saluted before walking out of his office.

I’m happy I’ll be going to save innocent lives but I’m having mixed feelings too.


“OMG! You mean,you’re going to New York to hunt that cruel assassin” Katy said in shock, dropping her spoon in the process.
Eric sighed sadly.

We are having lunch in our office cafeteria,i just broke the news to them.

“Yeah..I’ll be leaving by next week” I said.
“I’ll come with you” Katy said.
“No Katy,boss said I’ll go there by myself and he’s gonna send someone to join me later on” I said.
“I’ll be the one to join you later on” She said and i smiled.
“I’ll be glad” I said.

“But this assassin kills every detective in charge of her case!” Eric said worriedly.
“OMG!!” Katy exclaimed.
“That’s because they’re not capable,I’ll make sure i don’t get killed. Trust me” I said.

“Well…i trust you, you’re surely the one capable to do the job” Eric said.
“I believe you can do it” Katy said.

“Thanks guys…now let’s cheer up,we shouldn’t feel down by that” I said but could still read the worry in their expression.
“Com’on guys, let’s eat . Our lunch is getting cold” I said.
“I lost my appetite already” Katy said.

“Com’on Katy, you know you’ve always wanted justice for the innocent lives that has been taken by this same assassin” I said.
“I know but,you..you might get hurt” She said.

“Remember you’ll come join me later” I said and she smiled.
“Good! Now let’s eat up” I said and dragged her cheeks playfully.
She giggled.

“How’s your dad gonna take it?” Eric asked and my eyes widened.

I didn’t even thought of that!

“Geez!” Katy exclaimed.

📞Darrel! You’re going nowhere! ” Dad yelled,over the phone.

📞Dad,calm down” I said getting up from the couch. I just got home and the first thing i did was to call Dad and break the news to him.

📞I repeat! You’re not going to New York,that assassin is a desperate one who kills the detectives in charge of her case and you want to go there! Do you wanna get killed?

📞Dad,i won’t get killed. I can’t get killed.hi omeano on+233544142683 to be added to storybaze, unlimited story platform,fresh stories kingdom,house of stories, Novela and story room in order to enjoy reading more episodes from there. I have to go to prevent upcoming death of innocent lives.

📞You wanna prevent people’s lives by putting yours at risk!

📞That’s the nature of my job Dad.

📞You still insist on going?

📞Yes Dad.. please,i just needed to inform you.

📞 Okay,i know what to do” He said and disconnected the call.

I sighed and dropped my phone.
I knew he wasn’t gonna take it well but he will, as time goes on.

I started un-bottening my shirt as i walked to my room.

••{Next morning}••

I completed my dressing by sliding my feet into my brown shoes.
I stood in front of the mirror and adjusted my tie.
My hair is well styled…

I picked the criminal file that i was working on yesternight, I’ll go complete it at the office.
My phone was inside my pocket already,i picked my car key and started walking out of my room.

I increased my pace when i heard the landline ring in the living room.
The only person that calls me on the landline is Dad.
I smiled,he might have given in about letting me go to New York.

I got to the living room and truly dad was the one calling.
My smile brightened as i picked it up.

📞Good morning Dad.

📞 Morning son,how was your night.

📞Fine” I smiled,he’s talking calmly which means he has given in.

📞Do you still insist on going to New York?” He asked.

📞Yes Dad, please.

📞Okay then,i have a surprise for you outside,you should go check it out.

📞A surprise?

📞Yeah…i have to go” He said.

I sighed, wondering what surprise it might be.
What’s dad up to this time?

I dropped the file and quickly walked to the door.
I unlocked it and pulled it open and truly there was a surprise or rather ‘surprises’.

More than ten bodyguards stood by my doorstep,armed.

“Excuse me” I said.

“We’re sorry but Mr Holden ordered us not to let you out of your house” One of them said.


“Dad,why do you have to do this!!!” I yelled angrily and stomped back into the house.

⚔️ The beautiful killer⚔️

Chapter 5✓✓


“Dad,why do you have to do this!!!” I yelled angrily and stomped back into the house.

Sweat gathered on my forehead and i wiped it off and sighed.

Seriously dad!
I don’t just want to hurt this bodyguards cause they’re not my match in a battle of fist.

Well…guess i have to make use of my back door today.
I picked the file on the couch and headed for the front door first.
I locked it and threw the key on the table,any of them might decide to check on me later on.

I turned back and hurried to my room to take the back door key…I’m running late for work.
I got to my room and opened the drawer,i took hold of the key and hurried out.

I smiled as i inserted the key into the lock.
Dad would think i was in the house all day.
I should go see him after work today.

I slipped out of the door and quietly locked it back.


“Hey buddy” Eric said as i got to his table.
“What’s up”
“I’m good” He said.
“You won’t believe what my Dad did this morning” I said.
“What?” He laughed.
“We’ll talk later,i should be seated in my office now” I said.

I waved at my junior colleagues who saluted as i walked on.

I got to Katy’s table and met her drinking coffee,there was another cup of coffee on her table which i carried.
That alerted her of my presence,she smiled.
“Good morning” She said.
“Morning Miss Katy” I said in a professional way and we both chuckled.

“How was your night?” She asked.
“Chilly” I said and started gulping the coffee.
She always keep coffee for me on her table every morning.

“Dad actually surprised me this morning” I said dropping the cup of coffee.
“Yeah… we’ll talk about it later” I said.
“Okay boss” She said dramatically and i smiled.

I used to sit on the chair beside hers before i was promoted,i now own a office.

“See you” I waved and walked to my office.
I opened the door and stepped in.
I love how cozy my office is.

I dropped the file on my table and plopped on my swirling chair.
“No time to waste” I muttered before loosening my tie a bit.

I started work Immediately..


“I’m glad i have a back door ” I said to Katy and Eric with a mouthful of fries.
“I knew your dad won’t take it well” Katy said.
“I can’t believe he sent bodyguards to your house” Eric laughed.
I shrugged…”I was surprised too”.

“Darrel, you’re good with your fist,why didn’t you deal with them?” Eric asked and Katy snorted.
“Yeah but i decided to let them be” I said.
“So how were you able to take your car?” Katy asked.
“I actually took a cab” I said.
“I’m going to be dropping you at home then” Katy said.

“Nah! I have to go to Dad’s place” I said.
“For what?” Eric asked.
“To convince him” I said.
“Do you really need his permission to go?” He asked.
“I don’t,I’m old enough to decide on my own but he’s my father. It’ll be unfair to go there without his consent” I said.
“Yeah” Katy said.

“All i just need to do is convince him” I said.
“Your dad doesn’t yield easily” Eric said.
“I know that buddy. That man is one stubborn Dad” I said.

“You’ll be going next week right?” Katy asked.
“Yeah but i don’t know when exactly. Boss asked me to see him in his office. I guess that’s what he’s gonna be discussing with me”
“Seriously I’m gonna miss you buddy” Eric said sadly.
“Me too”

We both turned to Katy when we heard her sniff.
Damn! She’s in tears.

“Katy, com’on” I said and passed her my handkerchief.
She wiped her tears.

“Remember you’ll come join me later on” I said and took hold of her hand.
Eric glanced at me and i sighed.
“You won’t want our junior colleagues to see you cry right?” I asked and she nodded.

“Draw her close” Eric whispered to me and i sent him a look.
“We should get back to work..i need to go see boss” I said and nearly laughed while avoiding Eric’s glare.


“How did you get here?” Dad asked in surprise as i walked into the study.
I actually headed to dad’s house Immediately i was done at work.

I sat on the chair opposite him.

“I told my bodyguards not to let you out of your house” He said.
“Here i am” I said and picked his glass cup of juice.
I gulped it down my throat and dropped the cup back on the table.

“Christiana” I called on house,who hurried into the study.
“Darrel,when did you come in?” She asked and i grinned.
“You sneaked in again?” She asked and i nodded.
“Ah” She laughed.

“How have you been?” I asked.
“Fine” She said.
“Didn’t you miss me?” I asked.
“Of course.. there was no one to disturb the hell outta me since you left” She said and we both laughed.

“Actually I’m starving” i said.
“Ohh..ok, I’ll be right back” She winked before walking away.

I smiled and turned back to dad.
“Poppy why will you order your bodyguards not to let me out of my own house knowing well that i can beat up everyone of them” I said.
“You beat ’em up?” He asked.
“Nah!” I said.
“Then how did you get out? Cause i strictly warned them not to allow you out” He frowned.

“I gat a back door poppy” I said and his eyes widened.
“Damn!” He picked a book and hit it on my forehead.
“You’re a bastard” He laughed and i quickly joined in the laughter.

“Those fools. How could they allow you slip off their fingers”He said.
“I used the back door dad” I said still rubbing my forehead.
“Matthew” He called on the bodyguard standing by the door of the study.
“Yes Mr Holden” Matthew walked in.

“Call those incompetent elephants back” He said and i bursted into laughter.
Matthew bowed before walking out of the study.

Tiana walked in next with a tray,dunno what’s in it yet.
She placed it in front of me and my cheeks started smiling by itself.
Macroons with spiced chicken..

“Thanks T” I said.
“Are you staying for the night?” She asked and i looked at dad.
I think it might take the whole night to convince him.
“Yeah” I said and she smiled.
“Okay,I’ll go clean up your room then. Enjoy your meal” She said before walking out.
“Thank you” I said.

“Don’t think you’ll be able to convince me” He said.
“Yeah,that’s the reason i need to eat cause i might end up using all my strength” I said and started eating.
“I’m not allowing you go to New York” He said sternly.
“You will Dad. Just hold on,i need to be done with this meal” I said.

🎆New York City…


“Get out of my room!” I yelled at Carla.
“You think you’re already boss favorite right. Hell no! I will make sure you leave” She threatened and i laughed.
“You act like a kid” I said.
“A kid?” Her face grew furious.
“Yeah.. how can you just come into my room to say thrash” I said.

“You’re the kid here, acting like you know better than everyone” She said.

“Just leave,i don’t want to hurt you” I said.
“Freaking idiot” She spat before walking out of my room.

I sighed and laid back on my bed.
She actually woke me up just to threaten me. This isn’t her first time though.

I glanced at my bedside clock….
It’s 9am already.

This is the first time in the month that I’ll be having such a long sleep.
I use most of my nights to train but boss said we’re free for the weekend and this nincompoop came to disrupt my sleep!
I won’t be able to sleep anymore.

I heard a knock on my door and shifted my blanket aside before sitting up on the bed.
“Come in” I said, adjusting my nightie.
Anne walked in and closed the door behind her.
I actually thought it was Joel.

“Good morning Mia” She smiled.
“Morning Anne, how’re you?”
“I’m fine” She said.
“Do you need anything?” I asked.
“No,i saw Carla walked out of your room angrily. Is anything wrong?” She asked.
“Nah! She only came to threaten me” I said.
“Threaten you?” She asked in surprise.

“Yeah…this isn’t the first time. Everyone knows,i guess it’s because you’re a newbie” I smiled.
“Ohh..i noticed she doesn’t really like you” She said.
“She doesn’t, right from the start” I said.
“What made her dislike you?” Anne asked.
“I don’t know,i asked her severally but she did not have a reasonable thing to say” I said.

“Ohh” Anne said, repacking her ponytail.
“I heard from Robbie that your pink hair is natural” I said.
“No. It’s not” She laughed.
“Yeah… actually,i grew up to find my hair pink. My granny told me it was actually dyed when i was four” She said.
“Ohh…i was always thinking it’s natural” She said.
“It’s not but i wish it was” She said and chuckled.

“I will go help Joel with breakfast” She said.
“Okay and thanks for caring” I said.
“It’s fine” She smiled before walking out of my room.

She’s such a sweet girl.

I should go bath…i don’t like my breakfast cold or warm,i love it hot and fresh.


“I will do the dishes” Anne said, immediately we all finished having our breakfast.
Boss already went to his room, leaving us behind.
“Of course you should” Carla stood up.
“And what’s wrong if you do?” Joel asked Carla.
“Shut the hell up,lover boy” She said before walking away.
“Lover boy?” Anne asked.

Robbie shook his head and sighed.
“Such a pain in the ass” Joel said.

“You can all go ahead and gossip about me” Carla shouted from her room.

“Anne and i will do the dishes” I said.
“Okay,Joel and i will go play chess” Robbie said.

“Com’on Joel,you can do this” I rooted for Joel who was loosing in the game.
Robbie laughed…”I’m gonna beat down his ass”
“Joel is gonna win this time” I said, watching the game sternly with Anne beside me.

He’s close to winning.

“He won!” I cheered in excitement and we all laughed.
“You and Anne should go next” Robbie said.
“I’m not really good at it” Anne said.
“Com’on I’m gonna teach you” I said.

“Everyone assemble” Boss suddenly called from the dark room where we normally assemble whenever there’s an important issue.

We all rushed into the dark room..
It’s a wide room with dim light, our weapons are kept in a corner while other things, including computers are kept in the open.

“Robbie” Boss called.
“Yes boss” Robbie bowed.
“Find out who Darrel Holden is” He said and Robbie quickly walked to a computer.

Is anything wrong?

“Darrel Holden is a competent CIA agent who works in one of the quarter of California, he’s the only son of his father, who’s a business tycoon and also counted among the wealthiest in California.
He’s known to have never failed on any task assigned to him and he just got promoted recently,his home address is…” Robbie was saying.

“Stop!” Boss ordered and he did .
“What’s the matter boss?” I asked but received silence as answer.
Carla smirked and i nearly hit her.

“Darrel Holden is to be transferred from California to New York to hunt you. Mia” He said and for the first time,my heart skipped a beat.